I Know Jesus is REAL Hear is Why

I Know Jesus is REAL Hear is Why

I believe in Jesus because I have met Him
and He loves me and leads me, He protects me and He has proven to me that He is real
MANY times. I don’t believe in Jesus just because I have read the Bible from my youth.
It is a very sad thing that so many Christians DO know the Bible, they have a lot of knowledge
of the Bible but they have never actually met Jesus. It is such a blessing to know the
Lord Jesus, to hear from HIM and to have LIFE in HIS NAME. If you are someone who is really
seeking the LORD and wants to know TRUTH, I encourage you to go directly to Jesus in
prayer, ask HIM for answers and clarity and ask HIM to reveal Himself to YOU in a way
that makes sense. You will NEVER know the truth just by reading the Bible, you HAVE
to get to know JESUS if you want eternal life. The Bible does NOT save. There is NO OTHER
foundation other than JESUS. You MUST build your foundation on JESUS HIMSELF, OBEY HIM.
When you KNOW you are hearing from Him NEVER let go of HIM. And strive after Him with ALL
your heart, soul, might, THAT is eternal life, to know Jesus and to abide in HIM. Make SURE
that you actually are someone who knows HIM and is LED by Him, not like the hypocrites
who have Bible knowledge but have NEVER met God.

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  1. Look up on google the word "Laminin"  ….. it's a protein…it's the glue that holds all cells together.  It's shaped exactly like the Cross.  This verse sums it up nicely :

    Colossians 1:17 – He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together.

    When you see the pictures of Laminin, you will be amazed.

  2. This is real teaching here. I wish all "Pastors" in church would preach this along with Prayer, repentance, and hell instead of all that water down stuff just for their own benefit of the building numbers (people)

  3. Amen JESUS is very real and protects me has lead me to this moment YOU are right ! thankful to JESUS for you AND watching and Praying !

  4. "I Know Jesus is REAL Hear is Why"
    Let me correct you!
    "I Know Jesus is REAL Here is Why"

    …And… (of course)… you have NO evidence of meeting your imaginary lord and savior. Unless you can prove that you've met (face to face!) a being who is his own daddy, who created us all… then there's really no reason I should humor you, is there? 😉

  5. I agree. And you can glimpse His life in the bible. The bible is so awesome and will give you so much insight

  6. BY THE WAY!

    …the greatest "evidence" that I have concerning … well… YOU

    … the fact that the "gap-tooth" aligns perfectly between your upper teeth and lower teeth…

    …I know that's an oddly humiliating form of "evidence" that I've expressed…

    …Meanwhile, my "ad hominem" (of sorts!) out of the way, it's time I provide some logic! Being raised christian, and having asked "jesus" to prove himself to me "in a way that makes sense", and being continuously failed by this deity of "truth" (who apparently lied to me…)…

    well… it doesn't matter how much you swear you "met jesus". Until I "meet jesus", I will not so eagerly slob his imaginary knob 😉

  7. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thank you so much for your teachings!!!!!I you are a true christian and I thank the lord you are on youtube! I know you do not need encouragement from me- its just i saw negative comments here and you do not deserve them CHILD OF GOD AND JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR
    i want to remind every person who made a negative comment here that the Bible is very clear regarding the last days that many will call good evil and evil good! REPENT EVERYDAY!! thank you again for your wonderful videos.

  8. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35

    This is the only way to see Jesus on earth.
    In the the same way we see satan manifest in horror killings and night terrors.

    Jesus knew there is no proof so He said, you live the proof and i will be in you.

    Jesus knew how important it was so He told His disciples over and over and over and over again to love others.

    If we do not love others, how can we say we love and know Jesus if His proof is not in us?

  9. Smash! . If you listen to him closely, he is trying to say NOT TO WORSHIP a book, you can ACTUALLY TALK to the REAL JESUS CHRIST Who resurrected almost 2000 years ago. When you finish watching this video, pray 2 him. And wait patiently for an answer.

  10. If you don't read the bible, how would you hear about Jesus, except second-hand from guys like yourself? And that way you get various different "versions" of Jesus – He is either as you (warningthepeople) describe him, or he is simply a prophet (as Islam says) or he doesn't exists (as atheists would tell you), and many other opinions.

    So without reading the bible, the inerrant word of God, how could you know the "true Jesus"?

  11. As of now, there are four thousand, six hundred and sixty six followers of this guy.

    Satan is abroad!

  12. I'm so honored to talk to someone that Jesus actually talks to. Tell us your secret. Could you please record Jesus on your cell phone next time He talks to you and post the video or audio on You Tube?  I've never even seen a photo of Him. Thanks.

  13. The devil knows Jesus is real too…he just doesn't worship Him.  (thanks for letting people post comments to your videos though).  The ones who don't know God say many things that will stand against them however Im glad that video posters allow comments, that shows me that maybe you care about what others have to say too.  so thanks.

  14. Please don't stop talking about Lord Jesus. Don't let anything stop you from sharing Jesus with others even if they agree or not. You right Jesus is real that why I'm still here. Thank you for your videos.

  15. I get the feeling that religion can be summed up to this:
     -Religious person: but but… there has to be a god, otherwise everything is meaningless…
    -Atheist person: meaningless indeed.

    But after all who could critisize the guys for believing in the sky master? When you realise that you are mortal, that your life has no meaning and that everything you do or acomplish will not leave a single trace cause the universe will most likely banish. Pretty harsh huh? So, once you discard suicide you need something to live for and give you those nice and sweet answers that rational thinking can't give you.

     Then, some people ain't religious but then believe in something else like nationalism, communism, etc, something greater than yourself that gives meaning to existence.

    I devide the pussy.. I mean believers (dont take it as an insult, just, man up!) in 3 groups:
    Those who are really scared of everything and need a lot of help: religious people. People who are only scared of death: agnostic.
    Nationalistic: only scared of the lack of meaning of their lives.

    Anyway, even though as you can see I'm an atheist I'm not proud of it. You simply face life and man up! Some atheist say they are proud to be like that cause they value life more.. BULLSHIT! Life has no meaning nothing matters and it sucks! but just cause it sucks it doesn't mean it isn't true. And to top it off knowing it and facing it is not gonna help you live a happier life

    Aaand all this crap about life being a complete waste of time doesn't mean I'm a depressed EMO, I still love my parents, ma girl and work and party hard. In any case, believing in god is fine, it sure must feel nice, one of these days I'm gonna kill some brain cells and start following the sky master teachings. BTW i'll have some baby legs.

  16. Amen, brother. If you don't know Jesus Himself for yourself, then you don't know squat.
    A man had written his betrothed many love letters as he courted her. After they married, however, whenever she asked him a question or spoke to him, he pointed to the box of letters rather than speaking to her.
    The man is the false god of bibliolatry (often called mainline and evangelical christianity). The wife is the foolish prisoners of his lies; (they call themselves christians). The letters are the Bible, usually intentionally corrupted translations like the NIV & ESV.

  17. Jesus has been always on my side.but when i was in the deepest hardest hour in my life my soul yearned for help and jesus came into my life.Thank you jesus

  18. I get so annoyed when people say "Jesus is real"… If you went to social studies class you'd know Jesus was a historicly real person. I just can't prove to you that he is the son of god (I can but you know what I mean). You should be saying "Jesus is true". Or " Jesus is the only way.

  19. I has been inspired by your video! keep telling the gospel! you telling the truth! I believe what you are saying is truth!

  20. what about adam and eve? because it says that it went from them to us, which means, everyone would be inbreeding, but everyone has different genetics.

  21. I was a virgin until I was 29. I started wondering if I was ever going to be able see what that part of life was about. I told Pastor Murrow about it and he told me to pray to Jesus for a spouse. To my surprise in only 3 days I met

  22. You are worshipping a false god. You must repent and worship the holy Odin and mighty Thor. Only then, and by dying in righteous combat, will you be allowed to feast in Valhalla, the hall of gods, with the heroes of old.

  23. dude, Jesus never existed , learn it ,everyone ells has ,fucking tool.. Jesus is not a god,ooooooooooo my fuck . what a moron .

  24. it's funny how Fred nurke took his time to run through run all these comments just to degrade christians, someone seems insecure.

  25. Even if he is real, why be so passionate about it…? Why convince others of your beliefs? I just dont get it. Jesus was actually created to surpress slaves. Look it up. I feel believers are so passionate because they are brainwashed and cant think for themselves. Now thats pretty mighty if you really think about it… you're being controlled by the bible and cant even see it.

  26. While i had blood and air in my left lung space a rupured spleen from my broken ribs and a fractured femur i cried out for Jesus. A day or so later i awoke. There was a peaceful sun rise on the side of the hospital. I felt like he never left my side. I stride now only to be as close to spotless as i can. Surrender use to be difficult it is so easy if you want it.

  27. How do i find joy in the lord ? Will it come. Will there be a day where i am not so sad and lonely. All my friends and family have turned towards darkness. I feel so alone i have no job. I can work at a restaurant and make a certain amount of money. Is the military a possibility but i also have knowledge if this virus which is going on i do not want to be part of killing.
    Im 21 but my age is of no matter because i feel so bad that if i was rich or had every item in this world i would feel the same. I feel outcasted i feel all alone. This is something i Will tell Jesus

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