I’m Not Accepted for My Religion

I’ve always been one of the only Jewish people
in my town. I’m not super religious. My parents didn’t force their religion on
me but I still believed in it. In elementary school a lot of kids went to
church and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone’s allowed to have their own religion
but they didn’t really see it that way. And a lot of them would you overhear their
parents or they’d hear churches talking about how if you didn’t worship their religion
you would go to hell. And I don’t think anyone realizes that kids
learn and they imitate what they see. So of course I’d be on the playground or doing
whatever and kids would come up to me and tell me that Jewish people were trying to
take over the world and that we were all super greedy money hogs. And that if we didn’t worship their religion
we were all going to hell. And I was the only person who faced hate it
was also Muslim kids a lot of them were told that Muslims were terrorists and that they
still probably had contact with people who did 9/11. I used to actually go home and I would cry
because I thought I was going to hell if I didn’t go to church like I asked my parents
to go to a Christian Church before I even knew what that meant. That’s not the way kids should be introduced
to other religions they should be introduced as religion can be a good thing it can bring
people together. And it was before I even knew what the cross
stood for like I’d see people with them all the time and wondered with the t-shaped
necklace meant until one of my very very close friends who went to church explain to me what
it was. My parents just said that some people believe
in different things and they have a right to believe. it’s like ice cream. If you force your belief down my throat I’m
not going to want it but some people like different types of ice cream or different
types of belief. And that’s okay that doesn’t make them a terrible
person but what does is telling other people that they’re terrible just because they like
a different ice cream flavor than you. You know I don’t hate Christians or Catholics
or anyone. I just wish that someone had told these kids
not to repeat the things that they heard – Anti-semitic or Islamophobic people say. Like before people even knew what the word
Muslim meant they knew the word terrorist and before they even knew what the term Jewish
meant, they just knew were bad. I remember back in middle school when they
told everyone about the Middle East they had said Jesus was a Jew. And everyone gasped and was so shocked. To me it made me realize how stupid everyone
was being. Everyone’s hating each other just because
of religion. In high school no one really gave me any problems,
except for one girl but I didn’t really care at that point. Anyone who judges somebody off of what they
think is going to happen after we die isn’t worth your time.

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