India Alert | New Episode 353 | Vishwasghat ( विश्वासघात ) | Dangal TV Channel

India Alert | New Episode 353 | Vishwasghat ( विश्वासघात ) | Dangal TV Channel

Have you packed Manisha’s bags? Yes, I’ve packed everything. Shikha. Manisha. We’re getting late. -Hello, brother.
-Hello. How are you? We’ll leave now. Manisha is your responsibility now. What are you saying? There’s no difference
between Shikha and Manisha. Shikha and Manisha are same for me. It’s going to be great fun. Manisha and I’ve been
together since childhood. We’ll continue being together. -Isn’t it, Manisha?
-Yes. Look at Manisha. She’s as happy as Shikha. She’s not sad on parting with her parents. No, dad. That’s not true. Please stay here with us. Tell your office that you’ll stay here. Dear, I’ve been transferred to
Pune and I can’t do anything about it. If this was not your last year of
college we wouldn’t have left you alone. We wouldn’t’ have burdened
Arvind with your responsibility. Sister-in-law,
you’re treating me like an outsider. She was in fifth standard when
we came to stay in this locality. No one ever guessed that
they weren’t sisters but friends. Manisha, what’s this?
Let uncle and auntie go. Pune isn’t too far.
It’s just two hours drive. We can go there any time or uncle
auntie can also come over any time. -Isn’t it, auntie?
-Of course, dear. Okay. -Bye.
-Bye. Bye. Bye. Everything will be fine. Bye. Why are you so upset? We’re getting late for college. Come on. -Okay, let’s go.
-Come. I wish we could always be together. -Hurry up or we’ll be late for college.
-Yes. -Excuse me.
-What? Dad told me to deposit a cheque. I forgot about it. You can go ahead and attend the class,
I’ll join you later. But, you’ll miss the lecture. If both of us miss the class we’ll have to take the
notes from somebody else. Do something. You attend the class so that
I can take the notes from you. Okay. Come back soon. -Bye.
-Bye. -Hi!
-Come inside quickly. -Leave me.
-Why? We’re meeting after a long time. How can I leave you? Where are you trying to escape? Leave me. We’re meeting after a long time. It’s time for college. What happened? I think somebody is there. It’s just your imagination. Come close. Let me go and check. I told you nobody is there. Let’s go to college.
We’re getting late for class. Let’s go. Hello, dear. Do something. Let’s go out for dinner. You want to go out for dinner? What’s wrong with you, dad? Nothing. Manisha is upset so I thought
she’ll feel better if we go out. Okay. When I tell you to take
me out for dinner you always refuse. -But, you’re so eager to take her out.
-keep quiet. You eat out on almost
all the days of the month. Okay, c’mon fast. Get ready.
C’mon go. C’mon hurry up. -Listen. Get three vodka with sprite.
-Okay, sir. Dad, will you have three drinks? No. I’ll not have three drinks. All three of us will have a drink. -Dad, we don’t drink.
-You don’t drink. I know very well that you drink. Share a drink with me today. -How is the pizza?
-Amazing. -How is it?
-Very nice. Please have one. Thank you. Serve them too. Yeah, anyway… Leave the pizza and raise a toast. C’mon. You shouldn’t let the drinks wait. -Cheers!
-Cheers! God bless you. The party has just begun. -Good night, dad.
-Goodnight, uncle. Goodnight. She was in fifth standard
when we shifted to this locality. Manisha… Manisha… Uncle, you? I want to talk to you. What happened, uncle? Why did you wake me
up so late in the night? Shikha’s birthday is approaching. I’ve bought a gift for her. There’s still lot of
time left for her birthday. Well, I got the gift
because I liked it a lot. I’ll keep it near her
and give her a surprise. -I want to show you the gift.
-Okay. Where’s the gift? In my room. Come, I’ll show you. Be careful. Come. You’re sleepy. Be careful. Uncle, where’s the gift? What are you doing? Leave me. Uncle, what are you doing? Shut up. Quiet. Uncle, please let me go. How can I let you go? You love all these things. I know what you were doing
with that boy in my house today. If you shout,
I’ll tell your parents about him. Uncle, please. Please… Uncle… It was his daughter’s friend
who was his daughter’s age. Arvind’s intentions were never good. Finally he made her a victim of his lust. Lust is a common human emotion. But, these feelings should be in check. Evil intentions provoke
us to commit crime. Hello. I’m Girish Jain. In today’s episode of Crime
Alert we bring to you a story of a predator who crossed
the sanctity of relations and shown his animal instincts. The animal instincts of Arvind
destroyed Manisha’s life in a moment. He never thought that Manisha
respected her like her father. He destroyed a pious relation. Manish never imagined in her
wild dreams what Arvind was planning. The question that arises now is will Manisha come forward
to seek justice against this crime? Will she be able to
expose Arvind’s reality? Let’s watch. Manisha. Manisha, why are you crying? Please tell me. For my sake tell me what has happened. Last night… Shikha… What are you doing? She’s missing her parents. Isn’t it, Manisha? Am I right? Yes? Manisha… Uncle… uncle, what are you doing? I know what you were doing
with that boy in my house today. If you shout I’ll tell
everything to your parents. What happened? It seems as if a ghost has scared you. Tell me what has happened. At least tell me what has happened. I’m really worried
by your behaviour, Manisha. Shikha, well… You were missing uncle and he has called. Speak with him. Hello, dad, What nonsense is this? Is this the reason I left you alone? Manisha, you’ve embarrassed
me and your mom. We’re coming. Dad, what have I done? Dad… What happened, Manisha? I don’t know. Mom and dad were very angry. They’re coming here. What happened? Why are you looking there? You’re too much. -Let’s get ready for college.
-No, Shikha. I don’t want to go to college. -Please don’t go to college today.
-Okay. I’ll do what you want. Dad! Dad… Dad? Shameless girl! Don’t you feel ashamed of your act? Did we give you freedom for this day? Auntie, what happened? Uncle, why did you slap Manisha? I’ll tell you. Manisha, you and Aman
are seeing each other? -Why didn’t you tell me?
-Shikha… -Mom…
-Enough. Pack your bags. Let’s go home. Enough of education.
We’ll leave this place right now. -Mom, please.
-No. I don’t want to hear any excuses. Sister-in-law, please listen to me.
She’s a young girl. Young girls make mistakes. Mistake? She has betrayed our trust. Raman , sister-in-law,
please listen to me. I’ll handle this matter. I’ll tell the boy never to meet her again. Don’t worry. She’s young. -Shikha, do you know the boy?
-Yes, dad. He studies in our college
and is our classmate. Call him here . Dad, let it be. Do as instructed. Call him. Hello Aman. Is this what you do
at the age of studying? Call… call your parents. I’ll talk to them. I’ll tell them what their
son is doing besides studying. No, uncle. Now you listen to me. Don’t try to meet or talk to Manisha again or I’ll call police. No, uncle. Please don’t’
involve the police. I beg of you. I promise that I’ll never meet Manisha. I’ll not even look at her. Please. I’m sorry. -Are you sure?
-Yes, I’m sure. Get out. Manisha, let’s go. What are you doing, brother? This is Manisha’s final year. Her future will be ruined. Don’t worry.
I promise to take care of her. No, brother. Please excuse us. You’ve done us a great favour
by allowing Manisha to stay with you. We can’t trust Manisha after what she did. Do you trust me? Mom. Dad. You don’t have to trust anybody. -I’ll go with you, please.
-Are you mad? Will you ruin your career? Dad will handle everything. Brother, I trust you and that’s why I left
my daughter with you. Have faith in me. I should apologize to you because I didn’t take enough care and this happened. Please forgive me. This is embarrassing for me. Okay. You’re responsible
for Manisha from now on. You can slap Manisha if
she ever does anything wrong. What are you saying? She’s a girl who deserves
to be handled with love. Dad, you’re great. Uncle, don’t worry. I’m with Manisha. I’ll take care of her. Okay, brother. bye. Let’s go. Dad, please talk to me. I want to go with you. Dad… Manisha, don’t be upset. This is temporary,
everything will be fine. Please keep quiet. I knew that you would take
a step against me as I was aware of your friendship with Shikha. So, I’ve done this to save myself Don’t look at me that way. You’ve no other option. So, do as I say. Manisha’s parents had
stopped supporting her. We often see parents
lose trust in their children if they commit any mistake. But, this was a matter of rape. Arvind had already raped her. He took undue advantage
of Manisha’s plight and raped her daily to satiate his lust. For any daughter her father is her god. So, it’s natural that Shikha
wouldn’t believe Manisha. But, the behavior of Manisha’s
parents is surprising. Instead of trusting their daughter
they showed faith in an outsider. One mistake changed
Manisha’s life forever. Her family deserted her. Will Arvind’s reality ever get exposed? Or will he continue making
Manisha a victim of his lust. Let’s watch. Manisha, everything is over. Jump. End your life. C’mon jump so that everybody
thinks that you’re wrong. Am I right? What shall I do? Nobody trusts me. Don’t act crazy. Tell everybody that
you’re right and he’s wrong. -Shikha…
-Yes, tell me. I want to say something important to you. Yes, tell me. Well… well… -Is Aman disturbing you?
-No, Shikha. It is not about Aman. Then what do you want to tell me? Shikha, I… I’m disturbed. I’m going through a very tough phase. Only you can help me. Please tell me what has happened. Well… well… your dad… -Uncle, what are you doing?
-Shut up. Keep quiet. -Uncle, please let me go.
-How can I let you go? You enjoy these acts. Isn’t it? I know very well what you
were doing with the boy in my house. If you shout, I’ll tell your parents. I couldn’t do anything to save myself. How dare you accuse my father? He did so much for you. He always cared for you more than me. She convinced your parents
not to spoil your career. He helped get rid of Aman. He did so much for you
and you’re accusing my dad of such a heinous crime. I hate you. I detest you. No, Shikha, you can’t understand my plight. Shut up, Manisha. If you speak a word against
my dad then I’ll stand up for him. Remember it. What happened? Hello! I’m talking to you. -What happened?
-Nothing, dad. -I got a bad headache.
-Oh! -I’ll give you a massage.
-No, dad. I’ll take medicine. Dear, if you’ve a really
bad headache then tell me. I’ll take you to a doctor. No, dad. You don’t have to do that. -Are you sure?
-Yes, dad. Where is Manisha? Call her for breakfast
or she’ll be late for college. I don’t know, dad. I’m getting late. I’ll leave. Bye. Hey! Have breakfast. Hello! Shikha. Shikha, listen to me. Shikha. So, you were trying to be smart. I told you not to tell anybody. What happened? Your parents have left you. Your friend who was more like
a sister has also abandoned you. Who has been proven wrong? You. What do you think? You think your evil
truth won’t get exposed? It’ll get exposed. I’ll expose you. My parents and Shikha will
find out your truth one day. Just wait and watch. I won’t stop now. Let’s see what happens. I’ll definitely expose you. Full of confidence, sweetheart. This is not confidence
but over confidence. Do you want to do this? Okay, go ahead. Do it. Mom, can you come in the evening? No… I know you don’t
wish to see my face. But mom, I’m your only child. Give me a chance. I want to tell you something. Okay, mom. What happened, Manisha? Why did you call us here? What has happened? Mom. Dad. You may not believe me but I’m going through very bad times. I’ve become a victim of heinous acts. Heinous act? What are you saying, Manisha? What happened? Dad, uncle comes in my room every night and touched me inappropriately. He did this repeatedly. I was helpless. I was confused. Shikha. Shame on you, Manisha. I hate you. I feel ashamed that you’re my friend. Manisha… She is lying to hide her truth. What is Shikha saying? What do you mean? Auntie, she’s still
in a relation with that boy. Shame! I feel embarrassed
even to talk about it. Manisha is still in a relation with Aman. Auntie, she lied to you, dad and me. She lied to all of
us and betrayed our trust. Shikha, why are you lying? You’re blaming me to
hide your dad’s doings? Shut up, Manisha. Keep quiet. If you don’t believe me,
I’ll cal Aman right now. You can ask him. Hello Aman. Come home right now. Yes, right now. Manisha, I can’t believe
that you can accuse my father of such a disgraceful act? What did he not do for you? Have you forgotten everything? Shikha, why did you call Aman? Dad, let it be. I’ll expose her truth. Let everybody know how cunning she is. Aman, tell the truth to everybody. Aman, please speak up. She has accused my dad. Please speak the truth. Well… uncle, auntie, after I left I was
repeatedly called by Manisha. She told me that she
couldn’t live without me. I tried to convince
her that she was wrong. But, she didn’t listen to me and we were in a relationship again. Actually,
Manisha was angry with Shikha’s dad. So, she planned that… she would accuse him of rape so that nobody believes him and we can continue our relation. Manisha, I never imagined
that you could stoop so low. It was better to be childless
than to have a daughter like you. I feel like committing suicide. Why don’t you die? -Kiran…
-Mom… Stay away. Kiran… Kiran… control your feelings. -Auntie.
-Please drink water. Drink water. Slowly. Slowly. Shikha, take sister-in-law inside. Take her inside. Auntie, come with me. Sister-in-law, please go inside. Come. Move. Auntie… I’ve a request. Please stay here tonight. I’m feeling very bad for you. I can’t hug and console you because everybody is in the house. I hope you’ve learnt a lesson. Don’t look at me that way.
I’m feeling scared. Please. You must be wondering
why Shikha called Aman. Aman, I told you to
stay away from Manisha. I’m her guardian. Listen to me.
Both Shikha and Manisha are same for me. I know what’s going on
between you despite my warning. Don’t think I’ll keep quiet. I tried to convince Manisha
but she’s not ready to give in. It’ll be better if you understand. Then I threatened Aman that
I’ll disclose the truth to his father if he didn’t follow my instructions. He did what I told him to do. I also knew that Shikha will hate you more after talking to Aman. And my plan succeeded . I am too good. Whatever I plan succeeds. So sweetheart,
you’ve no other choice than me. Do as I say. Mom. Dad. Please listen to me. -Please listen to me.
-Leave me. Manisha, our relation is over. Before we take any drastic
step please go away from our sight. Raman, sister-in-law, please. I’ll talk to her. You can’t break your
ties with your daughter. She didn’t do anything to make us proud. Throw her out of her house or she’ll ruin your reputation. You’re right, auntie. She did what no one does with their enemy. Shikha, please. Okay, brother. Dad, either Manisha
will stay here or I will. You’ve to take the decision. Behave yourself. Is this the way to behave with your dad? Everybody has left. It’s been many days. Hello Aman. Dad, sorry for misbehaving with you today. That’s okay. -Go to sleep.
-Yes, dad. But, I won’t share the room with Manisha. Please don’t force me. Bye, dad. Goodnight. Manisha, Shikha is not here so… you and I will daily… Don’t avoid me. We’re not doing it for the first time. You’ve no other option than me. So, don’t be stubborn. Come close or… What happened? Shocked to see your daughter here? You must be wondering how this happened. I’ll tell you a story… the way you narrated a story to me. I called Aman and shared
the truth with him. I told him how degraded you are. He convinced Shikha and I shared the recording with them. You must be wondering
why Shikha called Aman. I threatened Aman to
tell everything to his parents if he didn’t’ follow my instructions. He did what I said. So sweetheart,
you’ve no other option except me. Do as I say. I didn’t share the
recording with my parents as they weren’t ready to listen to me. I had to do this smartly. I shared all the recordings with Aman. He helped me share them with Shikha. Shame on you, dad. I detest you. You can’t be my dad. Dad, I always treated you like god. And you raped a girl
your daughter’s age. Shame! You’re a rapist. I’ve already informed the
police and Manisha’s parents. You deserve to be behind
the bars and not in this house. It’s better to be an orphan
than to have a father like you. Shikha, you’ve acted bravely. Manisha’s maturity and
Shikha’s support exposed Arvind. Arvind thought that
nobody could expose him. But, his own daughter exposed him. Could this incident be averted?
Perhaps yes. If Manisha’s parents wouldn’t
have blindly trusted Arvind and left their daughter with him. If Manisha acted strong
after the first incident Arvind would’ve been behind
the bars long time back. If Manisha’s parents had trusted her she wouldn’t have gone through so much. We salute Shikha’s courage. Instead of supporting her only
family member she stood with truth and supported Manisha. We need brave people
like her to end crime. I, Girish Jain would like to
take your leave from today’s episode. I’ll be back with similar
stories to alert you against crime. Till then be alert, be safe. Crime Alert, a voice against crime.

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