Interview with Edward & Zeus – part 2

Interview with Edward & Zeus – part 2

– Next question is about Russian Counter-Strike. Russian CS scene has just seen a reborn of a great clan-tag
which you were once representing. Can you recall those times, did it influence much on you further gaming career? – This was the period of formation of our gaming skills. During that period we spent a huge amount of time by computers with Danil, which we haven’t done before, because we moved to another city just for playing ther game – we just put our lives at stake. This period was very important to us. I don’t know how it influenced but we surely gained some priceless experience to lose as we lost many World Championships being a part of Virtus.Pro. We came with understanding of the game but without learning what individual skill is (which we started to accumulate later on). We played with top teams over Internet and did not understand how players could show their individual skills on the Internet, what were their wall-bangingtricks and so on. Thanks to the Internet and experienced guys like Aleksey “Lex” Kolesnikov (he was considered to be one of the best players in the world at that moment) we began to realize some
things that we had no idea about before. So I think that experience was really priceless. Each player of our team had some experience. Me and Vanya also hadbecause our team was formed 1.5 years ago, yet it was hard for ceh9. Now he doesn’t lag behind. Same situation was in – Vanya and me were way less experienced comparing to gamers. We were taken to VP to boost the team and we did our best by progressing and trying to gain more shapeas Vanyas said, sitting most of our time by computers. After 2 months of hard work we got some serious shape and won European tournament in Moscow. The only bad memories are about the district in Moscow where our apartment was (Mitino):
some strange people always suspiciously watching you and etc.
So we had to concentrate on Counter-Strike our home, computerclub and that’s it.
There was no space for personal life development or something else.
Here in Ukraine it’s all much easier – we can combine everything. – So VP was something like your bridge to your modern Counter-Strike? – Well, yeah. At first it was project pro100 in Ukraine than VP. – Do you think the strategy of Lex to take new players to his team can be successful for VP to comeback for world’s finest? – In my opinion Lex is already among the top 3 so it doesn’t matter whom he will play together with. Together with 3-4 average aimers and with a month of practicing, his team will be in the top3. But the question is – do they want to be the top3 or top1? I’m not talking about CIS or world championships, because as i talked to Lex and their aim were to be the first at least in their country. Though with sucks prospective and experienced player of MoscowFive and USSR I don’t know if they can realizethis goal. They need time to discover
themselves and show their maximum, but Lex is 24 years old, F_1n is 27 so can they wait for 2 years or another one that
young gamers can gain their shape?! From the other side
I don’t know which players they can take from the old school – u won’t call Nook, who hasn’t been playing for already 4 years. Not much players skilled players are left in Russia. Plus while living in Moscow I’ve noticed that people are very ambitious there, they can smile to you and can say different things behind your back.
So they all are trying to combine their lineups according to human factor.That’s why they can’t still find a decision, so they often change lineups. – In our big and friendly continuously expanding family of Na’Vi there is a man – Sergey “Zoom” Popov, who was your manager in pro100. Now he’s an ArtDirector in Na’Vi, how would you describe him? He grew some gamers potential in you and he was with you from the start 🙂 – Zoom is a very good friend of Edward, so i think that Vanya will tell you. I’m gonna say only about one period which remember the best. When we went to ASUS Cup for the first time
(pro100 lineup) in 2004 and we were there
together with another famous person – Alexey “Junior” Kusov.
We took 3rd place there by losing to VP and m19. In a while we took “Zoom” as our manager. He inspired us which made us think a lot.
He said that he could bring the project to a higher level higher but we had to take ASUS gold. We trained a lotattended the next ASUS and won it. Noone expected this including ourselves. He is a cool guy we spent much time together with him and VP manager, I’m glad that he is part
of our team now. This is fate that brings us together for the 3rd or 4th time.
Edward: Yeah, I remember the time when Danila and I proposed
him to become our manager near the stall, do you remember? We considered him to be literate adult man,
although we didn’t know him very well. – How old were you? – Hmm, that was something like 6 years ago so we were like 17 years old. Before our proposition, he worked with the team “Massa” with 2 brothers “Kekc” and “Raz0r”. So he was famous in this sphere, we noticed his potential, he agreed and THAT was the moment for our team! We won that ASUS, everyone were so excited with this victory. I remember like it
was just yesterday – the first prize money, an unforgettable feeling.
Then he became a part of our team and we realized that the team can consist of 6 teammates not 5.It is very essential. Now in Na’Vi we understand that we have more than 30 teammates :D. The more-the better. I really respect this man because I largely agree with his vital positions and love him as a friend. Nothing else to describe him. Of course, I can tell much, but this is the most important. – Everyone knows that you have a daughter. Please tell us your emotions and feelings you had that very moment. – That moment, I didn’t fully experience emotions. I had emotions thought like “thanks God she’s born, everything is OK”. It happened! I asked myself alot – what will happen? Not much. Everyone say that I’ll understand that
I’m a father till she is 3-4 months old. We waited for it long enough- 9 months :D. Strange… It is a desired baby, I took care of my wife and my baby, we had many disagreements about her future name as well as where shall we give her a birth, etc. I said that I didn’t trust to women. There were a lot of discussion about everything in relation
with the baby. Now it’s ok, the girl eats with great appetite,
she makes first sounds: “ugugu”. She is now 1 month and a week old, she already tried to smile, watching everything around with curiosity. I’m happy, everything is great. She was born 3 500 kg in weight, she lost 400 gramms in two days but the doctors said
it was normal; now she is 4900. So when I bought her differentclothing I was told that it would be enough for 3-4 months only and now half of them do not fit her.
I’m glad that she eats well, mommy gives her milk, everything is just fine! – Vanya, have u noticed some changes after his daughter was born? – He started to shout 5 times as much. I can say that when you become a father you become more calm, but I have my nerves bad – she likes to eat very much and when she doesn’t eat on time she gives a loud signal. When you hear it for the 100th time
you understand that you can barely find strengths to stand up. And the training is about to start so my nerves were shaken.
And now when I sleep well I fell more calm.

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  1. Интересное интервью, ноя не могу смотреть xD Такая кора! Эд отжигает

  2. @SuperTowlie1 As i read that comment i figure out you have absolutely no idea what the heck you are talking about. Zeus is the mastermind of natus vincere and an extremly strong player.. i watched almost every game the past 1-2years when they started.. a team that has a winning streak a whole year cant achieve that with only 4people.. everyone has got to be such a strong player

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