Interview with Zeus after group stage @ DHS’14 (With ENG subs)

All right then, tell us all about it. Well… Why have you lost the first game in 2 rounds? Well, because we played badly. [off-camera] They are making the bracket now. You can go and look at the bracket. As they are about to display it right now. We didn’t manage to get into the act. I am very glad that we’ve won today. We’ve been qualified. This is the first time we’ve been qualified in the recent DreamHacks we participated in. This is the progress. However… We’re not looking for easy ways. We’ll have a hardcore brackets, as I see it. We’re going forward. If you came to win a tournament you must be prepared to beat any team. Therefore, it’s in our hands. I hope we’ll get enough sleep and show better result tomorrow.
Thank you very much!
The game showed us that we have some aspects we must work on. Wait a second. You had a rest today. You swam in a lake… We had an active recreation today. Perhaps it influenced your game, you somehow relaxed in the end. Well, not all of us did that active recreation. It might have influenced somehow, but… I think this is not the point. It happens sometimes that you do not get involved in the tournament ambience at once. You don’t get into the act. The environment is unfamiliar. It was noisy and the teamspeak didn’t work well. We heard each other badly. And it was strange, as we seemed to lead with higher score in the first party. But we lost grounds. Take this party: we had 7:0, but in a single attack it turned into 7:4.
We managed to gather our strengths and to make it 10:5. And I feel that we were capable to make a better game that we did today. Now we must regain strength and show our best.
If we don’t do it, we can lose and leave the group. This is hardcore: to come here, play 2-3 games and leave the group. We had such situations in the past. Tell us about Flipsid3 team. How did you manage to find the
approach and to turn the tide in the game. About this team. We didn’t know anything about how
they play in Dust2 location. We had a very general understanding of that. They had moments of mere luck as they just guessed it by chance. They won many rounds, like they won a gun round in a single attack and took a couple of key devices. And it was hard for us to even up the score. We kept on playing, doing our best to win.
But the margin was really small. As concerns the choice of a map between Dust and Inferno. We chose Dust because despite the fact that we lost,
we know this location well and feel confident there. Additionally we didn’t want any novelties, any random things in the game. And we had some basic understanding on how our rivals play in this location. That is why Dust was our team choice. I received a message in the social media (VKontakte) straight after the game: “Disband the CS team! It makes me suffer to watch them playing!” Give your comment. We have some really emotional fans. They write such hard comments each time we loose. However, they are the first to write most positive feedbacks as we win. They change their opinion in accordance to the results of the game. What can I say. We have many true fans.
This is the majority who supports us even in our hardest moments. We know that and we appreciate that. Guys,
thank you very much for your endless support! The runner-ups often win tournaments. So a second place is not an indicator for a future loss. But it’s an indicator showing we must work harder and
we must get into the act right in the first round tomorrow. We’ll see. You have the game in the morning, right? Yes, the game will be played in the morning. We’ll see the bracket now.
I can say that we have the best teams here. It is very hard to win DreamHack with its powerful
gaming ambience and so many professionals playing hardcore. Many teams participating in DreamHack are really strong
and are likely to win. The competition is very high. For instance the team from Polland is a very
strong team with many world tournaments won. They have never won DreamHack. So to tell you the truth winning DreamHack is a great achievement as for me. Additionally this is a Swedish tournament.
Sweden is a motherland of many strong players. This is the motherland of cybersports, especially this concerns Counter-Strike.
The world’s best players come from here. Which team do you want to play against? – You mean convenient rival?
– Yes. I am ready to play with… Titans have left the second place.
If the first place winners will be playing with the runners-up we might encounter them. You will be playing either with NIP or HellRaisers or Virtus.Pro. Well, all the teams are really tough, to tell the truth. So I do not know… Name just one. I am ready to challenge NIP team.
Actually, we need to fight all the teams. However However, if to name one, is the most inconvenient team for us. We do not know how HellRaisers play as we’ve never encountered them, so as NIP. We feel pretty confident about playing against NIP, and HellRaisers too. Notwithstanding these teams showed a greater play today than we did.
It was obvious that they’d been training hard. So we’ll see. If we are ready to win this tournament,
then we are ready. We must win. Another questions: about the SK-Gaming and Fnatic teams.
I know you’ve trained with Fnatic a lot. And you won. Yes, that is true. Actually, Fnatic has been training harder than any other team here. It seems to me the guys just have lost their enthusiasm about the game. They might change players. They had won previous DreamHack, however they had no subsequent results.
For instance they won only eighth place in Copenhagen. And now there is recently dissolved LGB team with top players.
So we might witness some changes… not now, but in close future. However, this is my opinion. I haven’t heard any rumors concerning this matter. That is why we need to get enough sleep by tomorrow morning and play really hard. Guys, I know some of you studies and some of you works. But DreamHack is not an everyday event. I know this is summer, but find some time to be with us. We need your support! Goodbye! Greetings from Sweden! Many thanks to you all!

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