Invicta Bolt Zeus Heritage model 29225

Invicta Bolt Zeus Heritage model 29225

hey everybody welcome to another episode
of Invicta specs with john the phone guy so today we have the third in my heritage
collection and that is the bolt Zeus heritage model number is 29225 it’s a white mother-of-pearl it’s a
limited edition of 300 this one’s actually number 83
it’s a Selita SW 200 movement the crystal is flame fusion and it is dive
rated at 200 meters 660 feet and it’s got diamonds at each of the hour markers
so without much to do we’re gonna go right into it
so we’ll kind of just get a quick look at everything here and as you can see right in right in there inside the our
marker there’s their diamonds at each of one of the our markers and then of
course you know mother-of-pearl you know Swiss made the case is a high
polished case which unfortunately shows fingerprints really fast but anyway
we’ll get back to the back up here and show everything so this is a full dive
clasp scissor deployment and then right into the guts of this thing has Eyal
signature on the case back the the window is also flame fusion back here
model number the limited edition number alright they’re 83 300 and of course Eyal
signature and you can the SW 200 rotor on here full bracelet
this is the rosetone version so it’s got the three running cables in rosetone and
the cable around the bezel in rosetone of course unlike a lot of Zeus’s you
actually get the three cables on both sides because it is an automatic so you
don’t have any function pushers it is a screw down crown and so you know wind it
pull it all the way out change date/time you know pretty much your standard kind
of automatic from that standpoint full rotation bezel and of course you
got the mother-of-pearl so you get some there we go so you get some really good
colors out of this mother pearl and the watch itself it is a big watch if you’ve
never had a bolt Zeus before it’s substantial it does set up off the wrist
this is gonna be a weighty watch it’s probably I believe it’s 52 millimeter
going this way and we’ll get into that a second in fact not I’m talking about it
pull this little guy out and so 52 height on this guy’s 24 so
almost an inch you can see knowing right there so nine tenths of an inch the
bracelet at the top is 33 and then tapers down to 26
so the lug on this see if I can get close to sew the lug
pattern is about a 53 on this so it is a pretty good size
I’ve got other Zeus’s so I mean as far as a weight issue I don’t find them too
heavy for me but like I say I’m used to wear nice so let’s throw this on the
scale so 13.3 this is is actually heavier than a lot of my Venom’s my full
bracelet Venom’s come in around 12 something like that so just a little bit
more love the details on this of course the the movement as I smudge it all
right there we go and you know you got the
diamonds down inside there they’re all good quality you know I J you know color
and clarity the movement on an SW 200 is so smooth so you got the 28,800 vibrations per hour so eight
steps a second which gives just a smooth gliding motion to this and with that
I’ll throw it on my wrist I have a 7 inch wrist from comparison standpoint so
as you can see it does have a pretty wide base so it will fit others you know
pretty well I run mine a little bit looser just because with Atlanta and the
heat and you start to sweat and everything swells up gets a little too
tight so that’s it on me and I mean as far as just the the Heritage in general
I like I say this is the third one in my
collection they are very limited most of them are limited to 300 I
think one of them was limited to 500 but just a unique piece
the Swiss made part of this adhering to the new standards and I love a good
automatic I think any any heritage needs to be an automatic just from a purist
standpoint I don’t want to be a a movement snob but I will say I do enjoy
an automatic I just love the the look of it and especially in a three hand it’s
just a very clean sophisticated look to me so that is it so that is the heritage
bolt Zeus 29225 and with that I want to give a shout out to Instagram
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and I’m little off this probably should have came out last Thursday so I
apologize got a little behind with some things so but with that I want to say
enjoy your Invicta watches and hope to see you next time on Invicta specs
take care

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  1. Beautiful grail heritage zeus👍💪love the zeus series and this heritage puts it over the top until the next vid drop 👊😆

  2. Okay, now I have to alter my wishlist episode. It's all your fault Mr. Enabler. I will say this, your collection is very exclusive. It's worth chasing in my opinion. Keep'em coming.

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