Islam and Sikhism – the Differences (+ Amazing Hukamnama after)

Islam and Sikhism – the Differences (+ Amazing Hukamnama after)

Sadh Sangat Ji (Holy Congregation), I put this up because it’s a YouTube channel in English, So I wanted everybody to see it and there are some leaflets here that you can take away. Because this is now Bradford and also with the problems that are going on in our Panth, I thought today we can do something little bit different. We can talk a little bit about, “Why did Guru Nanak Dev Ji not choose to become a Muslim?” Guru Nanak Dev Ji came upon this Earth, there was also a similar kind of environment. They lived in an area which is now in Pakistan, where they were born. And also the ‘mahaul’ (environment) was such that Islam was a dominant Religion, and yet in that environment, Guru Nanak Dev Ji didn’t choose to become a Muslim. Even though they believe in one “Akal Purakh”. ‘Ek’ (One). Even though Islam believe in same one God. Even though the Islam believes that there is equality of all Human Beings. That no one color is better than other color. Islam has got no ‘Varan’ (social classes) , there is only one Human Race. Even then Baba Nanak didn’t choose to be a Muslim. So there is reason for that. From Gurbani we can understand what they thought about Islam, and also we can try to work out what are key differences between their philosophy and the philosophy of Islam. Before I start though, I want to do a lot of preamble, precautions of things to take note of. The first thing is, we should not be cursing Islam. *To slander Islam, or to slander Prophet Muhammad is against the ethics of Sikhs.* It’s not part of our religion to criticise another Religion. Now I will give you couple of examples of that, to understand that this is not something that I say myself but Maharaj themselves did this. The first example is, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji born upon the Earth, Peer Bhikhan Shah, he went instead of ‘matha teking’ (to bow down) towards Mecca, he went to matha tek towards Patna Sahib where Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born. He went to Patna Sahib, which is right at the other end of India, he went there and when they meant to meet Guru Gonind Singh Ji, they tested Guru Gobind Singh Ji, to just a little baby. They bought two set of sweets. One set of sweets was from Hindu shop, one set was from Muslim shop and they put them in front of young baby – Guru Gobind Rai, at that time and Guru Gobind Rai was expected to chose one. He did’nt tell him which one was what because they knew this is light of God on the Earth. and Guru Gobind Rai as a little baby, put his hands on top of both. When they were older, when they used to go for hunting with Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb said to him: “what Religion is better – yours or mine? Islam or Sikhi?” And Guru Gobind Singh Ji said: “Tum ko tumahra khoob, hum ko hamara khoob.” “We like ours, you like yours.” So it’s not for a Sikh to criticize Islam or Prophet Muhammad. And Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s 52 Hukams (commands) from Nanded, *the 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It’s written there, “not to condemn other religions.”* So we should learn about other religions because when we look at other religion, we can understand two things. We can understand what is it that mankind wants to do in their life. The search for Vaheguru is reflected in every different religion. So it’s good to understand the religions, because we can see the human spirit. But also it’s good because when we are living in society which is multi-culutural, like ours, By understanding others, we can understand ourselves. And also we can reduce the amount of prejudice, we have in society. That’s why there so many interfaith forums out there because by understanding each other, we won’t be so negative towards each other. So we should’nt be criticizing. So it’s about knowledge, it’s about us understanding our religion . Islam will always say to theirs young children and older people that Islam is the best religion for them. And a Sikh can stand up and say very same thing. Nothing wrong with it. It’s not criticizing Islam for us to say, “hum ko hamara khoob.” For us our religion is the best. But let’s look at why Guru Nanak Dev Ji didn’t choose at that time to become a Muslim. Because you know, when they became the Guru, they were invited to a Mosque. If you go to Sultanpur Lodhi, you will see that Mosque. They were invited to that Mosque, to come and pray. Because Maharaj said, “Na koi Hindu, Na Musalmaan.”(No one is Hindu or Muslim). And they say (Muslims) “No, there are Muslims, come to Mosque and look there are Muslims.” When they went there, Maharaj looked and everybody who was doing Namaaz, they were not actually concentrating on the prayers, their mind was everywhere. Maharaj said, “Why should I pray with these people, they are not even concentrating.” So, the first thing to understand about our religion, especially amongst our youth, is that Sikhi is a reviewed religion. Lot of people now point the finger on Sikhi and they say: “You are a man-made religion. You were made by Guru Nanak. God didn’t make your religion.” Now Sadh Sangat ji, I am going to give you a couple of quotes from Gurbani that explains this, but the first bit is that you already know the answer to this. Every single person here, right now, even the children can sing along the answer, to understand who made Sikhi. For us start singing, you just join in because you know the answer. Ok, Ready? Just stop there, that’s the answer. The order came from Vaheguru then this Panth was started. That’s the answer. Who made Sikhi, is it Baba Nanak? Is it Guru Nanak? NO.. This Panth was started by Vaheguru themselves, firstly by sending Guru Nanak on the Earth. They sent Guru Nanak upon the Earth. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was only 29 years old and they were having bath in the river, they took him up, out of the river and they kept him with them for three days. In those three days, Maharaj haven’t blinked an eye as far as we know. In those time, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was taken back to “Sachkhand” and they were given the “Gurgaddi”. They were made Guru Nanak, they were told: “now you are Gur Parmesar” and they are “Par Brahm Parmesar” and they were told to go out and spread the message. They were told to go out and spread the Shabad, and the Shabad that we sing is from Vaheguru. So the first thing is Vaheguru made Guru Nanak DevJi, Vaheguru made Sikhi and Bani was made by Vaheguru as well. Because Baba Nanak themselves says in their Bani, Bani has come from Akal Purakh – Vaheguru. As it comes to them, they speak it out. So it’s revelation. And if we question that, Guru Ramdas Ji makes even more clear. They say in their Bani, Accept the Guru’s Bani as the truth upon the truth, God themselves is making them come out of their mouth. So we can’t doubt that Bani is revelation. So far, Baba Nanak is being made by Vaheguru, Bani has come from Vaheguru and later on Guru Gobind Singh Ji in their Bani tells directly that they were given Hukam from Akal Purakh to come upon the Earth and take a Janam to save the world. Just like the Bhatts talk about Guru Arjan Dev Ji and they say, That’s what they say about Guru Arjan Dev Ji. To save the world, you came upon the Earth as Akal Puarakh – Vaheguru and then the same way Guru Gobind Singh Ji sent upon the Earth for the same reason – To save the world. They have come upon the Earth, sent by Akal Purakh and then they are saying themselves and you know the words we say everyday in “Sav’ieea”, Then we say, Guru ji is saying: “I am not saying this, it’s all coming from you, Vaheguru.” So Bani is in relation, that’s why it’s “Tva-Prasad”. It’s by their kirpa that it’s coming. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji was in Damdama Sahib, they were denied access to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. They had to repeat the whole of Guru Granth Sahib Ji from memory, we might not know this, But Guru Granth Sahib Ji although was compiled by Guru Arjan Dev Ji and then they added Gurbani of their Father. When it came to Guru Gobind Singh Ji putting Gurgaddi to Guru Granth Sahib Ji in 1708, the “Beerdh” (scripture of SGGS) that was from memory. Guru Gobind Singh Ji sat down and in Bhagati, they did the whole of Guru Granth Sahib Ji from scratch, Single – Single word, with grammar… It’s a miracle, isn’t it? 1430 Angs, they repeated, they wrote it directly in same exact way. So this Bani is revelation and Guru Gobind Singh Ji was sent upon the Earth for a mission. So it’s nothing man-made about this religion, nothing man-made and that’s why Guru Gobind Singh Ji says: The khalsa Panth was started for the same reason. When the God decided, the world was ready for this “Akal Purakh ki Fauj” (the army of god), then Akal Purakh send their Fauj. The “Panj Pyaare” (five beloved) were sent. *they must be the most fortunate. The Panj Pyare weren’t just normal people. They were people with good fortune, they were people who had earn great in their previous lives,* to come as the first Panj Pyare of Khalsa Panth. What kind of Kamai (earning) must they have had. So let’s look now at some of the key differences between Sikhi and Islam. Just so we can understand some things that, when we walk on the street, somebody says to us, “Oh, your religion is just Baba Nanak that was a Muslim and some people turned his religion around.” We can say “Hold on! That doesn’t make any sense” because the things that Guru Nanak Dev Ji believed in, a normal Muslim today wouldn’t agree with. So if you are a Muslim and used to say some of these things, they will kill you.” I will give you a good example of that, Bhai Nand Lal Ji, who we know is a poet in the Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s time and their bani is recommended to us like Bhai Gurdaas Ji’s “Vaaran”. Bhai Nand Lal talks about a guy called Mansoor. Mansoor was a Sufi. Mansoor made a big mistake one day, he stood up with his jacket and he and he said, “Anal-Haq, Anal-Haq.” “Inside me, inside this jacket is only Vaheguru, is only God.” And for that, Sadh Sangat Ji, he suffered a very miserable death, he was killed. So if Baba Nanak were a Muslim, they would have done the same thing to him. Because the things that he said, Islam does not agree with. Nothing wrong with Islam, that’s their religion, that’s fine, *that’s great for them*, We don’t have to criticise it. But there are differences. The first one is reincarnation. Very important point, that even sometime in now-a-days, some of these new found Gursikhs, starts to say that reincarnation is not true. They say: “Guru Ji just talk about it, it’s not scientific. Dasam Duaar is not scientific either, you can’t find it or prove anywhere. But it’s there as well. Baba Nanak believed in this thing called reincarnation, which a lot of Hindus, a lot of Buddhist believe in as well and even the old Christians used to believe in as well – the trans migration of soul. That every soul was once a part of Vaheguru and every soul is now outside of Vaheguru from that original joining, not outside of Vaheguru but it’s actually separate from Vaheguru and it’s meant to go back to Vaheguru. This is the human condition. And if we don’t achieve it in a human life, which is highest of all lives, then we have to go back. You have no option. Everybody has to get Naam. If they don’t achieve it as a Human Being, they have to get reborn. Then they have to go through this 8.4 million life cycle to come back as a Human Being. This is not part of Islam. But to me, it makes more sense than what Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in. Firstly, I don’t know if you are aware of this and it’s not a criticism, as per of those three main religions, the thing that is about the whole point of burying the body is this: At one day, there will be a day of judgement. *One day, that day would come – The day of Judgement.* Upon that day, every single person who is ever being buried would come back up again. And on that day they will get into Heaven or not. So up to now, no one’s in Heaven. This is not a very publicized fact. But in those three religions, no one’s gone to heaven. They are all just waiting for the day of Judgement. Anyway in the Quran it was said that when you are under the grave, you can even listen to footsteps of people that are above you because you are still there, You haven’t gone anywhere because Day of Judgement is ahead. So if you imagine now mankind has been around for thousands of years, Hundreds or thousands of years. Every single person who died must be billions upon billions is still waiting around for that day of Judgement. They have like intermediary Heaven, that’s they have made out now. But not the real Heaven. They are all waiting for that real Heaven. Now what’s make more sense, reincarnation or that? For me reincarnation makes more sense. Because either you break out of cycle and go to Vaheguru or you come back. We are not just waiting around for eternity for that one day. On that one day of Judgement, all those people who are not, If they are Christians, they are save. If you weren’t a Christian, you are given a choice: Hell fire or Christianity. If you are a Muslim, they will say the same thing, you are given a choice: Islam or Hell fire. Now you imagine, on the day of Judgement everybody is queuing up who is ever being born and they got a massive queue of people and on that day, they will all get shown two choices – burn in eternal Hell or going to Heaven. All you got do this, believe there is one religion. That’s it. They obviously going to choose that religion, isn’t it? Do you see what I mean? It doesn’t make so much sense. That’s where they ask Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Mecca. They asked him, “Who is better? Look into your ‘Kitaab’ (book), A Hindu or a Muslim.” That book was obviously was not the Quran, because why would thhe ask Baba Nanak to look into his book, they already know Quran inside them. They said: “look in your book and tell us who is better, a Hindu or a Muslim.” Baba Nanak said, “Shubh Amla is what we need. We can’t get into Heaven without Shubh Amla.” ‘Shubh Amla’ means good actions. Its not just only to do good actions, Naam is a Shubh Amla as well. So Naam Japna and good actions. Seva and Simran, these are the two wings of a Gursikh. So without these two things you can’t get in, you have to come back. It’s simple as that, you can’t avoid it. Manas Janam (Human birth) is got the highest Janam. But if we don’t get it, we going to have come back in. That’s why Guru Ramdas Ji says in Asa Di Vaar, Every person who follows their own mind, doesn’t listen to Guru has to come back because without Naam there is no ‘Mukti’ (Salvation). Karma Also, if you have like this thing of one birth only, one Janam only, What do you explain about those people that are mentally damaged? What about those who are not so well-off and some people that are rich? Doesn’t make any sense. How come we not born the same? How come we are not equal? This can be explained by Karma. It can’t be explained by the ‘One life’ theory. With Karma Maharaj says, Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji, when they were 7 years old and there were Bhatti Shabads. This is what they say in Bhatti Shabads, Whatever I have done, I suffer it. So we have got a broken leg and we curse God, Think back to our previous lives and our different ‘Karam’ (actions). It could be our own fault, that’s what Baba Nanak is telling us. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is telling us: this is the way. And it make sense for Karma and reincarnation. It doesn’t make any sense, if you got only one life. Any way, as far as we know, that we understand Guru Ji is one with the Truth. They are Satguru. Guru Ji is one with Vaheguru. So, therefore they know the truth. It’s a very good reason why they didn’t become Muslim. It’s because the truth that they know is not in that religion. It’s not saying that that religion is wrong but the truth that they know, ‘Sacha Marag’ (Righteous Path). It’s not there. They don’t believe in reincarnation. The second thing that Guru Sahib, Why they couldn’t become Muslim is because of this. As far as Islam would say, “Prophet Muhammad (Hazzrat Muhammad as we call them in Punjabi), they are the last Prophet.” Last Prophet of God. But Baba Nanak is speaking directly to God. So how can they accept that? Because Prophet Muhammad never spoke to God. Lot of people don’t know this. They spoke to Angel Gabriel and Angel Gabriel gave them the Bani. So there was always an intermediary between them and Akal Purakh – Vaheguru. But Baba Nanak is speaking directly to Vaheguru. ‘Sanmukh ho ke’ (by confronting Vaheguru) They know there are Prophets. So they come follow another religion which says that the last prophet was Prophet Muhammad because they are a prophet themselves. They have the same feeling that “I am a Prophet.” They know, they have been sent. When they say, They mean I was unemployed person, and I was given a job. ‘Vekaar’ means without a job. They were unemployed Dhadi, they go given a job. So they have to accept that they are prophet. Now let’s talk little bit about Maharaj’s philosophy. We know one big philosophy, “Ek-Oan-kaar”. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked this question from people and I have said, “What meaning should I tell ?” Ek-Oan-kaar In simple language, in our panth, Ek-Oan-kaar means there is only one Akal Purakh. *One Akal Purakh.* Now Sadh Sangat Ji if you look at this word – Ek-Oan-kaar. Ek – There is one God. What does Oan-kaar mean? Most people say, “There is one God.” Ok, that’s the One, the Ek. What’s the rest of it mean? Then they look at you like you are bit strange. But you say, “Hold on! Ek-Oan-kaar, it’s three words in it – Ek-Oan-Kaar.” So you said, there is one God, that’s the Ek. What about the other two: Oan-Kaar? Because Maharaj is telling us That the world was made with this one sound. This is the Big-Bang, we explain to us. The one singularity made a sound – Oan and then came A’kaar. Creation was made. The one with the sound, made the world. That’s Ek-Oan-kaar. But people are saying, “There is only one god.” The philosophy is gone so simplistic, we forgot the meaning itself. It’s like Jews, if you understand about Judaism, they are not allowed to say the name of God. They don’t want to say God, the name of God. So in their religion, they have got four letters – YHWH. No one knows the sound, because they would not say it. They forgot their ‘Laga Matra’ (vowels). Honestly, if you look at Islam, they forgot a Laga Matra for their own name of God. Because they took them, they did this for thousands of years, they never had said it. The same way, we ourselves not understanding the philosophy of Sikhi because we not even explore it which is said there is one God. English is not a very good language to explain Sikhi. I know I am doing it now. To understand Sikhi, we have to learn Punjabi. We have to learn Brij Bhasha, we have to learn Sanskrit and Persian. So Maharaj is expert in these languages. So Ek-Oan-kaar, the letter, the one with the sound made creation Akaar. This is the truth (Sat). And how do we find this Sat – through Naam. ‘Sat-Naam’ . Through the Naam we find the ‘Sat’ (the truth). Who is Naam? The name of that Sat. Call Vaheguru to find Vaheguru. Sat-Naam . Call Vaheguru to find Vaheguru. Now, this philosophy is not in Islam. They praise Vaheguru but they don’t want to become one with Vaheguru. Sadh Sangat Ji, this is very key for us. Every Muslim would criticize Sikhi for this reason. Not every Muslim. Apologize. All the Kattar Muslims criticize Sikhi for this reason because as far as we are concerned, Vaheguru is not just up there. He is not just up there. He is in here. This is Dil (heart). In our heart is Vaheguru and we find him inside us and Naam is the process of finding Vaheguru inside us. So Sikhi has got very different philosophy from that concept of God. For them they say, “God can’t be in this world, God is outside the world. We say, “No!” You are in the ‘kudrat’ (nature). You are in the nature Vaheguru, we can see you and we can connect to you. And main thing for us: how do we connect? from up here. A lot of Sikhs don’t know this. But if you put your hand up here for a second. Just for a second, put your hand on top of your head. I know some people already know this, I apologize for making you look bit silly but just for a second. Our hand up there, this is our ‘Dasam Dawaar’. Right here. It feels nice sometimes when it’s going. Sadh Sangat ji, Maharaj has given us a philosophy that we can connect to god while we are alive. It’s not some concept that after we die we gonna go there. Right here, Right now, while we are alive, we can bring “Sachkhand” (The Age of Truth) here. Even when you walked in, Bhai Saab Ji was singing Shabad: Wherever you put me, there is Where you keep me Vaheguru, there is Heaven. Heaven for us is not up there. Heaven is here in the Sadh Sangat. The word “Sachkhand” in Japji Sahib does not come in rest of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. You can use Sikhi for max to find it, you won’t find it. It’s only in Japji Sahib. Doesn’t come in rest of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Bhai Gurdas Ji tells us what Sachkhand means. Bhai Gurdas Ji says, Saadh Sangat is Sachkhand. We are trying to recreate Heaven here. Because Guru Nanak Dev Ji tells us what Heaven is like everyday at least twice. They say what is Heaven like, they say: What is your place like Vaheguru, what is your door like where you are sitting there? What is Heaven like? What happens there? People are singing for you. ‘Dharam Raaj’ (Lord of Death) is singing there. All the air, all the winds, all Devi Devte, everybody is singing there about you Vaheguru. What do we do in Gurdwara? We sing here as well. We are recreating Heaven right here, in the Sadh Sangat, we are singing praises of Vaheguru and the same what they doing in Heaven. They are doing in ‘Raag’, we can do it in Raag here. Can you imagine? Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s trying to bring Heaven here on Earth. All through this way here, ‘Dasam Duaar’. Because Dasma Akaash comes in bani so many times. We are trying to connect to Vaheguru. This is Naam and this is real. ‘Naam Rass’ . And if we don’t get this Naam Rass, there is bit of a worry. It’s like carrot and stick, if we get it, we get Anand, we get bliss. Maharaj is telling us Vaheguru is Anand Saroop (Blissful form). So if we connect to Vaheguru’s Anand Saroop, we will get Anand as well. So we will physically feel bliss. The benefits of this are given in Bani. Like I have a cake and I say to somebody: “do you want to have this cake?” and they say: “yeah, but what flavour is this?” And I said, “It was chocolate.” And they say: “Oh that’s nice, I like the chocolate.” So there is a reason, because we used to having that chocolate, we know what it’s going to taste like. So what’s Bani going to taste like. Guru Arjan Dev Ji gives us the recipe for this chocolate, the Sikhi cake, at the end of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. They write the whole of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and they gave us that at the end – the recipe. And you know the words. They say: Sadh Sangat Ji, Sikhi is telling us that there are three main benefits of this cake. Sat: Truth about life, truth about what we are. Santokh: contentment, true contentment; and finally Veechaar: ultimate contemplation. This is what Sikhi is made up of. What supports these three? What’s the thing that holding it together, the binding agent? Naam. It’s holding it together. That’s the egg of Sikhi. The binding agent. So that’s why Naam is related to ‘Sat’. ‘Sat-Naam’. That’s why Naam is related to Santokh. Give me Naam, give me the contentment. That’s why Naam is related to ‘Veechaar’. Naam and Veechaar are similar. These three things are supported by Naam. That’s the connection to Vaheguru. We can connect, that’s the great thing about Sikhi. It’s not a dead Philosophy where you believe in God and then hopefully, one day in the future you will die and meet God. No.. Right here, right now, we can meet God. We can have the Pratakh Darshan (direct vision). That’s how Maharaj is saying to us, The one who made you, you haven’t brought even into your mind. You haven’t made him sit in your mind. So you can’t feel him. But if we start to feel this and Maharaj tells us solution, how do we do this – through Naam, through calling Vaheguru. That’s why says in Raag Gujri Mahala – 4, The Sadh Sangat is a place of we will say, “Vaheguru, Vaheguru.” We will get ‘Naam Pargaas’. And if we don’t do this, our life is wasted. The Human life s wasted without Naam. It’s all written in our Bani for us. It is gift from our Guru. Islam doesn’t have this concept of trying to become one with God. You heard about Mansoor, he was killed. If Guru Nanak Dev Ji is saying that they have become one with God. It says in Bani so many times: They are visible form of God. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji talking to Bhai Nand lal Ji, Bhai Nand lal says to him, “Maharaj, How can I get your Darshan ?” Maharaj says: “I’ve got three forms.” Now we now-a-days believe in one. We don’t explain to our kids all three. Guru Gobind Singh Ji says that I got three forms: Sargun, Nirgun, Gurshabad. Gurshabad is here, in front of us – Guru Granth Sahib Ji. That’s the form of Guru Ji. But Sargun form is the Khalsa Panth. Guru Gobind Singh Ji says, “Sargun form of mine is my Panj Pyare (the five beloved).” They are there in the Khalsa, The visible form of Guru is Khalsa Panth. And what about the Nirgun form? Maharaj says, “That form is inside everybody, is everywhere.” Antarjaamee (inner knower of hearts), our Guru is. Where is that form? It’s Vaheguru. Vaheguru is that form. The third form of Guru Ji is Akal Purakh – Vaheguru. They are visible, they are in the Shabad and they are inside Vaheguru, in everywhere. We made our Guru too simple. He said that I have got three forms. We ignore two of them. We stuck to one. That’s people say: “how come they can be our living Guru?” All these Radhasoamis, all these Daere’s (camp); they are only around because the Khalsa Panth isn’t been the Guru. Even the ‘Dohera’, maaf karna (forgive me), I going to tell you bit of a truth that can be a little bit of a shock. The ‘Dohera’ that we read in end of Ardaas, that’s written by Giani Gian Singh. The ‘Dohera’ that we all know is: That is by Giani Gian Singh. The original ‘Dohera’ in Bhai Prahlad Singh ‘Rehatnama’ is this: Look at the difference. Guru Ji is saying: “Those who are to meet me (meet Guru Gobind Ji), look in the Khalsa.” Only Guru Gobind Singh Ji will say, “Mujh ko (to me).” No Sikh would have written that about himself. Only Guru Gobiind Singh Ji could say that. This is the original Rehit (spiritual discipline). The Khalsa was the Guru. Now we have made the Khalsa just… Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the only Guru. We have to understand, Guru Ji is Pratakh here in the form of the Khalsa. So, God is not just outside, they are inside us. Now we can become one. Islam is a religion, Sikhi is a Dharam (path of life). Big difference we need to understand. A religion involves belief, you believe in something, you get in. Sikhi has no such thing. When people come to us like: “I want to Prachaar (preach) on the streets and we do Parchaar on Gurdware.” People come out to me and they go: “I want to become a Sikh! How do I become a Sikh?.” What do we say to that, ‘How to become a Sikh?’ Don’t you really answer at least, take ‘Amrit’. But if you just want to be a normal Sikh as like lot of Sikhs nowadays, what do they do? There’s nothing to say. There is no Shahadat (martyrdom). Why is that? There is very good reason why we have no ceremony of becoming a Sikh apart from becoming Amritdari. Which is this: Sikhi is a path of walking, it’s not a path of belief. Maharaj says, “The only person is a Sikh who walks upon this path.” If you follow the life of Sikh then you are a Sikh. If you are not following Sikhi, you are not a Sikh. Simple as that. There is no such religion to believe in, it’s a path of doing. If you do Sikhi, then you are a Sikh. If you do Japji Sahib in the morning, you do Rehraas Sahib, you do Kirta Sohila, you do Naam Japna (meditation), Vand ke Chakna (first share then have it.), Kirat Karni (to make honest living)…then you are a Sikh. If you don’t do those things, don’t expect Guru Ji to say “that is my Sikh.” Because Sikhi is about following. Dictionary Definition of a follower is ‘somebody who follows’. It’s not someone who follows and also who don’t follow. It has to be one or the other. You have to follow or you don’t follow. Now when it comes to Christianity, Islam and Judaism; it’s not like that, they are faiths. If you believe, you are one of them. Sikhi is a Dharam, it’s not a religion. Dharam means you have a duty to do. If you do duty of a Sikh, you are a Sikh. If you don’t do duty of a Sikh, you are not a Sikh. Dharam – means something to fulfil. You have obligation upon you if you are in a Dharam. *The Dharam of eyes is to see. The Dharam of ears is to listen. Dharam of Sikh is to obey Guru.* These three things – Listen, accept and then do. So therefore, we are not really the same as one of these religions. I want to finish off now with a bit of science. A Science about Sikhi. A lot of people like science nowadays and think Sikhi is not too scientific. When we talked about Ek-Oan-Kaar. Maharaj knows when the world was made. How the world was made. If you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew, you have to accept the old testament way of the world was made – seven days. The world was made by God in seven days and Baba Adam was the first one and he promised ripped them in east. They actually believe in this. Recently there was a BBC Documentary. They were called ‘Myth Busters’.. They took a whole bunch of people who are hardcore Jews, Muslims and Christians. They took them to America, to come to this ‘Big Grand Canyon’ and they said: “look, the world was made for 13.4 billion years ago.” They go: “False! It’s not true. The world wasn’t made by then. The world was made in seven days about 5000 years ago or something like this.” Now see, the science of Sikhi. Maharaj is telling us Big Bang happened. Ek-Oan-Kaar. The one, with the sound, made the world. That’s the Big Bang. In science, Big Bang starts from singularity, from singularity there was an expansion. The sound was ‘Oan’. Now you might say: “Space is a vacuum. So how can there be a sound there?” They say that. Sadh Sangat Ji, the very first thing that was made, as per Science was Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a gas. Everything was condensed. So there was an atmosphere. All the hydrogen was in one place. So there was an atmosphere and sound that would be heard then was ‘Oan’. Now check this up: Einstein came up with an amazing theory, which strictly goes to theory of creation. That the world is like this (cyclic): it’s created and then it gets destroyed. created then destroyed, and again and again and again, and he called this ‘The Big Bang’ and ‘The Big Crunch’. Sikhi says the very same thing. Maharaj is telling us, Many, many times the world was made. Many, many times the world was destroyed. No other Dharam, no other religion out there, no other belief system has the idea that the world was made many many times. We are the only one that accept this. At the very core of Sukhmani Sahib, Maharaj is telling us that world was made and remade and made and made and remade. We don’t know what number we are in right now. Other thing is the seven Heavens and seven Hells. Some of us know this story. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Baghdad, they said this Shabad: Only he knows how big the world is! In Islam, they believe in seven Heavens and seven Hells and same with Christianity, Judaism, same thing. In Sikhi, Maharaj is saying Hundreds and thousands of Heavens, Hundreds and thousands of Hells. There is not just one or seven. Guru Sahib knows this. It’s not like they just know the theory. We read their theory and we try to make some sense in our mind that this is the way it is. We read the theory. But Guru Nanak Dev Ji is not giving us theory that he has read. Maharaj knows. When they were in Baghdad, the Peer (Sufi Master) Dastgir got very annoyed by them saying this. He said, “How dare you said there are more than seven Heavens and seven Hells.” Maharaj said, “Because I have seen them. I am not talking about something that’s random, I have seen them.” He said: “Prove it. Prove it to me that’s more than seven.” Maharaj Guru Nanak Dev Ji took his son by the hand, Bhai Gurdas Ji tells that. They took his son by the hand and then disappeared. And then they did tour of all the Heavens and the Hells. And they came back with ‘Prashad’ (devotional offering made to God). It’s a miracle. Nowadays some modern Sikhs will tell you, “there is no such miracles!” Bhai Gurdas Ji telling us what happened that day. They came back with Prashad and they visited all these Heavens and Hells. They visited these places. They came back with the Truth that there are more than seven. So of-course Baba Nanak could not follow Islam because some of main beliefs of it go against what he knew to be the truth. Maharaj is Satguru. Like we go to school and we have a philosophy Guru, a Chemistry Guru, a History Guru, English Guru. Now we have got a Satguru – a Truth Guru. A Guru that teaches us the Truth. Now some of us, when we went to school, we never went to that class called ‘The truth about life’. It wasn’t there. If they weren’t running it around my school. It wasn’t called why you were born, this is why you were made, this is why you’ve got a duty to connect to God. These classes don’t exist in school but we need to know this stuff. So who teaches us the truth about life? Satguru Guru Ji knows the Truth and gives the Truth about this. His Updesh (teaching) will always true. He is always giving us true Updesh. So Maharaj is giving us the Truth and what is that? That Vaheguru is inside us and we can connect to God. You have come to meet Vaheguru and that always through Naam. So Maharaj could not accept the idea that the world was made only 5000 years ago. Maharaj could not accept that the idea that there were always seven Heavens and seven Hells. Maharaj could not accept the idea that there was no reincarnation. Maharaj could not accept the idea that one have to just pray to God but not bring God here and make it real. This is what Maharaj says: Just like a wave comes out of water, it goes back down. The same way Vaheguru sents Bhagats upon this Earth and they are like waves. They come out of the ocean, they look different but they go back into the ocean. But they don’t accept that because only Vaheguru remains transcendent for them, doesn’t come here, right upon the World. They could not accept that, that Vaheguru is one with Guru, that Guru has become one with Vaheguru. They could not accept it because that’s not in their thing. That’s why Guru Gobind Singh Ji, when Bhai Nand Lal Ji is talking about about Guru Gobind Singh Ji. They say: O Guru Gobind Singh Ji, you are the mirror of the Truth. You are the mirror of Vaheguru. Sadh Sangat Ji we will be going to finish off in a few minutes. Just to go through one word. You know every-time Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday comes, we sing a Shabad. Everybody knows the Shabad. Chandh Chariaa… You heard it, yeah? Mittiaa Andhhaeraa Chandh Charriaa (Darkness is dispelled and the moon of wisdom has risen). Sadh Sangat Ji, why do we call Guru Nanak Dev Ji the Moon? There are two very good reasons. But why do we call him ‘the Moon’? Of all the things we will call him, why do we call Baba Nanak the Moon? The first one is because this is Kaljug (the age of darkness). Maharaj says, In Kaljug, it’s a dark moonless night. There is no light in a dark moonless night in Kaljug. And out came the moon – Guru Nanak, Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the Moon because he came to give light in Kaljug which is the ‘Age of Darkness’. So they are the Avatar of Kaljug. But also there is one important reason, the Moon does not have its own light. We all know this, scientifically as well. Moon does not have its own light. The Moon shines light of the sun. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is that ‘Hakk Hakk Aiena’ because they reflect the light of Akaal Purakh. They are that mirror. They are the Moon and Akaal Purakh is the Sun. So when we understand that we have to understand that our Guru is not just a teacher. They are not just the teacher, they are reflection of Akaal Purakh – Vaheguru. Just like Sun and Moon are related. The same way that a wave is related to the Ocean and the same way that a power socket is related to electricity. Electricity is everywhere but hardly we access it. It’s in all the walls but we can access it from that socket. In same way if we want to access our current of Vaheguru, we have to go through our Guru. Everybody has got phones but if we haven’t got the SIM card and a Network provider, you cannot connect. You need to go through somebody. Guru Sahib is that Network provider, he is our He is the one who is going to connect us to Vaheguru. This connection about status of Guru Ji is very high. It’s not the same. Prophet Muhammad was a Prophet, he was not one with Vaheguru and they would never accept him to be that way. So we have very different concept about our Guru and about Prophethood. Maharaj is not just the Prophet, they are walking, talking reflection of Akaal Purakh Vaheguru. There is big difference between Sikhi and Islam for those reasons. I’m sure I’ve got through lots of different things. I am going to finish off with one final thing which about, against science, about the multiverse. We don’t even belief in science that this world is just one Universe. We believe in multiverse upon multiverses. This has been proven now to be true. There is not just one Universe but many dimensions, with many many multiverses. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharaj, in their Salok, they even say the word, they say: In science, if you goggle bubbles theory, they will told you that there is theory of science that says, “In the multiverse, all over the verse, there is little inflation of bubbles and in that bubble there is like, planets and galaxies and then they collapse, back into themselves.” So they say that, in the world which like an ocean of the multi-multiverse, there are little bubbles that come up and they go back down again. That’s how deep philosophy of Sikhi is. We are trying to get us to connect to Vaheguru through here to become one with Akaal Purakh Vaheguru and the science is all there about the whole world. There are big differences. So, in summary, the main message that we should be telling to our Sikhs nowadays, the young ones, from very young age is that Baba Nanak was sent by Akaal Purakh. Baba Nanak was one with Akaal Purakh and they are telling us how to connect to Vaheguru from here (Dasam Dawaar). That’s why there actions are completely unique. Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Mecca. The churches acknowledge that they went to Rome as well. And they went to Sri Lanka, and they went to Tibet. They went to all these places and they were respected by everybody. Even we don’t know that in Mecca, the chappals (sandals), old wooden chappals in India, they got little stick at the top, you put your big toe inside, you walk with them. They kept those chapplas in Mecca, we don’t know that. It’s said in Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Bani. They kept Maharaj’s chappals to pray to him. Who knows where they are they are now. But somebody, somewhere in Mecca has Guru Nanak Dev Ji chappals. If you can believe, that’s the truth, Bhai Gurdas Ji telling us that’s what happened. They were respected by everybody. But now they are trying to change our Guru’s, concept to us. They say to us that He was just a man: “You are a man-made religion.” But Sikhi is telling us much deeper about our Guru. So we need to study our Sikhi, understand who our Guru was, What their role upon the Earth is. Take that Naam and start to become one with them and then out in the world make a difference. It’s not just enough for us to say, “Guru Nanak Dev Ji was one with God. If he has come here as Guru Gareeb Nawaj, if he has come here to be Ni-taniyan da taan, Ni-oteya ke Oat, Ni-asar de asar ; then the Khalsa Panth who is the form of Guru Nanak now, needs to start becoming that. We need to start being Ni-taniyan da taan, Ni-oteya ke Oat, Ni-asar de asar. That’s our job. It’s not enough to do Naam Japna. It’s not to enough to sit here, connect to Akaal Purakh – Vaheguru. That’s very important. But we need to apply to the world. To encourage people to take this Naam. There were two villages, you heard the story, Maharaj went to one village and in that village there were loads of good people. Doing Seva of Maharaj! They went to other village and there were full of bad people. Maharaj says to good people, “Ujadh jao, Ujadh jao, sare pase khillar jao (get ruined and displace).” But to bad people, says, “Tusi vasde raho (stay in one place).” Because the bad people, let them stay amongst themselves. Let them not spread out and spread that gandagi (dirt) everywhere else. But the good people need to spread out. You can see all over this country, there are a lot of people – white ,black that are coming into the Sikhi. But the funny thing is all of them are just by luck. This one day happened, to find Sikhi, randomly, Maharaj’s kirpa. But they didn’t look for it, nobody go and teach them. Only one person, one Panjabi guy – Yogi Harbhajan Singh told Sikhi to everybody. Everbody else just fell into it. There is one black guy I met, he went to a Mandir, they keep them out. He was told: “You are black, you can’t come in here.” So he went accross the road to a Gurdwara. There is a lady in Up-North, lady here in this area and she went to meet a friend in Birmingham and she thought she was meeting her friend in Mandir and she was in Gurdwara instead, she didn’t realize. And she really like the Gurudwara and she walked out, she was not in the Mandir. So she took a leaflet, she started finding about Sikhi. Every single gora, white person in Panth right now, just by chance. Pure chance. Pure Kirpa (blessing). We haven’t done one step to listen to our Guru’s Hukam. Our Guru’s Hukam is, We are not to convert them. That’s not our job to convert them. But to make them connect to Vaheguru. Even to Muslim we can be saying that you should be doing your ‘Malla’ (garland ). You’ve got your Malla, connect! Sing the name of Allah. To Christian, we can say, “Sing the lord’s prayer.” But let’s spread Naam. Let’s feel it ourselves and let’s spread it. That’s our Hukam from our Akaal Purakh Vaheguru. So I am sure I made loads of mistakes. This is just a little talk with some concepts because it’s Bradford and all the things that are going on up here. We should try to understand our religion. It is very different. It’s very unique. It’s very different way of living. So we should try and spread it, it’s quite interesting way. I think people would do appreciate it. There are some leaflets at the front here. Help yourself on the one of the YouTube channel. Obviously, go through Japji Sahib – last recommendation. If we haven’t done it, try to understand first five pauri of Japji Sahib and the last Panj Khands. Because Panj Khands and Panj Paureea, will be blessed, because every morning we will meet Guru Nanak in Japji Sahib. That’s where they are – in Japji Sahib. So if you want to find them, they are in Japji. By blessings of Maharaj, we all learn the Arth (meanings) of Gurbani. The only aim here was to join people to Gurbani, there is no other aim we should have…

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  1. Paji question one… do you think god and guru is same?
    question 2. Guru is body or shabad? for exp. Guru is shabad comes out of guru nanak's mouth or guru nanak dev ji's body is guru.
    praghat guru de deh..( does it mean guru and deh(body) is different)…
    i m asking bec i m confuse why you stress so much to make guru's body as god. mool mantra doesnt tell us this. plx explain thx.. waheguru ji da khalsa waheguru ji di fateh.

  2. Correction….  Judaism does teach the transmigration of souls, which in Hebrew is called, "gilgul neshamot" (lit. "the cycle of souls").  Each human being has a "neshamah" (divine soul) that is a portion of our Heavenly Father from above (chelek Elokim mi'maal) and each human being has an "nefesh habehamit" (animal soul); ergo, we are at once a celestial being and a terrestrial being.  Our purpose in this life is to accomplish "tikkun nefesh," which means "the restoration or repair of the soul."  We do this by using our "Good Imagination" (Yetzer Ha-Tov) to tame and turn our "Evil Imagination" (Yetzer Ha-Ra) into a servant of our Creator, the Infinite Oneness.  Our Evil Inclination is not "evil" in and of itself, because without it we would not engage in business, build a home, marry, or have children.  It is simply our Survival Instinct and Sex Drive, which only becomes "evil" when our selfish urges are allowed to run amok.  By making the necessary "soul correction" (tikkun nefesh) in this life, we become a "Co-Working Partner" with the Divine in "repairing this world" (tikkun olam), which has been brought into a state of chaos and/or disrepair by the selfish urges of our animal soul (nefesh habehamit).  If we fail to accomplish our necessary "soul correction" in this life, then we will undergo "gilgul neshamot" (the transmigration of the soul) until we have become a transcendent being.  When the Apostle Paul tried to teach this to the non-Jews, he opted to use the Greek words "sarx" (flesh) and "pnuema" (spirit) to represent the proto-rabbinic concept of the Evil Inclination (Yetzer Ha-Ra) and the Good Impulse (Yetzer Ha-Tov).  In like manner, Sigmund Freud opted to use the words "Id" and "Super-Ego" to describe this dichotomy in the human psyche (soul).  Our universe exists within the Multiverse (Sefirot; Emanations), which resides within the Womb of the Infinite Oneness.  Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson says like this, "Peace is not homogeneity.  Peace does not mean that everyone thinks the same way.  Peace is when there is plurality that finds a higher Oneness."  May we all strive to connect to that higher Oneness!

  3. Judaism explains those born with horrific mental and/or physical defects thusly:  Only the soul of a very righteous and holy person, being in a state of unification (yichud) with the Divine, would agree to be placed into a body that has a horrific mental and/or physical defect.  Self-nullification (bitul) is at the heart of becoming a transcendent soul.  Why would they agree to do this?  Being a totally selfless and transcendent being, their desire is to help the immediate caretakers of such an afflicted person, as well as the rest of us, with our own "soul correction" (tikkun nefesh).  Perhaps the caretaker was extremely selfish in a previous life.  Such a person is not to be punished for their selfishness!  Instead, they must be guided to become selfless, rather than selfish.  So, this individual is given a person with a horrific mental and/or physical defect to care for in this life.  This is not punishment!  This is training!  This is how the Infinite Oneness teaches us to become selfless and charitable souls.  Remember this the next time you see "a poor and unfortunate soul."  You might well be standing in the presence of a very righteous and holy person!  This might well be your chance to correct your own soul via a charitable act or a word of loving-kindness to the "afflicted" person and/or their caretaker.  One should never assume that others are on a lower spiritual level or that the Divine is punishing them.  The Baal Shem Tov says like this, "Every single thing that a person sees or hears, is an instruction to him in his conduct in the service of the Deity….  Your fellow is your mirror. If your own face is clean, so will be the image you perceive. But should you look upon your fellow and see a blemish, it is your own imperfection that you are encountering – you are being shown what it is that you must correct within yourself."

  4. Correction….  It is understood in Judaism that the first and second chapters of B'reshith (Genesis) is not to be taken literally, because the text is esoteric in nature.  The Jews do not believe, like the Christian Archbishop James Ussher, that the world was created in 4004 BCE.  Science tells us that our universe is approx. 13.8 billion years old.  What does Judaism say on the matter?  Isaac ben Samuel of Acre (fl. 13th-14th century) was a Jewish mystic and a disciple of Nahmanides.  Using his methodology, one "could calculate" the current "known age of our universe" thusly:  First off, you take the current Jewish calendar year (presently 5776) and multiply it by a Sabbatical Cycle of 7, which gives us a total of 40,432 Sabbatical Years.  Secondly, one should take note that Psalms 90:4 has it that 1,000 years is as 1 day in the sight of the Deity.  So, you take the 365.25 days of the Solar Year (and yes, the Jewish Rabbis use a lunisolar calendar) and multiply it by 1,000 Divine Years, which gives us a total of 365,250 Divine Years.  Lastly, you simply multiply the aforementioned 40,432 Sabbatical Years by the 365,250 Divine Years, which gives you a total for the current "known age of the universe," that is to say, 14,767,788,000 years old. Please note that as of 2013, using the latest models for stellar evolution, the estimated age of the oldest known star is 14.46 ± 0.8 billion years.  Was Isaac ben Samuel of Acre privy to some esoteric knowledge?

  5. Just one more small correction….  Unlike Christianity and Islam, Judaism does not seek converts.  There's no need for anyone to convert to Judaism, because we all have the Spirit of the Living Deity inside of us.  We need only actualize it.  I think Sikhism and Judaism share this same notion.  Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson says like this, "There is no truth about the Deity.  Truth is the Deity.  There is no one who learns Truth.  You become Truth.  There is no need to search for Truth.  You have inherited it and it is within you.  You need only learn quietness [in order] to listen to that inheritance."

  6. Islam in the West as taught by Minister  Louis Farrakhan teaches man/woman's purpose is to become 1 with God.

  7. As a Shia Ismaili Muslim whose ancestors originated in the Indian sub-continent, I actually relate to and agree with almost every single if not all the ideas, concepts and philosophy of Sikhism that were mentioned in this talk…

    With this in mind I would like to share below a few verses from one of the devotional songs which is rooted within the Indian-subcontinent tradition of my faith. These devotional songs called "GINANS" (from the Sanskrit 'JNANA' meaning divine / meditative / contemplative knowledge) were composed by individual ISMAILI SAINTS known as PIRS who were sent from Iran to the communities of India by the ISMAILI IMAMS in order to show them the "SATPANTH" or "True Path" according to which the Ismaili Imam was the SATGUR (True Guide) whose teachings lead the murid (disciple) to "DARSHAN" or "spiritual enlightenment" in the Ismaili Tariqah (spiritual path) of Islam – The verses here are from a Ginan composed by one of the earliest Pirs known as PIR SHAMS (13th century) and is called BRAHM PRAKASH (Divine Light)

    Take note of verses 47 and 121 🙂

    Satshabd hay guru hamaaraa,
    Taa(n)ko lakhe nayo sa(n)saaraa………………. ..1
    The True Word (Isme Azam) is my Guide.
    The world at large does not have much regard for it/recognise it

    Naam letaa bhayaa prem prakaashaa,
    Tab upajyaa man-vishvaas……………………………………….5
    By taking the name, light of “love” starts shining in one’s mind and deep faith or contentment arises

    Kaho prem laksha kesaare bhaai,
    Gupt bhed kahu(n) pragatta bataai……………………………………………….6
    Brother, you may ask, what is this Light of Love? Let me tell you openly the secret.

    Pothi pataraa vaa(n)chi sunaave,
    Vaa(n) sukh ki gati-ve nahi paave………………………………………12
    No amount of reading of books can give you the experience of this happiness; also no sermons can describe the experience of this bliss.

    Aur naanak-shaah ne paayaa,
    Ek naam nishva karine dhyaayaa…………………………………..47And Nanak Shah attained peace; he practiced the word with conviction.

    Shabd Niri(n)jan Niraakaari,
    Jis-ne fir a(n)jan nahi dhaari………………………………………..93
    The word (ajampia jamp) is indescribable and is formless, and it does not assume any form anymore

    Agam nigam puraann kuraanaa,
    Saaheb mahimaa bhaa(n)khat naanaa………………..121
    Ancient sacred vedas, the Quran and the teachings of NANAK have all discussed the Divine mysteries.

    That is why I am very disappointed that such generalisations were made about "Islam" – I think that a more sophisicated and nuanced understanding of the complexity of religion is required here from the individual goving this talk. Such simplistic and reductionist understandings of Islam and "religion" as a whole is extremely damaging.

    I'm always wary of long-held and widely accepted assumptions about what “x” or “y” religions is or says… The diversity of Islam – which is not a monolith – is evident as a historical fact but too many times, religion, and in this case “Islam”, is seen as some immutable and static unchanging entity. Consequently, phrases such as “Islam says…” or “Muslims believe…” are all too prevalent in today’s society. These statements fail to recognise the internal diversity within the Islamic tradition sadly and thus, certain communities within Islam who do not necessarily agree with a majoritarian opinion on certain concepts, ideas and philosophies are somehow seen as "not really Muslim"

    Not only is this disrespectful to that communities right to understand the Revelation in their own way but implies that majority opinion is somehow "orthodox" or "correct belief" and that all other beliefs within Islam are somehow deviations and thus incorrect.

    'Islam' rather, is like a rich tapestry or a patchwork blanket which although 'one' in some sense of the word, is richly diverse; this diversity being a source of its strength and its beauty. Any attempt to present an image of Islam as some immutable and eternal monolithic worldview is not only far from the truth but is also a historical and contemporary fallacy

    In my own particular context, as a member of Shia Ismaili Muslim community, and as a confessionary R.E. teacher (one who teaches within the faith community context), this is something which I find hugely problematic given my knowledge of the internal diversity that exists within the Islamic tradition. At the broadest level we see this in the diversity of Sunni and Shia Muslims but each have their own internal diversity also. This intra-faith diversity is – I feel – all too often overlooked, usually to the detriment of society and it’s understanding of religion. A myopic view of religion which holds religion to be a static, unchanging, immutable monolith breeds ignorance and undoubtedly is a contributing factor towards “religious illiteracy” .

    As a teacher I have always encouraged my students to appreciate that Islam does not say or do anything nor does it tell us anything because “Islam” is neither an entity with free-will to act nor does it have any agency. It is an abstract phenomenon, an idea, an ideal even. But it does not say or do anything. I hope that what I have shared here as a member of a Muslim community will be taken on board and we can see just how powerful the similarities can be if they are sought out.

  8. Hello veer ji….This is totally amazing this video changed my perspective on religion and Sikhism. Before this video I was a atheist and didn't believe in Guru Nanak Ji but this video changed my opinion and really has made me accept my religion also become a Good Sikh and fix all my pervious mistakes. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fatha.

  9. brother I've only recently been turned onto Sikhism, I like it. where can I learn lessons in 1 min videos on practical rules and lessons without 30 minutes of rhetoric of history and tradition. Well I appreciate it I'm much more interested in the practical application. Please and thank you

  10. Seems all religions connect in some way because we all have the spirit of God in us , many paths to one creator all religions are good it's just the ego of man gets in the way

  11. sir why don't you give these examples to that dawah man ali wanted you to prove gurbani is from god…(especially guru gobind singh ji waala…that he revealed all of guru granth sahib ji)

  12. Salaam/Sat Sri Akaal my brothers i am a Muslim from Pakistan however born in the UK i have many Sikh friends and are very close with me since i am from Punjab too.I just want to say were all brothers all humans religion does matter but so does humanity everybody hope you have an amazing day. (mera bhai sareh khai bhai hai) And thank you for your respect
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa/Salaam….

  13. Also brother quick add on in Islam,Guru Nanak is special to us as well not a prophet but a very special man you believe hes Sikh we believe hes Muslim anyway he is respected in both faiths in Islam he is respected ALOT more too the Sufi side. have a good Day 🙂

  14. Sat sri akal Jagraaj Singh ji. I wanted to ask u if during reincarnation we go through 8.4 million species and then become human, does that mean that there are only 8.4 million species on this planet ?

  15. Guru Nanak was a Muslim Fakir. Later his dominant followers created a type of group to fight against Mughals. There were Muslims in the group who were against Mughals. Later this group was been transformed into a type of sect and later this sect was been called Sikhism. the Guru Grantham Saheb is the collection of quotes of Guru Nanak, Baba Farid and others. this faith is just a type of distorted form of Islam. and very confused.

  16. I was a Hindu and have converted to Sikhi but I have a lot of questions and confusions. I dont know what to do. How do I be on Sikhi's path. I really want to contact you guys but how to?

  17. the principle of islam. lailaha illalllah,, means there is no god other than allah,, and next line says there is no prophet other than mohammed. by this line u r disrespecting all Christians, hindus, shikhs, jewa, jains and all other. all religions are same, for achieving the same goal u may take infinite no of paths, choose what suits u. but no path is true or false, all are equally respectful.

  18. U idiort .who told u that muslims dont u that muslims dont
    pay attention to their Namaz how can u judge? Have u seen their hearts ,??? Ur rreligon is man made it lacks depth and eternal wisdom.

  19. unfortunately, Hindus or specially non muslim of Asia think Islam is all about Mughuls Kings or Aurangzeb rein.. In fact, Aurangzeb and other Mughul or Mongol were muslim but not Islam.. However, Hitler was a christian but not a Christ. Islam is nothing to do with Aurangzeb thought or other Mughul King….. Islam is what in the Quran and teaching of Prophet Muhammad pbuh….. You follow urs and vise versa

  20. At about 18 minutes he made a mischaracterization of non-reincarnation religions. The belief isn't that people will have a choice at judgement day. People will not be standing where they can see heaven and hell then given a choice. The choice about heaven and hell are made now, in this life.

  21. The Bible says that God made the earth in 6 days not 7! How am I supposed to take you seriously when you get the number 6 and 7 mixed up.

  22. I don't see how reincarnation is the only way to explain people born into different circumstances. How do we start out? Do we get our first existence as a lesser life form when we have no bad things in our past?

  23. It was ridiculous to say that Sikhi isn't a religion. I thought that only evangelical christians said foolishness like that before watching this video.

  24. The appeal to science was ridiculous. His explanation and theistic evolutionist's explanations accuse God of being too stupid and powerless to create this. Billions of years of slow progress that atheists love isn't God doing anything. It is stupid and cruel to cause the death of billions of partially evolved animals as a creative process. Evolutionists don't say that the earth has been created and many times so science doesn't completely agree with Sikhi. The billions of years isn't science. That is creative story telling. It is at best historical science with is not certain.

  25. Accordingly to him the sons of Guru Gobind who were put in boiling oil by Aurangzeb was because of their ""KARMA ""and Aurangzeb is not to be blamed. can you see the flaw in his theory of suffering because of past sins.

  26. I have never in my life walked in a mosque and heard a lman ever speaking or even compare sikm to lslam. I have heard a lot your discussions and your seem to always comparing your religion to Islam why is this. You compare as if your a threaten by Islam. Why is this. Its always Islam this and that. Why is this?

  27. Shabad Gurbani ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾ ਕਰਕੇ ies ਚੈਨਲ nu Subscribe ਕਰੋ ਤੇ Bell Icon ਤੇ ਜਰੂਰ ਕਲਿੱਕ kro ਤਾ ਜੋ ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਸਾਡੀ ਹਰ ਵੀਡਿਓ ਦੀ ਨੋਟੀਫਿਕੇਸ਼ਨ (ਸੂਚਨਾ) ਮਿਲ ਸਕੇ Sayee Piary Mail ਚੈਨਲ ਤੇ ਰੋਜ਼ਾਨਾ ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ ਸੁਣੋ | ਆਨੰਦ ਆ ਜਾਵੇਗਾ ਇਹ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਸੁਣ ਕੇ |

  28. u been grilled here brow… u cant even answer a simple qus brother hamza asking u… u arguments were so subjective and rationel… u are just fooling u people… experience which different from person til person… I Will advice all brother/sisters here to watch this video Because this site hidding this and not showing truth…

  29. he is quoting wrong; please get complete knowledge before talking about Islam. this is a disservice to mankind.

  30. Peoples lives may be different, but we all experience the beginning and end of our lives, as a muslim, peace and blessings to my Sikhi brothers and sisters.

  31. The best virtue teachng new age religion sikh religion.praised by whole world.thats all.with due respect to all

  32. God is "ignorance" what ever we might explain about him its not perfect because we are not perfect only he is perfect

    but my respect to your words jagraj ji

  33. Sikhism is only on this earth to tell monotheists religions that existed before them to carry on what they are doing??? Sikhi means learner if you are a sikhi then you are still tryna find the truth. Fortunatley i was born with the truth.

  34. Sikhism takes its followers to hell fire, because its believes and practice do not stand before the God.
    Sikhism deviated from the path of God.

  35. The beauty of Islam is its 'pure Monotheism'. It's the way of life of all the messengers sent by the only true creator of everything that exists.

    Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed peace be upon them all.

  36. sikhs r not a problem. its just the political/punjab/indian old story. common lets move on now. we know its sad but we bothhave a lot of human loss inthis world. just maintain positive therest of our life. can we?

  37. I confess to not understanding every point made, but – the chap presenting the word – is so very convincing, I am now here, wanting further wisdom….
    He has the perfect voice for imparting the truth.
    Great to hear the voices of children in the place of worship too.
    I wish all my Sikh brothers & sisters great prosperity in all they seek…

  38. Brother.. Sikh and Muslims religion stands on same ground…. And even guru Nanak sahib Ji said Allah malik… And same Allah we Muslims believe .. Even in Sikhs making idol is probhited and workshiping pictures etc… That's what every sikh must do according to thrre book… But difference is that we believe in all messengers .. And according to Quran muhamad s.a.w as final messenger…. We love every sikh … We must have to start debates and loving seminars between Sikhs and Muslims becoz .. Guru Nanak sahib ko Muslim bhi Allah ka eak naek fakeer aur acchie aur khoobsurat zehan ralhnae walla insaan mantae hain… Agar likhae mea kahie galti huvie ho BHY samaj kr maff kr dena.. We all Muslims love and respect u..

  39. islamic people have always erased others always and now really it has come to them …. all middle east is suffering … it shouldn’t but till a sense that akaal purakh has created this world which is a lot bigger than islam and lot of different divine entities have come non muslim doesn’t enter there mind .. noone in going to help because he knows he won’t receive same gesture

  40. This man needs to research on life after deat in islam on judgement day u cant choose or have a say its all down to your good deeds vs bad deeds not u get a choice to choose hell or heaven mate

  41. Dnt listen to this guy everyone has a brain do your own research and the say if hes got it right islam+Christianity+Judaism are the people of the true book

  42. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh 😇 🙏🏻 🌹 🌸 🌹
    God sent Guru Nanak Dev ji to save the world

  43. I'm American, not born Sikh, but everything I'm learning is very familiar. It parallels what I've always thought and felt to be true about life… things I've experienced. I feel dasam duar, feel my heart expand as I chant Waheguru….this is true, make no doubt about it.

    I'm very grateful to have this English resource. I've been going to gurdwara but miss half of what's going on cause of language barrier. I think language may be THE barrier, the net of Maya. Ego lives in language. It's the story mind tells us about the world and ourselves, but we do naam simran and the story stops, ego disappears, and what's left is True…Guru Ji's unspoken language

    Satnam Waheguru

  44. Its simple- THere is No Hindu No Muslim (like a religious Name)-
    The word 'Islam' was hated by many- because of tyranny and evil deeds by muslim invaders- THe same way many muslims of the world are being hated – because of what evil people do

    The world Hindu- means Sanatan- Word Muslim means the one who Submits (humbles himself) and submits to God. The One God
    Guru Nanak chose the path of ONe GOD- he was humble- and he believed in OneNess-

  45. Look when Mughal came alot of Gurudwara smashed by Muslims . In Quran 143 iat 15 write that if you destroy Gurudwara and temples and converted the khaif ( non Muslims ) them you can go to janat and meet the Allah . That's the reason they are try to convert guru ji son's !!

  46. Sikhism.ia the way of life almighty God only wahaguru all world accept Sikhism.because only true religion of world

  47. What is the difference between Allah and akalpurakh. And why there was a blood shed if end of day I need to worship God which has no form. How it makes it different than I m doing path and Muslim reading 5 times namaz. Why many sikh died but they didnt cut their hair. Now doctor shaves the head if there is operation, shall we die ? Whether life important or hair? They remove kirpan before boarding shouldn't they board now?
    If Islam is religion and sikhi is dharma. Can one person have both ?
    I sometimes think. As I dig deep I get confused
    Guru arjan dev ji has referred to Ram as son of dashrath who came on earth in form of akalpurakh page 528. There are so many references of Ram , why? Bharma vishnu mahesh are recognized by guru nanak dev ji, creations of God.
    Then there are incarnation references like garbh word. As rational I m trying to understand my religion is inspired from Hinduism but sometimes I dont find any logic answers and contradictions to 40 different philosophers in sggs ji.
    There is no use of doing path and doing bad karms.  Ji, Ang 635)
    O Pandit, O religious scholar, your filth shall not be erased, even if you read the Vedas for four ages. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 647)
    Real naam Japan is meditate and even that is useless when u thug people. N why it's important
    Meditation is selfish way of connecting to God,n relax.where God is present in every human, then how much effort is contributed in connecting to others. N why it's important connecting to God, if God sent us to live this life then why we are so interested to meet him. we say us alak purakh di marzi to bina kuch ni so sakda. Then why God doesnt stop all bad things
    someone says bhavsagar paar kar lao to meet God. Ssgs say to get rid of garb June. What it means? why a person should get away from playing another character ? Then how we will live if there are no other June's.90 percent Sikhs dont know what the meaning of path. My mom is amritdhari its again a question. She does path all paths. But she doesnt know the meaning. Also why we have anrit in our religion. Can a water made holly when u recite bani. Like I read the history how khande di pahul was formed. Then I can use tape to make tank water amrit. There is no use of nagar kirtan in a city like Sydney in office hours making everyone late n showing them.violence with swords on roads. Is this the way to make them understand ? Then people say vaheguru vaheguru in such a speed that u cant diffrentiate if they are doing simran or sometjing else like vah vah vah. It's so much dhong.The Sikhs dressed in uniforms pretend to be protectors and extremist. When I go to gurudwara in nikkar /shorys. They say why u r wearing shorts , why u cut ur hair . And I answer them its color is green and its loose. instead of nara I wear belt. It's like kachera . Last time I wore ripped jeans in darbar sahib n people were looking at me like crazy. N There is no logic, They are hypocrites. My friend asked me If guru ji has told us do not follow any idol why we treat sggs ji as physical guru , and no one even read it which is important. We do kirtan sohela we make the baba ji sleep put lot of bottle of perfumes on it. There are so much expensive clothes rumala given every day. And no one focusing on bani. How's it's different from pakhand then which guru nanak taught us. If any question comes on guru h simply justify because u follow this faith. Like multiple marriages of gurus. Gurus from 2 piri onwards staying in same family tree. No woman guru. I do too. But I wana know in deep what is my religion.

  48. Sorry guys, as much as I love you all, the only Light of the world is The Only Begotten Son of God Almighty Yahweh. The light of the world is Lord Jesus Christ. Fact. There is none other like Him, and no other name by which we are saved. I am an ex Muslim, and I know this is true because Lord Jesus Christ Himself told me, when I was on Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, that He is God. In April 2019 Lord Jesus Christ visited me wearing His beautiful cream robes and sandals. Jesus is God incarnate and it is my job to tell you this fact.

  49. Apart from everything else, just a general statement don't want to hurt anyone statement I've lot of sardar friend Masha Allah we are like brothers, but what I see is, that Sikhs are most Likely to look like Muslims , example
    1. Turbans (amama) are sunnah for Muslims.
    2. Wearing kurta's are also sunnah.
    3. Keeping a sword or knife.
    4. Growing beard.
    There is some communication gap between Sikhs and Islam I think.

  50. OM is the base of the all the Religious Paths of Bharat Versa.
    Shikh=Ek OM Kar=Jain=AUM=Buddhism=OM=Sanatan Dharma Eternal Law.

  51. God Created Demons and Demigods For Cosmic Play.
    Arabic Satan Mohammed Islam Koran Zihad is Made for Demons to be Killed in Wars Civilwars Worldwide at the End of Kali Juga.

  52. Hi, very calm, thanks. 4:16 of the video – that was already said in Quran like 1400 years ago, "109: 6 = To you be your Way, and to me mine".

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