Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do

Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do

I am an American Muslim. And I, along with
my mainstream Muslim brethren, in America and abroad, must come to terms with an ever
more apparent truth: that we are the only ones who can lead a winning fight against
the radicalism crippling our faith. If there was ever any doubt of this, just
look at the nature of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California in December
of 2015. What’s most troubling about the San Bernardino massacre is that Syed Farook,
the husband half of the terrorist couple, seems to have been, by almost all accounts,
an ordinary American. His was not a crime born of poverty or lack of opportunity, or
an inability to integrate into American society. Just the opposite. He was raised in a middle class environment
by first generation Pakistani immigrant parents. He was educated and earned a good living.
I too, like many American Muslims, come from a background that is very similar, as the
son of Pakistani immigrants, which makes the attack all the more concerning. It seems unthinkable
that someone in such a position could be susceptible to radicalization. Yet we have seen it happen
time and again among younger Muslims in the Middle East, Europe and now America. Attacks like San Bernardino underscore the
importance of countering extremist propaganda. While sophisticated attacks by terrorist groups
can be effectively prevented by law enforcement and national-security measures, the truth
is there isn’t much that can be done by any government—not even stricter gun-control
laws—to eliminate the possibility of a radicalized lone wolf wreaking havoc. Only defeating the
ideology that inspires these attacks can do that. A propaganda war must be waged against this
radicalism and American Muslims have to be on the front lines for it to be credible.
Merely condemning Islamist terror is not enough. We must actively engage in counter-extremism
messaging. We must build an intellectual and theological
case against radical Islam. Our religious leaders have to educate and warn our youth
about the dangers of searching for spiritual guidance on the Internet. They must make it
perfectly clear that anyone who engages in any act of terrorism is not doing God’s work,
they’re doing the work of the devil. And we in the Muslim community have to continue
to be vigilant. If someone who regularly attends mosque stops coming and disappears abruptly
after marrying a Pakistani woman in Saudi Arabia whom he met online, it shouldn’t take
two years and 36 Americans getting shot (including one from that very mosque) before we notice. We have the benefit of living in a nation
that protects freedom of speech and association, a nation that values the marketplace of ideas,
a nation that allows us all to practice our faith, no matter our religion.We have the
opportunity to speak out and challenge radicalism in a way others abroad cannot. There is a war going on that extends beyond
Syria, and American Muslims are under siege – not by a fringe group of bigoted Americans,
but by a fringe group of Muslims abroad who seek to tear our communities apart and take
away the freedom that we all cherish. They are trying to target the disaffected among
us, hijack the mosque pulpit, and convince us that we’re unwelcome in our own country. But if we’re serious about leading this fight
with unified support, certain things will have to change. We can’t call out prejudice
against our own faith without also calling out the gender inequality and homophobia that
we find in some of our own Muslim communities. We can’t be champions of our own religious
freedom without also championing the freedom of people of all religious traditions, including
other Muslim denominations that we may disagree with. We have to change the way we think about
Islamic law and vilify the medieval judicial practices that persist in the Middle East.
And we must have the uncomfortable but necessary conversations about where much of the funding
for this cancerous supremacist ideology is coming from—Saudi Arabia. We carry with us a responsibility to our country,
our faith and our children. The majority of us are here because our parents or grandparents
emigrated from oppressive and illiberal nations for the promise of a better life in America.
But the way things are heading, our children may grow up with less opportunity and freedom
than we did. I can think of no greater defeat and surrender to radicalism than that. I’m Khurram Dara for Prager University.

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  1. Spoken very nicely, but according to Muhammed in the Quran, Sira and Hadith, this man is an Apostate and only Death is his reward, read the Quran, Sira and Hadith see what is supposed to be done to people who speak out against Islam

  2. Horrible things are in the Thora, and some in the New Testament, but somewhere it says, that "the wise elders of your time, their decisions have Thora value" Even in Islam read Sura 4 Verse 83:"Should there be contradiction in this book, can it then be the Word of God?" You'll find any number of contradictory sura Verses. So be a muslim without injustice, killing, injustice.

  3. If you are a Muslim, study your own texts. If you are a good man, then you cannot in good conscious live been a Muslim no more …

  4. Unless this man is playing us to deceive us, which is well within possibility, I'd say this man is well on his way to leaving Islam if he hasn't already. If he is sincere, all power to him.

  5. Ann, I think maybe there's a big difference between President Trump and the other Presidents , they were Politicians. He's no Politician and really wants to get things done for the American people , after all he's one. The politicians will tell you that the wheels of government grind slow. It doesn't have to be that way , if only they would do there job they were sent to do. Yet some fly to Europe , to do what ever. Some stay on TV , and some are talking to Lobbyist. They all work less than 200 days a year. Some want to get things done and find out they can't do they leave , Trey Gowdy is one. The good ones are leaving. Back to President Trump, he's gotten more jobs, he's trying to get a bill for our roads bridges highways , some of the what Obama said shovel ready jobs that he said afterwards not so shovel ready as he thought. Well our roads show a different story. They need repair, where a the millions of dollars that he got yo fo the job and it wasn't done.

  6. thank you for this video. It is true Christianity and Islam IMHO to accept faith and love as our guide. It can be the hardest battle against hate and anger. That is the battle before us in this moment. Love is more powerful, a test of your faith?

  7. I just read an article about Islam been the dominant religion in 2060. If this is true, Jews and Christians are going to be non-existent. I also watched a news report about the joy of Palestinians Muslims regarding the Second Holocaust that is coming for the Jews. Many biblical prophecies are been fulfilled so the persecutions of Christians is at hand. Two are still to be fulfill: the construction of the Third Temple and the downfall of Israel before Yeshua, the Messiah comes back for his true church. Yeshua is Jesus Christ's name in Hebrew since he was the Second Person of the Godhead, The Triune God. The Triune God is Adonai-Elohim in the Torah and Prophets. The Qur'an states that Allah is ONE with no son and no associate but they believe in genies and that Mohammed was a saint. The Qur'an states that Jesus was a prophet to fight with them against Jews and Christians when he comes back to establish a Muslim Kingdom. Basically, the Qur'an is a book of war so Muslims, of any kind, will follow it when they are in power. This video is propaganda for gun control in the U.S.A. so the non-Muslims in America cannot defend themselves in due time. Don't believe it! The Qur'an prohibits Muslims from having non-Muslims friends. Muslims kill each other so the rest of the world feels sorry for them and let's them in, but it is part of Allah's will. Even children in the Qur'an are replaceable in doing Allah's will, why do you think they have huge families? The Qur'an states that the rewards in Heaven are going to be according to the amount of people they kill. READ THE BIBLE and the Qur'an, don't be deceive and open your eyes! Compare both to find out that Elohim doesn't command for the killing of Muslims, like the Qur'an calls for the killing of Jews and Christians. If I could I would send all adults Muslims in the U.S.A. back home and stay with the small Muslims children to be raise to believe in Yeshua, the Messiah, God born a Jewish man, not Palestinian.

  8. Means that he is moderate muslim… moderate means is FREEDOM OF RELLIGION, freedom of speech, womens right or all of the people must be the right to choose… that is one of the fundamentals of moderate… it means freedom because that is your right to do things in your self… becauae in the end no can dictate your life, it is you who drive you life with the help and guidance of the lord…

  9. Reformation is impossible because the selling point of the Quran is the literal word. It's also bad to reform literature that calls an absolute end to non-believers because it creates more division, such as the Sunni, Shia, and Houthi split for example.

  10. Radical Islam is the true literal Islam that follows the Quran and the sunna. I don't know what kind of islam you are talking about. and the reason why not all Muslims are extremists is that most of them don't know shit about their religion and simply they do not follow it literally.

  11. I appreciate your convictions as a Christian I have had a few Muslim friends some where better than my fellow Christians. I wish that Allah will bless you for your work my friend.

  12. I'm muslim….islam is perfect
    if I make mistake…don't blame islam…blame me!!
    everyone has to know that islam is the peace. our prophet did not learn us to kill childern women oldmen and told us to let everyone go if he didn't attack on us in war ! read our history read about al khalifa (the king or leader) omar when he was sleeping in the street when someone was walking and thought him he was a poor man this is the fair this is peace this is the islam❤

  13. EXCEPT for the VERY FEW peaceful muslims Islam, the Quran, the hadith and sharia law are all TOTAL BULL#hit, that ONLY low IQ people coming from low IQ dense country's follow because they are incapable of good decisions.

  14. brilliant. Muslims that do not agree with radical Islma must speak out poportionately. They are just too silent about what happens and refuse to engage in a deep conversation about the problems of their faith.

  15. Rare time that prager has part of the facts right. Funny how there are complete blinders on the actions of remaining US identities. How does this concept only apply to Muslim committing crimes?

  16. PragerU Have any of you allah damn idiots at PragerU ever read the quran,hadith????.

  17. what about "white christian terrorism" ? what about "WC Terror" organisation's mass murders in schools, malls, streets, even in churches? what should white christians do against those terrorism? are not all whites responsible for WHITE CHRISTIAN TERRORISM?!!!

  18. How our Framers would stop the islamic takeover of our Country and how our Constitution helps us

  19. As long as islam follows the dictates and beliefs of allah and mohammad and muslims follow this and believe mohammad is the best example for all good muslims to follow, there will always be a terror issue with islam.
    The Qur'an, hadith and sira are full of examples of severe intolerance of all kafir who do not wish to follow islam, allah, or mohammad.
    According to the Qur'an it is a muslims duty to make the entire world islamic and subjugated under sharia.

  20. Is there any evidence that your words are not a Taqiyyaah??????
    I just can't trust in muslim's words because of the existence of Taqiyyah.

  21. If you are an educated Muslim you would know about how the wahhabi brotherhood propaganda was made and what it is it's non Muslim they are weapons we. The association of Islamic charitable projects have been fighting their propaganda before the world ever knew what terror is coming soon from them … wahabism is spreading all over the Muslim world and we should stop it so come to us we are found in many countries the association of Islamic charitable projects… Including America,we will help erasing the terrorist ideologies and teaching true Islam plus we have proof for who doesn't believe

  22. It's not the question at all. This is all due to the oil market's curse. The day there won't be oil anymore in arabian soil, or that we won't need it anymore, the ideology will die by itself, for it only feeds on the billions we're providing the gulfic states with. It won't survive by itself it's obviously too backwardly and unsound. We're the ones who're feeding it with our western money. The day clean energy will rule that'll all be over. Saudia Arabia will be back to stone age where it belongs.

  23. Your President Thomas Jefferson wanted to exclude Islam from the protection given by the first amendment when he returned from what became Saudi Arabia having paid the ransom demanded for the release of Americans. Don't you think it's about time to carry out his wishes?

  24. Really? So what about American & Israeli terror? What can the rest of the world do about it? Because that's the real problem.

  25. The problem with the fundamentalists of Islam… are the fundamentals of Islam. Extremism is not a problem if your core beliefs are truely non-violent as in the janes for examples. Jainism is truely a religion of peace but calling Islam a religion of peace is simply deluded and far from reality. The quran holds verses that support killing all nonbelievers, death for aposticy, women are inferior, but also supersticious and factually wrong things like the earth is flat like a carpet, spearm is being produced in the breast area or some guy flew to heaven on a winged horse. Straw poll votes in many muslim countries show that over 80% in indonesia think that death should be the appropriate punishment for leaving the faith and over 50% in great britain think the cartoon drawer charlie hebdo should be put to death for ridicule of islam. NOTHING is immunte to criticism, not political views, not restaurans, not sports and especially not manmade, ridiculous superstitions which spread like a mind virus. brothes and sisters, my comrades: the foolish, who claim to know the mind of god, should be your enemies.

  26. Nice theory, I applaud him. Won’t happen tho,. I quote Christian Lebanese activist Bridget Gabriel….because since it’s INCEPTION, Islam has been a “violent political ideology cloaked in religion.” It’s called a “religion of peace” Because it basically tells non believers (infidel non- Muslims) that you are just a base animal and will be eventually killed if you don’t believe in the prophet and convert. They want to radically and violently convert the world. Then, and on,y then, when the world is converted, there will be peace. But only if you’re male, mind you. Women and children are property, just like cattle.

  27. Quran and sharia law commands Muslims to be obedient to only their law, so, there is no reform except to leave Islam and become a non-Muslim while they still can in America

  28. There's only one thing I disagree with: How is adultery a good thing? I'm pretty sure that if any married man or woman, of any religion, caught their mate sleeping with someone else, they wouldn't be ok with it. I'm a proud Christian, but I do agree with Muslims that adultery isn't ok. However, I do think there is another approach to this: Not death, but just hurting enough to not do it.

    Or am I thinking about a different type of adultery?

  29. I just want to make one thing clear that these extremist have nothing to do with islam they are not muslims we have a term for them in islam that is Khawarij which means dogs of hell fire and also many christian brothers dont know what is jihad it is just to defend your country from foreign invasion and the basic rule of jihad is not to kill any women or children all these extremist are not muslims and they know nothing about islam

  30. It is impossible to call yourself a Muslim and not be okay with terrorism, rape, pedophilia, and slavery. Once you are in the gang, you are in all the way. The gang rule book (quaran) command so. A half hearted muslim must be killed by a real devout muslim (this too is commanded in the gang rule book). A reformation of this satanic death cult could make a difference, but then again the quaran says muslims should lie so that they can spread more islam. So never trust a muslim, including a fake apologist like this guy in the video. He says he is a muslim at the beginning of the video–enough said.

  31. Too many Muslims are just fine with Sharia law and the oppression that comes with it. Those Muslims that speak out against true Islam are irrelevant. The Jihadists dont give a damn what you think. The war that the West is fighting againt Islam will rage on for a hundred years, and most Muslims are happy with that prospect, as well. Where ever Islam goes, it destroys the different, the "other", and installs an oppressive, backwards Hell-on-Earth as the reigning culture. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

  32. Mr. Dara and others "must come to terms" with the fact that the "radicalism that is crippling our faith" comes straight from the teachings of the Koran, the Hadith, and many hundreds of years of Islamic teaching. Sunni Islam and Shiite Islam are by nature extremist. The "ideology that inspires these attacks" is Islam itself. Mr. Dara may be well-intentioned, but in the years since this video was aired, the Muslim "community" has done nothing whatever to follow the advice of Mr. Dara. Unfortunately, the acts of terror committed by Muslims all over the world is condoned by the teachings of Islam, since there is, according to this political movement, no such thing as an "innocent" non-Muslim except for those who qualify as infidels who have properly submitted to sharia law. Since non-Muslim political leaders all over the Western world seem to have no problem with Muslim terror attacks, and do everything they can to assure everyone that any terrorist attack committed by a Muslim either has nothing to do with Islam or was committed by a false Muslim, there is no possibility of these attacks stopping. These attacks will not only continue, they will increase with the increase of the non-Muslim population. However, as the Muslim population increases, there is less and less incentive for Muslims to even think about following the advice of Mr. Dara. In 2019, Americans themselves elected to radical Jew-hating Muslims to Congress under the banner of the Democrat Party. They have not "come to terms" with the "radicalism" of Islam, nor do they see it as "crippling their faith". Only a repudiation of the ideology will stop Islamic terror, and the only thing that will stop that is a rejection of Sharia Law itself. Without sharia law, however, Islam will collapse and experience a massive decline in followers. Mr. Dara does not speak the the entirety of the Muslim religion (no one person does). No one can read the Koran with an open mind and not come away with the idea that non-Muslims are to be despised and that their lives have no intrinsic worth. Accordingly, Mr. Dara may be well-intentioned (or he may be engaging in taqqiya) but Islam (which is a political movement first and a religion second) is what it is. The West does not have time to wait for 1.6 billion Muslims to change their minds about the teachings of violence commanded in Islamic texts. Such a change of mind and thought could take centuries. By then, the whole Western world could be living under sharia law and well intentioned (?) individuals like Mr. Dara could be dead. What Mr. Dara fails to take into account here is that the political Left in the West is perfectly fine with Islam just as it is, and doesn't think that Islam needs to come to terms with anything, let alone reform itself.

  33. Radical Islam is actually designed by some non Muslim politicians to destroy the image of Islam in the whole word. Yes it is true that some non Muslim are suffered by the radical Islam but we Muslim know better than other that how we are suffered. Radical Islam destroyed and killed Muslims more than non Muslims.

  34. Hey my brother….. what drugs are you high on? There is no such thing as radical Islam or moderate islam. ISLAM is ISLAM, and the whole ideology is just wrong!!! There is absolutely ZERO compatibility with Islam and the Western world! Get to know your "fairh" better and I'm certain you'll leave this vile and disgusting religion of hatred

  35. When I click PragerU petition link I receive this message: 'Access denied. You are not authorized to access this page.' Why is that?

  36. Your Quran and Hadiths tell them to kill the infidels and non believers. You cant stop it because its your doctrine. The only way to stop it is to leave Islam.

  37. Sadly, there is no option for Islamic reform. Reform = blasphemy. The muslim brotherhood allows videos like this to exist in order to lull peaceful people into a condition of hope. Their declaration that there is no god but allah is a war cry. Freedom isn't free. Read Robert Spencer's book, take a look at the C.A.I.R. website and understand this ideology of domination and control.

  38. Yes we all have to stand up against radicalism of Islam ,Muslims and non Muslims . Thank you for standing up young man all of my respect .

  39. The Quran is radical. If you want to keep islam moderate, you have to erease half of the quran. Woluld you?

  40. No matter how much this guy says the right things, he could be turned or his children could turn! That's the danger! They can turn!

  41. I guess your point applies to white christian radicalized terrorist. White christian parents need to discourage radical chrisrian terrorism at home and abroad such as the 200,000+ children killed by white Americans in just Iraq alone not to mention the thousands killed in Afganistan, Pakistan, and yemen. Commuity, neihbors and family need to band together with positive solutions ro prevent young christians from being rasicalized.

  42. The problem is that all the issues that this young gentlemen adressed are deeply rooted in islam.

  43. american jets bombed my home and killed all my family and they said it was error so do i sit on the rubble and wait my turn ?

  44. Here is an idea: if you believe Saudi Arabia is the source of terrorism, do not do your hajj there. You giving them even one penny makes them that much more powerful.

  45. What can you do hmmm let me think oh yes nothing exactly nothing after 100 years Europe is islamic hooray

  46. Why do people keep talking about Islam as if there are 2 different versions and 1 is peaceful and one is extreme.its the same book.there are only those who actually follow and those who dont. Islam is the problem.islam itself is radical so the only way to prevent this is to….drum roll…..not follow Islam.besides, Mohammed was a false one comes to the father but through the son Jesus Christ….mot Allah and not Mohammed a warlord but Jesus.

  47. I'm an American Muslim, just by admitting that you're a Muslim I'll judge you straight away, you're believing in a prophet who was a pedophile, you can find all excuses on earth I don't care, but by being a Muslim you automatically support a pedophile, case closed.
    Can't believe PragerU is letting a Muslim coming across as moderate.
    Freedom of speech yes but don't ally with the enemy please.

  48. Islam has existed since more than 1400 years ago. If Islam is a terrorist, Islam should have long dominated the number 1 in the world and maybe many countries will unite to fight Islam long ago, the first day of world war against Islam not against other countries. Look at Indonesia, the largest Muslim population in the world. Is Indonesia a terrorist country? So why until today, even neighboring countries have cooperated with Indonesia?

  49. thank you for teaching me the difference between muslim and radical islam. i am thankful that you are an american, and that you are setting a good example for other americans of faith. bless you, sir. if we ever met, i would be proud to call you a friend.

  50. You know, America bombed the hell out of Japan even before they dropped two Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    But not one single Japanese in Hawaii, California, Washington state or anywhere else in the USA for that matter has bombed or killed anyone in the name of Japan.

    During the Vietnam war, the Americans committed lots atrocities like using Agent Orange, a chemical weapon that is against the Geneva Convention on the rules of ware engagement.

    Yet, you had no Vietnamese has ever bombed or killed Americans in the USA. No one of Vietnamese descent has killed Americans in the name of Vietnam.

    Even today, both the Japanese and Vietnamese people favor the USA (according to all polls) and its people over other countries.

    That is, the Americans killed hundreds of times more Japanese and Vietnamese than any Arab Muslims (and remember many Japanese and Vietnamese children were killed). Yet, the Japanese and Vietnamese are not angry at the Americans…why?
    But Muslims have bombed Americans and Westerners and non-Muslims in pretty much every country in the world where some of them live. Why?

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