Jesus freed me from a demon!!

So we were doing the Ouija board and we said, “Are you a spirit?” And we got the answer yes. “What’s your name?” And it spelled out Legion. I actually had a spirit
come through me and it was changing
my personality, I really became very dark. I had this cloud over me,
this heaviness, that I could not get rid of. Judaism was just part
of daily life, our families, we all lived within maybe a three or four
block radius of each other, and on the holidays,
on Shabbat, we would get together for
these great family dinners. I don’t know how they
prepared all that food. On Shabbat morning, we
didn’t light the gas, we didn’t turn on the
lights, we had, you know, a gentile neighbor that would
come and do those things. My parents decided to
move about 30 miles away to a beach town and
much to my amazement, we were the only Jewish
family on the street. We were always sort of
odd man out. Tragedy hit my family. My mom was going
to meet my dad and she swerved to avoid
a drunk driver and she hit a brick wall. While she was at the
hospital, they discovered, that my mom had breast cancer. I watched her slip away. My mother was the
most charitable, giving, kind, human being. All she wanted to do
was do good for people, where was God? Where was God? I had really kind of
lost myself. Lost my connection
that I had known since I was a little girl. My connection to God
and it felt so empty, there was a part of me that was
like a big hole in my heart. We started doing things
that I had never done, and never envisioned doing,
in my life, like hanging out in bars. Started clubbing and getting
involved with lots of men, try marijuana a little bit. Sex and rock and roll
were my drugs of choice. So some friends of mine
were into the occult. I had already been dabbling
in astrology. Getting some sort of, what
I called, psychic readings. Let me tell ya, all kinds
of things were happening. All kinds of things. So we were doing
the Ouija board and we said, “Are you a spirit?” And we got the answer, “Yes.” And then, “What’s your name?” And it spelled out Legion. And then we would levitate tables. And at one of these seances, I actually had a spirit
come through me. I had this cloud over me,
this heaviness, that I could not get rid of. Well that spirit,
it was driving me crazy and it was changing
my personality. I really became very dark. How I was treating people
was terrible, I become mean and
I had become angry and it was just like a
personality transfer. Had a friend that I had met, and I remembered him
saying he was a minister. I had his number
and I called him and I told him what happened. He said, “Well you need to pray,” “Do you know how to pray?” I said, “I’m Jewish, of
course I know how to pray, “how does a Jewish person
not know how to pray?” And he said, “Well okay, do
you want me to pray with you?” And I said, “If it will get
rid of this spirit, yes, “pray with me.” And I said, “That’s it?” And he said, “That’s it.” I was laying in bed,
and all of a sudden I felt a presence in my room
in the middle of the night and I opened my eyes
and there was Jesus, standing in my bedroom
and I’m like, “I’m Jewish,
what are you doing here?” And He said, “I’m Jewish
too, you belong to me, “I’m setting you free
because you’re mine, “and you’re gonna be okay.” And then He was gone. Along this time, my friends,
they always went to church and there was a revival,
the pastor Jerry Matlan, gave an altar call. The thing I remember
him saying is, “If you have a broken
heart, come now to the alter “because Jesus is the
healer of broken hearts.” The whole history of my
life, from when my mom died, the heartbreak of all of
that, just flooded me, and somehow I knew if
I got to that altar, that was where my
healing would come. There was an answer, there
was an answer to all this pain I had been in for so long and I just kept remember
saying, “Jesus is in my heart, “Jesus is in my heart,
Jesus is in my heart.” And it was transformational. I really started to think about my family and I was thinking, “Oh boy, how are they
gonna receive this?” Went to visit my brother,
he went ballistic. He lost his mind
and this brother, that I had been
so so so so close to, threw me out of
his house and he said, “Mom and Dad would be
rolling over in their graves. “How could you do this? “How could you do that
to their memories? “Get outta my house, I never
want to see you again.” And I was sobbing and
weeping and sobbing and I was like, “David don’t
do this, don’t do this, no.” And he goes,
“Get out, just get out, “I never want to see you again.” And I walked to my car and my sister-in-law
walked out with me, “I’m so sorry,” she said, “but I just need to
tell you something. “There’s a peace
about you Bobbie, “there’s a change in you
that I’ve never seen before. “He’ll come around,
he’ll come around, “don’t let go of what you
got, he’ll come around.” I used to look out, I had
this most incredible view of the panorama of the
cities of New York and at night how magnificent
with all those lights. And I was pondering
them one night, there was an inner voice,
the Lord speaking to me, through the Holy Spirit,
and he said, “Bobbie, see every one
of those lights? “Every one of those lights, “imagine that they
represent a soul.” And He said: I came
and died on that cross to save every one
of those souls. I love every one of those souls. As you’re looking at those lights, but now just imagine,
just imagine, that every light that
you’re looking at, went out, except one and just imagine
that that one light, is you and you know
what Bobbie my daughter? If you were the only one, I still would have gone
to the cross. I still would have
taken your sin, I still would have taken all
of it on me just for you.

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