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  1. A virgin? The father of Dionysus was the biggest womanizer in Greek mythology. Dionysus had enough half-siblings to make a small city, complete with its patron gods.

  2. According to Greek myths Persephone was Hades wife not Zeus.Zeus was her father and Demeter was her mother.And Dionysus was like Pan a fertility god who partied with maenads and made wine not like Jesus at all.My goodness these atheist skeptic got even the myths wrong.lol

  3. Who on earth made all these claims you refer to? You mingle a little bit of half-truth with a lot of lies invented by yourself, then you tell us all those points allegedly brought forth by agnostics /atheists &c are either unsubstantiated or too unspecific and vague to prove anything. What kind of reasoning is this? You don't really mention any serious argument in favor of a different view. Obviously the straw man type of propaganda techniques. This video is rather meant for those who want to be fooled.

  4. InspiringPhilosophy Great Job Debunking Dionysus the same can be done with the Jesus story, it works both ways. Mythology is Mythology!

  5. Mythologists school is totally wrong in all its conclusions. There is no myths in New Testament, just usual supernaturalistic language of that era. There is only one way to understand the New Testament correctly – old german school of naturalistic rationalism (Semler, Eichorn, Paulus). Nowadays, we can explain all of the New Testament miraculous events, we can find the roots of christianity in old greek philosophy – stoicism, cynicism, epicureism.

  6. Ummmm Dionysus was NOT born of a virgin lol Zeus had an ongoing affair with Semele, a mortal woman, conceiving Dionysus. Semele was tricked by Hera to make Zeus show himself and she was killed by his greatness and light, Zeus quickly sewed Dionysus’ fetus into his thigh to continue to grow, which is why he is called “twice born god” Hera then continued to find him and cause discord. Honestly, the story of Dionysus and Dionysus as a mythical character has NOTHING in common with Jesus.

    Whoever made this needs to brush up on their mythology

  7. I don't think it is useful to directly compare Jesus with any other religious figure such as Osiris, Zoroaster or Buddha as any direct comparison between two beings will show up many differences as well some parallels. The stories around Jesus seem to stem from Judaic sources. The Jewish philosopher Philo, using Judaic scripture as his source, describes an angelic Jesus, son of God, agent of creation etc and it seems to be this celestial Jesus to whom Paul is referring in his writings and to whom the Ascension of Isaiah is referring. The writings of Mark seem drawn very clearly from Judaic prophesies of the messiah and not from any scripture from other faiths (eg Dionysus). Jesus therefore i would say, is not a direct copy of any other tradition, whether you believe he is being described as a celestial being by Paul or as a Euhemerised earthly being as described by Mark. There is an obvious parallel in a general sense as the deities Romulus, Zalmoxis, Adonis, Ananna, Mithra undergo a death or suffering passion to achieve triumph over death and salvation for their followers. This provides a model for the character of Jesus, his resurrection, salvation etc, but I don't think you can draw any direct line saying Jesus is just a copy of another character. Richard Carrier has pointed out that the writings of Mark clearly show him to be highly literate in Greek and therefore is almost certainly a product of the shool system of the time teaching written greek, which meant he would have been aware of the writings of Herodotus who described the Thracian/Celtic (actualy I am no so sure Zalmoxis can be said to celtic but thats a separate issue) story of Zalmoxis. This is speculation, possibly true, but aside a similarity in story, I have never seen any direct comparison between or direct relation between the two. Whether you take the mythicist position or not I would argue that Jesus is of Judaic origin and not a copy of a different religion's deity.

  8. Then couldn’t Hinduism be somewhat correct in the matter. If you change your perspective from logical to intuitive all of them have the same attributes as the past others so isn’t this basically reincarnation? Or maybe reincarnation is configured by humans and not the divine.

  9. Actually….Dionysus discovered a vine, a grape vine. Then turned that into wine..I don’t know who told you that he turned water into wine???

  10. Are these actual arguments brought forward by people or just giant straw men?
    Like who in their right minds would make a bunch of traits in ancient gods and claim that Jesus was only a copy of those gods?
    Like "god of gods". Seems legit for one of the minor greek gods…

  11. Seriously calling Dionysus the King of Kings, God of Gods is obviously false due to the fact that there are many gods that have more power than him such as Zeus, or Poseidon (the god or "king" of the ocean)

  12. Jesus warned of a great falling away, as well as the false Christ or beast system . Most today with no knowledge of history put most prophecy in the future. However many prophecies have already taken place and we are facing Armageddon which explains the tolerance of any religion or even made up science as an alternative to the hated Christianity. As far as the falling away and the beast or false Christ that is what Roman Catholicism was . The beast was to come out of Rome, destroy the holy people, abstain from marriage and certain meats, change the times, not allow buying and selling without the mark(paying tribute to) etc…. The Roman Catholic Church fulfills all of these prophecies including ruling the world! Part of the deception was the paganizing of the church. This included incorporating older gods of false religion into Christianity. The goal was not to lead to Christ but to disguise the truths d manipulate and gain power. Personal relationship was replaced with the rosary even though scripture says not to repeat your prayers as the heathen! Prayers were offered to Mary, peter, the dead saints, angels but no more infilling of the Holy Spirit. No more coming to Jesus for mercy and deliverance now you may have to crawl in glass and kiss the popes ring for any hope of forgiveness. They even sold indulgences so if you had a sinful act you wanted to commit that could lead to your death like say adultery you could pre pay for the sin and still in heaven get in! Early Christianity and honest non hypocritical Christians today have nothing to do with pagan religion. We live as Christ lived to the best of our ability.

  13. magican turn water in Vine , what a great wizard , magical tricks , king of judea , son of israel

  14. I often related Jesus's story to that of Athena, goddess of wisdom, and not Dionysus, especially after reading this line :
    "They said that Athena was the daughter of Zeus not from intercourse, but when the god had in mind the making of a world through a word (logos) his first thought was Athena."
    This sounds too similar to John 1:1.
    But I must admit that I read this in a Wikipedia page and didn't check the source further. What do you think?

  15. There is one god but diffrend names.That one true god is Jesus.Please don't again make story of some fake god.

  16. WAIT WTF😂😂😂😂😂😂 ARE U SICK😂😂😂😂
    I love Dionysus but you cannot compare him to My Lord And Saviour
    He was born from a woman Zeus fucked. He turned water into wine. Dionysus didn’t heal. And Dionysus was fucking dismembered 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    God forgive this man😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. The commentator says that Dionysus was restored back to life by Zeus yet claims he never rose from the dead.

  18. Every god is going to be similar in certain ways, there are a limited amount of ways to skin the same animal. You nitpicking the difference is not a justification to your own gods existence.

  19. Classic straw man. Turn your opponent's argument into bullshit so you can knock it down. Sad.

    I challenge anyone to read the Dionysus mythology and tell me that there are not obvious parralels.

    Is Jesus just a myth based on Dionysus? No, that's far too narrow a statement since the Jesus story is an sycretized amalgamation of several different mythologies, and there isn't anything necessarily wrong with that.

    If you just want to see some of the raw scholarship rather that entertaining bullshit abbreviated arguments, a good resource is Christianism.com.

  20. Repent from your sins people, and be born again, believing is not enough, we need to repent, because that is real faith, Jesus loves us tho, that is why he gave himself on the cross, for our sins, repent and let us accept the Lord Jesus, you wont regret it,
    He changed my life,
    Let him do the same to you.

  21. I think that the problem with this video is that it narrows it's focus to the works of individuals who have no academic credentials. Individuals who look at the work of academics, who go through the exhaustive research process by combing through many sources, and then exaggerate, and embellish, the claims made in those scholarly pursuits. Is Dionysus a one-for-one example of the Christ like figure archetype? No, but they do share many idiosyncrasies. They are both resurrected gods, and they both create wine. Just because some people may obfuscate the truth doesn't mean there aren't credible scholarly works on the subject of Jesus in comparative mythology.

  22. There might be good objections of atheists but when atheists say that Jesus was a copy cat of another deity I would slap my face. This is inaccurate and the dumbest objection I have ever heared. This is isn't even a logical to be a logical fallacy. I could safely say that the atheists who say Jesus was copied is DUMB

  23. This video is very selective . Because you didn´t mentioned the following simmilarities: both are considered to be the "son of God"; they are both saviour deities; they both perform miracles (both are claimed to have turned water into wine); both cults had communal meals of bread and wine, where they symbolically eat the flesh and blood of the deity; they both undergo a passion, were they suffer an horrible death; both are considered by their followers to have historically existed; they are both resurrected after death; also, in one of Dionysus stories, there is clearly an asexual birth, when Semele drinks a potion which impregnates her with Dionysus (in the case of Jesus, Mary gets impregnated by the Holy Spirit).

  24. Thank you. This was entertaining and helpful. But I have more questions. I am a Christian who recently read The Bacchae by Euripedes. In reading, I got the sense there were LOTS AND LOTS OF SIMILARITIES between Dionysus and Jesus. How could you not? I was fascinated at imagining how that characterization of Dionysus reflected the characterization of Jesus. In other words, to what extent does Euripides' Dionysus narrative embody what is Greek? And how might've what is Greek in combination with what is Jewish affected the narratives I know of Jesus?

  25. 😂😂😂😂
    For real. Copy and Pasted x Infinity lol
    Constantine and them, Christianity and Christians in general made sure to cover Jesus' ass no matter what question you asked
    "Where's his body?"
    "Oh he floated up into the sky" 🤣

    "How was his mother pregnant but a virgin?"
    "Oh well God sent a spirit down and made put Jesus in her" 🤣😂

    I still wanna know where all these people are buried 😂🤣😂😅😅😅😅
    Can't find the bones of any of these people, yet we have full dinosaurs re-assembled in museums

    There's a reason you have to "believe" this stuff. It's funny that the church promotes belief yet Christ said to KNOW the truth will make you free, and that people perish from lack of KNOWLEDGE, but unfortunately that won't be taught in church because then pews and collection plates would be empty 🤣

  26. The grand lodge of f&am of indiana, The Master Mason page 9-10 Dionysus, Bacchus, Osiris, Mithras and Tammuz are one and the same god. They all represent Nimrod

  27. i’m not an atheist, i believe there is something out there. but this basically shows saviors have a basic foundation with there story elements changed up based on the current culture

  28. All Greek philosophers are made proto – Christians because Christianity wanted to deny Jewish origin of the religion. Western Christianity made it a Hellanic religion.Christianity is bastardised Judaism and such faith has no qualms of screwing up what ever it wants.

  29. why do people make these claims. Yeah of course religions and beliefs influence each other. but it doesn't matter. there is not a true religion.

  30. If history repeats its self ( we are going in cycles) the story remains the same with different names and times .

    I believe multiple religions were always present and the catch is to chose the right path and teachings ( more like a test for god to chose his people ) 👏🏻

    Maybe our ancestors always tried to leave us clues, which explains why all ancient history around the world speaks of the virgin and the son or sun 🌞 👏🏻

  31. I'm an atheist, and if you honestly look at the legends, it's obvious to tell that they aren't the same. This is just…. "no shit"

  32. Do you know that the Dec 25th thing is bc of winter? I would like to see a vid of Horus, who has almost the same story as Jesus, but his stort was carved into the wall so I dought it was forged. Awsome vid!

  33. You forgot to research about the hellenistic dionysus cult my friend. Most of the scribes took references from previous cults to cults. If you're basing your claims on mythology book that's great but you need to consider their practices in those days. Secret organizations (cult) so similar with Christians today. Christianity is nothing like modern paganism and a business cult. Jesus? Too many jesus's in his time. The numerology of the gospels is really cultish. 2, 3, 12, 4, they are obsessed with the number 3 and 12. Jesus wins in this video but still it doesn't exist. Theres no proof but forgery over forgery over forgery.

  34. What did Jesus win exactly ?
    Dionysus seems waaaay cooler than him in this video. If anything Jesus loses by looking lame in comparison.

  35. Why can't athiest accept the truth, thats not Jesus, Jesus doesnt look like that, he was brown not white an Israelite not European

  36. within the first 14 seconds you are already misrepresenting the mythicisit position and providing false information. this is strawmanning at its worst.

  37. Several elements of Dionysus' myth approximate him to the figure of Christ. Justin (Apol. 1.54, Dial. 69) mentions the more obvious ones, in his opinion the result of imitation by the demons: "They said that Dionysus was the son of Zeus … and gave out that after having been dismembered, he ascended into heaven." The text makes manifest the three elements of comparison: sonship, sacrifice, and resurrection.

  38. I wasn’t aware that comparisons were being made between Jesus and Dionysus. I agree that the story of Jesus most likely wasn’t influenced by Dionysus at all… But this video does not argue for the truth or falsehood of the story of Jesus; that’s a completely different subject. People who are saying things like “Amen, Jesus is the Lord and Savior” seem to be missing the point of the video.

    In case anybody cares, I have always rejected claims of the divinity of Jesus (and other claims of supernatural forces across all religions) because I value evidence. To my knowledge, evidence for these claims is absent.

  39. But how does that prove that Jesus 'won'? Dionysus and Jesus are just different, not one better than the other (this is from a secular standpoint, Christianity and Hellenistic paganism would effect your view). I think it would be interesting to discuss the differences and similarities from a nonjudgmental standpoint while also being mindful that Dionysus is still a worshiped god. Very good points though. I like how you showed where common misconceptions come from instead of just saying that they exist.

  40. With all due respect, this channel is very misleading. Simply speaking eloquently, having a nicely edited video, and making claims about scholarly perspectives, does not make them true. IP, and many Christian apologists, seem to use many straw man arguments and simply assert things that either do not get to the heart of the matter, and are often simply incorrect. For instance, there are mosaics from 200BC depicting a Dionysian Eucharistic rite, it was one of the main forms of Dionysian worship (they would drink the wine, and take on the spirit of Dionysus). If you didn't pick up on it, both examples of Dionysus' origin are of a God impregnating a mortal woman, and in both myths they were virgins. Some of IPs observations are correct, but I had never actually heard of those anyway (such as Jesus being the God of Wine). For those who are serious about engaging, and attempting to actually synchronize their beliefs with history and/or science, please rely on scholarly sources rather than ministries. This video is really quite deceptive, although I'm sure IP doesn't mean it to be that way. It reminds me of the book 'The evidence for Jesus', which, while being over 200 pages long, at no point touches upon any of the main arguments against certain aspects of Christian doctrine. Most scholars believe he was a real person. Overwhelmingly, nearly all scholars, including Christian scholars, believe that the original Church did not believe in concepts like his divine nature, the trinity, and certainly not the creation of a new religion. Even Paul, who was in a schism with the original Church, brought sacrifices to the Temple and continued to circumcize and convert his best students to Judaism until the day he died. The idea that Christians would go on to separate themselves from, and persecute the Jews would have been unbelievably abhorrent to Jesus and the original Apostles. What we call Christianity today is the product of a long lineage of Christian thought that largely began after the destruction of Jerusalem, after the first Church was destroyed and the Pauline branch (previously in conflict with the original Church) gained complete supremacy over Christianity. Even then a wide variety of Churches existed, and Christianity wasn't really consolidated until the Council at Nicea, which resulted in the expulsion of the non-Catholic sects from the nascent Holy Roman Empire. That's why in Mohammed's time the Christians he was exposed to believed in Jesus as a prophet (they were an early Syriac group expelled after Nicea), which is why Muslims believe he was a prophet as well.

  41. In order to understand how the Christ figure cult parallels the Dionysian cult one must take into account the Orphic mysteries which predate Christianity by hundreds of years. It is difficult to speculate with certainty since mystery religions are just that a mystery with the exception of one chief component: the death and resurrection of the celebrant, so in this regard salvation as such is most definitely a plagiarist tool contrived by the early church and adopted from older religions. In fact there is nothing at all singularly unique in Christianity that cannot be identified from other religions. Christianity is a sham.

  42. These Christ-mythers is either just taking simularities that you would expect anyway or just make some stuff up. I wonder if they even know that they make these things up…i mesn really

  43. The Bible gives strict orders to Jews to be cultural isolationists, and whenever there’s a story of the Jews appropriating ANYTHING from another culture, God does not take kindly to it. Why would they ever even steal stories from other myths, let alone make up the character of Christ in the middle of the civilized Roman Empire?

  44. 2:56 “Zeus found out and killed the titans and restored him back to life from the heart leftover”

    10 seconds later “I can find no evidence Dionysus rose from the dead”

    I dunno. Being restored to life from a heart leftover after being boiled and eaten sounds like rising from the dead to me

  45. more like an Apollonian figure. a solar mithraic crowned and conquering child figure. the similarities are evident.

  46. I think the main connections to be drawn are themes in both Jesus and Dionysus of death and rebirth, transformation (i.e. Jesus and Dionysus' connection with wine, Jesus' stories in which he performs miracles, Dionysus' transformative powers in the form of madness), and being a son of the most important god. All of these are seen throughout many mythologies. I think this means that even if they sprung up on their own, people in general aren't always original.

  47. If there is a figure of a god in a mythology. He represents something that exists in the world. Jesus likely had the dionysian experience, like something we refer to as enlightenment. He felt exactly what dionysus represents

  48. Well that's very interesting and I'm glad to find out this stuff. I still don't believe the earth flooded a guy lived in a fish or Adam and eves kids who where brother and sisters boned and that's how we got to 8 billion people but it's nice to know the truth about the myth about this guy.

  49. there were a bunch of mythical people who's life story was similar to jesus', give or take a few details. you can show how they're different, you can show how they're similar, what does it really matter? take what you want to take from where you want to take it. jesus was cool, dionysus was cool, they both had some pretty cool cults, but that's no reason to eat babies (but don't tell their followers that~). also who's to say jesus was born on december 25th?

  50. Inspiring Philosophy
    U REALLY need to STFU
    JESUS was born by by virgin mother Mary and placed at a manger and did alot of miracles
    So why comparing the SON OF ALMIGHTY GOD to a mortal GOD

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