Jesus vs Osiris

Jesus vs Osiris

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  1. That picture of Jesus is a myth. I hate seeing that picture of Jesus it erks my spirit. Looks like a liar trying to brainwash people.

  2. It honestly doesn't even matter. If someone did it BEFORE you, then YOU are filling THEIR shoes. Everything Christianity IS, was based on reinventing things from early pagan tribes.

  3. I find it really sad that you always put "Jesus wins" at the end of your videos… Is it just about who wins and who doesn't? I mean Jesus is one Person that wasn't inspired from any other gods because he is one from his own. But it doesn't have to mean that the other gods are worth nothing.Let the other gods the right exist.

  4. I got another two "gods" that need to be looked into. The Siamese (Taiwan), Codom and Lao-Tsze, Chinese.

    How would one go about researching such figures?

  5. yes Jesus Christ is the same I had to relive it and I was on that cross because he ways in hell because but need them as much as they need me , I was a mistake so go the world religion why you would leave someone who is clearly just had one of the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life and you what do you do , mess with my heart my parents know . hurt don't come close death would be better

  6. yes… it was another stolen story…I KNOW EUROPEANS WANNA feel superior but truth is, you have a weak history Caucasians

  7. Jews back then were sick and tired of constantly beining occupied by foreign powers. So they invented invisible friends such as god and Jesus.

    Today they have strong political influence, are among the richest in the world, are winning most Nobel prizes and we are all using a derivative version of their religion. So in a way the Jews have concurred the world.

  8. No matter what studies you try to do with English and Hebrew which are both hybrids of the ancient Kemetic text, to twist your “White Savior” into every one else’s. You’ll never wipe the African truth away.

  9. Obviously Moses took a little bit of what he picked up in Egypt and incorporated it. It's not really rocket science people.

  10. Mythologists DON'T say the Christian story "copied" from the myth of Osiris but that some followers were INFLUENCED by other myths and reinterpreted them for their own stories and culture! The "Jesus" figure was "risen" in this plain of existence but he didn't stick around for very long so actually it's a DRAW! BTW this videomaker exposes his own sloppy "research":.Osiris was NOT called the "God of The Vine" that was DIONYSUS! UPDATE: Osiris is said to have introduced the care of grain and the making of wine to Egypt but that WASN'T what he's primarily known for, that being the judge of the dead and resurrection.

  11. Osiris and Jesus the Christ doesn't have nothing to do with Cauc-Asian people no way!!!!! Both these Men were black skin Afrikaans!

  12. waste of time. First check who we are and from hence we come. when IAM is there then GOD and his whole lot of creation is there. Absence of IAM there is no creation. Remember GOD need us, to be Called GOD. We donnt need him.

  13. Jesus was linked to Orion from the painting of Salvador Mundi. In the painting, He's holding an orb with the Orion belt painting within the transparent orb.

  14. Osiris was killed and rejuvenated/resurrected and his severed penis was used by isis to create a magical son who brought peace to the world.

    A resurrection
    A magical/miraculous birth
    A magical son who brings peace to the world

    What’s the Egyptian word for rejuvenated? I’ve heard it pronounced, gofukyrself but that’s probably not correct…

  15. Lots of triggered primates in the comments. Its not necessarily whether Jesus was based on Osiris (Jesus vs Osiris) that is the issue but the origins of cults that have/had savior gods. BTW, its not just Osiris. Adonis, Romulus, Zalmoxis and Inanna were all dying and rising gods that had attached savior cults which pre-existed Christianity. The fact that you have these similarities should be troublesome to the authenticity of the jesus cult in scripture. Whether Jesus existed or not should have VERY little to do with whether someone ought to be an atheist. It actually should be at the bottom of the list. If we only stick to the facts and the evidence, we all know who comes out on top.

    William L Craig, possibly the crème de la crème of Christian apologetics, failed to address these:

  16. JOHN 15:4 I am the vine and you are the branches. The one who remains in Me, and I in him, will bear much fruit. For apart from Me you can do nothing.…


  18. Lucifer / Satan is a deciver do ppl not know in Genesis God the Father basically told Satan since you have decive my creation Adam and Eve now I have to send my Son (a SavIor) to die for them so Satan new what God was going to do so Satan basically created all different types of gods to make Yeshua the Christ story look fake ppl really have to study the bible

  19. Isis resurrected him . Using spells from the book of the dead . Watch the new mummy ,The high priestess witch .. There’s truth to that movie , She has been reborn into a vessel where the human host died , she was resurrected, and she will resurrect Osiris back to the earth .

  20. First of all Jesus birth was prphasised thousands of years before his time so was his crucifixion, Osiris is Satan and everything to do with the underworld . Ofcourse they are going to smear Christ name , everything about this world we live in is to destroy the father and celebrate Satan God of this world , our only job is to be born again in Jesus and go to the father that way cause it's the only way. Unless you wanna rot in Hell with this thing Osiris.

  21. I was under the impression that Osiris became Archangel Michael, Jesus is still Jesus. Also Jesus and Michael can be interchangeable. Researching for awhile.

  22. 2019 and fundamentalist christians still masturbate to the idea that their god is somewhat "better" than others.

  23. Let's just get this straight. Ancient Egypt outdates the bible and so do their "myths" … So what sense does it make to even believe that Jesus is not Osiris… It's like a game of telephone… Some people over time will get it wrong. There are no coincidences and there is no way that this story of Osiris is essentially replicated so long later. Even if Osiris is not real, he outdates Jesus by a long shot. Thus, Jesus should not "win" in this video because of ALL of the facts… The fact of the matter is NUMBERS. The timeline for Jesus makes him lose. Sorry. Research, people. I hope I could be helpful.

  24. Osiris is the same story as Krishna, just localized for Egypt. The story of Christ is the same thing as well, only it's the most recent version.

  25. Osiris resurrected
    Jesus resurrected


    -any god who dies and resurrect is a pagan God Period.

  26. It is fucking obvious religion is one giant scam either to get you to pay cash or fight wars end of.

    if religion was real there would only be one religion and we would not be killing each other.

  27. There is no Jesus! No J in Hebrew. Its Yeshua or Iesous, depending on how you translate it. Iesu has a baby with Mary magdalene, just like ISIS and she gets pregnant, the kid is Horus who raised by a saint in India = Siddhartha Gautama

  28. Idk, the stories are still way too similar. And, the story of Osiris came way before jesus so couldn't it stand to reason that the story of jesus came from the story of osiris but with some changes???

  29. Todd Howard? I now see why Fallout 76 seemed unfinished, clearly there's a lot more going on at Bethesda HQ..

  30. Psalm 23 was written by David who was a shepherd’s keeper way after the Israelites exuded our of Egypt. This is completelyfalse and you can even look into this. Satan is a liar. If you want to know about Jesus please read the Bible. He is the only one who can redeem your soul. Ask me how!?

  31. Osiris is also Gilgamesh who is also KING NIMROD, Whom can be found in Genesis 10 in holy scripture. When YHVH confused the languages at the tower of babel 70 different tribes went 70 different direction speaking SEVENTY different languages! The same man (Nimrod) was called 70 different names. Osiris and Gilgamesh were just 2 of those names. Nimrod was the 1st ANTI-CHRIST and hated YHVH and wanted him dead. Nimrod thought of himself as a god. As Jewish/rabbinic legend says Nimrod took Adam's garment and wore it. The garmet is said to have helped Nimrod rule the world. The Greeks have a stylized version called "THE TALE OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE."

  32. When atheist who supports lgbt takes bible verse to defend lgbt, that is what atheist today. Clever ????

  33. What if Jesus and Osiris and Vishnu and the Buddha are all the same being, but just reincarnated? They were all killed to save humanity. I bet you animals have avatars of Jesus as well.

  34. Just because the stories are not exactly the same doesn't dismiss the possibility that the newer story wasn't taken from an older one. There were much older stories in Sumerian text much older than the Bible that can be found in less detal in the Bible, such as the Garden of Eden, Zeusudra/Utapishtim(Noah), Cain and Able which call to question the originality of the Hebrew Bible. A honest scholar will also see the differences between different stories presented in the Gospels. Not even doctrinal issues are clear of conflict. Faith alone or faith plus works, how many people came to the grave on resurrection day, how many angels were there? Were all Paul's epistles written by Paul?

  35. There is a video game called destiny.It has the names osiris and kabal. Should I be worried about it being played in my home? It seems demonic to me. My other half called me crazy!!! I LOVE and PRAISE Jesus so any opinions are welcomed.GOD bless you

  36. Bending people to religious conclusions is not "inspiring philosophy". Maybe you should rename the channel "reinforcing ideology". That's more accurate. And the historians who have enough sense don't think Jesus was "just based on Osiris". He was based on many, many previous archetypes, as is all religious history.

  37. These videos r jokes, they all predate the Bible and there is actually proof of these things no proof of God, Jesus, no one outside of the Bible

  38. Accepting the story as an allegory and spiritual is the only rational thing to do with the obviousness of the similarities. Mostly its astronomical and physiological. Just because Jesus may have not historically existed doesn't mean you need to lose faith.

  39. Why nobody talks about how that pyramid is made, coz nobody knows, this means there was and is still Wisdom in Egypte, before Any book was written, Egypte was, and that is their story. It is the beginning of all religions, Mozes came from there, Laws were written on Stones, Just like in Egypte times. I say what they knew, we still dont know, we copy from them, and here we are. The Laws still remain the same for each religion

  40. Jesus Christ never existed before or born in the real life, white Jesus was copied from ancient Egypt then plagiarized it and called it Christianity in 325ad, religion is prison of mind, religion is dangerous

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