Jesus vs. Serapis

Jesus vs. Serapis

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  1. How gar can a story go? I'm inclined to believe that a story can go as far as one can take it. All those years of being lied to that a pagan ruler ordered the empire to worship a man. They've even went as far as saying that Jesus the messiah never existed. Then the angel who brought to Miriam the news that the thing which shall be conceived in thy womb will be called the Son of the most high God, thdn someone is calling God a liar. There's a sin called blasphemy, in which blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a sin unforgivable. No getting out of this either in this world or the hereafter. Satan's people are boisterous, when I say Satan's people i mean that if you're siding with the sayings of man because most heresies come from several places, which none of them are scriptures, they're based on the theological and seminary schools made to trap unlearned people who have no idea what the Bible says. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Truth no one can rightfully divide the Scriptures, they're generally basing their idioms on presumption and people who are ignorant of God and his ways. To run around and agreeing with man more than God is very dangerous to self and those that hezr you. Satan loves it when man who is ignorant of the Word, take the word outvof context. They will spread the lies and don't even consider the detriment and depravity that they are heading to. Compare the Apostles and Prophets of God to these church leaders today, who is right the Apostles and prophets or these supposed preachers who promote prosperity and heaven blessing that no prophet or Apostles taught the people. How can you say that you're a Christian when you are not even taught what is a Christian. Christianity is nowhere in the Scriptures at all,people today don't even question where this pagan holiday came from. Sera pis was a European pagan worshipping ruler whi the people were fearful of. His ruleby those people kept going long after his death,and because the majority of the people of that time never questioned the origin of this holiday they put it away from the pulpits and people so as to keep the masses in bondage to this thinking. When I found out that the birth of Jesus is not the 25th of December and that he was born around spring time, i began to question people, and the response was amazing. Some people regarded Christmas as a rightful place in the churches while others regarding it as not to be accurate. God began to open the eyes of people who are willing to listen, listen to what His Spirit is saying about this Pagan people. My family are continuing to be traditional, but when I spoke up against it their demeanor was very surprisingly unsettling. When my daughters were young I talked to them about this pagan holiday that has nothing to do with Jesus at all, its a European cultural events, its their religious beliefs, and the R.C.C ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH which the majority of Europe are catholics embrace this doctrine of which they want the world to embrace, and they have.

  2. Jesus is Satan. He never existed or he would have had temples and statues built to in. Syncretism is just cultural piracy and plagiarism of the Black Kemites (not Egyptians). Europeans have zero creativity because it comes from the God particle known as Eumelanin and Pink skin demons don't have any. God cut the white race off a long time ago so they have to steal everyone's else knowledge and then pervert. They have been excommunicated as it were. This is why they love materialism so much. This is their heaven. Pink skins cannot go any further than this. No one can without eumelanin. Whites have been cast of out heaven never to return. Truth hurts. Anything spiritual that whites study is automatically stripped out of its holiness because they are nothing but demons in humanoid bodies. They are NOT humans!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! You are not seeing what you think you see. THEY LIVE!!!!!!! WE SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Then what about Horus, who pre dated Jesus by 2000 years. Jesus isn't even his name. The letter J wasn't invented until the 1500.

  4. I would just like to point out that believing a letter written in ancient times about Christians, assuming it was true, is tantamount to believing a letter written today by Bill Nye claiming St. Patrick never drove the snakes out of Ireland. Just because some asshole put pen to paper, doesn't mean he knows the facts.

  5. Serapis was literally invented by Alexander, as to bridge the worlds of Greece and Egypt together as a "religious" compromise; basically an idol of Hades with the accessories of Osiris with the attributes of the Apis Bull

  6. A lot of New Testament material is exhausted in these debates. I myself believe it is the Old Testament where you will more easily come to obvious conclusions. The origins of man and they're culture is called the cradle of life, and is accepted by scientists and people of faith as being Northeastern Africa and the Middle East. It is interesting to note that Israel is located very comfortably right in the middle of it all. Although it is debatable, as is everything, The prominence of Ancient Jews as well as they're advanced language and cultural influences of the most ancient of times, is very well depicted throughout the ancient Jewish books of the Bible. When the true nature of men is so painfully documented by the wars, oppression and slavery, greed and disloyalty, among the many other issues plainly spelled out in Old Testament literature, it is obvious to any reader that some kind of intervention would need to take place in order to protect this world from mankind's flawed reasoning and actions. They needed a saviour then, and we need him now more than ever..God bless✌

  7. No where can you find that Jesus was to have come to earth to be sacrificed, That was made up by the church to create a belief that Christians owed something. There was no Jesus but in writings. And it is known that statues of Serapis were used as statues of Jesus.

  8. I really wish you'd dealt with the Hadrian letter differently.

    1. The people proposing this argument disagree that Christianity started in 30 AD so that's not an argument to them.

    2. Forgery or not what Hadrian said is not remotely what they're making it sound like he said. He was not saying that Serapians were officially called Christians, he's saying that everyone in Egypt borrowed from other so much they were no longer distinct.

    I have a Blog post on this subject.

  9. Christianity say before anything, if you want to be a Christian you Must BELIEVE in your heart that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior You willingly play this games with Religion, it's Bull

  10. First I want to say this is a great video, who's the creator of this video thank you, and this is one of the reasons why I tried to tell so-called Christians, the people who followed serapis, they were called Bishops of Christ, so there were already a people 200 Years BC, calling their selves Christians, but we know that there were a physical people call Israel or Hebrews, in the Old Testament we also know that there are prophecies of our Hebrew Messiah coming to redeem the children of Israel, and he is our Hebrew Messiah and he came to redeem the 12 tribes of Israel, Romans destroyed Solomon's Temple in the year 70 AD, so you have Romans and Greeks, who destroyed the Hebrew peoples culture and there way of life, and made religion out of the Hebrew people's customs and way of life through the Torah,

  11. Try again bro . If you're deliberately trying to be simplistic I get your approach however there are some real historians in cyberspace. The lamb & bull comment for example, they're both part of the zodiac. They both represent aeons of time . Note the Israelites worshipping the bull aka golden calf when Moses was absent . Do more research & you'll find your Jesus was created by roman pagans 300 years after a Judean man possibly named yahashua challenged his people, the tribe of Judah the follow the laws of Moses. That's it end of story.

  12. Well, just like there's no evidence that Jesus in the NT was an actual person. Is there even one person from that time who says they knew Jesus? Who says he looked like this, or talked like that? Maybe he was all that, and did all those things. There's just no evidence for it. I love how you talk about the anachronisms that these Jesus deniers have in their accounts. Sort of taking a page off their playbook aren't you? I mean the New Testament and the Bible in general. Talkabout anachronisms, about inconsistencies, about contradictions – my God!

  13. Extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence. Regarding Jesus' actions, the historical evidence is extraordinarily poor.

  14. Yeah and was it Pliny the younger who was a officer in Turkey didn’t know who these Christians were and he was also alive around 125 AD. He held many offices yet never heard of them .

  15. Only the True will stay!! Jesus stay! not Serapis, not Horus or Zeus IR els! Jesus is the true !! only the true survived everyting! wäre are there followers from this fals Gods? Look what the first word of the Thora ( bereshit) is say in the Paleo hebrew!!

  16. I know for sure this guy needs a lot more research to do he is not even 1/8 of the pie as yet.i even believed that the elites payed him to come with that nonsense video.all the evidence is there seraphis christus is Jesus Christ go and future your studies and those who believe in Jesus Christ is God are more lost

  17. Uhm. The lights and bells etc connection assumes that the Christian faith emerged in the 4th century which at that time began use of pagan elements in the development of the liturgy. So the correlation does not work because the early church never did any of that.

  18. Christians worshipped Serapis before Jesus was even born. How could this be? That's all you need to know,to prove Christianity is false. Game over for Christianity.

  19. Jesus prepared hell for the unbelivers so you better accept jesus if not Yahweh Jr will make you suffer for eternity

  20. Here's one sure thing when a nation conquers another nation, they will always think they chosen by God. An example of this is evident today in sport. If a box win, if an MMA fighter win, if a track star tennis star wins they say God was with them. The problem is do you go to far when you make people believe you are God, touched by God , stuff like that. He uses a lot of if's in his discussion. He just said that, if the letter from the emperor Hadrian (stating a connection between Serapis and Christianity was true that the title/Heading would read more like "Serapis cult" Not so fast Inspring where you getting your facts and even trump didn't mean stuff like that when he met Korea's leader Kim Jong un. Most likely the letter would have been more of diplomacy like. The kind of stuff you trying to do and put into people's head is of the past, it know longer holds weight, just for the record that doesn't mean there is no God

  21. Repent from your sins people and be born again, believing is not enough, we need to repent, because that is real faith, Jesus loves us tho that is why he gave himself on the cross, for our sins, repent and let us accept the Lord Jesus,
    You wont regret it.
    He changed my life,
    Let him do the same to you.

  22. if "jesus was willingly sacrificed for the sins of the world" 1:55. why does jesus say "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" … It is the only saying that appears in more than one Gospel, and is a quote from Psalms 22:1. This saying is taken by some as an abandonment of the Son by the Father.

  23. bruh there is no evidence of jesus ever existed and the story of Christ is not the first story like that theres mythra horus krisna and what difference would it have made if the emperor had written the letter at 134 AD the truth is the truth especially after the destruction of the library of Alexandrea. you wanna make the argument that everyone looked like jesus because of a beard YET THE IMAGE OF WHITE CHRIST ISNT EVEN HIM it was the son of a pope Cesare Borgia. "by this logic" i didn't know whether to laugh or cry

  24. Both are from the Greco-Roman era. JeZues is just the latest homosexual god from Esau.

    Clean shaven is also a Roman tradition.

  25. I'm waiting for absolute proof that Jesus actually existed. You haven't proven your point either way. If Jesus walked on water, why isn't the event chornicaled in historical records? If Jesus really raised Lazarus from the dead, why isn't the event documented anywhere else but the Bible? The Catholic Church invented Christianity and Jesus Christ. Jesus is not the Messiah foretold in the old testament. Christianity is a religion created to enslave the minds of people. Hell is also an invention of the Catholic Church.

  26. My favorite takedown of comparative religion—though that may not be precisely the thesis of the book—is ‘The Everlasting Man’ by GK Chesterton

    Anyone who has not read that little book is certainly poorer for the fact.

  27. People believe Jesus was "derived" from Serapis? Why? Whole populations who saw Jesus' life firsthand followed Him proclaiming His death and resurrection from the time it happened, and would easily be found out if they were copying a well known pagan god; but these "skeptics" trust a forged letter with no support for it's authenticity? They sound desperate to sell the next hoax of "Jesus is a fake" to hordes of bitter unbelievers…

  28. Do we have any pre Christian, before common era sources which agree with and authenticate this letter's claim of "Bishops of Christ" and ancient Egyptian "Christians"?If in 130AD this "letter" post dated Christianity by a century, can they prove the cult's beliefs were NOT copying Christianity's, as the video well pointed out?
    Do they have any of the Serapis cult's belief systems in alignment with the atonement of Jesus, or any way of proving Christianity copied from it?

    Maybe such proof would undermine the product they're selling….

    If they are using a fourth century letter riddled with historical errors, it's safe to say this is their only source, they have nothing older; and are building support for their preconcieved theory using the only percieved support they have.

  29. But most of the Bible was written or at least edited beginning ad 100+. So when trying to appease all existing religions and groups, it is not absurd to consider that maybe those editors have attributes of other deities to reach a consensus of what was supposedly true or applicable to cultural needs at least. It's all subjective! And these principles can be applied to the entirety of the Bible! The whole thing could be bits and pieces of other religions hashed together to suite a purpose of controlling masses.

    I'm a Christian. Born an raised. But, the more I learn… the more I realize that so much has been added and taken away and especially based off of sun worship and pagan groups.
    Nonetheless, I have always held that there is truth in all religions and that God reveals himself/herself/itself to each person in different ways.

    Please explain the research of d m Murdock and send me a message if you do. Because I'm interested to know from you and many others if you'll be an apologetic or accept their just isn't proof or records beyond two people and even that's subjective.

  30. He wasn't based off Jesus but he existed before Jesus was even born and Christians worshipped the deity. There is no way around that. Christianity is a false religion.

  31. PSALM 84:11 GOD LORD IS A SUN.



  32. i just have to say ,Christians are not of God,cause if they were,none of the vile evil things they did would have been done,its all out of the whore of the vatican,

  33. Jesus is an allegory for the sun’s precession cycle through the 12 zodiacs. Christmas is a pagan tradition to mark the winter solstice.

    However, the teachings are what’s important and sadly most christians have no clue what the parables “he” taught even entail

  34. They are the same christic spirit incarnated in different times of history ,, es an energy that comes from another plane to help us to remember what we really are, they are one and the same like us

  35. Serapis is a great example of a divine figure being created by man with the intention of uniting two peoples. It’s evidence that gods have been manufactured by man.

  36. I call bullshit, King Tut you can dig his bones up from 10,000 years ago and dinosaurs enough said..But you didn't see Jesus bones?.. I don't understand that 1?

  37. Then the same argument can also be made…. There is no historicity of Jesus' status of deity, by the fallacious claims about Sarapis' deification.

    1) Did a man we refer to as "Jesus" exist? – Probably, but not definitely according to MOST modern historians.
    2) Was that same (probabe) man crucified under Pontius Pilot? – Yes, there is evidence to support such a man.
    3) Is that Jesus a risen savior and deity? – Unknown and nverifiable. There is no evidence to support this claim… None!

    The Bible is a book of claims, not history or evidence. The biblical claim of over 500 (supposed) witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus is not, in any way probable, let alone fact.

    Did Jesus live and die? – Probably, but not definitely.

    Did Jesus die and live? – Probably not, but that claim absolutely requires actual and significant evidence to be held as a reasonably accepted epistemological or religious belief, rather than an opinion of ridiculous ethos by mythos.

  38. This guy will piss on your shoes and tell you it's raining. He'll expect you to believe him and will be surprised if you don't…so sad and funny at the same time.

  39. You're biasses are showing. I'm all about challenging historical notions, but this come off as christian propaganda rather true historical analysis. To make exaggerated claims into the illegitimacy of historical influences, by truly only referring to something as "absurd" or "ridiculous", your argument is weak at best. I recommend you reproach this topic with that in mind.

  40. yes they were called christians , chirst is a greek word, cistos. in the tomb of mereruka he is depicted with a lamb around his neck, hundred of years befor your jesus ,

  41. Most of the people in the World do not want Jesus to be real, because if he is they are responsible for their actions. And in a world where the temptations of fleshly lust is so great, Jesus is basically seen as the party popper so to speak. I am not wasting my time with them.

  42. Hermes was the Shepherd and his Image always had him carrying a lamb. Hermes is Thoth from Egypt. Hermes was adapted by Pagans first, then Christianity in the 1st Century. Hermes also had 10 Commandments, and a Book of Revelation. Hermes commandments were from the Egyptian book of the Dead. Moses got his commandments from Egypt also. Same thing. Then Horus the Sun god was also adapted into Jesus. so… All religions come out of Egypt. Hermes was also Enoch and Enki.

    Jesus is….

  43. Both of these "images" are false!!.. What part of "Thou shalt not have any graven images" do you Gentiles dont understand?.. Thats why I KNOW ISRAEL has not been revealed, cause the book or the Oracles of The Most High has not been revealed to the sheep!!. The mystery of iniquity is at hand ppl!??

  44. Serapis was introduced to North Africa between 325BC & 235AD, if i remember correctly. So the Serapis saga started before & continued after "the year of our Lord" if i may say it so….
    Ptolemy Soter whom is the image of Serapis brought Christianity from Alexandria. Serapis was created to bridge all that was seen as religion as means of control over the people's/prisoners of war in Africa

  45. Your videos are so biased, you do not look at enough sources and your faith blinds you for any other evidence to the contrary

  46. ummm by that logic all books accepted in the bible we should disregard because they all came almost 100- 200 years after

  47. ??‍♂️ Typical Christian rushed job to dismiss real history. Yes, you're right about only one thing, the story of Serapis and Jesus are not the exact same in writings and events. However, Serapis was a consolidation deity of Hellenistic Greeks and Jesus was the exact same for Constantine and the 4th century Church. The Greeks first took attributes from other Gods of defeated Tribes and associated it to the Imperial deity Serapis for political and ritualistic control of all it's regions. Just like any modern corporate acquisition, the buying company enforces their customs and standards on the purchased company. The Romans continued the same Greek Hellenization process with Jesus from Serapis. The church at the Counsel of Nicea took Serapis aspects of Zeus (Son of God) Dionysus (wine), Poseidon (storms), Asclepius (healing), Osiris (dying), Hades (grave/underworld), Apis (resurrection), Helios (ascension to heaven) and added Roman deity Mithra (supper cult ritual), Gaul/Celts deity Esus (carpentry) and Phoenician deity Iedoud (Only begotten) myths to the new and improved Jesus story. Here the real kicker, all of the places Jesus supposed had traveled is the exact path of Caesar Augustus, another poetic savior. The story of Jesus is just another new remixed version of Serapis. You religious zombies can't even pull not one of your prophets out the ground nor any writings before the Greeks in the 4th century BCE to prove your religion existed, let alone a Jesus. You'll need to read a book or something. Damn!

  48. That’s not why they didn’t cut their beards, what ancient records did you use to prove Jesus exited

  49. i think your timeline is wrong . Greek created serapis, so he existed before Jesus, and if and when the image of Jesus was created, i believe serapis has some possibility to inspire the creation of the image of jesus. but the true image of Jesus is not in those churches because he is not white.

  50. You dont know. None of them ever existed. Not even Muhammed or Krishna. You have a lot to study. Not even Jesus existed. No historical record outside the fake Bibles

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