Jesus vs. Zoroaster

Jesus vs. Zoroaster

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  1. THE good religion is Innate and the forms and virtues of Innate Wisdom are of the same stock as Innate Wisdom itself

  2. You might be misdirected. You should make this video to compare Jesus and Mithras and show how Christians copied Mithraism. As a Persian scholar I assure you that each popular religion is based on Persian ancient books, stories and myths. Most of The information you gave are all written in Mithraism and not Zoroastrian true scholars. I'm not into religious things but it seems that Zoroaster was the true one. He had a normal life with his family and Patriots and was the first person who distinguished Goodness (Ahuramazda) and The devil (Ahriman). He never wanted to be dominated or insert his love to people's head. Achaemenian Shahs were Zoroastrian and because of that you may realize why all kind of religions were free in their era and why they are the Godfathers of Human rights, specifically Cyrus The Great.

  3. In the Persian belief system pestilences diseases things like that where the acts of demons and devils evil spirits

  4. Hey so essentially what you have evidence of is two religions worshiping the same God. And quite possibly a God that has been incarnating itself throughout time. The consistency of the way points to the same entity not copycats but consistency

  5. I put all my faith and hope in Jesus as my rock and joy so it best be authentic! Besides we have the holy spirit and walking in power identity and gifts! The other religion doesn't. So Jesus proves he is alive!

  6. Has anyone heard of Edgar Cayce's readings? According to Cayce, the entire Christian Bible is the story of the Christ-soul's long struggle to attain Christhood – the perfect unity of the human with the divine. The incarnations of the Christ-soul were as follows… Amilius the ruler of the lost civilization of Atlantis; Adam the first "son of God" and "son of man"; Enoch the patriarch who journeyed to heaven to receive mysteries; Hermes the sage and architect of the Great Pyramid; Melchizedek the mystical High Priest and and ancient King of Jerusalem; Joseph the son of Jacob who became the Prince of Egypt; Joshua the leader of the Israelites into the Promised Land; Asaph the music director and seer who served under David and Solomon; Jeshua the scribe of Moses who helped write the Torah; Zend the father of Zoroaster who founded the Zoroastrianism religion; and finally Jesus the Christ who overcame death and will return again to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This really resonated with me, if the Bible is our manual on how to live and unite with the divine, it seems the Bible is telling a story of a souls journey on Earth in its many lives. Here's the website explaining better than I can.

  7. History can repeat itself even can change declare fates / destiny upon incarnations or reincarnations. Look at the coincidences JFK and Lyndon B Johnson between Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin fates…. JFK looks as if he is related to Hamlin and Lincoln looks very much related to Lyndon. As a reminder to all, EVERY president and vice presidents are all related to each other. Moses, zora, jesus and Muhammad are indeed related to each other as well.

  8. I am having some doubts over the reliability of the Jewish texts since during Persian captivity many claim that it was because of this that prophecies emerged about the messiah, resurrection, etc. What are your thoughts on that?

  9. It is 21 century.
    Animals were smarter and had no religions had they had human anatomy.
    After all scientific discovery , no evidence of flood,exodus, all these myths, still people tend to like myths and Mysticism over reality. Zarathustra was also a myth like Jesus and Moses. Only Mohammad lived. And you know the rest, He thrived over myths and Mysticism already existed.

  10. For analysis on a subject it is best to find an unbiased source who can look at it from a purely academic level. Wish me luck finding such a source in this world , lol.

  11. Zoroaster was only a good Prophet, but Lord Jesus is king of Universal, the Messiah, and still has power over the world. Surprisingly, two years ago I had supernatural experience with God – Lord Jesus, asking me to record what I receive, the good news is, he appeared to so many people, giving them healing and knowledge, – Lord Jesus said I am the way, and the truth and life No one comes to the father – Allah except through me. John 1:4 he also said I am the Alpha and Omega. Rev 22: 12.

  12. It says Final Judgement is being performed by a committee of lesser beings. When is this final judgement gonna happen? Are they waitting for something to occur first? Are they waitting for the Resurrection and then the Final Judgement?

  13. you left out important information 1 they try to kill baby Zoroaster ,They try to kill baby Hercules ,they try to kill baby moses ,they try to kill baby Jesus , 2-/ I be BACK after dead STOLEN from Zoroaster ,battle between forces of light & darkness STOLEN from Zoroaster

  14. All religion is bullshit..religion is base on taken.beating and enslavement over one group of people.but give you a god in the after life

  15. Judge by the fruits produced. I find many acceptable tenets and practices in Zoroastrianism which do not offend and appear to support the working of the Holy Spirit in this world.

  16. back in the late 18th, through the 19th century, it was popular to claim, among certain segments of skeptics (for lack of a better term), that Christianity was just like ancient paganism… that it was copied from some original superstitious cult. this is a corruption of two (also no longer fashionable) ideas… one from protestant anti-Catholic writers (which argued that Catholicism was an aberrant spinoff of "true" Christianity, assumed to be the Protestantism that the writers believed in, which had been corrupted by pagan ideas at some point) and another from anthropologist types (who argued modern secularism or liberal religion, was an evolutionary progression from conservative religious monotheism which was an evolution from polytheism which was an evolution from primitive superstitious animistic or tribal religion, so called primitive religions as practiced by developing nations and conquered peoples) who got it from Christian traditionalists (who had argued that there was always a "true" belief, first from Adam and Eve, then to Noah, then to Abraham, and so on up to Jesus… that there was always only one God and one true religion, which was now subsumed into Christianity, that anyone could reason their way to, and be enlightened by grace into believing). the atheist activists of that era merely took it one step further, in arguing that all of the religions were corruptions of an ancient (superstition) and now we can dispense with all of them in this final stage of enlightenment. they tried to wrap it all up in a neat package. trouble is that these were usually not even scholars, but polemicists, and the more we learn about these ancient religions and the sources for them, the more untenable and simplistic these various popular theories seem. if one has to appeal to a conspiracy theory to make it fit, it shows the weakness of the argument.

  17. these videos are helpful. many of us have know this stuff for a long time, but presenting it here in bite sized pieces hopefully will help educate many who are influenced by the fundy atheist movement into rethinking these "factoids" about Christian origins. hard to believe it's already been 12 years since "Zeitgeist" (and 14 years since "the God Who Wasn't There"). how many young whipper snappers posting today even remember when those were the talk of the day? 16 years since the Da Vinci Code! dang, time flies…

  18. Jesus, Zoroaster, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Mahavira Jina, … all good people. But Muhammad, that rapist, pedophile, vandal, slaver, thief, murderer, was the absolute opposite. Muhammad was a monster.

  19. The prophecy of the savior
    Mankind is that the Savior is not born of the Masculine way, the way of the
    Beast. The Savior is born of the Feminine, is to be born of the spiritual way,
    by way of a ray of Divine wisdom. Noah was thought to be the savior

    of Mankind, as was Mosses and numerous others.

    You see, the savior of

    Mankind will be a Spiritual Being, will be born by design.

    Divine Wisdom is born of the
    Spiritual, the rational mind, not the experience of the Flesh Body.

    The Spiritual body not being
    bound by cause and effect is bound by the

    Spiritual, the Rational mind, Freedom of Mind.

    You will never hear nor have you ever heard a Rational, a Spiritual, person say

    an eye for an eye, a tooth.

    Revenge is not the way of divine Light. Is not the way of Femininity.

    To finish of the prophecy of the Savior to be, the so-called Savior of Mankind must die

    in the Flesh, the Flesh Body must be laid to rest and then to rise to the Heaven, the Spirit to
    return, come back down to Earth so the so-called Savior can walk the Planet Earth
    having both a Physical, Flesh and a Spiritual Body;

    As above so below, as below so above.

  20. 1243 comments all arguing for their own gods. Nobody noticed that all their doctrines were the same. Peace for you all in your anguish.

  21. Zoroastrianism actually came from ancient Mesopotamia. It was the same religion adopted by Abraham after he left the land of Ur. The land of Ur is Sumer. Monotheism at the time was not popular. What irritates me the most is when theists go with what works with their own narrative. But history shows that the bible itself was plagiarized time and time again. At least 450 transcribed and edited versions with the KJV coming out on top. Astrology existed long before the bible was written and is even elemented in the bible with Joseph and his 12 brothers, Moses and the 12 tribes, Jesus and the 12 disciples. All of them usually ushering a new age system. I like how this video does discuss elements of history even during the BC era, but research like this needs to be unbiased. You're not telling the whole story.

  22. This is kind of a ridiculous argument since we know very little about the prophet Zoroaster. Here is what we do know; the Magi, who were followers of Zoroaster, were specifically seeking Jesus. "When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, they bowed down and worshipped him. Then they opened up their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another route." (M2; 1-12) They knew Jesus was important, so much so they sought him out over a long distance, they were overjoyed they found Him, gave him gifts. They worshipped Him and protected his location / identity from Herod. They recognized Jesus for who and what he was. This is in itself is miraculous!!

    So the rub with the Christians is that the Zoroastrians allegedly believed that a great prophet was born about every 1000 years. The theory goes that the Magi were looking for a star to appear because it was about that time since the last great prophet walked the earth. Here is what is crazy; Christians believe that they have the copyright on the God / Jesus thingy and they are the only ones that know the truth, because the bible tells them so. Funny thing is though, they don't even follow their own bible. They pick and choose what they want to believe and follow, discarding what they don't want to accept. If God wrote Deuteronomy, do you think he just changed his mind about some things? Do you think you can just knowingly sin and Jesus will have your back? Whatever. Don't care. Your salvation is your own problem. There isn't any one and only true religion and everyone else is wrong, God can present Himself to whomever He wants and it would be awful arrogant for us to believe we are that special and he doesn't love the rest of His children just as much as He loves us.

  23. The angel told Mary you will name him YASHUA which has the meaning God saves. Zoraster is just another attempt to confuse ignorant Christians,….he is just another baal.

  24. Or maybe Jesus is the second of their, zorastrians, 3 saviors and they then sent magis, their priest to acknowledge this; and thats been lost my them over time- why else in matthew chapter 10 would jesus tell his apostles to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel?

  25. To all y’all saying Christians stole this religion ur dumb as hell, we got our religion from Judaism…. stoopid

  26. Zora teach :
    ~Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta, which mean: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

    ~There is only one path and that is the path of Truth.

    ~Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and then all beneficial rewards will come to you also.

    completely apposite from Islam. islam is full of sex, war, slavery and peace in their own terms.

    the same with Christian. Judaism Religion is full of BS

  27. The most severe crime – among many – by Christendom, is the eradication of other religions, philosophies and cult practices in the Christened world; after centuries with only one version of "wisdom" literature in the western world, people don't know that virgin birth was common place to Gods and spiritual leaders and the similarities among religions were abundant, syncretism prevailing along for thousands of years across cultures; it's a real pity of course that this knowledge was brutally subdued that people today are left with such poor sources of information on spiritual subjects throughout the Christian world – pathetically rambling about in blindness – yet self-assured as always with the Church.

  28. Ok. Zoroaster lived before Jesus. Most teachings were passed down through word of mouth. Especially a religion like Zoroastrianism that didn’t take converts. Going purely based off the written work is a little ignorant. Most stories in the Bible didn’t happen. But the ones that did were often not written about for 100 years or more after the event occurred. So one could argue similar things about the Bible. All religions have taken bits and pieces from each other in the same way that architecture has done over the years. Mainly because they are both man made.

  29. Zoroaster was Prophet Baruch the Scribe. Zoroastrians worship our creator, God Father (Ahura Mazda) and thr God Son (Atar) ie, the Jesus Christ (M'Shiha).
    Angura Mynu is none other than the leader of fallen wicked angels Satan. He will be judged. St Baruch aka Zoaraster prophesied about the manifestation of Holy Logos (Atar, Fire, Christ, The Son, M'Shiha) in flesh and called him Shayoshant. Jesus is the prophesied Atar and Shayoshant.
    Zoaraster (Baruch the scribe) also taught them about the end times, destruction of evil, and the resurrection of the creation.

  30. It makes no difference which religion copied who first. There are examples of even earlier polytheistic religions with similar stories of savior figures.
    NO CONTEMPORANEOUS historical evidence recorded by any scribes and historians known to have existed in the supposed time of Jesus.
    No Roman, Greek or Jewish sources.
    They are all inventions, mirroring each other.
    Christian believers continue to use this sort of reversed conjecture to debunk conclusive historical evidence and support their bronze age superstitious dogma.

  31. JUST WRONG FACTS! GATHAS (the hymns of zoroaster) are the core textes of Avesta and are proven by linguistic modern and unbiased researchers older then many judaistic textes. Actually your claim zoroster lived something about 500 to 1000 BC is based on racism and false conclusions of european colonial historians assuming that The king Vistasp mentioned in Avesta supporting Zoroaster should be the same ancestor of king Dariush and so rthey dated zoroaster totally wrong! it was an attemp like you to discredit the fate! and history of iran !! and that is actually proven wrong because that name was a common name in iran ven not actually had same prononcation! bBy the linguistic analysis of Gathas comparing to other indo.iranian and indo european textes ususaly now zoroaster considerd to live something about 1500 to 2000 BC ! Actually judaism has been influenced by zorotrians during the persian world empire!! just read your old testament!!!

  32. Get your History intact.. BC n AD is for a reason?
    There are no evidence about Zarathustra? Is only because all the evidence were burnt-out.. by the Christians n Arab's.
    His history goes as back with the Hindu's of India.
    What are you trying to prove?
    Or just get recognition in YouTube.. wanker

  33. A pile of junk. Zorastrianism is THE oldest religion that predates Christianity and Hinduism and has survived till today. Please recheck the facts.

  34. When was the new testament written?! I think it was done at the same time as that manuscript you mentioned because the Vatican said this was done about 400 years after Jesus…
    It's so annoying how the Christian church screwed our historical records, bastardised actual scrolls and managed our view in their favour
    It's clear nearly everything we know is corrupt bs…
    Also, isn't it official historical belief that Jesus is more than one person?

  35. It is a fact that Zoroaster lived between 1200–1000 B.C.. He copied his  monotheistic beliefs from
    Akhenaten who died around 1336 B.C.  Akhenaten was the first monotheistic believer.
    The Persian Empire had great trade and exchange of ideas with the Egyptian empire. This is how Zoroaster was introduce to monotheism.

  36. Christianity didn't copy zoroastrian intentionally. This is the evolution of religion throughout the ages. Just proves again that religion is fake..

  37. I can see all your arguments, and it is pretty sad. We are in the end times, and those in darkness really need to find light. You can say what you want about Christ, but I was a complete dick until I found him. Just ask yourselves. Was Christianity a highly influential religion for the past 2000 years? and since it has been so popularly mocked does it feel like it is getting hotter, and closer to the end? I don't know, but I think so.. You can call us Christians crazy, but we have hope, and not eternal darkness, or reincarnation on to a desolate earth.

  38. In Islam..we were believe God Almighty were sent around 124000 Prophet and Messenger starting from Adam a.s ending with Prophet Muhammad s.a.w…and from that number,25 Prophet/Messenger were mention in Quran or Hadith and all Muslim should know 25 name of them…including Moses,Isa(Jesus),Abraham,Jacoob and other…In Islam never mention Zoroaster as a Prophet or Mesenger..but never rejected it if he is the truly prophet because there still 123,975 Prophet or Mesenger were unknown their name…

  39. So according to your seemingly biased “research” nothing of Zarathustra must match the original faith which existed well before Christ was born. Also you seem to be extremely selective in what you’ve picked to show in the video… which makes it very difficult for the audience not to be revolted by its contents.

  40. Notice you said menu script lmao “PAPER” lmao ? Evidence is on the wall . There are no Herbrew, Christans or any of that type of” shit” on anyone lmao too old for Jesus Christ the morning star

  41. Zoroaster…No evidence for this claim , no evidence for that claim…yet Christian's put all their eggs in the bible because that is all they got… and half of that is written by unknown authors and they are completely happy to accept all of it…

  42. but jesus did stayed in India for years..And he probably learning abt zoroasterian and bring the teaching to his hometown.

  43. If u wanna know who is Zoroaster i should tell u he is the same Abraham n we have his Kaaba who in Koran tells about it in shiraz but rarely people knows about it cause after islamic arabs attacked persia in 1400 years ago they erased all the evidences of many facts n thats why we had two century of silence after doomed invading of arabs so as we knew after noah the first man who believed in god was Abraham( Zoroaster) he had to prove himself with going through fire( a traditional of Zoroastrianism to prove your righteous), the time all people went out of their villages he broke the totems( in each new year( nowrooz)12 days after whole people should go through nature (the only tradition of middle east which one day in a year people should all go out from their towns n their houses cause they believe world age is 12thousand years n after that get destroyed n they should pass the 13th in nature) n many other signs and then Cyrus the great(they call it Zolghrnein in Koran ذواقرنين) which was came from the same root of Abraham n many other things which if u research more every puzzles in history gonna perfectly solve ! Any ways as an Iranian/persian we all love Zoroaster(Abraham) , jesus n whole prophets who came to us to assure us something kindest gracious upon us all and exist in our all hearts?peace be upon all faithfuls n even non faithfuls ?☘️❤️

  44. These silly arguments again? I thought the funniest one was saying Jesus was a cheap knock off of Horus. Horus literally gets his penis chopped off and thrown into the River and has a Bird’s head JUST like Jesus. It’s practically the same story. Then they throw in December 25th as if the gospels or even the Bible EVER mention that date. Did you also know Hitler was a myth based on Napoleon? Think about it, they both drank water, they both had legs, they both ate food

  45. Zoroaster is part of the lost tribes the Kurds are our brothers.

    Zoroastorism definitely influenced John the Baptist and John the Baptist definitely influenced them most likely many of them became his disciples.
    This is God's Spirit beginning to reveal the mystery through ppl in time I don't believe it's Christianity is counterfeit.
    But today we have the counterfeit christianity.

    Now look at the KURDS and they're persecution and they're betrayal by president trump and now as we speak are being slaughtered. They are a long lost tribe and know God more than us so called christians

    What if I told you Jesus was completely naked on the cross?
    What do we beliee?
    Or better yet what does Babylon have us believe.

  46. Nope. It's great that so much has been dug up literally as of late. Especially in Israel. I looked into this as a youth and it was interesting but ultimately empty. One way to God via Jesus Christ. Not that many prophecies left until his return. Amen.

  47. Off course both were messenger, but as you said books of both Christians and zoroastrins are changed. This is what Quran says that people changed Gods books so Quran is last book that no one will be able to change thats the reason its still one all over the world. If Quran say Jesus and marry are human and Jesus was messenger just like Muhammed , isac, sulemon, then why don't you give a try to Quran.?

  48. Faulty analysis.
    Judaism is a copy of Zoroastrianism and from there Christianity and Islam. In fact some sects of Christianity teach same as Islam

  49. This video is disgusting in that you use the word “steal” and you ended your video with “Jesus wins” as if the two religions were competing. I have never heard any Zoroastrian claim that Christians stole their ideology.

  50. Zoroastrianism existed way before Judaism and other monotheistic faiths including small branches of Sabianism,the Prophet Zoroaster existed way before the Prophet Moses but the small portion of eschatology(end times of Zoroastrianism) can now be found in monotheistic religions.

  51. Perhaps, but Christianity, and Judaism before it, is clearly a hodge-podge older beliefs. You'll find a lot of it in Egypt – where some of the New Testament hints that Jesus learned his 'magic'. (And for a brilliant scholarly study of that, I suggest "Jesus the Magician" by Morton Smith.) Read the legends of Gilgamesh too, where you'll find a Tree of knowledge guarded by a snake with a human head that speaks, the story of Noah, nearly verbatim, under a different character's name, and more. The "giants of yore" Genesis refers to may very well refer to Gilgamesh and his buddy, Enkidu. And for another very interesting theory on who Jesus was, read "The Jesus Mysteries" by Peter Gandy – compendium of several "dying god-men who come back to life" all throughout the ancient Mediterranean world: Osirus, Mithras, Adonis, Dionysus and more -plus the difference between all their "Outer Mysteries" and "Inner Mysteries" very close to what the early Gnostic Gospels preached, later persecuted and stamped out as "heretical" by the later Literalists.

    I could give more borrowings from the even older goddess religions, or what's left of what we know of them, but the above is good enough for starts.

  52. No evidence of Zoroaster,
    No evidence of Jesus
    A book itself is a claim, any of the claims have been verified? No.

  53. Fair play to this video for presenting a researched case but I did laugh out loud when I looked at the picture of jesus that was used….a very very prominent halo…….and the halo in western society came from ??? Zoroaster. LOL

  54. Before Islam, the name of Afghanistan was Ariana, which is mentioned in Avesta Ariana
    Zarathustra was born in Balkh 600 years before Christianity
    And Zoroastrian tomb is in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan
    Iran is the old name of Afghanistan In 1935 Reza Shah quoted Shahnameh as the Iranian name on the Persian land.
    Ferdowsi in the Shahnameh of the East?? has mentioned Iran

  55. زرتشت در مزارشریف آریانا«افغانستان» است
    مرگ بر تاریخ دزدان که تاریخ جعل میکنند برای کشور پارسیان

  56. Bruh Zoroastrians are mentioned in the Bible , the Isaiah prophecies , the wise men attending the virgin birth ! God loves them for the fact they worshiped one God first

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