JUDAISM MAY BE NATIVE TO WEST AFRICA | Cambridge University Press | Go Ask Your Pastor – Episode 1

JUDAISM MAY BE NATIVE TO WEST AFRICA | Cambridge University Press | Go Ask Your Pastor – Episode 1

hey what’s up everybody this is Dante
Fortson here with a new addition to the channel go ask your pastor there’s gonna
be episode number 1 Judaism may be native to West Africa but before we get
into that this first episode is brought to you by good old-fashioned Christian
hypocrisy that’s when you build your entire ministry telling black people
that their ethnicity doesn’t matter and then you go on to a black YouTube
channel and then name the ethnicity of every white person in the photo and then
when it comes to the black guy you use a color and then the country where his
kidnapped and sisters were taken so either
the ethnicity doesn’t matter or it does and why didn’t you describe your white
friends as white Jewish and white SACEUR yourself as white Sicilian or the other
guy is white Assyrian but your black friend over here
Ervin Williams you described him by his color and you guys keep saying it’s not
about color but anyway if you guys want some good old-fashioned Christian
hypocrisy hop on over to vocab Malone’s YouTube channel you will find plenty of
it over there all right so what does go ask your pastor all about so my book my
book the black Hebrew awakening at the end of every chapter I had questions for
you to go ask your pastor so what I’m doing now is I’m going to put individual
pieces of evidence into their own shorter videos like this since the
addressing the evidence the videos are so long a lot of people not gonna sit
there for an hour to to look at all the evidence but these are shorter and meant
to be shared so please do me a favor click the thumbs
up button and make sure you share these I want you guys to go ask your pastor I
want you guys to go on the urban apologetics channels I want you to ask
them I want you to ask anybody that says that is black people are not Israelites
I want you to go ask these questions and ask them why they are not teaching the
things so let’s start off with the first one Cambridge University Press
this right here says published in 1985 which I was using so I want to update
that it was published in 1987 this book I’m referring going to refer to today
1987 not 1985 I do want to update that and correct that
so Cambridge University Press here’s a little bit of background for everyone
that is not familiar with Cambridge University Press Cambridge University
Press yoga reached Emma Cambridge org is the
publishing division of the University of Cambridge one of the world’s leading
research institutions and winner of eighty-one Nobel prizes Cambridge
University Press is committed by its charter to disseminate knowledge as
widely as possible across the globe it publishes over 2,500 books a year for
distribution in more than 200 countries Cambridge journals publishes over 250
peer-reviewed academic journals across a wide range of subject areas in print and
online many of these journals are the leading academic publications in their
field and together they form one of the most valuable and comprehensive bodies
of research available today for more information visit journals cambridge org
so as you see it’s a very credentialed university that specialises in
historical research this is important because there are people out there who
call themselves Christians who will tell the bold-faced lie that there is no
evidence that black people are Israelites and yet we find a very
credentialed University and they won’t call them liars so here’s what you’re
gonna have to ask your pastor about this was written by Ulysses santamaría black
Jews the religious challenge and politics versus religion now there are
some very interesting things that he wrote and we’re gonna read some of those
excerpts and then I want you to watch this video again I want you to share
this video and then I want you to go ask your pastor I want you to ask these
online pastors that deny it ask them why they aren’t talking about this or
teaching this so amongst the many religious groups to be found in the
United States one is remarkable and very little-known the black Hebrews this
group shares structural characteristics common to many minorities but is also
distinguished by a dual identity derived from the
experience of slavery and the cultural mix specific to the new world they are
the product of two eventful histories there is the history of their race and
the main events which are well known as black people brought from Africa they
were reduced to slavery then freed their destiny is linked to that of the United
States where they form a second racial community the other history is cultural
that of the Jewish tradition brought by the immigrants from Europe the spread of
this tradition amongst the black community is more difficult to grasp he
doesn’t understand it we will attempt both to improve our understanding of the
interaction of this dual identity with the nature of black American Judaism and
to pay particular attention to the study of the cultural influence of the Judaism
of the Mediterranean Basin on the peoples of black Africa like the
Ashanti’s who were historically in contact with Jews with Jews trading in
these areas these areas of Africa supply vast numbers of blacks forcibly deported
as slaves to the American continent who then are who then are these black
Hebrews who exuse existence was only brought to our attention between 1960
and 1965 notice he didn’t say that’s when it started that’s when it was
brought to his attention they come from the black American world and are mainly
to be found in the ghettos where they claim to be the true believers in the
law of Moses and the descendants of those who concluded the alliance with
yave that is Abraham Isaac and Jacob scattered throughout the big cities of
the East and the center and the center like New York and Chicago there are in
the United States as a whole several thousand blacks who believe in
Judaism so we’re gonna stop there for that one we’re gonna pick up now the
link to this is in the description so you can go through and you can get a
copy and read the entire thing for yourself again this is published by
Cambridge University Press a credentialed University we get to page that was page 217 you get
to page 220 and it reads in the first months of 1879 there was a massive
migration of some 500 or 5,000 blacks to the northern territories of the United
States mainly Kansas in Oklahoma this Exodus was of despairing blacks seeking
a refuge a place where their political rights would mean something where they
would be free from economic exploitation and above all from the dangerous
activities of the Ku Klux Klan one of the members of this Exodus was Benjamin
PAP singleton an elderly and colorful man who led a group of 300 blacks to
Cherokee County Kansas there they founded a colony Singleton’s colony
singleton calling himself the Moses of the exodus of Colored People from 1900
onward North and South Carolina were overrun by black preachers who were
propagating a doctrine according to which the Lost Tribes of the house of
Israel was none other than the Negroes I remember this is from 1900 although this
might at first it might at first sight seem an odd claim it can be seen as
reflecting the beliefs that some black slaves had held during their captivity
when they were interrogated on their origins their destiny so he’s saying
this is corroborated remember this is a university a major credential University
publishing this a historical example supports this hypothesis a slave
uprising took place in Richmond Virginia at the beginning of the 19th century so
now this is the beginning of 19th centuries the 1800s if you don’t know
how that works do some googling but the beginning of the 19th century is the
early 1800s so we keep getting further dates further and further back and this
again credentialed University because some of these guys like all these
credentials so notif nobel prizes and peer-reviewed work isn’t enough no
evidence is gonna be enough a slave uprising took place in Richmond Virginia
at the beginning of the 19th century which was led by a slave called Gabriel
Prosser an outstanding personality who had acquired some knowledge of the Bible
just some knowledge of the Bible he frequently referred to it in order to
convince his brothers that they were the descendants of the Israelites and that
God would free them from slavery as he had their ancestors he had he identified
himself with Samson his favorite biblical character like Samson he wore
his hair long a sign given from God that their lines made with his and it cuts
off there and goes on so again you can download this and read it to yourself if
you click the link in the description so if we go to page 231 same book it reads
it is well known that 1,500 years before Islam Judaism was present in Africa
travelers tales and the stories of journeys across North Africa the Sahara
in the Sudan provide considerable evidence of the existence of Jewish
communities on the African continent we know from the time that the from that
from let me start over we know that from the time of st. jerome
340 to 420 that’s 80 a chain of jewish commercial towns stretched almost
uninterrupted from Mauritania to India st. Augustine learnt Hebrew in Tanza
where there it was a Judea Syrian colony which came from Sarah Nisha these groups
went as far as a car in the southern Sahara and according to the chronicles
of Sudan of the Sudan and the dynasty of kings of Ghana
according to the chronicles of the Sudan the dynasty of the kings of Ghana
originated in this group Jewish contacts and influences with black Africa were
also noted by the Arab geographers I’ve been courted eV and L Vickery who stated
that the roots of the trans-saharan trade with Jewish caravans and
interpreters were involved culminated in Ghana and Nigeria Nigeria cuts off there
now again they’re saying that Judaism is present all over Sahara Africa right the
Saharan and we will run into a lot of these so-called Christian apologists who
claim we are sub-saharan Africa African and even those that aren’t apologists
will say mostly the European ones will say you’re just sub-saharan African and
yet we see here major University publishes and says
Judaism was president a present across sub-saharan Africa or Saharan Africa all
over Africa and we’ll keep reading to page 235 same book in southern Nigeria
the natives call black Jews to strange people on the emo yoke I’m they were
called the Ben I F frame or Ephraim the sons of Ephraim they claim that their
ancestors came from Morocco and this is supported by God B who noted that their
language is a mixture of Maghrebi and Arab
ancient Hebrew and local patois for example Abu meaning father became Yaba
um for mother is close to the Hebrew word these mou claimed Jews live in the
andö district and have a copy of the Torah the study of customs and rites and
the analysis of the semantics of these African tribes have led many of their
observers to purpose some hypotheses and even to draw some conclusions dr. Allan
Age God be reached the following conclusion these factors have a very
specific significance if we consider the presence of Judaism among the American
Negroes hundreds of thousands of slaves were transported to America from West
Africa during the trade which started some four hundred years ago what traces
of Judaism still remain among the Negroes of West Africa at that period to
the extent that they were persecuted they to the extent that they were
persecuted they were more likely than other Negroes to be seized during the
wars and sold as slaves and I’ve mentioned that in my book the black
Hebrew Awakening that the Israelites were targeted for slavery and these same
people who call themselves Christians apologists will not tell you the truth
they just simply will refuse to tell you the truth and here we see a major
university who has won awards for disseminating knowledge that’s their
goal is to disseminate knowledge they are saying right here that black people
Negroes that practice Judaism were more likely to be seized and sold
as slaves in America and yet they say we are making these claims with no evidence
so it is virtually certain that many part Jewish Negroes were among those
sent as slaves to America what did they say what did the university say it is
virtually certain that many part Jewish Negroes were among those Sena slaves to
America and now remember this universities operate operating under the
oppression that the white Jews are legit and the original Jews so in their mind
these Negroes were mixed and in another episode we’re going to talk about how
Jews black Jews ended up in West Africa in the first place again we could trace
all of this to history so I continue from page 235 how many of them would
have been able to conserve some Jewish customs is another question
this conclusion performed by God B which argues for the existence of a more or
less recurrent Judaism in West Africa in the same places as those from which the
Negroes were taken is shared by others such as Maurice della Fosse but most
significantly or more importantly the most important thing it has been adopted
by a class of educated black Americans as the key argument to demonstrate that
the Jewish religion is the traditional religion of Africans brought in slavery
to the American continent that’s from a university so you need to go ask your
pastor why they are not teaching you this stuff that came directly from a
university because you know among the black community a lot of the older
people are always telling you go to school get your education and so a lot
of the older black pastors need to be teaching you stuff from these
universities if they’re telling you to go get your education so do me a favor
hit up your pastor ask them this question share this with them hit up the
urban apologetics community in the groups on Facebook on their YouTube
channels ask them why they are not teaching this truth and why they won’t
address this piece of evidence because it’s been out there and I put it out
there multiple times and they ignore it because they want to attack people
they can’t attack the evidence because attacking a university makes them look
crazy it has too many credentials it’s too big and they are saying that it is
certain that black people brought Judaism from West Africa they are
certain that Judaism may be native to West Africa they are certain that
Judaism was in sub-saharan Africa and all over other parts of Africa 1,500
years before Islam so again this isn’t something new it’s not something we made
up but you guys need to go ask your pastor use hashtag go ask your pastor
when you leave these comments so until next time see you guys later I’m out

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