100 thoughts on “Judge Tammy Kemp gives Amber Guyger a Bible to take to prison”

  1. This trial was an example of how mentally enslaved Blacks in America are. You don't see White families, White judges, or White court officers begging or giving out free hugs, giving away bibles, and petting the hair of convicted murderers. This was display of reinforcing and maintaining White Privilege and special treatment.


  3. Obviously nothing to do with race in the courtroom, as opposed to some closed minded public opinions. A wonderful act of kindness and forgiveness initiated by Botham's brother, which spread throughout the courtroom, no matter the job role. The judge maintained honor in showing humanity. Anybody that thinks otherwise can stew in their own self loathing negativity alone.

  4. Wow, these two black outstanding human beings teaching the rest of us and showing the forgiveness of Christ in action. I know this will not go unnoticed by heaven. May the grace and forgiveness of Christ follow them always!

  5. Stop approaching cops that say freeze. Following protocol is crucial for your life if YOU CANT LEARN TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS

  6. I liked Judge Kemp. I thought she did a great job especially sorting out the "experts" who werent. That said: how do we know AMBER didnt have a bible to take? I'm confused about this situation. I really am. Would Judge Kemp have hugged a black male former cop who shot a white blonde female on her couch eating ice cream? Something seems REALLY amiss starting with the HUG. Kind, yes, caring, yes,….. Somethings wrong. Sorry.

  7. I thought this was very unprofessional of the judge to do that, they have Bibles in prison, as the judge, you do your job, facilitate the judicial process and keep it moving.

  8. I thought the judge did her job and remained fair and in line with the law…until the hug. However, before I place my opinion I wonder have the judge did this before to others who have stood before her in court?

  9. What business does a judge have in giving someone a bible and telling her to turn to Christ. What a bunch of nonsense proselytizing

  10. It is impossible to know exactly what was going through her mind before, during, and after the shooting.
    Unless you have experienced exactly the same, one can only guess.
    I was involved in a fatal auto accident 12 yrs ago, an innocent bystander waiting to cross a street.
    I was hit broadside, my truck hit him.
    Lost my basset basset hound as well
    All I have / had is images of the entire incident.
    Saw a shrink for a while, was told "To protect itself, your mind shuts off"
    People say they have no recollection, it's true.
    Detectives told my head was in my windshield. You pushed it out 2 inches.
    HUH?? I adamantly stated "My head never touched my windshield"..
    I swore that up and down until I recovered my truck weeks later only to see what resembled a large 8" x 5" x 2" blister on my windshield where my head struck.

    Who knows what transpired through her mind.

    Granted, there were a number of options, however, in any given out of the ordinary situation, you act accordingly to your natural gifts. Whatever they may be. Fight or Flight, etc.
    There are no winners here.
    Her life is over. 10 years, out in 5 – maybe.
    Don't be fooled. 10 years is a long time.
    10 years of missed birthdays. 10 years of missed Xmas Eves, 10 years of family and friend events, plus missing funerals of loved ones. Specifically, your parents if they are still alive and happen to pass away during your time away.
    Before you go off saying 'Well he's dead at least she's still alive".
    Botham IS dead.
    Retribution is for family peace of mind.
    He knows nothing of birthdays, Xmas, not even life or death.
    He never knew and doesn't know about life.
    He is as he was 10,000 years ago and will be along with all of us 10,000 years from now – no existence.
    There are winners here..
    Sadness and tragedy across the board.

  11. Lord have mercy, is it a curse to be the mothers and fathers of civilization? We are the most patient, and forgiving people period. We have been killed in the billions, and we still love, and we still forgive. Yet and still they call us savages.

  12. The verdict was correct, but the sentencing was way too lenient. Let's change the scene. Botham Jean kills police officer, is found guilty and in a few short years, there will be one less Texan.

    P.S. Amber should have told the judge that she doesn't read fiction.

  13. Jean Botham's brother and the judge in the case are showing what rehabilitation looks like. Our criminal justice system is about punishment and revenge. We don't fix people and make them a member of society. We lock people in boxes and make them super predators and then we release them so they can commit more crime. Our system is broken!

  14. A Kelontre Barefield, 23, kills a police dog, receives 45 years. Amber Guyger murders a black man in his own apartment, receives 10 years, a bible, and a hug. Only in the United Snakes of America…

  15. "ANOTHER!

  16. That bible says a life for a life, a tooth for a tooth. How is this justice to the victim, she took a life and can't bring it back, why should she keep her life, why should she be given a chance at life again. Humans are backward. A MAN WAS KILLED.

  17. The judge is more sympathetic to the murderer than to the family victims. American Justice is officially now a joke.

  18. It’s sad that not all suspects are shown this level of compassion. I’m not mad that she was given this sort of response. I just wish, and hope, this would be the norm. The more we can connect with people while still making them pay for their crimes, the better.

  19. Oh Lord, please love and protect our white peoples. Please protect them with all your might so I can brush their hair when they's having a bad day. Please Lord Please. They know not what they do when they be killing on us like that all the times. Deep down, I knows they didn't really mean it.

  20. This story is about forgiveness. In no way is she a victim. She is discovering the impact of her wrongdoings. To be told you are forgiven is emotional. Especially when you know how badly you messed up.
    Once again, I don't think anyone here is treating her like she is a victim in need of coddling. She is forgiven on her way to something new. This is Grace. This is Christ. This is Love.
    Anyone who says differently does not see. May your eyes be opened.

  21. Oh I'm sorry Amber oh I'm sorry that I hurt you baby yes I am the judge but I'm so sorry that I hurt my baby and then I let them hurt my baby let me kiss you Lord knows I didn't mean to let them hurt my baby my sweet and beautiful blonde Amber oh Lord help me please my baby is going to jail take this Bible child and be safe my beautiful blonde baby Lord please help me oh baby let me bake you Moma Kemp apple pie it always makes you feel better remember you still my beautiful blonde baby(Unbelievable)

  22. I wonder if that judge has given any black folks a hug and a Bible after their sentencing. I think I know the answer.

  23. Pandering to the police. Bibles don't belong in court. Religious people want to infiltrate everything and then cry victim.

  24. Judge was out of line and unprofessional .
    You are not suppose to have contact with a defendant immediately after a verdict and show emotion with them .On top of that she gave the racist witch a Bible . Separation of church and state.A person in highvposition of authority is not suppose to introduce religion into their job.
    How would Christians feel if the judge handed her the Koran ?

  25. Yeah that was some BS. That would never happen if roles were reversed. She gets 10 years and will probably walk in 5 pure BS!!!

  26. Unacceptable by the judge, that woman will throw away that Bible. Exceptional Thinking podcast on Spotify, Google, Anchor, radio public etc

  27. Botham's brother's extraordinary choice to forgive released such grace in that courtroom. None of us deserve God's forgiveness, but we need it. Jesus forgave the criminal hanging on the Cross beside Him but didn't take away the consequences. 10 years does seem short for taking the life of a wonderful young man, but seeing God's grace at work in this courtroom blows my mind. I'm heartbroken for his family, his mom… Can't imagine what I would feel if this were my family or my sibling was murdered, but I hope and pray I could be like Botham's brother and this Judge.

  28. Why do white supremacist murderers get treated with so much mercy!!!!? This is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. This judge needs to fired and disbarred.

  29. John 3:16?? Thats for the ppl of Israel not gentiles or any one else for that matter. People need to stop taking that verse out of context.

  30. The Judge had the audacity to say to Amber Guyger that she did 1 bad thing in 1 moment in time and now has the chance to go on living her life but it was in that 1 moment in time that she stole 1 innocent man's LIFE! Botham Jean is gone forever and yet there was plenty of time for Amber Guyger to receive "forgiveness" and a bible and only 1 moment in time for Botham Jean to receive Real True Justice but no, he did not receive it and now he's gone forever and "forgiveness" got the front seat and Justice got the back seat and that's the truth!

  31. Smh I have a feeling theres something going on behind the scenes with people that are higher up in positions, threatening some lives.

  32. The Judge should be fired she has no business given anyone Hug let alone a murder…A judge need to be impartial

  33. This is God's grace. The Judge is being very sincere and respectful. She is using her freedom to show the love of Christ. The foundation of America. Standing up for goodness.

  34. I love this emotional case……….. I love all people who were involved in this case starting from Judge Tammy Kemp to the family of the deceased….
    It’s all about loving ur enemy as you love urself


  35. If the person that she killed didn't have a gun, then why shot him? I think that she killed him on purpose. She's racist. Period.

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