Kanye West Jesus Is King Review

Kanye West Jesus Is King Review

okay cloud daddy back on the set
gleaming this is the star report I’m your host Troy terrain pka star yes
PK a publicly known as star okay anyway okay um I’m gonna take it easy on you
tonight yeah the title got some of you shook
already look at you I need some Christians on the line tonight I mean
some some real Christians I’m not talking about you know little play play
Christians huh I’m going there I’m going there Kanye West yay let me jump out the
window right now and say yay got focused on you niggas whoa ninth studio album
Jesus is king fire fire I don’t know if it’s a masterpiece because I’m not
mystified so I can’t really like you know really really feed into it but I
have to respect the hustle oh he’s hustling Jesus is a business I
say that respectfully whoo I had to listen to this three times and the fact
that I listened to it three times told me there’s something here I’ve got my
notes we’re gonna talk that talk tonight huh and a bunch of things with regards
to this project where Kanye got focused for those of you who saw the interview
he did with as aim low from New Zealand at one of his homes out in Wyoming Kanye
is sitting here looking out the window he’s got the computer he got back to the
basics the computer is sitting on on a Walmart table yeah yeah just ripped
everything down and got back to the basics the album what do you think I
want your thoughts if the Tyler is too strong for you just calling us a star I
want to talk about some of the tracks and we can do that huh every hour you
like that track that’s the first one I like that I’ve got my notes here and
Friday when I listen to this the first time around I say you know I’m not gonna
hate just to be hating let me go back and listen again and then I found a
little time Saturday and then yesterday I really took the time to listen and I
just you know I was just absorbing it and I didn’t even realize Friday that he
had Fred Hammond on there do you know gospel music let me look in the live
chat good evening do you know Fred Hammond look at you some of you some of
you be lying do you know who Fred Hammond is he’s amazing What did he say
amazing gah huh yeah okay hey Kiki she says yeah okay um fire fire and the
reason for my title is Kanye West the Antichrist there are some things here I
want to point out to you but I’m gonna try and separate the man from the music
but it’s gonna be a little hard because Kim Kardashian his wife she went up on
the view last month not funny yeah last month in September and she was talking
about Kanye doesn’t have his 501c3 yet you’ve heard me speak about that that’s
a nonprofit organization exempt from federal taxes I’ve got one snitch
Network yeah you have to put in work it took me about a year to get it had to
resubmit the application you have to show and prove that just not let niggas
not pay taxes you know um so he’s hustling did you know that Kanye was
tried to trademark the term Sunday service do you care now I used to say
that Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook was the Antichrist
you know Damian from the music the movie The Omen but Kanye in his interview
again with Zane Lowe in case you saw it if you didn’t don’t worry about it I’ll
bring up to speed a two-hour interview Kanye says at the 56 minute mark I am
the greatest human artist of all time that’s his ego still talking still when
you reach a point of being consumed by the theory of God fully consumed you
become selfless your ego was something you you put aside yes no
huh some people used to say and I’m sure some still do that ego is to exit God
out is that cute but yeah this that’s where Kanye West should be if you ask me
he should not be making statements that he is the greatest and he said in the
interview that’s a fact now I like Kanye West in terms of his ego driven approach
I’m ego driven you know I’m so full of myself there’s no room for the theory of
God you’ve heard me say that before but I want to lay some of these things out
before we get into him the discussion boss chick Ronny is calling in soon
Ronny said I don’t want to misquote her that the new album is trash and I want
opposing views okay Kanye West also said that he is a
Christian innovator also said that he’s gonna become president of the United
States of America I’m sorry hello for those who will always give a shit
there’s a lot here and we’re gonna talk about the album again I got my notes by
just releasing this out so you can know where I’m going with the title why would
a man who takes a pill every day medication why would he want to be the
commander-in-chief when he’s unstable I say that respectfully he’s unstable
unhinged to some degree phone lines open also with regards to the new album Jesus
is king one of my favorite tracks is water I like water
hands on of course featuring Fred Hammond use this gospel featuring the
clips can’t stand them niggas you know that but it’s solid it’s a solid album
Kanye got focused now whether it’s a classic or not I don’t know that’s for
you to decide I didn’t watch anybody’s reaction videos and I wanted to listen
on my own and say okay I I know where he’s going and he’s not going to be
performing his older music any more in concert do you know that so clearly he’s
um trying to really put his back down I’ll just say that you know in
a respectful way but he’s hustling Jesus Jesus is a business huh creflo dollar
try to get 15 million for plain hmm okay other things when I mentioned tonight
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Schuyler Saunders is my sponsor tonight as well second title all you both for
the penitentiary can someone please tell me where that young lady is from at that
PC Richards something to do with trying to take a credit card and swipe it and
and she got caught inside the PC bitches did you see it
me checking the live chat you guys want to talk him out what city what state is
holding that L she said now come get me come get me some nigga came up in the
door faking like he had a gun she ran out they caught him in the parking lot
and she started telling me she said I’ll give you his first name his last name
and she gave it up gave it up sweet so my question to you is are you built for
the penitentiary some people are not I’m not you’ve heard me say on multiple
occasions I’m not scared to go to jail but I just I don’t want to go to jail I
don’t have time it’s a nightmare you know okay okay okay yeah I was in the
gym this morning thank you so much getting buff talk about that later okay
let me get Bostic money on the line shortly I’m hang on a second Ryan let me
just say I mentioned a couple of other tracks here follow god I like that one
on Kanye’s new album clothes on Sunday and you’ve heard me talk about James
Cleveland over the years I like gospel music don’t get it twisted
good music is good music I’m a non believer in the theory of God but I’ve
been a lover of gospel music ever since the early 70s when I went to church with
my grandmother in Durham and they still sing those Mahalia Jackson songs you
know just makes you move so I like good music and this is a good album if you
ask me if you feel different : you don’t have to just talk about the Antichrist
topic but that’s what I’m going all right
your Bostic waiting in line get this thing uh I think she wasn’t I would have
mine did you drop out I think she dropped out Ronnie where are you Bostick
Ronnie I’ve got a 75 seven in the meantime
dream on 75 7 are you there please don’t call me don’t don’t waste my time
good evening area code three one zero welcome out Kanye West is he the
Antichrist did you hear the new album Jesus is king three one zero yeah
good knee good evening okay get him out of there
here’s bullshit Ronnie let me let me slow down maybe I’m doing too much I
have that nap yesterday just fire down is that bullshit Ronnie
area code seven three two good evening hey star am i coming in clear
hey how are you all right yourself are you tonight choice
Jesus is king you said it was trash am i exaggerating yeah yeah it was I mean as I previously
said I’m I’m over Kanye as an artist you know I stopped checking for him and 2011
like good music is good music so I decided to check it out and see if
there’s anything there worth the replay value and I have to say I’m not
impressed enough to replace anything on that album you know I I really did I
went into it hoping to be wowed hoping to hear content that I would want to
play over and over but no nope that was a half hour of my life but you know I
can’t get back okay so Ronnie respectfully do you do do
you appreciate gospel music this is the gospel album this is not R&B this is not
you know it’s not that gospel yeah and you know I do appreciate good gospel
music I was raising about this church so the choir was pretty much a central part
of everything so I I can appreciate good gospel music and I would say there were
a couple tracks that you know would fall under the classification of gospel you
know but the majority of the album was just you know him spitting over a track
okay okay okay so now to answer my other question is Kanye West the Antichrist
are you familiar with what the Antichrist is because I mentioned that
to you earlier where we’re going any thoughts on that
well you know or am i reaching if I may just say start you reach about how much
Bank that well I mean you could certainly make the argument because a
lot of people see this whole Jesus thing that he’s on some sort of gimmick now
while I don’t doubt that Kanye is a god-fearing quote/unquote Christian do I
think he’s playing up the whole Jesus angle to sell records absolutely without
question I think this album is the culmination I think this album is the
culmination of his rebranding of himself you know it’s some sort of holy ruler
but where I go as far as to characterize him as an antichrist probably not only
because I think in his mind he genuinely means well it’s just the problem is that
he’s a self-absorbed narcissist with observable and admitted mental health
issues I have no problem with being a narcissist if that’s who he truly is and
I believe that’s who he truly is I’m no no you know doctor of psychology or
anything like that but based upon my research when I wrote my
objective hate back in 2001 I published it for me in 2000 and late 2006 2007 by
the time a child is 5 years old their personality is already formed so he is
who he is I don’t think that you can oldest son just become you I’m selfless
now and just announced how are you getting money i I think that me well now
hustling and I have no problem with that but I just think that there’s a bigger
plan and if I can also point out did you see the interview with him and uh what’s
the guy’s name he’s from New Zealand pardon me yeah no I didn’t but if I let me just
clarify one thing the problem isn’t that he’s a self-absorbed narcissist the
problem is that he’s a self-absorbed narcissist
who’s presenting himself you know he’s using his platform to represent
Christianity and say you know Jesus is king and hold the Jesus flag so if
you’re a Christian you’re not supposed to be haughty you’re supposed to be
selfless right you’re not supposed to be self-absorbed so that you know therein
lies the contradiction is why it’d be yeah and if I can also just add this
before we bring some calls and Ronnie you know unless I missed it Michael
Jackson never said I’m the greatest Michael Jackson said I am an instrument
of God instrument of God sprang some more calls in and so are there any
tracks you have notes in front of you anything that made you say I kind of
like that what is the whole thing just trashed you Jesus King I mean I like the
choir when you know I think it should have just been an album with you know
the choir they found it amazing and if he just maybe put one verse on a few
songs or something like that you know if he could have just featured a choir that
would have been great but I wanted the oh yeah worth taking note yeah one of
the older con you was huh Jesus
watch that I’m stuck on the old Kanye West it’s that he’s not progressing as
an artist for me I feel like he sort of plateaued a long time ago so when is the
last time he dominated the charts when is the last time people talked about his
album after it was released you know a month later thank you okay all right
let’s bring in some calls we’re talking tonight about the new Kanye West album
if you don’t want to talk about the Antichrist that’s fine area code five
six seven are you there good evening yeah yes screaming how are you sir all
on you I’m good god is good all the time let’s go let’s
go what do you want to start well yeah
I don’t I don’t believe he’s he’s the Antichrist okay I will believe it if you
get to start preaching like how those creatures do I don’t believe in all that
oh the Lord and doing all of that now it’d be something different to me I’m
being looking at him crazy but I think what it is is that you took a hard loss
in his office mommy you had to find something to hold on to so long back in
the church you know a lot of people do that during a life they going to the
streets and they do certain things and you know once they get real hard they
they find a way the church I mean I noticed that with a lot of people and
sometimes they go back to doing what they doing but they still believe in the
Lord but I mean where I’m from I mean Kanye was sitting good cuz I’m from holy
Toledo so I mean okay it will make real he will
make real money here you want Fame do you like gospel music yourself sir you
like gospel music oh yes yes I do I grew up in a Baptist Church as well okay um
that was like the main focal point or the church I believe it was the news
again it was always good but the theory of God and all this from that I mean I
believe sir don’t call it a theory if you believe that never mind my words if
you believe stand on it you believe family no no no I believe in a creator
something created them I don’t believe in that you don’t saying what they’re
putting out here but I mean like I said I’m from all these Toledo so it’s
so every corner here you know so they try to preach that to you and I mean I
thought that’s what I basically think it is you know he had to fire someday he –
hold on – I have no problem with Kanye West finding something to latch on to
him not hating because he’s he’s hustling Jesus you know you got a lot of
white people hustle Jesus on on the black man you
know oh did you hear Jesus is king beyond them we hate actually before I
say this don’t be a dope album so I haven’t hit the time to actually listen
to it you know I said he’s back you could I’m hey so I asked me I
actually haven’t I feel subscribe to my pedal again but my other thing was I
listened to the stickers and I was actually saying that he’s back because I
like what I was hearing so that was the whole thing like yeah I didn’t let me
get put off job I hope they’re remodeling my house and stuff like that
so I haven’t had time but for the most part I was like yeah he’s that I like I
like what I’m here thank you Thank You chef Nicole if you find the time going
listen to it I think it’s fire to bring it every coat 9:08
that’s New Jersey I mean I know we know you there listen man first of all I’ve got to tell
you to start years ago man well you got fires behind 97 I remember you sir I
left hot 97 please get it please get it straight I left the earth would they
offer me nigger pennies jet stream yeah yeah but listen anyway start a point in
my nigga I saw you riding the silver pins on motherfucking Rogers our best
fourth Avenue my main job biggest part I think in this hood with the ring on this so you hold on kanye west’s come on fast
forward King have you heard listen listen listen
this shit is fire how he put the whole concert
because now I’m on the fuck of the genius let’s go he’s a motherfucking
genius everywhere when you say listen every hour you gotta mix the last to
follow God closed on Sunday on God like like you he’s a fucking genius
hey Kirk Franklin is hating right now keep it real yo he actually is Kirk
Franklin on steroids motherfucker he just transcended he took
his whole Wayne and just squash this shit
Kirk is never gonna sell a hip hop again to the crazy I think about it but think
about a star think about it listen what Kanye doing is something that Kirk
always wanted to transcend into it was that okay this is not he wanted to
transcend into hip-hop and pretty much have it instead of having insinuate that
he wanted it to blow up he wanted to get to that point where Kanye yet you know
but again he’s failing that day so much respect to Kirk but yeah with the
hip-hop generation I appreciate the call the second topic did you see that
beautiful video that that young girl in the PC Richards talking about come get
me and then she saw the parking lot like listen baby go in there make these
purchases come out you good man you know she want to start saying it now
they didn’t know cuz she was probably talking that RonRon shit you know before
they went in there yeah we gonna get this get these clothes yeah and when
they had a sit-down she’s telling names they didn’t even have to take you down
to the station right listen that’s one man for you scaring broken
bitches that you get to do these crimes soon as you dig it caught up you know
it’s ridiculous man that’s why I’m telling people to skin
is not the move it’s over which people go fill out a job application at
McDonald’s Burger King go go pass Flyers out who gives me sir don’t stop I hope
and get money now you going someplace else I thank you for the call wait I
don’t be telling people stop scamming the life you save will be your own hold
on a sec let me bring it this looks like an overseas call good evening
this overseas hello hello hey good evening yo can you hear me I can hear
you sir how are you yo how much money do I forgive you forget fucking being off
come on sir can you get focused on the topic watch your mouth and get folks in
the top go get out of here what’s which one is it I don’t look of
that hip Ross get him out of here then your bitch ass I better hear calling
here cursing respect my grizzly I don’t own YouTube I keep telling you that area
code 7 7 3 good evening are you there 7 7 3 star hey can you hear Kanye West
sleep what that’s the question can you hear Kanye let me Jesus is king man let
me tell you man for one Gemini to another Gemini Kanye I know I know what
he’s going through ok you know I’m saying being a Gemini an
easy kind of an easy star it’s just a lot of fucking shit going on
in your mind you wake up one day you think you this person later on that
night you are the whole new motherfucker sir take it easy with the profanity I’m
gonna get you up out of here I’m sorry please I’m sorry I’m sorry
are you a Christian but you know what Christian why I was baptized
ok well tonight tonight’s a Christian night language so now did you hear Jesus
is king yeah did you hear it that’s fire I called you the last week I told you
it’s fire I’m from Chicago I chose you a genius help me get my baby mama back cause
that’s what what’s your favorite track clothes on Sunday yeah that’s a good
time because it’s just that that’s that’s just say that all that we should
just slow down we do too much we don’t just spend everything we need to slow it
down and you know I learned a long time ago
I take Kanye interviews and put them to deal max beats and I get hyped up B of
Kanye interviews that can be a album if you put a Kanye interview to a beat yeah
you get charged yeah up what about the song God is with the James Cleveland
sample what about that one i’ma be honest
ain’t heard the album I’m lying let’s get him out of here folks in your
pussy respect or yeas named tonight come on
I’m not trolling I like the album I think he got focused I don’t know if
it’s a classic yet but I like it hang on a second let me go – I’m superjet creamy
smooth on the check-in says salute to you star Jesus is king is fire Kanye is
one of the most influential artists in music history his impact on the culture
is underrated okay Bush kid good evening sir sends in a
super jet man on the number one living and breathing rock star I am Axl Rose
I am Jim Morrison I am Hendrix to even think they could tell me what to do
Kanye okay yeah so whoop on the check-in niggas take one good picture and use it
for months I’m niggas okay let’s trap did you
misspell that or am I reading it wrong niggas take one good picture and use it
for months I’m niggas okay thank you so much Bubba
wanna check in good evening he says not a bad album that every our intro is
fuckin fire okay he might not be the Antichrist but he will produce his
/her theme song when he/she appears okay t says yo Ronnie
if tank put out the same album as Kanye just did would you keep this same energy
question mark don’t lie Oh Ronnie that’s you no I guess not I I
think what the tank thing people are missing the context of the situation of
what happened but Dennis you know that’s old we’re not gonna go back to that and
that’s fine well let’s go back now you so if tank put out this gospel album you
would say you like it oh no no I wouldn’t say I like it I thought he
meant would I still the comments that I made like would I would I take them back
that’s how I thought he meant the question he or she said would you keep
the same never puts it out if Jesus put this album out himself if he came down
from a cloud and delivered this album to streaming services I would say Jesus put
out a trash album whoa Ronnie talkin reckless tonight folks
so the area code 202 believing 202 is Kanye West the Antichrist – OH – you
there yes good evening yeah I don’t know about the whole
Antichrist argument when would this make it a loss and maybe maybe it is a little
bit of Antichrist conspiracy going on with him teaming up with Trump throwing
on the Hat giving them hugs and whatnot talking about he’s a superhero but oh
you know at the end of the day Kanye is manipulating the market he’s sitting
here using religion as a way to keep motherfuckers my language language
please but um you know I was watching a show earlier and somebody made a really
good point Kanye’s using it to be bulletproof you
know if you don’t like the album you’re not supporting god you’re a hater that’s
what everybody’s saying and truthfully quite sure that’s what
most gospel artists saying you know yeah this is the truth you stay over there
with that secular music this is the truth this is too concentrated for you right right but he’s out here telling
people look you can’t even work on the project unless you avoid premarital say
you know in a tenancy et voila he’s comparing billboards to sex trafficking
I mean I feel for him because he’s really he’s really lost mentally but at
the end of the day like this was all to get him back on track and his musical
career and to be honest the production is horrible you know the lyrics are
horrible ooh yeah I mean it is watered down a thirty-minute iPhone well all of
that hype like killing me though sir can I ask how old you were you calling from
I’m 27 I’m originally from North Carolina I’m in see right now okay do
you know what the Antichrist is or am I am I too deep tonight what is the
Antichrist not to me and I’ve got a simple understanding of it according to
biblical terms what is the Antichrist the biblical terms
yeah I can’t give you that okay I mean in layman’s terms it’s a person who
comes out promotes themselves being godly
you know promoting Jesus Christ but in reality they’re here to basically
destroy everything I mean maybe you can give me more insight on a deceiver
deceiver mmm facts facts facts yeah
yeah yeah that that might align perfectly perfectly with what kind you
got going on right now I uh I mean I mean I don’t think I don’t
even think he put in the type of work that he will put in on previous albums
on this album I mean and I unlisted with an objective here but like what what
song would you replace like Ronnie said like it was nothing I listen to the
album yeah it was nothing that really caught my ear like in on this one
you know what about everything we need featuring ty dolla sign you like that
one no mistakes that was one of the better
ones I was one of the better ones I like the UH what does it follow God he’s like
second or third track on the album he had a nice little lyric where he was
talking about uh you talking about yelling at the rest like George and I
thought that was dope but that was probably the best you know little
lyrical bar in there so yeah I think that the feel like Kirk Franklin’s music look yeah yeah I did back in the day
when I was younger I grew up in the church you know I I used to rock with
the gospel I really didn’t have a choice my parents pretty busy but you lost your
faith yes you lost it yeah I started doing other religions and uh I realized
man you know if you don’t explore other religions if you don’t read the Chinese
proverbs the Quran it’s or then you really can’t be established in your
religion I can testify to other people who played it that you would ideally
want okay so I thank you for the call Oh my second guys okay okay it’s Kanye
West the Antichrist can I get a real Christian online tonight
where’s crime skills that huh Kanye West out here trying to trademark Sunday
service according to the blast calm and other sources why don’t you have that
information or can you can you get it Kanye West he was denied the trademark
yes you and I spoke about this yes okay sure yeah I’ll pull it up okay I’m
gonna go to Kashyap hang on a second I have a Sal hey Sal did I set an email
this evening let me see if I can Sally on the line
it says 102 is that your name Sal 102 or is that – OH – good evening – OH –
either said Sal hey hey trashing his bench right I mean I mean and this is no
disrespect to him I don’t hate him I don’t you know I’m not I’m not hating on
him understand Kalin was I never thought he was I thought he was a great producer
back in the day okay you know what I’m saying but now even
that’s water down I mean so I can’t give him much and he never was I mean let’s
face it he was never like a lyrical he’s never really a miracle guy you know in
my opinion a lot of people and I respect people who think that he is well he had
help and he acknowledged that he had people like consequence and others that
you know helped him right so I’m not I’m not mad at him I mean Drake his head and
still has writers as well so I mean are you just oh you’re just hating just to
hate and have you heard the album oh no no no at least most of it not the
whole thing but I’m not hating like I said I wouldn’t consider myself hating
what I’m saying is how it was I don’t think it I mean I’m just being honest
you know I want you to be honest sir – right right and but but but as far as
him is concerned with this like the interview you know I just I just don’t
like people that Eric liked when he sat there
and said he I forget the exact quote but he said something like he’s it there’s
no question that he’s the best at the 56 minute mark you’re talking about his
interview where he says I am the greatest human artist of all time
that’s a fact that’s he’s like he said it’s a fact like there’s no question
about that I just you know I mean I just don’t like
that arrogance people who are really the best if that’s really the truth you
don’t have to say that you let people okay I thank you for your call so thank
you so much okay hold on a second um Sal I do not see your email are you calling
in because it looks a little crazy it says Sally mow one two and then you have
Garcia 102 I sent an email this evening give me a second man let me see if I can
find Sal’s email what is this Kirk Franklin and denounces
TBN for editing Gospels okay that’s something different pardon me hold on
Ryan let me see if I can find Sal’s email he sent it a donation we slow it
down Sal can you resend your email please I
do not see it let me go to a rondelle hartley on the check and he says snoop
dogg gospel album is better sadly Oh hoo-hoo I I never heard Snoop Dogg’s
gospel album and truthfully I wouldn’t want to listen to somebody send me
something about a gay guy beating up beating up a transgender I’ll get back
to that hey Bonnie you and I spoke earlier do you know where that female is
from and the PC Richards trying to get out and then when she gets out she start
snitching do we find the state is any by claiming her not yet but I’m ready to
just blame her on Brooklyn there’s a piece of Richard news on Barry
yeah there’s a PC bitches in downtown Brooklyn it might have been Brooklyn
that’s Brooke what is missing Wow let me go to North Carolina kay and
awf okay – OH – I think I just picked up a – OH – hold on a second – you fucking
uh I think I just spoke to him I just spoke to him
yo nigger area code point for evening 44 Jesus is king have you heard the new
album if so what are your thoughts boy no sir I was calling because uh Friday
are sending the cash because you were asking about our remedies so I’ll just
call and tell you really quick okay got something to help you drop weight okay
it’s called been a pause SD and n/a P ODS it’s going to help you out man
but if you take it when you do take it you cannot leave the house gonna make
you go but it’s gonna clean you out all right well sorry I have to leave the
house I have to positive right it’s a laxative but it’s really it’s a leaf it
looks like it is a leaf when you boil it the center right yes yeah it’s really
strong man I hope it’s clean you out like he talked to you and everything
that was you know it’s gonna you got to be careful like I said you can’t do
anything that they you know got to be home man well that’s all is gonna be
good for one for one day so I need something to last I ordered something on
eBay it’s spelled P as in Peter h en am I and
II you’ve heard that ph e and a high order dere an ebay no I’ve been taking
this one but that’s what we think in terms of that that’s what I’ve been
thinking is young clean you out whatever yeah so I’m sorry
I don’t know no Trini remedies I’m sorry sir right thank you hey Trevor how we used to agree me he
says storm on area code 773 let’s get you on the line sir Trevor is
that you sir good evening 773 hey how are you good
Kanye West is he the Antichrist he’s not the Antichrist he’s not the Antichrist
I listen I listed its overall a good album don’t want everyone that you kill
IQ perspective on on this album so originally most of the album was
actually on D so Yan D was supposed to drop late last year and so tracks like
everything we need on that one and there’s a couple other ones that are
actually on what is a leaked version of what’s called Gandhi and what Kanye did
is switch up some of the production and switch the poly ryx so his revelation
back in April so Kanye he’s really good at being able to you know focus in on a
sound and you know along returning with his producers able to get really that
theme and all of those things together yeah so that that’s dealing with you
know Jesus is king but in general people that are trying to hate on the album
Kanye hasn’t made an actual like magnum opus album since My Beautiful Dark
Twisted Fantasy back in 2010 I would agree I regret Jesus a part of either’s
was a protest album of the CD you know because that’s when streaming really
started to take off and also his anger about fashion the life of Pablo we
really just a part of his his easy on it easy branding that was the whole rollout
for the single off of it wolf etc etc was a part of him putting that you know
putting all that together you know and then the list goes on but Kanye hasn’t
made an actual album that is based off the music so
King he’s pretty much taken the things from the outlet here before and focuses
it to is you know to where he’s at now in terms of accepting his Christianity
and everything and now this is what it is if I can jump in I agree with
everything you’ve just said thus the reason why I’m asking the question and
maybe it’s a little too mystified 2spooky too deep is he the Antichrist
you know we always look to the white man to be a devil you know but now we got
Kanye West you’re openly admitting openly admitting that he’s the greatest
number one his wife said he’s trying to get there he doesn’t have the 501c3 just
yet and in the interview with Zane Lowe from New Zealand when Zane Lowe asked
him about the teeth the t-shirts the money Kanye West had to look off to one
of his advisers because that was a business question that he said uh we’re
working on that you know he didn’t want to talk about what’s to come twenty
years down the road he said I can tell you what’s happening six months from now
so I’m not trying to attack you and that’s an attack his character but when
you become consumed by the theory of God and you start to power-tripping in the
manner that he’s still powered trippin you could be a deceiver of the people
and he wants to be President did you catch that part yeah so my perspective
on that is we have to look at where Kanye has been so Carney has always had
a certain amount of Christianity or Christian conscious in him you know so
even from jesus walks so he talks about how he was a sex addict he was a porn
addict etcetera etcetera tanya has burst is talking about he’s probably still a
sex addict did he get help the devil with the you know they came with a
couple like a happy mil Gaya is there before they throw this open the devil I
think a part of this whole thing is the guilt you know he is also built to
himself into this whole world of his sexual fantasies kim kardashian no
offense to her is like a sex toy damn near though he
no this thing open with his family he’s having this conflict with her now where
I married a woman that’s now famous for from being the porn star dead and so
stay with me let’s talk about that Ronnie and I want you to chime in on
this because you’re talking about on the the television show Keeping Up with the
Kardashians I saw the snippet where he’s he’s
sitting there eating some type of shrimp for sushi telling her she’s dressing two
sections too sexy pardon me and she she claps back and she says you built me up
just because you’re going through a transitional phase you know doesn’t mean
I have to do that with you and all Kanye could say was okay and he got up and
walked off didn’t he yeah he’s having buyer’s remorse he can’t he is there’s
only so much that he can do the thing is that we have to keep in mind in and
especially in this Christian world you know we have to realize that number one
in this Christian world there’s none of these guys are kicked or charitable
people Joel Olsteen is not a terrible to charitable guy creflo dollar is in a
charitable guy so so why do we expect Kanye which is always been a capitalist
to not be a capitalist you should do that you know I believe in the Bible but
I don’t I’m not a Christian I’m a Hebrew I mean really okay like even even at
face value I look at God you aren’t truly God’s
chosen in that world of mysticism if you ask me no go ahead
yeah if you don’t think if you don’t know that then you know you need to read
it over this is the black book period yeah that’s old Kanye can only go so far
because in my opinion I do believe when he said that he sold his soul to the
devil he can only do so much if Kanye works with somebody to come to Kanye and
say yo black people are the children of Israel setter etcetera are the Bible is
about this this this then the third he would not he was not losing certain
things in terms of his brand endorsement right is you know his investors for
Yeezy etc ferry he can only do so much he right now he this album he said Jesus
50 times he said Christ here and there took out the curse words and we had the
vibes from either from Gandhi Gandhi was already kind of a Christian issue now
hang on a second stay with me Ronnie do you want to jump in with regards to
anything we’ve mentioned or something else
well shit money no I appreciate the caller providing all of this context you
know it’s really sort of interesting to hear but for me I I really don’t care
about the backstory I wanted him to deliver a solid project and that this is
not it’s you know it’s trash it’s pretty bad well I’ll give you the last word
please yeah I think Kanye has for the lack of a better term proved himself in
terms of the music so the music is just now the branding and like the commercial
for everything else they doing fantasy it’s been something that is
representative of where he is in terms of trying to do fashion whatever Sunday
service etc Thank You Man I appreciate the call thank you all right yes sir
hang on Ronnie hold on where is 203 mm let me also point out in case you didn’t
see the interview I’m talking about with Zane Lowe from New Zealand horrible
interview I I’m sorry which is you know he was he was trying to pressure Kanye
but then he was he had that real cynical condescending look as if you know you’re
not really you’re not really smart you know I just felt that you know Kanye
West just spoke and spoke and spoken there’s so many things to latch on to
but this guy’s not really relevant to the to the interview I’m sorry Zane Lowe
area code 203 is that how do you say your name sir is it chichén Chang hey
what’s up me how are you hey Jesus man
come closer to the phone so please come closer you got on the fly ass oh yeah we
said good evening yeah oh I’m great I’m great I’m great
I mean I’m introduced myself to you I’m jealous um Connecticut okay from blood
I’m sorry from blood sport god damn blood sport you know if Kanye
and cries yes all these fucking Christians now watch
your language please oh I’m sorry I’m sorry son say I’m sorry all these
Christians are Antichrist okay all Antichrist they don’t follow Christ they
fell applause so Kanye getting his hot spot
Kanye’s about to believe a megachurch you’ve got to get that skrilla he’s
gonna make a more music yeah I’m saying you know the whole beat you know the
whole thing with him in 50 that’s done I’m so I was like you know getting that
jacket that the best record out the best whatever he passed that he’s awesome you
know I’m Jamaica so keep it in Jamaica hehehe – like wait a minute Jamaica he
went to the freakin arm but I met the patient possible that the religious crap
okay so he’s almost like a smack in the in his house a smack in the African
space when you went to emancipation party to a church service about Jesus
Mary and Joseph are you kidding me ah no not now
so I wasn’t believable for I’m saying oh the beautiful always be you saying that
you lost your faith – sir are you even who am I talking yes yes yes this is
okay stop stop You Know Who I am I’m that voice that you say they used to
always use back in the days in nineteen we was under or the starter station that
you make a voice whatever we’re never did I don’t remember you sir I was
drinking in those days let’s get up to 2000 I know I know the boy
yeah I know yeah no I’m a you trying to go back you talk about we can move
forward which I move forward well try to keep you hiding cuz I’m no uh-uh
so when you’re hanging us stay right here have you heard Jesus is king that’s
what we’re talking about tonight Kanye’s new have you hurry I haven’t I
haven’t I haven’t heard it because I’m gonna believe anymore
I’m also a DJ strong I like to listen those type of musical stuff like that
boy being the other one I don’t want you Akane or I don’t you wanna call it
growth you know clothe him you know semester with the President and
everything like that now he’s going to that business gospel route I think he’s
just he’s just a pawn in the game just to keep people are on the low you don’t
think so we hope you won’t understand like because he has a big influence on
the people right clearly or anybody yes any yes
so he’s you what like honey come on Kanye how the hell Connie gonna go from
oh let me say but they say oh we found white girl you gonna leave it for a
white girl something like that and then he hung up with a white girl and then
he’s doing the opposite of what he used to threesome were way back like so I
don’t think what a Kanye is Kanye anymore okay I think that’s I think
that’s around but you would not call him the Antichrist now hang on a second
you’re from Jamaica as you just said you lost your faith differ do you know what
the egg what the Antichrist is yeah somebody who proposed Christ and and and
I guess in that kind of sense like devilís because I don’t believe that
stuff me anymore but but what my Kenya is doing I would say he’s the Antichrist
or anybody who is in the religion because nobody knows me I think if you
follow the religion you don’t for the Christ you found Paul because Paul wrote
more people for the Apostle Paul puts him a speck on his name I did eight
years has to correct people tonight come on Paul Apostle Paul you know is a
teaching that people go and buy and apostle paul OSA some crazy stuff that
they had Paul the Apostle Paul to me Jesus so for anybody he met him in the
supernatural sir you’ve heard me say before he never met him
physical and I don’t subscribe to the supernatural but according to the
Apostle Paul he met him in these supernatural yes yeah hang in a second
you say you’re from Jamaica did you get your reparations you do know that the
Caribbean ones and reparations yes yeah they want reparation for the government
not for the people according to the Amsterdam news 2018 well I got some
notes for you tonight you know about that get that you know about that again
though the Caribbean in the Caribbean they’ve won some reparations millions of
dollars yeah yeah yeah there were there were reparation but it’s not for the
people is for the government for the arm so they could because they could clear
the debt the government debt not for the people yeah 200 million people money
because it’s for the government but the clear biggest within European who which
I don’t want to say like how I hear what a British Caribbean the Dutch Caribbean are you a British subject yourself sir
are you American no I’m out to six or something this industry so yeah I know
put in subject I miss I missed it by couple years so I thank you for your
call thank you so much for your donation as mother so thank you okay oh yeah hang
on a second Bostick Ronnie who doing a lot to make me send guys um I’m just
sent me a text okay oh that’s my girlfriend I was supposed to Skype with
her and I just I get busy um what else I want to mention here tonight hold on a
second guys we’re talking about Kanye so much my sponsor my triple butter calm
please make sure you go there also Oh Shelby GT she has rebranded herself she
sent me a hoodie got this in the mail today she’ll be out there girl can you see that gonna be wearing this
uh this week and she’ll be in the live chat anybody know
nice quality to look at at Xcel Just My Size and Shelby GT has been branded
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reppin Canada Toronto hey I see you girl okay she’s in live chat hey Shelby
somebody do want to call in promote your brand shoot me a text if you want to
show me and tell me what number you’re calling in from okay
Ronnie let’s go back for a second I asked you to see if you could find
something I’m forgetting was it the trademark would you find so he wanted to
trademark Sunday service and he had already started selling you know the
$200 hoodies and the $50 socks and they got back to him and let him know that
that name is taken already so he’ll have to reapply with something else
Kanye yeah he tried to do what the LeBron James tried to do with that was a
Taco Tuesday love LeBron James thought because he said sit around with the
family and they do tacos on Tuesday I’m gonna trademark that shut his silly ass
down with that one three good evening for one three kanye West is he the
Antichrist who do you want to talk about the album Jesus is king four one three I’m not really don’t care about the
album as far as sin being the Antichrist he’s definitely up to no good kind of
don’t make no sense to me oh come on you know you want to sit around and do all
this inning and then all of a sudden you want to try to get your dignity back
once the dignity on his car you know you made your pledge
to the devil and that’s where he won’t sit
goddang you’re not going you’re not coming back and I don’t even subscribe
to religion okay because to me it’s just like a form of control like it’s just to
keep people in check and all that extra stuff I don’t care not about all that
okay um but even joke I hope people really not listening to him sometime you
make points but I got to pull myself back and say this is just all foolery
hmm no gave me sound good but it’s all foolery you know what I mean he’s just
just a pawn in the game and another son else for us to be distracted by I hope
people stop being distracted by everything the littlest things can just
distract us into terrorists you know I mean from what we need as far as like
reparations we can’t even get on the same page with what we need for
reparations or who deserves reparation oh you ain’t no you you from the
Caribbean you from there you from there like mega week excuse me we all from
here no matter who was here before the slaves no matter who was this world is
crazy and I can respect what you’re saying if I can jump in I can respect
what you’re saying as a non-believer I can say it’s foolery I can say you know
I wish these people would wake up from the dream but the truth is I I cannot
disprove the theory of God nor can a believer prove the theory of God so we
agreed to disagree so I’m being respectful but at the same time if we’re
talking about someone in a position such as his who has influence influence and
he’s not even if you ask me he’s not worried about radio airplay the first
time I listened to this album which was Friday I said you know I just I don’t
know I don’t know if I have any radio bangers and then when I went back listen
to a Saturday I said this is not a radio album this is a concert album and then I
went back yesterday listen to it again and I said uh-oh put his Mac down so I
respect how he got focused and got back on his grizzly but um you know I’m not
trying to you know just throw people curveballs but I have to ask
if we look at other religious figures and and that’s where he’s headed if he
asked me if the whole 501c3 and other things by way of charity and and and
making money and this America you know land of capitalism I’m not hating but
I’m asking what I considered to be a legitimate question but I’ll give you
last word okay well the way he’s going about it is
completely wrong and the God that he is subscribing to now is he’s gonna see
what’s going to come up and making a joke of this whole religion thing in him
trying to redeem himself as he says because you don’t need radio play we all
know this is the Asia and in Italy media you don’t need radio play it’s not about
that no facts well start you have a good night Ronnie you have a good night all
right hold on a second boss Ronnie uh bet Remy on the check-in good evening
then Remy sent a super chair this album is going over niggas heads Jesus is king
is fire Kanye is a musical genius follow God everything we need on God and water
are all lit on God is uh it’s a good track I wrote it down right here
punch your notes good try and I have to agree with you in terms of
a bent Remy the song water I like that one good track featuring aunt Clemons
thank you for your donation the check Joel Olsteen has reportedly invited
Kanye to perform at his church just wanted to add that to the argument there
you go there you go why do you think that Kanye is jealous and trolling Drake
he said in the interview with Zane Lowe that Drake lives close to him and
sometimes he walks to Drake’s house with no security he leaves little notes on
the gate and stuff like that you think he’s trolling Drake yes if he
actually does do that and he wasn’t just you know putting on
for the interview that what I would consider that to be trolling if you’re
showing up to someone’s house who you know doesn’t like you and leaving your
number and you could get him on the phone and you truly wanted to get him on
the phone right it’s also very weird and creepy very creepy he also said in the
interview it’s God’s plan I think that he he wishes he had had taken that that
title that concept of God’s plan you know but Drizzy putting his mac down so
whoops ends in a super chat hang on Ronnie Kanye West is the type of guy
that would go to a motivational speech event and tell the kids you can never be
like me thank you for your donation Bush kid sent to the donation Kanye produced
take over and helped okay help revolutionize battle rap beats use this
gospel best song okay um I thought that was a good song
use this gospel I wrote down good track featuring the clips thank you for your
donation hey gem star gem star says last week star does a show on black freedom
fighters today Ronnie’s on the gram ripping off shots in a cap Jersey Ronnie
gearing up to clap whitey Oh Ronnie what’s going on on Instagram
you want to comment on it I’m not doing up to kill anybody unless of course I
had to defend myself you want to explain what’s been Remy I’m
said what his gym started talking about he’s probably referring to a video I put
up he you know letting the gun go oh you at the range yes yes okay I put a video
on my Instagram that’s what you do friend – I’m assuming do you want to
mention you your IG cuz we do run the banner at the end of the show for those
who always say what does Ronnie look like it can do no wrong
sounds exactly the way it spell exactly the way it sounds okay can do no wrong sir whoops ends in a donation Kanye the
type of nigga to squeeze the bottom of the bag when you asked him for some
chips coke thoughts at 3:00 a.m. gleaming Center donation as a 7 5 7 be a
native it was refreshing to hear the clips together on use this gospel after
a malice aka no malice walked away from secular music getting that bag with yay
yes he is who’s this here cheap suits and fried rice says the pen is not for
me I’d go crazy I’d be screaming at night Riggs
Riggs get me out of here all hail to the Antichrist Jesus
chuckle chuckle cha-cha-cha cha-cha-cha okay gets more calls here area code nine
seven zero cleaving nine seven zero you they were talking about the new Kanye
West album Jesus is K hello hey okay yes sir good evening all right what’s up I
just wanted to point out a couple characteristics that the Antichrist
actually has to fulfill this go like mine so he third please watch your
language please rifle cocking oh my bad so he says the
banner Christ will have to blaspheme God right and you’d have to claim himself to
be God which he’s done before right thanks
you’ll have to display miraculous powers I don’t know how you can judge that but
there may be some validity to that we can reach a little bit and he has to get
a mortal wound that will miraculously heal
so you could like the trivia that for the carpet I’m just you know comes out
there nice you know cuz you got it has to be in the head so he came back from
that right he has to declare himself as the Christ okay and he has to enter the
temple when he does do that – yeah put in some work so I appreciate this call
so now you do know that he’s serious about becoming the commander-in-chief he
wants to steer this nation as unstable as he is well III mean I see I see that
as a that because that’s plausible because there’s a lot of Millennials and
younger people that was vote for him and you know kind of want to take the world
into a video music video Society Hannah but um but I got sidetracked
oh so you could be saved you know they speaks of a harlot riding a dragon in
the in the revelations right so so his wife has been engaged in some harlotry
that’s been publicly known to build a brand of this kind of like Instagram
stock culture which is nothing but mass-produced harlotry right okay so I’m
just putting that out putting that out there
you’re doing good take your time I’m enjoying you you know you doing this
research anything that’s going to add to that
um I mean not necessarily I just wanted to point out as far as like when you’re
talking about posing the question there are many anti-crime I know what I’m
talking about but I mean I rather you trying to take my reign on that but
there are many Antichrist and then there’s an actual Antichrist go figure
there’s two different things there’s a whole bunch of Antichrist out here and
the Antichrist is anybody who opposes what Christ is or they about yes but now
if I can just jump in we’re talking about a man of influence
as opposed to you know just some random you know bum on the street claiming to
be the new Messiah we’re talking about a man who has influenced a man who is
pulling people together at gatherings he’s in the center of those leaks of
that it says that that that it speaks of that it says that figure will be very
charismatic but this is the only thing that I have a hang-up when it comes with
I’m Kanye with so this you know Cole Christian Jesus King all of this you can
call it propaganda if you want to use it with good work but this is the same guy
that made a song with the Kashi I think that was like last year right I mean so
much stuff happen did he make her so much Acacio or was
that um always that one of those guys was it yeah yeah but the freaky girl I
love it that wasn’t Takashi bunny who was that no one Takashi such a freaky
girl okay one the light they both like scary with tattoos in their face
whatever you know one of them little dude right
he doesn’t respond like that so how do however does a person I mean no one’s
really brought that out you know like call them out on that way you know you
get on your one you just did sir and you know you just did are you doing a great
job yeah I’m that big I dig I dig I dig I’m just saying for people who are out
here list me cuz not everybody is really getting that perception on on that but
this guy just made that song so how do you go from talking about how big a
freak you are to Jesus routine and then you know just a whole idea of having
this church and where are you actually preaching whose God are you promoting
because there are me there are many gods with little G but there the argument is
that there’s one true God the big key okay I thank you for the call so Ronnie
any questions or any comments on what the colleges said or do we give him that
final word don’t goes great commentary yeah thank
you sir for taking the toilet good thank you sir I appreciate you all
right hang on a second such a freaky girl I love it I like that track that
was crazy did I get 202 on the line is that kdh
good evening kdh hey kth is at you kth testing one two are gonna get you out of
here in five four three two all right I thought that was kth from North Carolina
just not somebody sent me something about a little fizz he was a nice guy I
met them a b2k back in the days Ronnie will you a b2k fan keep it real
I liked them when they were out did you ever see him in concert no no I took my
girlfriend at the time not that much yeah Madison Square Garden it was like
2001 2002 concert was lit I can’t front concert she was screaming
yeah they had a huge fan babe yo they had a great concert back in the day I
don’t know about now they probably wash but um
okay Ronny you just sent me okay thank you for the trademark information okay
thank you money I got your emails what is this who is Garcia okay cash app was
Sally mo an email was sent Sal g12 okay good evening what is your objective view
on teens getting punched in the face by police in Brooklyn the other day can
this be a topic one evening okay it wasn’t that on the subway somewhere a
couple of days ago that Ronnie there’s a bunch of teens
black and Hispanic they were you know something was going on and then one of
the cops just came over and bough what Garcia know I didn’t hear this the first
I’m hearing of it yeah Garcia if that’s what you’re
talking about I don’t know what led up to that you know and let’s keep it real
man if we’re talking about on the subway in New York you know people do a whole
lot of extra shit you know I just off the RIP let me just say this the cops in
New York have a Patrick Lynch behind them Patrick Lynch and Patrick Lynch
ghost goes to bat for the cops so New York cops are different from cops in any
other fuckin city in America yeah they will punch you in your shit they will
they will hit you in the back of your head with the goddamn stick I don’t know
I don’t know the details me I saw the video and I just whoa and then I just I
kept it pushin hey also why did we speak about I don’t think we spoke tonight but
um who’s the video you and I spoke about behind the scenes with the Buffalo New
York some females tearing a goddamn beauty supply supply store up because
somebody sent me that it was on the ground yeah he went berserk I mean that
store was torn to shreds I think she was locked in which is why she was sort of
going as crazy as she was but she was destroying everything if it wasn’t
nailed down she threw it across the room yeah yeah thank you whoever sent me that
um that video okay someone says so I’m still on – OH – hold on let me find – OH
– they sent an email they sent a cache up hold on – OH – where are you I think
this might be – OH – right there is it a Z oz what’s up man Ozzie what it do hey
how are you man good evening thank you baby boy yo yo yo no problem supporting
the machine in a minute thank you first thing I want to say no
bro nobody I know you ain’t nobody brother but as a POW Jesus is Jane did
you hear the body can we start right there did you hear it you know I’m gonna
go right there I had to this but Ronnie I seen Ronnie or IG last post she put
with a machine gun anything finally I’m always looking to improve my shot yeah
I’m sorry what with that with them but cell phone
in the back pocket I think true yeah so what the O’Connor was out know
all the controversy Kulkarni was something double Connie was right but I
my brother Lord convinced me to download album right listen to album he has a
song called on on God yeah stop fire that’s the best song I heard
oh yeah I’m not a religious person oh you know sir I don’t really I’m not
with all you know but that song that long the beat in how he rapped and what
he was saying by I have to be objective you know I’m saying I’m not a player
hater I mean I just I took the time and listened to it and I said yo he really
took this time with this one you know yeah but that was song I suede you know
I got to that song just call God I’m a man of a certain age I take a lot to
impress p42 think about their press me but that song alone was did you check
out the track cold water you check out water that was cool I liked it I liked
it I was like he’s really good talking on other type shit and I really really
liked it okay you know sir hang on a second before you go Ozzy
you give us an update on rayful Edmond he’s been he’s been telling if he coming
home or or the what’s going on with that former drug kingpin that a DC him you
keep you keep pulling me up on that my like talk about that though but i’ma
talk about it though so I was Oh a while back a guy said he got a do his 30 years
and then got he got he already did his 30 years already so now he’s trying to
come out after the 30 years anybody from DC listening is putting forth
information that he always did his 30 years now he’s trying to come on after
there yeah he did the 30 already yeah he’s trying to eat trying to come home
and I brought you know it looked like he’s coming home it looked like you know
he’s trying to get the judge to look at it look at his sentence and trying to
it’s a lot of thought as lot of things as in plate but each trying to come home
you know what would be a hot podcast rayful Edmond Alpo and Freeway Ricky
Rose you just killed it you need to get that done out for taking pictures here
riding around a pole taking pictures what about homie why I can’t see my home
you know but you know faizon love I fucker phase I love heavy I saw that
Alpo rayful Edmond but Freeway Ricky Ross
remember control yeah Ricky Bahl going together but I’m always supporting the
Machine man hey man y’all be safe yeah Ronnie man Newports Ronnie that’s that
my love gracias on the check-in hey my second Ronnie uh rondell sends in a cash
app he says Ronnie the shooter hashtag pal I gotta check out your video Ronnie
I know you sent me a picture a couple days ago but go check
out your shooting Rizzy yeah I think you are one of the
targets okay yeah watch the video after the show received a god sends in a cache
at 6 6 1 I 1 in hater respect ok homeless second me see if I can find you
a Rico since 1 is that r is heed to God good evening Rizzy I’m going on hey how
are you thank you for your cash absolute who’s bobbin
no problem man I just wanted to chime in on this Ralph of stuff only Cartier
stuff ok so man like all these rappers they think I’m being funny he calls
himself Jesus because it’s close to Jesus jay-z called himself old Jehovah
all these folks they say he no higher than he washed off the crown when I
don’t think you’ve all now okay so now you’re not buying into the new album or
you just don’t like him and you’re not giving the album a chance I’m just like
oh I’m so I call you at all I think he’s washed man nah I like is also very much
they’re calling the college dropout like stuff like them you know well how old
you now sir everybody has to grow and if you don’t grow then you stay stagnant
myself included you know I’m cell phone I mean listen I’m I’m not ashamed of
anything I’ve ever said on this motherfucker microphone I am Who I am
I’m a narcissistic ego driven spoiled you know I’m Sam mm-hmm I stashed my
money I’m Sam I’m be ok but there are certain things that
I’ve just gotten past I don’t need to rehash in to try and you’ll go back into
the past or try like you know what’s that I always used to say um I’m not
trying to quench the nigga thirst that’s what my father used to say you can never
quench the nigga thirst so you have to grow and I’m again I’m being respectful
of where he is Kanye West but um the album is fire he asked me I’m just
asking is he the Antichrist maybe that’s a little too deal do we know nothing
search you know I own I’m still I believe in God but I’m gonna waste my
Christianity about when I was putting food into research watch the movie on
Netflix called the zeitgeist that was a really good movie and opened my eyes a
lot propaganda film I saw it if you believe believe stand on it yeah I know
there I know there is a higher being and I dedicate my life to that heart being
my bar with some of the rules and politics of religion I think the living
divides us all are you getting money sir in America you get money land of
capitals and get you some money so ain’t nothing wrong with with hustling Jesus claimed to have many superpowers funny
it does that all the time I’m a superpower so I wanted to point
that out too so I mean yeah your topic it’s not all
it’s not too far-fetched no yeah you got something going on right there
yeah and then uh and then Bardem to trademark thing I just wanted to point
out real quick Kylie Jenner she kind of tried MUC that rise and shine bullcrap
usual think that he’s picking P say mark anything man Nicolas who are you to try
the cleansing Roger saw your mama probably did that to her when she was
growing up how do you want to try to claim trying to claim anything but you
know have you ever checked out pastor tui jinx you ever take on TD jakes so if
I can say respectfully TD jakes is that nigga for real for real and I’m an
atheist saying that he taught my bathing in the blood
listen TD jakes and get back to me so thank you thank you okay
TD jakes talking about bathe in the blood huh
let me see if a pioneer know who I’m talking about what I’m talking about somebody said stories are hip hop police
facts and I’m not built for the penitentiary no I just don’t want to go
I’m not scared to go just don’t want to go time to pay attention a propane k
watch your mouth talking about TD fakes watch your mouth the dumb the dumb SH I T on the check-in
via super check good evening sir Kanye said you don’t go to Apple and CI
iPod 4’s fax you want the old Kanye listen to the old stuff new album is
fire Chuck propane k 1982 says we didn’t forget you told as be to end his
life 10 years ago in Vlad TV yeah I did oh man I don’t like to go back but when
they were on my show b2 kids that was at their peak and we had a good
conversation was it uh was it Lopez from Mariana raspbian what was the other ones
name Ryan do you remember there was one other one is it Jay bulled
good guy there’s a fourth one but I don’t remember what his name was I think
it’s Jay bug I could be wrong Omarion Lopez yeah I think that’s it I think
that was the skinny kid really really nice guys and and I remember saying to
them was something about you know saved your money
andraz be said he said oh I’m straight you know as if to say no he’s he’s gonna
be good for years to come I said okay Ozzy Osbourne let me hang on let me just
make sure I’m not missing any super chance bullshit okay I’m gonna make sure
I read Jem stars super chest because sometimes I skip by hammer singer Marnie
uh who’s on 301 on hold sent to the cash app let me get to you 301 we’re are you
301 301 301 I don’t see 301 did I pick up already is that Christian hey
Christian every cook 301 well good og Mexico hey how are you so good evening Jesus is king have you heard it have you
heard it I’m 24 years young right okay so Kanye West Was has been one of my
biggest musical inspirations you know what I mean and and then this album here
in phenomenal in my opinion is phenomenal come on come on
kanye west’s in 2004 if I rap about God my record won’t get played
you know I’m an inter that’s it 15 years ago and now here we are
he’s gonna be selling out stadiums and don’t give a damn about a radio station
playing playing the album I had to realize that on Saturday because on
Friday I listening to it let’s say you know I don’t hear me radio bangers and
then on Saturday I say you know this is for the stadiums you know yeah it’s
almost like it’s almost like a uh like I said like a moving are Koons that’s what
Kanye West is trying to achieve so put down the coke and focus I’m trying to
hear what you’re saying what you’re doing something what you don’t you
stolen have you ever seen Kanye West in concert that’s real class 20 in 2013 I
want to see him on a theater tour okay I want I want to swim in Baltimore it was
a amazing but it was the probably the best concert I’ve ever been to them Wow
was Kid Cudi there yeah rocky cut it wasn’t this was 2013
you know yeezus the album right man yeah that’s a tour I went to see and Kendrick
Lamar opened up for him when Henry could be no it’s 2013
Kendrick was a small player in this industry okay that’s right thank you for
your cash that mammal let you get back to what you’re doing okay and be careful
if you need help you know call one of those twenty hundred numbers okay need
help I’ve been there I can tell you no
stuttering stalling Matthew gleaming sir sends in a cash at
paying my tithes boss nigga salute thank you sir I’m not running a church
but thank you hey ivl okay I’ve yelled says he wants to wants a piece of this
hold on a second let’s get you on the line sir every Co six one seven we’re
all yeah a BL area code six one seven good
evening let’s talk about it before and before I get into the album much hate
all these new cars trying to come in here and get right here name on the
phone – you’re cursing your money today have your little cat book but the new
month y’all can just send my check – have you a little talk about it Jesus is
king did you hear it have you me yes yes this is probably some of the Kanye’s
greatest work this is the this is the direct elevation from my Dark Twisted
Fantasy to another level he other stuff in between life of Pablo yeah these are
great items also but this is the direct ascension from My Beautiful Dark Twisted
Fantasy was which was probably his darkest time in his life as far as where
he was in the industry probably doing all that spiritual stuff with jay-z and
Beyonce and all that stuff which was probably with the inspiration for that
crazy artwork on the album was and just get into this level of being free so
when I so the question is Kanye West the Antichrist I think just the notion of
that is ridiculous because most rappers most rappers get attacked by the
industry because believe I don’t know if you’ve seen it but believe these rappers
have been inside the room with that with the
devil generals with Satan’s generals and they run up out of here and they go high
they go high but hiring Christianity and God and the true Lord Kanye West covered
himself and in the Lord and the gospel right here and didn’t run away from it
so for people to be asking Avista can see Christ and people trying to call in
and give you facts on why he might that’s ridiculous he is using the Lord’s
power to guard himself from these demons trying to kill him dragging them their
heart pills and call them crazy and all that stuff he closed his self inside the
gospel and he’s using that to protect himself and his family so I don’t
believe all that Antichrist stuff this Apple is pure fire from the front there
back I think this is been again I don’t want to keep on saying the same thing
over and over you give me your favorite tracks Ivo give me give me three of your
favorite tracks Salah follow God hands on God is one God listen ain’t nobody
talking about the law and follow God he was honest the Graham and I don’t need
them like like beanie sigel with your life like arguing with my dad and he
told me that in Christ he spit in real thoughtful stuff that really real
working-class people real everyday people can get along with I’m living in
everybody talked about how dope this Jim Jones I will miss I was looking tired
something he’s saying the same stuff yeah we was poor look out it was all the
same garbage even saying fellas this is like true music that can save people’s
lives and I don’t mean to go crazy on your channel a second now I I think that
what Jim Jones has said of his last album he said it very very well so I
mean I’m not gonna you know dump on Jim Jones but now hang on a second since
you’re you’re really into this album do you think that this will motivate Drake
in any particular direction always great just gonna continue doing what Drake
does because Drake has radio on a lock that’s not even play that game look I
like look I like Drake he’s cool but he is not on
kanye west level this let me let me say this to you
kanye bride kanye brought malice back into the hip-hop industry malice ran the
hell out of here whatever he saw he ran the hell out of here and didn’t look
back so with them they could keep the royalties and everything he brought
malice back for track so drink ain’t even on this level push it t he
basically said i’m still a devil on that track so push it t you talk about pusha
t if you want to talk about Drake kanye west is out of the fight excuse me
out of the stratosphere with this music he’s trying to save people’s life he’s
trying to change the direction of our culture in our community he’s trying to
create that community that you keep saying we don’t have and I agree with
you because we gave it away we give our power away to people with money so he’s
trying to create something we don’t have totally different from what Rick is
doing very well said Ivo very well stew in this man I thank you for your
donation but take some other calls thank you for your support minute I will get
your banner at the end of the be broadcasting right no no okay have yell
breaking it down hang on a second who is this I’m on six for six who are you you
send in a donation how old is that give it a gleaming it’s just Mina whose Mina
this is neato is it Mina Amino Mina
hey Mina we call it fun can you hear me yeah do I know you you said I’m on six
for six did you stand in a cab we’ve spoken a few times okay
I think I remember you from New York you you have knowledge but the guys to
immigration yes your headset sounds a little bad can you make some adjustments
so we can hear you yeah okay give me a second
is that better there you go how are you mean it yeah there you go
okay so what do you want to jump in you know first of all I’m kind of
kid of its garbage I think the best part of it is probably Kenny G require you
know being on the track but you know everybody saying that Kanye’s is the
Antichrist or that crazy carnie he’s always been crazy he’s crazy like a fox
he knows what he’s doing and the reality was broke he was out there asking people
for money and even not in the song on God he talks about the fact he say that
he’s a religious man now hang on a second now everybody’s not saying that
that’s the question I was asking based upon what you just referenced Kim
Kardashian was on the view and she said he doesn’t have his 501c3 yet I have a
501 C 3 I know that it’s a very very complicated process took me about a year
at first they rejected my application I had to submit more paperwork I had to
prove what it was that I’m doing but we have the snitch Network so I’m not
trying to attack the man I’m just asking is he moving in a way that is misleading
people because he tried to trademark Sunday service he’s making all these
again ego-driven statements so I’m just asking the question is he the Antichrist
but go ahead are you there where’s Mina did she drop out I mean it
we can’t hear you I see you in the cube yeah do you want a
tracfone babe you gotta fix there he’s always been you go driven Matt you know
that’s the reality is people are he’s learned how to market himself in a brand
new way thanks to Chris Jenna are they the devil or are they like the
Antichrist absolutely not adding money grubbers apps Sookie are they gonna make
sure and hold on to every penny absolutely so now you can go and say
I preach but the word of the Lord so almost like I’m a pastor so he will be
you know put in front of the line to make sure that he doesn’t have to pay
taxes he’s creating all these spaces that are supposed to be for like
religious retreats which almost sounds like a cult in itself but this is like
it all is just to benefit gay yandi Kanye I mean the man is a a living
oxymora he talks about Instagram heating the devil but yet his wife and her
entire family there are millions their billions revolves around their social
media okay hang on a second if I can jump in here and be objective so would
you agree that other religious people are hypocrites whoremongers and heretics
such as Oral Roberts Billy Graham and others who who have used tax exemption
to profit Ted Haggard would you call them there’s an element of it I mean you
know it you’re taking all this money from people who think that they’re
giving in to God and then you’re using it for yourself and you know hopefully
some are doing the right thing with their money but I can’t imagine that
everybody doing 100% the right thing with their money it’s like the Red Cross
you give money to right cause and think that your money’s going to the right
place 90% of its going back into the pockets
only 10% goes to actually helping people so you know who’s to say how these
churches use their money the reality is is that you know it’s not like in the
Bible Jesus is preaching that you have to go and be a part of organized
religion in order to feel his love and in order for his love within you well
that was a different time now so now we have people you know like like creflo
dollar and he’ll say he’ll answer your question and say well well why would you
not want me to live well why would you not want me to fly in a nice plane do
you want me to fly in coach as I’m doing you know the Lord’s work and trying to
offer salvation why would you not want me to fly first-class
all the good work I’m doing but wouldn’t you fuck wouldn’t well I don’t know that you
to fly first class you know but then wouldn’t you also find other avenues of
commerce and order to like create and monetize babies write books about your
religion and sort of Allah what’s that crazy guy that did Scientology Brunell
Hubbard l ron hubbard wasn’t respect on his name you do know their Farrakhan’s
down with scientology no yes yeah listen Kanye is one crazy crazy day away from
Malachi York can I ask you to slow it down because he went out on some real
crazy stuff but all right well listen I thank you for the call thank you for
checking in a few let’s want to mention by well the second topic did you see the
girl trapped inside the parking but didn’t talk to you have a good night
okay bye bye bye hold on a second Ronnie Elvis the chef Rosenberg good evening
sir he sends in a donation thank you Elvis you appreciate it
Deon how worried he says have a talent show tomorrow let’s turn up okay do you
have some type of special you know talent shoot me an email it will have a
talent show tomorrow during the show coral corals on a Rico six four six hey
is that coral good evening good evening alright I’m about to put a button on
what you was what you the question you asking cuz it’s a good one but I don’t
want to answer I don’t want answer too good but I’m gonna keep it real with you
that big boy interview Kanye did answers your question or Antichrist man ain’t a
lot he’s attempting to do a super grandiose
how and I know that he’s basically on a soupçon vibe where where he might not
feel like he could get it done but I think he thinks that he can inspire
white kids black kids for kids rich kids so all want to be creative and question
everything and that’s the thing he felt like black people as a culture we just
want to be Democrat because they told us to be Democrats or we did supposed to be
like this because they told us to be like that okay so he’s against
everything so I think at times he could come up and look like he’s against the
Lord or anything like that but he’s always been there from the beginning I
want to bring up something super interesting if you go back and look
remember those old videos where they said that Kanye West and Daisy was in a
cult like those old YouTube videos throwing up the diamonds in Illuminati
and and now he’s making a whole album about the Lord because that man been
through a lot people forget he almost died before he was famous all types of
things that that man been through you know what I mean so I think the last
thing that he is the Antichrist is he sick hell yeah
it’s crazy for all the moves he made even made some wild movements but
ultimately the new album isn’t my cup of tea but it’s gonna sell it’s gonna go
number one he’ll kill me he’ll tire reckon with
Eminem and you know Eminem get that white people money radio money all money
so you know so picanha to still be standing and run and via older African
he’s in his 40s and still go number one I think that shows his influence they’re
definitely in a positive manner so any Christ I don’t know but you already know
people take care thank you miss Liu okay all right all right all right
holman ii mean you see if I forgot anybody here Mina okay Mina says I’m soon okay thank
you me now I’ll send you an email after I finished this show thank you so much
Ronnie let’s let’s you and I wrap this up we don’t necessarily just have to
focus on Kanye West but I do appreciate your room your honesty you said the
album is trash yes honey I wanted to like it I was really hoping you know
that this could be the album that turn things around as far as my perception of
him as an artist but no this is an hour this is a half hour I can’t get back swing he has done publicly and he’s done
a lot in the public that it’s just it’s beyond repair for people like yourself
who did like his earlier stuff you know too much can’t take him anymore no I
wouldn’t say that it’s not that because you know good music is good music
something is pleasing to your ears you know that like I think the worst of our
Kelly but if he put out an album right now it would probably be fire and I
would say that it’s fire even though I think that he’s a you know a
reprehensible human being so it’s not that I’m so disillusioned and you know
disgusted with Kanye because of his antics that I can’t appreciate good
music this just this isn’t it okay okay whiney good to talk to you lets you and
I are chocolate tomorrow at some point all right all right time okay boss chick
money on the check and holding me down let me looking out live Chad how you
guys doing do we find out where that girl is from and the PC Richard huh come
on somebody knows something please come get me
come get me and the guy came up to the door security opened the door the guy
was act lucky he had to blam ah she runs out they catch her in the parking lot I
guess they caught the guy to her maybe he ran left her nobody knows
Detroit J savage are you sure are you sure someone else says she’s from the
Bronx is there a PC riches in the Bronx she said I’ll give you his first name
and his last name I said damn she couldn’t wait until they get her in
there hello uh interrogation room someone send me email if you find the
time please I would love to know with her yahoo woman is from all right let me
shut down the phone lines I think we’re done tonight Ivo was on the check-in let
me get his banner but first up folks my sponsor my trip of butter calm please go
to their website tell them I sent you okay my triple butter calm and also mr.
Schuyler Saunders hang on a second guys let me get these banners up here I have
yellow and I will see you guys tomorrow at some point I’m not sure when but uh
enjoy your evenings be safe and thank you for your support
take care you

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