Kanye West Surprises Kimmel in Brooklyn

Kanye West Surprises Kimmel in Brooklyn

You’ve done so much to
welcome us to the east coast. We have a thank you gift
from the west coast. Not only is this a
gift from the west, it quite literally is a West. Our gift to you, Brooklyn, is
a visit from Mr. Kanye West. [APPLAUSE] Look at this. [CHEERING] [LAUGHS] Kanye,
there you go, man. It’s exciting to have you here. Thank you for coming. KANYE WEST: Yeah, yes. Kanye, all right,
so your new album– “Jesus is King” is
the name of the album. Yes. When is this album coming out? Is it coming out tomorrow? It’s going to be
dropping 12:00– 12:00 AM.
– So– [APPLAUSE] Right now– right
now, it is available. – Oh, it’s out now.
– Yeah, it’s out now. [LAUGHS] [APPLAUSE] How are you doing? I’m doing good. You made– not only
did you make the album, you made an IMAX movie, a
companion piece to the album. KANYE WEST: Yes. And you brought something–
this is very cute actually– your daughter, North.
Can I show this, all right? Yeah, yes. We have a clip of–
well, roll that clip. Here is your– North dancing
along to the movie. Uh oh, you may have a little
performer on your hands. [APPLAUSE] That’s cool. Yes. Are you, um– – I want to say I–
– Yeah. –love the fact
that my daughter wants to go to church and her– [APPLAUSE] She has such a positive thought
association to going to church because it’s outside of
the traditional four walls and outside of the pews. And now that God has
called me and I’ve– I now have given my
life to Jesus Christ, and I work for God. [APPLAUSE] KANYE WEST: Yeah. Now, we have Christian
innovation in our time. There was a time when
the Medici family and all the greatest artists
did work for the church. And now, it seems like all the
best designs and everything have this adult edge to it. And I have a family. I have four children. I’ve been married
for five years. And the prospective– [APPLAUSE] Because you asked me a
question last year, did– you know, did having a
daughter change my life? And I’ve completely
turned around from what my perspective was
last year to where it is now. And I feel like there’s so
few individuals in a position like mine to be able
to give their opinion and stand up and say that
this is what family is about. And I feel that God is using
me and using the choir, using my family to
show off, because it’s like all these things– how many things in your life,
where it’s like, this isn’t in service for God, but
it seems like you’re going to get more out of it. This is where you’re
going to get the better job, better cars, all this. But we’re in complete
service to God and– JIMMY KIMMEL: Do
you feel born again? –this is describing–
[APPLAUSE] What’s that? Do you feel born again, Kanye? Do you feel like–
– Ah, yeah. Would you consider
yourself to be a Christian music artist now? [AUDIENCE MUTTERING] I’m just a
Christian everything. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh huh.
[LAUGHTER] And everything.
– Yeah And you’ve done–
it’s interesting you said that
about your daughter because I think you made– with your services,
made church fun to go to for a lot of people. Yeah. And people are saying, oh,
gosh, I want to go to church. And you never hear anyone
say that really, I mean– [LAUGHTER] –certainly not young people. And you’re doing this
thing where you’re bringing people together. And, you know, that’s–
that’s pretty good, I think. Oh, I know.
[LAUGHTER] I know. [APPLAUSE] So tomorrow night,
we have a big– we have something very big. Tomorrow night, Kanye will be
back for a special performance from his new album
“Jesus is King”, and– and this movie,
the IMAX movie, you shot this in Arizona, right,
in Flagstaff, Arizona? Yes, James
Turrell, an artist– one of the greatest
living artists, Christian also,
allowed us to use Roden Crater, which
is, I think, is the eighth wonder of the world. And I mean, it’s just a
beautiful place to go to visit. A couple other things is– I was thinking about
how you won the money. I just want to
make a suggestion. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, yes.
There’s a guy here– Buy– JIMMY KIMMEL: Dave Johnson. Dave won the lotto, hundreds of
millions of dollars in lottery. So I invest in land
in middle America. I have 12,500 acres
in Wyoming right now. So when we think about where
we’re spending our money, because I answer that– I saw the Gucci jacket, and
I was like, OK, that’s nice. When we present ourselves on
TV, we always have to show, you know, this luxury– I got a cheap– cheap
ass hoodie on, you know, and I’m a billionaire. So I want to show you the– [APPLAUSE] Heh, and sorry I said ass. My Christian scorecard
is lowered for the day. [LAUGHTER] Uh, but to really sit down
and talk because, when I first got money, I didn’t have
a CFO and people who could really show me, you
know, how– and I feel, especially we’re blacks. We need to show each other
other information of like what to do with our
money, how to design, how to bring the
families together. [APPLAUSE] And I’m not saying this
to just call out blacks, but we are orphans
in this country. So we have no fathers that
can really show us the way of how to maintain who we are. So now that I’m
in this position, I’ve been to the hospital. I’ve been canceled. And I’m here
standing right here. [APPLAUSE] Kanye, are you saying– are you saying you want
to get on a real estate deal with Dave? [LAUGHTER] Oh, absolutely. [LAUGHTER] It’s easy. Well, I am– I am very much looking forward
to this performance tomorrow night. And before we– we– we get to that, obviously,
we have a clip from your IMAX movie, “Jesus is King”. Take a look. [CHORAL MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Kanye West, everybody!

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  1. Wow that orphan speech i felt that!
    Im a mixed south African and my heart always goes out to people from africa that was shipped off as slaves. We had our own troubles with apartheid thank God it was not in my era and my hearts bleeds for those that stuggled to during those times… But to be shipped off to a langue and culture and going there to be seen and delt with as a non human basically… That is on another level?

  2. Guys, imagine how much better the world would be with everybody living like a christian. No hate, no negativity, no mental ilness, no wars and murdering. We would be all brothers and sisters ! God bless you

  3. Let's first make sure we know what the definition of a Christian is. A Christian is the person who realizes that they are a sinner and the only way for them to obtain eternal life is by believing in the death burial resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. When they do that a super natural occurrence occurs, and the holy spirit indwells them. Christian-Christ-in.Yes,the Gospel,the good news.

  4. Kanye looks like he's been forced to do this by rich white men.. its Kanye West – why is he looking and sounding nervous talking about something that is meant to be real for him?

  5. He seems SO good and level-headed the past few times I’ve seen him. I hope it’s not just a good phase in his illness and that he’s really improving his mental health through all this, it seems like it. He just doesn’t seem so angry anymore. And I don’t mean that in a “not smiling makes me smile” to look cool in that way or whatever,,,, I mean, he just used to fly off the handle so easily and you could see he always felt very attacked and disliked. Now he either doesn’t care anymore or has realized anyone kind does love him and hope for the best for him as a fellow human. Even when jimmy cut him off when he got a little rambley, he chuckled in self-awareness and let Jimmy speak for a few moments. A few years ago something like that would have made him start ranting and yelling even harder over Jimmy.
    It’s really nice to see, especially for people who’ve been in the mental hospital, or maybe are watching this from inside one right now. Things can and will get better if you have faith and don’t give up.
    Good for Kanye, I’m happy for him.

  6. You know what, I absolutely love love love that he is totally out and showing his faith in God. It’s beautiful! He is using his platform for something positive and beautiful. He will be rewarded greatly. In this life and in the next one.

  7. He's going to be holding that cookie for a LONG time of he's waiting for me to subscribe…good on Kimmel for letting Kanye say his peace about Christianity, but…no.

  8. Revival time? I hope so. God can use whoever He wants for His glory. This man is willing to give back to God the platform He gave him. Amen and God bless you Kanye. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!

  9. How come I never see Kimmel make jokes on someone being muslim? Oh right, it doesn't go with his agenda. But if someone says they are Christian it's weird apparently

  10. Such a great title to an album, Jesus is King. On secular tv, "Jesus is King." The name above all names, Jesus is King!

  11. If kanye was authentic he would give all his money to the poor take up the Cross and follow the real Jesus….not this anti christ like mentality that Is now in the world..

  12. God is using Kanye, because he's not ashamed of the Gospel. And not ashamed to call himself a Christian Everything. If you don't do what God called you to do he will use someone else's to do your Job. We will listen when you call Lord ???


  14. Amen! Lord & savior Jesus Christ, king of kings, is coming soon to rule this earth as promised,  in truth, righteousness, peace & in spirit freedom (Rev 11verse15; 19v6; )…..Lord wants the world to know this before His soon coming, that is why Lord is using Kanye to spread this GOOD NEWS/GOSPEL….All obedient ones in the heavenly commandments of Lord Jesus Christ are going to live soon in a Sin-free, curse-free, evil-free, wicked-free, war-free, fight-free, abusive people-free, immoral people-free, fear-free, worry-free, sufferings-free, etc. New Earth/New Jerusalem/promised holy land/heavenly Zion.( Revelation 19; 21; Isaiah 65; 66; 2 Peter 3v13; )…

  15. I can’t believe ppl think it’s brave for Kanye to embrace his Christianity. I’m not knocking him, but it’s never been shocking or shameful to be a Christian. It doesn’t take any courage to “come out” as Christian, it’s actually expected. Y’all ppl praising him bc y’all think it’s refreshing or brave are bullshitting

  16. I love how open he is about his faith. God chose you to save the rappers from Hollywood and music industry artists who have sold their soul for fame. It’s time the music /movie industry stops the casting couch.

  17. Actions speak louder than words. But here is a quote from the kjv bible. Jesus speaking. Im sure many of you wont understand it and it will go over your heads.
    Matthew 7:22-23 "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

  18. CHRISTIAN EVERYTHING!!!! WHOOT WHOOT 🙂 Glory To God!!!!! Jesus Is Lord!!!!
    "MOM" Shelly Cole
    Sharing The Good News Of God's Love Through Christ

  19. I Respect Kanye! Lauren daigle sings about God but she can’t admit or doesn’t want to be called a “Christian artist” yet here stands Kanye literally sharing his faith publicly and he is not ashamed! I’m living for this!!❤️ Jesus protect his soul. Amen!

  20. I think Kanye having a wife and children made him look at the world through a different lens and now he thinks of what kind of world and family does he want for his children. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides him and protects him from the enemy.

  21. Another celebrity using the Name that is above every name without submitting to the righteousness of Christ, but going about to establish his own righteousness. For Jimmy Kimmel to "like" this is a dead giveaway that it is fake; that Kanye has been deceived by a minister (devil) of Satan who has transformed himself into an angel of light.
    Matthew 7:20 By their fruits ye shall know them.

  22. Kanye has always seemed like a good fellow. I hope he comes home to the one true Church, but this is probably a step in the right direction.

    God bless you all.

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