Kiya Yom-e-Azal Se Pehlay Bhi Allah Ne Rouhen Banayi Thien?

Kiya Yom-e-Azal Se Pehlay Bhi Allah Ne Rouhen Banayi Thien?

TITLE: Did God Create Souls Prior to The Primordial Day? Imran Ullah from Germany asked a question. He said, ‘God showed the modelled luxuries of the world and the paradise on the Primordial Day. However, he did not show the souls hellfire. What is the secret behind this?’ I said to him ‘In order to reply to your question, I need to know how strong your faith is and how much knowledge you possess.’ He said that his faith is very strong; although he is unaware of what it means to have strong faith. One meaning of having a strong faith is to have a strong belief. however, Emaan (faith) is not the same thing as belief. Emaan is the quantity of Noor (Divine Light). The more Divine Light you have in your souls, the more sound your Emaan will be. Now to answer your question as to why God did not mention hell [on the Primordial Day] why did he only show the modelled luxuries of the world and the paradise? He didn’t mention hell. The question arises Why didn’t God mention himself? He didn’t show the luxuries of his love either. He didn’t show the luxuries of seeing him. Neither did he say, ‘These are the luxuries of obtaining my Dhaat (person),those who opt for it may take it.’ However, we hear about great personalities that only spoke about God and his love For example, there was a saintess called Rabia Basri (ra). One day, she was running somewhere holding water in one hand and fire in the other. People asked her where she was going and she said, ‘With the water in my hand I will put out the fire in hell and with the fire in my other hand I will set paradise ablaze so that people don’t worship God out of fear of hell or greed of paradise. They should worship God for God.’ So, we have heard of such notions whereby we are told that neither should we worship God out of any fear nor should we worship God out of greed. And this thought has come to us from those whom God has rewarded. However, the question is that those whom God has rewarded, from whom this notion of worshipping God sans fear and greed comes however when we read the holy Koran we see both fear and greed shown by God. For example, God says that when we enter paradise we will see streams and damsels and their bodies are described and then we also see fear in the Koran as well as greed. And then, in the Primordial Times when God showed the modelled luxuries of the world and the paradise neither did he mention his own Dhaat (person) nor did he mention his love neither did he mention his Rapturous Love (Ishq) nor did he mention hell And then, we also understand that the souls which God created they were just souls where there was no concept of evil where there was no influence of Satan because Satan was not present there And our Carnal Selves were not in existence which would misguide us only our souls were in existence however, even then a majority of the souls leapt towards the luxuries of the world and some leapt towards the luxuries of the paradise. And those souls who were not able to make a decision they kept looking here and there their fate was suspended Choosing the luxuries of the world is a bad thing but where did this come from Satan was not present there And like Baba Guru Nanak said:The entire humanity was created with the same light; it matters not who is better. So, when God created all the souls with the same light then why did some of the souls leapt towards the luxuries of the world and some towards the luxuries of the paradise? Now, these are some things which you do not have the answers to, and neither do I however, the only thing I can say is that this is how God wished it to be. Forget about the souls, that they opted for the luxuries of the world although there was no influence of the Carnal Self, there was no interference from Satan and even still the souls opted for the luxuries of the world. And these were just the souls but when God created Adam The Eminent One the angels objected [upon his creation] and God shut them up by saying that he will grant him a special knowledge but then that Adam The Eminent One was made to make a mistake in the paradise by God. These are all the works of God. Secondly, if you have knowledge and you have read the Koran then you should also know that God said in the Koran I have created a majority of human beings and Jinns for hellfire. Now, when God has created the majority of human beings and Jinns for Hellfire then they will obviously commit acts that will send them straight to hell. Yesterday, we spoke about whether or not God has emotions. Yes, God does have emotions. However, the question that I am going to ask today is whether or not there is rationality in God’s system or is it just dictatorship? You will definitely have to agree, if you are just God’s system is all about dictatorship there is no respect for the desires of a human being. Human beings are not asked what do they wish for there is a force which drives you to commit sins and then there is a rare force which will make you do good things and still you will have to say, ‘This is from my Lord’s blessings.’ When you see these things clearly you will never say that human beings are invested with the power of making decisions. Every single thing in the world is in existence according to God’s wishes everything is the way that God wants it to be. Human beings do not have the authority to go against God’s agenda. Everything you see today, everything that has come to pass has all happened according to God’s plan and agenda. All the prophets that came in this world were troubled greatly by the people throughout their lives *Urdu Poetry* The calamities that human beings have to suffer for the sake of God’s love, whether it is a prophet, a saint, a Qalandar, a Sultan, are incomprehensible. To walk on God’s path sand to endeavour to obtain God now, if you were shown how to commit fraud you will never be burdened with evil whisper and if somebody were to entice you to leave your 2 month old baby and go on Jihad you won’t get any evil whispers. If you were told to leave your family behind and go into seclusion for a month, three months, a year etc. you will never have evil whispers. However, when you are given the knowledge of purification of your Carnal Self and Spiritual Heart to enlighten your inner that is when you will be riddled with questions ‘How does this happen?’ ‘This is not right, that is not right.’ There is a force behind this. Even if you were able to understand why good deeds must be done, there is a force within you – a voice within you which will crush your confidence. However, if you were going to the casino then you wouldn’t have negative thoughts. Or if you are going to spend your money on bad deeds, you will not think twice about it. Like, those who are addicted to gambling are often told to think about their wife and kids but they are so far gone in their addiction that they forget about their family. And then people who become severe alcoholics they would even sell their wife’s jewellery, they spend all their money on gambling, they would even put their wives at stake for the sake of their addiction. And they never get burdened with evil whispers You are only troubled when you embark on the spiritual path the path of purification and enlightenment because the Devil resides within you. Now, why is there such a strong influence of the Devil within you? Who allowed him to be there? They say that nothing happens without God’s will; even a leaf on a tree doesn’t move. Why does God like those who are brave? Because when you walk on the spiritual path and try to bring Divine Light in you, God will order the Devil to stay within you because he wants to test your bravery. Now, your bravery and strength can never reach the intensity which gets rid of the Devil. You will try to bring Divine Light in you and God will tell the Devil to stay where he is only after 20, 30, 40 times when God sees that… okay this person is crying and he has now considered himself to be helpless and in his own capacity he has tried to obtain God as much as possible but he feels helpless, only God can help him That is when God helps you and rids you of the presence of the Devil. He just has to prove that you are nothing. But, this is not easily understood by human beings. This is why the more arrogant you are the further away from God you are because you don’t know the story. Some people asked: Shouldn’t we be proud of the fact that we belong to HDE Gohar Shahi? I said no. Ask me why. You should only feel this pride when the Lord resides within you from your head to your toes. That’s when you should feel proud. So far you’ve only received a drop of blessings. Just your brain ends up troubling you. Of course God will test you. He will test you and he will test your Spiritual Guide. He will test how much you trust your Spiritual Guide and he will test your Spiritual Guide to see how quickly he helps you out. Human beings are nothing in their own capacity but at the same time you don’t have the guts to listen to this. For example, when I said that on the Primordial Day only the modelled luxuries of the world and the paradise were shown neither did God speak about his Dhaat (being) nor did he mention hell. But then we also hear about the personalities that came in the world who only spoke about God’s love. When God did not even mention his Dhaat (being) then the world should only have two types of people: worldly or heaven-bound. Where did the people who preach God’s love come from? Where did the Sufis come from? Where did the prophets come from? The souls has chosen either the world or the paradise at that time so where did the prophets come from? so where did the prophets come from? This is why Bulleh Shah said: The Command Be which created the souls of mankind has only just transpired. I have loved God for eons before this. Long before God created the souls of mankind with Command Be, he created some souls and kept them close to him. He kept them in three different categories, some souls were given his Jalwa (Manifestation) . Some were kept in his Qurb (close proximity) and some were given his Mohabbat (love). The souls from these three different categories existed already. And then, in the end God created the souls of mankind with the Command Be. He assembled the souls and showed them the luxuries of the world and paradise. Some leapt towards the world, some leapt towards the paradise and some souls were indecisive. Those who chose the world, the angels were ordered by God to write the world in their fate. And the paradise was written in the fate of those who chose the paradise. And those souls who looked here and there, those who were indecisive, for them the angels were told to suspend their fate if they become inclined towards the religion they will be religious and if they are lured by the Devil, they are devils. Now, when the world was created the worldly souls and the heaven-bound souls came and along with them came the souls which were kept in Qurb, Mohabbat and Jalwa When those previously created souls came into the world, they became Bulleh Shah, Rabia Basri, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani etc. and they are the ones who inclined human beings towards God. Neither did they speak about the world nor about paradise. They wanted you to obtain God. When they tried to pull you towards God, your religions came in the way, saying you should be headed towards the paradise, not towards God. That is why the clerics and Sufis never saw eye-to-eye. And the Devil had to stand up too, he didn’t want people to become religious; he wanted them to remain worldly. Everything became muddled up and it is still the same to this day. So, how will people understand the message of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. The souls that were created with the Command Be were only shown either the luxuries of the world or the paradise. They were all just greedy for the luxuries; the worldly souls obtained the world by going after money and those in search for the luxuries of the paradise are engaged in religious practises. Did you ever pray and ask God in your prayers ‘O’ God, I only want you’? Why would you say it? You were only shown the luxuries of the world and the paradise. You did not see the luxuries of the Qurb, Mohabbat and Jalwa of God. Imam Mehdi has come to find those souls who were created in the Qurb, Mohabbat and Jalwa of God because those souls have come into the world and He has come here to find them. The souls who accepted the Personal Name of God were not created from the Command Be, they are the souls who were created previously; who were kept in the 3 categories and it is for them that Imam Mehdi has arrived. He has not come here for those who opted for the paradise or the world. The people who sing hymns and praise the Lord are for the worldly souls; they sell the hymns and the worldly souls buy them. It’s a business. Or they take the worldly souls on the pilgrimage. It’s a business. And the establishers of religions came for the heaven-bound souls. Who will understand the message of God then? Purify your Carnal Self, engage your Spiritual Heart in the remembrance of God have Divine Light enter into your bloodstream don’t bother going to the Kaaba, bring the Kaaba to you. *Persian Poetry* “I become your hands, I become your feet, I become your tongue” who will understand this if people are busy trying to obtain paradise [or the world]? Now, Rabia Basri said I will set the paradise on fire and put out the fire in hell so that God worship God without fear and greed. She had not seen the luxuries of the paradise she was from the Qurb of God and that’s all she understood that is what she tried to tell the world about. She wanted everyone to love God. When Khwaja Sab came, he did the same thing; making people aware of God’s love. Nizzamuddin Auliyah, Ghous Pak, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar…. All these personalities that came were not standing amongst the souls created by Command Be if they were, they too would have seen the luxuries of the paradise. They were standing in the previous assembly of souls where the only thing present was the Jalwa, Qurb and Mohabbat of God Now, tell me, do you want to earn paradise or the world, or do you want Gohar Shahi to grant you the fate of the previous assembly? Would you rather that He grants you the Jalwa of God, Qurb of God and Mohabbat of God? If that’s what you want, then the doctrine of Gohar Shahi has arrived and there is no room for debate and discussion. If that is what you want then quietly adopt this path because there is no room for debate and discussion. AlRA TV. Guidance, brought to you.

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  3. Thanx Alra Tv. Mr. Younus Algohar ji,your spiritual explanation/thoughts are beyond the knowledge of religious books.One who have the practical feelings,is fully competent as spiritual Master on the earth.

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  5. वो जो सबकुछ जानता है, वो जो अंदर की बात भी जानता है, वो हमें आज़माएगा ? यह बात साहिब कुछ समझ नहीं आई ! आपकी काफ़ी बातें बिल्कुल स्पष्ट है, जैसे ज़िक्र यानी सुमरण ! सभी धर्मों की जो रूहानियत है वो एक ही लगती है ! इस चर्चा में आपने फ़रमाया है कि ईश्वर, हमें आज़माता है ! मेरा सवाल है कि आज़माना यानी परखना, यह काम तो वोही करेगा ना जो यह जानता ही न हो कि हम क्या हैं ! यानी यह तो वोही करेगा जिसे हमारे REPLY का या हमारे REACTION का मालूम नहीं होगा ! तो फिर वो हमें आज़माता है यह बात अपने आप मे कुछ अजीब नहीं है ! माफ़ करना साहिब !

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