Laura Bretan – Concert Caritabil Star of Hope (Portland, 28.10.2017) [Subtitrare versuri in romana]

Laura Bretan – Concert Caritabil Star of Hope (Portland, 28.10.2017)  [Subtitrare versuri in romana]

Hi my dear, I’m Laura Bretan and I invite you with great joy to the charity concert at the Philadelphia Church in Portand. On October 28, 6 o’clock. Last December, I was invited by Star of Hope Iasi from Romania to the Center for Children with Disabilities. I saw and talked with children and mothers with great sadness. Many of them are in need but still have hope that tomorrow will be easier because of the Star of Hope Romania. I understood that God has called me to help as much as I can. Now, after almost a year, I have the joy to invite you again to participate at this charity event. On October 28, 6 o’clock. Organized by the Philadelphia Church in Portland. [Applause] My last piece is one of my favorites I this was one of the first songs I’ve
ever learned in this genre of music and so I hope you really enjoy it it’s my
favorite so Amin! To God be the glory! her bio when I did read with Laura
Thanks to Laura I was so impressed with Bretan you know you go on Google and you’ll
find the information and at the end there she said my heart is to help needy
people to end the pain of homeless people. So that touched my heart and
actually she’s the one who initiated all of this. So all of you are here because
of Laura Bretan. I want to give her a big hand. God bless you all!

17 thoughts on “Laura Bretan – Concert Caritabil Star of Hope (Portland, 28.10.2017) [Subtitrare versuri in romana]”

  1. Laura bretan, is a super soprano, she's awesome, bravo thandi for your updates on the best young soprano ever!!!

  2. I have heard Jerusalem many times by many other singers. No one comes close to Laura. What power, clarity and beauty!
    And to put out this strength of voice just after regaining composure is remarkable. God Bless Laura!

  3. Mulțumesc mult Thandi noi Am văzut-o live atunci însă mi-ar fi plăcut să titrați în limba română (din engleză)

  4. She is stunningly beautiful, Humble,Gracious, with a purity in her voice that is second too none. Pity her generation was not more like this young lady. Her voice could heal our troubled world. Our Lord has given us all this beautiful human being. We are so lucky too hear this unique voice. Please don’t change your style . You are so modest. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.watching from Uk xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thanks for another great post. Laura is easily the greatest soprano of our generation, yet, when singing with young people, she willingly backs her voice down a little.

  6. She said, she bellive god has given her the task to help the desable of Romania; but who has made the disabled persons, if not god? Can someone eksplain that?

  7. Starting to cry during performance isTHE testimony of deepest understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ in a soul , heart and spirit of a human being . And what a huam a human being- the greatest testimony of Gods existeance !!! Amen !

  8. If music is the consummate expression of all the best in humanity, then Laura is our music. She gives all of herself to the performance making her perfect for opera, the penultimate musical arena for human expression…Thank you Thandi.

  9. Listening to Laura is a blessing from God, she preaches with her music, Ascultând Laura este o binecuvântare din partea lui Dumnezeu, ea predică cu muzica ei Escuchar a Laura es una bendicion de Dios, ella predica con su musica…

  10. Seeing her emotional performance of Pie Jesu made me cry. It was so heartwarming. May God Bless you forever, Laura. 💟

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