LIVING SACRIFICES | Bible Study | Numbers 9-10:10

This is Spoken Gospel. We’re dedicated to seeing
Jesus in all of scripture. In each episode we see what’s
happening in a Biblical text and how it sheds light
on Jesus and his gospel. Let’s jump in. This section continues a flashback to a month
earlier when Moses dedicated the tabernacle. Everything Israel does in this passage mirrors
the story of their escape from Egypt in Exodus. They keep the Passover meal on the
one-year anniversary of the first time they ate it. In fact, God commanded them to do this every year
and remember how he saved their firstborn in Egypt. Next, we read about the cloud of God’s
presence that covered the tabernacle. When the cloud traveled, they traveled. When it rested, they set up camp. This is very similar to what happened after
the first Passover when the people went through the wilderness to Mt. Sinai,
following the cloud of God’s presence. The last thing we read about in this
flashback are commands about trumpets. Trumpets were to be used to signal
different events and marching orders. This also reminds us of the Exodus story
because after Passover and following the cloud, God’s presence came down on Mt.
Sinai with the sound like a trumpet blast. Why all these similarities? Just before the book of Numbers
began, Israel broke God’s covenant by building an idol –
the famous golden calf. God punished them and
it looked like all was lost. However, God renewed his covenant
to Israel, the tabernacle was built, and that catches us
up to where we are now. So, the question is, what’s the status of
the relationship between God and Israel? Are they ok? It’s almost as if God is
saying, “I saved you then. I’ll save you now.” This is great news for us today. We have sinned to the point of wondering,
“What’s the status of my relationship with God?” And like he did with Israel, God points
us back to how he saved us before, in order to remind us
of how he saves us now. But we don’t just remember
the exodus from Egypt. We remember the new and
better exodus we have been given in the death, burial,
and resurrection of Jesus. By rehearsing and remembering
the story of how Jesus saves us, we are comforted by the
fact that God is still with us. This is most clearly seen
when we take the Lord’s Supper. Communion is the fulfillment
of the Passover meal. When we take it we remember how we have
been saved through the body and blood of Jesus. If you are in a season of doubt, if you are
wondering how God could possibly still love you, remember that he died
for you on the cross. The God who was faithful to
you then is faithful to you today. I pray that the Holy Spirit would open your
eyes to see the lengths to which God goes to remind us of his
covenant faithfulness. And, as you remind yourself of
the Gospel, you would see Jesus as the full, final, and faithful
keeper of that covenant.

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