Lord of the Rings: Ents and Huorns

Lord of the Rings: Ents and Huorns

Long before the awakening of Elves and Men,
the Vala Yavanna, giver of fruits, planted the first seeds to populate the world with
growing things, creating vast forests and wondrous gardens. However, she soon came to fear what the Elves,
Dwarves and later Humans might destroy, learning that they would need to cut down forests and
rip apart soil in order to survive and build their settlements. Approaching Manwe, king of the valar with
her concerns, it was decided that when the Children of Iluvatar awoke, a new form of
life would as well, with tall, tree-like beings created to serve as Shepherds of the Forest,
protecting Yavanna’s creations. The males of the species became known as Ents
and were devoted to the vala Orome Lord of Forests, watching over the trees of the middle
earth, while the females were known as Entwives, devoted to Yavanna, tending to smaller plants,
and grasses. Some of these being would then pair off and
live their long lives together, producing children known as Entings. Protecting wildlife, like the ancient trees
known as Huorns, it is believed they started to take after each other, with Ents becoming
more treelike, while in turn teaching the forests the art of speech and movement. And while the Huorns were mostly known as
dark trees in deep woods, gnarled and unmoving, they had minds of their own, able to fall
upon their enemies with deadly strength. Over the long years of their lives some Huorns
were known to become long-brooding, and black-hearted such as Old Man Willow, a sentient tree by
the banks of the Withywindle River, who grew angry and resentful against the children of
Iluvatar, as they continued to cut down trees and destroy forests. And so he would sing songs of enchantment
in order to lure nearby travellers so he could consume them with roots and branches. In those early years, as the Ents roamed the
vast forests of middle earth, they came into contact with the Elves who taught them how
to speak, imparting a desire to learn new things and expand their knowledge. Although they developed their own language,
it was rumbling lengthy and long-winded, and so once introduced to other languages, Old
Entish was reserved for important discussion, while New Entish was created for everyday
conversation. According to the Ent Treebeard, possibly the
Oldest living being in all of Middle Earth, the race of Trolls, created by Melkor in the
First Age, were made in mockery of the Ents, just as the Orcs were a twisted, corrupt version
of the Elves. Although the Ents largely avoided the conflicts
of other races, they did join the legendary hero Beren Erchamion at the Battle of Sarn
Athrad, helping to destroy the retreating Dwarves of Nogrod, who had recently sacked
the city of Menegroth, killing their king and stealing a precious jewel known as a silmaril. Spending much of their time in the lands of
Eriador, which were once completely covered by a vast ancient forest, long years of war
and migration eventually resulted in fundamental changes to the shapes of continents and the
landscape of their territory. And so the realm of the Ents in Middle Earth
grew smaller over time until all that remained of their ancient homeland were small pockets
of woodlands like the Old Forest near the Shire and fangorn forest, east of the Misty
Mountains, where their dwindling population retreated. For thousands of years, the old Ent Treebeard,
also known as Fangorn watched over the forests while his mate Fimbrethil tended to her gardens,
but when the Entwives decided to journey east, and create a great garden beyond the river
Anduin, their race suffered further tragedy, as they became separated from their husbands
and were never again reunited. Unfortunately, when the last alliance of men,
elves and dwarves, prepared to march against Sauron at the end of the second age, the Dark
Lord pre-emptively sent his armies to destroy the Entwives and their garden, leaving only
a desolate desert known as the brown lands. The ultimate fate of the Entwives is unknown,
though many believe they likely perished with their garden, while some hold out hope that
a few escaped and fled into the wilderness. One such hope, rests on the word of Samwise
Gamgee, who claims his cousin Hal saw a walking tree north of the Shire, as Treebeard once
remarked how much the Entwives would have loved the fertile fields and forests of the
Hobbit homeland. However it is also possible Sam’s cousin
simply saw a wandering Ent, or a Huorn, who were known to populate the Old Forest nearby. In the Third Age, when the wizards came to
middle earth, Saruman the White became a friend of the Ents, but in time grew vain and cold,
directing his orcs to cut down the forests to feed the furnaces of Isengard. When the War of the ring erupted throughout
the western lands of middle earth, the free peoples once again attempted to fight against
the rise of Sauron. Although Saruman was supposed to be one of
the leaders opposing the Dark Lord, he instead made a temporary alliance with him, betraying
his former allies in the hopes he might one day wield the mighty ring of power. However, in the year 3019 of the Third Age,
Treebeard encountered two small hobbits, wandering through the forest, fleeing from orc pursuers. Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took tried
to inform Treebeard that the felling of their trees was growing worse every day, but the
Ents were well aware and so summoned an Entmoot, to discuss the issue. Treebeard then took the hobbits to his home
of Wellinghall, a great ent-house where they made Ent-draughts from river water, the only
sustenance the creatures needed. When Merry and Pippin drank of this mysterious
liquid, they grew over 3 inches and became the tallest hobbits in history. After a lengthy discussion at the Entmoot,
which the Ents considered a quick conversation, it was decided that the few of them who remained
would go to war in defense of their forest, the Last March of the Ents. Emerging from Fangorn, they charged against
Saruman’s forces in the battle of Isengard, defeating his garrison and releasing the river
to flood his furnaces and workshops. At the same time, the Ents sent the Huorns
to help the humans of Rohan at the Battle of the Hornburg, destroying the enemy army
as they attempted to retreat into the forest. Surrounding the tower of Orthanc, they held
the White wizard as a captive for a time, with Saruman growing frail and pitiful as
a prisoner. However he was still a powerful being, and
used the magic of his voice to convince the Ents to free him, praying on their distaste
for keeping living beings in captivity. Yet Saruman would never again rise to levels
of power and authority he once held, and with the war against Sauron won, Isengard was given
over to the Ents by King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdom, and there created a new forest called
the Watchwood, and a realm known as the Treegarth of Orthanc. Having survived into the fourth Age, Treebeard
continued to lead his people for many more years, still longing to one day be reunited
with his beloved Entwife. Although Ents lived for a very a long time,
they were not immortal and so in time those that remained likely grew still and quiet,
losing their conscious minds to become simple trees. However, according to Galadriel the Lady of
Light, the Ents would one day return, possibly after the final defeat of Morgoth and the
end of the world, when the lands of Arda were restored to their former glory. In her own words they would see the Ents again,
but Not in Middle-earth, nor until the lands that lie under the wave are lifted up again. Then in the willow-meads of Tasarinan we may
meet in the Spring.”

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  2. I honestly love the Ents and Hurons in Tolkiens work. They symbolize nature and teaches us that if we don't respect and take care of it, then it would strike back in some way. Man Tolkiens symbolism is so awesome imo!!! 🙂

  3. The Ents had never encountered hobbits until Merry and Pippin met Treebeard, meaning that the tree creature Sam's cousin saw was most likely an Entwife. "Old Man Willow" could have been a tree-ish Entwife instead of a Huorn. JRRT was quite fond of disguising women as men – for example, Éowyn fooling the witch king Nazgûl into battle, or the female dwarves having beards.

  4. luv .. luv .. luv your work .. you are my fav explainer to tolkien's world . i know i ask a lot but really wish never stop doing for more middle earth stories

  5. I have watched lots of videos about the ents. None was so clear as this one. Love your channel. Been a sub since a year and a half. Keep up the great work.

  6. "Ent draught" is pronounced like "ent draft." "Draught" is just an antiquated spelling of "draft," meaning something that is drawn or pulled, in thos case a drink drawn from a spring or well.

  7. I distinctly remember reading something about Treebeard and Gandalf travelling to Tom Bombadil after the events in the war of the ring, but i cant for the life of me remember what book!

  8. There is no evidence that The Ents are mortal….more than likely…they are immortal like The Elves in the sense that their fea is tied to the fate of Arda and as such cannot leave it's confines.

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  10. 1:56 It is Ironic that the eternal elves would instill in the ents a longing for change and wanting to learn new things…

  11. I wish ents would exist so they can protect the forest, I would be an ally with them if construction try to clear the forest.

  12. In this video, it was said that Saruman used his word of magic to convice fangorn to release him and so Saruman never rise again in power. But in the movie Saruman was killed by Grimma Wormtongue.

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