Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – What’s the Difference?

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – What’s the Difference?

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  1. I remember that Sam became the mayor of Hobbiton and then was invited to the Undying Lands in his old age because he too was a ring bearer for awhile in the book. Or did I misremember it?

  2. I feel that the movie exclusion of the Shire battle was a good decision, it would've kinda ruined the pacing of the movie

  3. One scene that i really disliked in the fim is Gandalf getting his ass handed to him by the witch King (that's an extended edition scene right?)

  4. You obviously didn't pay attention to the ending of the chapter of "The Scouring of the Shire", because Gríma did NOT stab Saruman, he slit his throat and was shot by hobbit arrows.

    Heres the verbatim passage from the book:

    Saruman laughed. " You do what Sharkey says, always, don't you, Worm? Well, now he says: follow!" He kicked Wormtongue in the face as he grovelled, and turned and made off. But at that moment something snapped: suddenly Wormtongue rose up, drawing a hidden knife, and then with a snarl like a dog he sprang on Saruman's back, jerked his head back, cut his throat, and with a yell ran off down the lane. Before Frodo could recover or speak a word, three Hobbit-bows twanged and Wormtongue fell dead.

  5. One difference with Eowyn is that no one knew she was travelling with Rohan army. She disguised herself and took a man's name. She doesn't reveal herself as a woman until Theoden is pinned under his horse and dying. Then the Witch-King threatens her and tells her no man can kill him. She laughs and tells him is looking at a woman. Their fight happens and her arm is broken, Merry stabs the Witch-King in the back of the leg but she kills him (cuz female). It isn't the Barrow-wight's dagger breaking a spell, it is that Eowyn is female. The prophecy wasn't that no man can harm him, but that no man could kill him.

  6. That scene where Gollum frames Sam for eating the food makes me so mad. Like why tf does Sam have to climb all the way down to find the food he knows he didn’t eat for clarification that he was being set up? They coulda had same climb down just a little bit and hide until he can shadow them up the stairs. Woulda played out exactly the same while leaving behind that shit that doesn’t make sense.

  7. I'm glad they didn't include that final battle in the Shire. Would have bogged down the ending and ruined the climax at Mount Doom.

  8. what about sam going to immortal lands? what about gandalf facing witch king? what about gimli and legolas going to the west as well?

  9. I remember that Elladan and Elrohir gave Aragorn the idea to go through the Paths of the Dead, not Dunedain.

  10. At around 5 minute point you are kinda wrong. In the book, Aragorn is a wishy washy dipshit. He is constantly arguing with himself about whether or not he is doing the right thing. I honestly can't stand his inability to make a decision in the book, and it's throughout the series, up until the very end.

  11. "Because why not?"
    Because you explicitly said you'd be using the theatrical versions in the first video. Because you have used the theatrical versions for the first two videos.

  12. Anyone could control the Palantir, but since Sauron's mind is more powerful, it is presently more dangerous.

  13. Let's just consider how much Peter Jackson pissed on the books, mangled and tore them apart, and then dared to place the title of "Return of the King" on his movie.

    Let's add to the list of differences.

    Aragorn and the dead: this was even more important than in the book because Aragorn freed Gondor proper from the threat of invasion by staving off the incursions of the pirates of Umbar and taking their ships. With that he also freed up all of the armies sent south to strengthen the southern borders to return with him to Minas Tirith. Ignored in the movie; here it was the army of the dead helping Minas Tirith.

    Arwen only arrived in Gondor after quite some time after the Battle at the Black Gate, after a lot of the damage to Minas Tirith had already been repaired.
    Only then did Elrond reluctantly give Arwen to Aragorn, as he had fulfilled the destiny of becoming King of Gondor again. Because he knew that Arwen would choose to live as a mortal with Aragorn, and herself become mortal by it. Elrond was afraid for her because he personally knew only one other elven maiden who had done that before Arwen, and he knew it ended tragically.

    There was a little spite between Gimli and Eomer about which woman was the most beautiful: Galadriel or Arwen.

    The puckelmen have been ignored almost completely, including that Aragorn gave them the land they occupied in perpetuity for his gratitude of showing the Eorlingas the secret path which allowed them to bypass much of Sauron's army stationed at the fords into Gondor.

    Both Eomer and Aragorn returned with the remaining fellowship to Orthanc to find that Saruman had outwitted Fangorn with his voice, to let him escape.
    Gandalf was distraught over that because he feared that Saruman would breed some form of mischief, even though he did not have the resources of Orthanc at his behest anymore.

    The Dunlendings seduced by Saruman were pardoned as long as they vowed never to take up arms again against Rohan or Gondor.
    The return to Rivendell after the crowning of Aragorn and Eomer took nearly half a year. The company all the time pronouncing to all the lands the return of the King, and declaring a pardon for all involved human parties.
    In Rivendell they company met and old and decrepit Bilbo who wanted to see his ring again.

    The company rested up in Rivendell for some time before going for a slow, and uneventful return to Bree where they met up with a lot of the people they had the last time they were in Bree.
    Here they already heard about the problems in the Shire.
    They returned to Buckland and were greeted at the bridge over the Brandywine/Baranduin with a gate over the bridge.

    Here the events started to unfold more or less as shown in the video.

    BUUUT: after the Battle of Bywater Frodo returned to Bag's End and continued to live there for several years.
    He tried to cover up his reoccuring pains from his wounds and the destruction of the ring.
    Sam, Merry and Pippin become celebrated heroes for their actions in the freeing of the Shire, but Frodo is more or less ignored by the population of the Shire because his tale is rarely told, if at all.

    Finally, Frodo bequeathes Bag's End to Samwise, and leaves for the Gray Havens.
    Sam does return to the Shire for some time to father a large and very powerful clan of hobbits.

    Now we come to the appendices of the last book. Here is described that both Merry and Pippin often took long trips to their respective kings of allegiance, as they both still were knights of their realms. Even Aragorn traveled to the borders of the Shire, but he never set foot in it, as he had given the Shire to the Hobbits for perpetuity and forbidden any human from setting foot in it henceforth.

    Finally, after Rose dies, Samwise is invited to leave Middleearth and sail west, as he also was a Ringbearer, and no Ringbearer should remain in Middleearth.

    Aragorn and Arwen live a long life. Gondor is repopulated, Minas Morgul is destroyed, Umbar and Harlong is pacified, and an age comes to an end.

    A loooong time after that, when Gimli grew too old, Legolas convinced the elves of Rivendell that he should be the first and only dwarf to ever sail west, and he does.
    So with Aragorn dead, Legolas and Gimli were the last remaining living members of the fellowship to leave Middleearth.

  14. >>singing dancing fra la la la the world is ancient and merry and gay, so full of wonder<<
    giant demon drags the Gandalf to the bottomless void
    >>oh the wonder and beauty of the fair folk, the magical and mysterious elves and their magical trinkets and trees and gardens that ARE JUST NEAT<<
    Giant demi god spider mother guards the backdoor to hell. Gets fed discipline issues among the slave armies of Sauron and ultimately dies a long and slow horrible death (i guess? who cares, moving on)
    >>here's a song about a tree. Hey where are the tree women? lol men amiright<<
    Saruman gets his throat slit by a guy named Wormtongue in front of a bunch of Hobbits.

    The tone differences in these books is jarring. Holy fucking shit. We went from Tom Bombadill to Saruman getting prison murdered.

  15. Didn't frodo an company encounter Saruman on their way back (to Rivendell I think) before what happens in the Shire?

  16. Wasnt Aragorn fighting Sauron at the black gate in the books while in movie version, he is fighting the troll?

  17. I wonder what Tolken would think about the movies. I heard he wanted Christopher Lee to play Gandalf (I guess Lee felt like being evil instead).

  18. Why cover the Extended Edition of ROTK, when you didn't the others? Doesn't make much sense. The EE are the ones to watch so you should have covered them in the previous two videos.

  19. The way in which the Rohirrim get to Minas Tirith is much different in the books than the film. In the films they ride from Dunharrow straight to Minas Tirith, in the books they find that the Outwalls of Minas Tirith are held by the enemy (these walls aren't in the film) and they enlist the aid if Ghan-Buri-Ghan leader of the Wild Men of Druadan Forest, who takes them through an old forgotten path to get around the Outwalls allowing them to come to Gondor's aid.

  20. Several characters from the book are absent in the ROTK film that you didn't mention: Elladan & Elrohir, Ghan-Buri-Ghan, Beregond, Bergil, Barliman Butterbur, probably others. Also you neglected to mention that the Army of the Dead is released from their oath after helping Aragorn take the Corsair fleet in the book, rather than going on to help end the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

  21. 1:48 Wouldn't wearing the ring make you detectable to Sauron and his Ring wraiths so they should have been caught right there? Is this a plot hole in the book?

  22. For a movie that lasts about 11:23:59,even 5000 endings is not enough.Movie is literal masterpiece.

    I feel sorry for people who never got to enjoy movie release and then wait one more year for next movie and one more year for last.

    That way you learned to respect work done,feel for characters and their suffering and to be patient 😀

    For someone,watching it for the first time on computer,you don't get to experience all that.11 hours is not enough time to care for and love characters,to respect all hard work people have done etc…

  23. Also druedains meet Theoden as they pass through fangorn forest and Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth helps Gandalf and others during the siege of Minas Tirith, these weren't even mentioned, I don't know why, but to me it would have been awesome to see even more interesting moments on screen

  24. The death of Gollum. In the dead marshes Gollum offers to carry the ring to help "nice Master". Frodo responds, while clutching the ring, with a statement like, If you ever take the ring you will be thrown into the cracks of doom. A curse backed up by the power of the ring that comes true while Gollum does his celebration dance. So the ring helped to destroy itself.

  25. Another difference is that when Merry and Pippin were with Treebeard they drank this potion that made them grow a few inches.

  26. I thought this was based on the original cinematic release. Isn't Saruman's death scene only in the special edition?

  27. Good video but it seems like the whole narrative is just one long sentence. Slow down a bit! Bla bla Bla Blah Blah blabla…

  28. One final difference: In the movie, we are told that the boat on which Frodo, Bilbo et al depart from the Grey Havens is the last ever boat to head to the West. In the book, Sam is told that as he too was a ring bearer (and wearer), albeit only briefly; that he too might one day have a chance to journey to the West.

  29. In the end Frodo gives Sam the book and Sam writes in it with his own story about his life after he gets it. Also another difference is Mari and pip are way taller due to some magic water they drank that some how made them grow. They are basically the size of teens when they get back to the shire( I think it might be adults)

  30. now. the book i have of RoTK has a cool cover that shows a shadowy arm and face with a single orange eye reaching at the ring

  31. Also i got confused in the final third of RoTK because its just battle after battle with characters with similar names

  32. Wait, so you're using the extended edition for this one bit refused to do so for the other 2? That seems lazy to me. You missed a lot of decent material by not using extended for the other 2.

  33. The movie Frodo believing for an instant that Sam had eaten the lembas was the nail that put the coffin in my tolerance for Peter Jackson's opulent, soulless trash.

  34. In the book they all had armor on with Pipin and Marie with the colors of Gondor and Rohan and they did't took it of, thanks tho the Entwater they where a lot taller too and in the movie the battle was only in Gondor, in the book the battle was all over the land, even in the lonly mounthen, King Bard and Dain get killed..That was told by Gandalf..

  35. The battle on the fields was completely different! Were you all reading movie cliff notes or something? The battle was much, MUCH bigger. All mankind showed up, from laketown to the cities along the river that was saved by the ghost army. And they kept coming even after the battle. When they marched on the black gate, the army was actually larger than before the battle on the field.

  36. Jackson was too lazy. I woulda loved too see battle of pellanor fields stay closer too the book. Instead we see nothing of the dunadein knights of dol amroth and the hammer of anvil

  37. These movies are really great. They summarize and improve the original story. They make the girl characters, increase the drama and rework the whole story for a modern audience.

  38. worth noting: in the tolkien lore it is also revealed that sam later sailed to the undying lands as well, since for a short time he was also a ring bearer.

  39. That’s Fair. There were two separate Stories. Still wish they had kept to the Books. They’re mistake is putting Two Towers into the 3rd book. Trump anyone! ?

  40. hi there
    1. the movie screenwriters did an extensive study into tolkien's writings and therfore added some info that was in appendixes and other books into the movie story telling.
    2. the main difference as i see it, and one you almost touched in your cover of the second part, is the difference in basic character orientation. in the books, Good characters are always good, and the best example is indeed faramir, who in the books is described as swaying naturaly towards elves and the old costumes which is a sign of his redeeming qualities, while boromir and their father are affected by the ring. there a few other instances in the movie where they did it, such as a time when legolas offers aragorn to leave helm's deep…

  41. You could have included that the reason Gollum slipped was because Iluvatar, the God in the middle-Earth lore, willed him so. It is not mentioned in the books but I think in the appendices (I'm not pretty sure). However, I liked the movie version more because it highlights Frodos internal struggle as he tries not to succumb to the rings influence. It gave him another psychological layer which wasn't all so present in the books and made sense in the overall story arc of Frodo in the movies.

  42. 6:17 The entire army of northern and western Gondor is not a hand full of people…

    6:35 No it doesn't…not only do the orcs never make it past the first wall in the books the man of Gondor also sally out after the rohirrim arive.And the rohirrim did not fight off the Oliphaunts that was mostly done by the men of gondor since the horses of the rohirrim were too afraid to go near them.

  43. Peter Jackson's, "The Lord of the Rings: A Middle Earth Story"
    Not to ve confused with THE LORD OF THE RINGS, the greatest fantasy ever written.
    Harry Potter gets his Hogwarted little tiny balls slobbered all over while LOTR gets 3 films over TECHNICALLY 6 books.
    And we also have this creepy feeling that Frido Bugger and Sam Hamhand MAY JUST try to run off into the bushes together.
    Jackson sucks SOOOOOO BAD!!!!
    Arwens story is so sad that it almost makes me want to cut my wrists……read The Annals of the Kings and Rules…..and appendix

  44. Aragorn can literally heal people because his lineage comes from every one of the major races…..
    Hes of the TRIFOLD RACE!!

  45. I feel like the movies should’ve had the Scouring of the Shire. I really wanted to see Saruman, basically looking like a hobo without his staff, discovered by the Hobbits, and also the hobbits pushing through their hard times. It may have ended up a bit longer for an already 3 hour or 4 hour at least in the extended edition.

  46. u should have mentioned that sam is granted on the last ship going to the undieing lands. just because he was a ring holder…

  47. In the books it was Halbarad Dunadan and the brothers Elladan and Elrohir and twentyseven Dunedain . And Elhohir told him to take the path of the death.. The death only took the mariners of the slaveships and didn't attack on the battlefields…Only what i mist is the battle of Bywather.

  48. The ghost army pretty much ruined the last movie, as far as I'm concerned. By using them as a deus ex machina, they kind of made everything leading up to the climax meaningless. There was really no point in anyone fighting or dying in that battle, rather than just waiting for the invincible vacuum cleaner to show up. If you think about it, in the whole trilogy, there was really no point for anyone to do anything other than tell Aragorn to A: Visit the Ghosts, B: Go to Mordor. They played such a minor role in the book that I guess the only way to justify their inclusion was to extend their role and make them overpowered. I'd rather they had just been left out of the movie altogether.

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