Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – What’s the Difference?

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – What’s the Difference?

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  1. I always thought the Ents in the movies were just fucking with Merry and Pippin were he said he never heard of Hobbits before

  2. The part with the Ent running to the water with its head on fire has always been one of my favorite random moments from the whole movie trilogy.

  3. It should be noted that in the book, Saruman had been destroying Fangorn forest for decades before the Ent-Moot, but Treebeard had kept his nose out of it because he assumed that Saruman, being a wizard, knew what he was doing. In the movie, Saruman had only started destroying the forest at the midpoint of the first movie, so the ents likely hadn't learned of it yet. So, either way, the ents are still the type to wait a long damn time and need lots of convincing before they decide to act.

  4. There are some inaccuracies in this video, but I commend you for this concise summary. The "spooky" old man that AGL encounters when they first enter Fangorn is in fact Saruman, or so we must assume, as Gandalf says that it was not him. Also Merry and Pippin are taken to Gandalf in the books, but the meeting itself is not included.

  5. Yeah – "The Two Towers" is the film that's the most different from the book. And while there is absolutely no way a film could have followed just Merry and Pippin and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli for half it's length and then turned to Frodo, Sam, and Gollum (in other words the intercutting is absolutely necessary) their are certain changes that if you've read the trilogy are irksome. The characterization of Faramir is a BIG change (and I personally disagree with Pippa that it's necessary for Faramir to have a "narrative arc" – his whole purpose in the book is as a contrast to his brother, Boromir – and their father, as well as – well, a certain marriage that happens later on). Anyway, Faramir doesn't drag Frodo in the opposite direction from where he's actually going. (And Faramir's hidden cave behind the waterfall is beautiful in the book – all rainbows and such.) Second, one of the most famous set pieces of The Two Towers is moved by Jackson to the third film. I honestly don't get why (and I like the films, honest I do). Intercutting between that bit and Helm's Deep would have been more effective – and could have left us on a bigger cliffhanger. And we end up NOT getting in either film a scene that's a big deal in the book. It's hard not to be spoilry, so reply if you want clearer details. (though book fans probably know what I mean).

  6. Though I hate to be that annoying fanboy, I must point out that many of the times you mention the book, you mess up many of the events. Still like the videos, though!

  7. Missed the complete inversion of Elrond from noble, virtuous high elf to the recovering drug addict Hugo Weaving plays in every movie, whether a rogue AI or an English cricket captain.

  8. Cant thank you enough for these videos. I have tried to read LOTR 3 times and just cant get into it but love the movies.

  9. The adaptation would have been better if they had followed the same narrative structure as the book. that concurrent deconstructed format made this movie so confusing for non lotr readets

  10. I think one of the reasons Tolkien wrote his books the way he did is because he was inventing an epic within a fantasy history. So I believe he wanted it to read like a historical account rather than a screenplay. But, hats off to Peter Jackson. I'm 29, read the books as a kid, never even dreamed anything as big as TLOTR could possibly be made into a live action film.

  11. why you avoid pointing out that Gimli is a badass warrior in the book and not a F*cking comic relief? Also, it's false that there are no civilians with the Rohirrim at Helm's Deep: the most badass thing that Gimli does here is defending singlehanded the entrance to the caves where said women and children have taken refuge.

  12. why would book aomir be hunting orcs as a duty, while wyrm tongue is in charge? wyrm tongue should not allow the orcs to be killed.

  13. The main difference that irritated me was the sheer amount of forced conflict that was introduced, such as Frodo banishing Sam on the wrd of Gollum which would never have happened

  14. you missed a little bit with the journey of AGL. in the book the dwarf was slowing down the group (like the movie), but after some days of traveling non-stop Aragorn and Legolas need to sleep, while Gimli does not.

    during the siege the orcs do not have explosives in the book.

  15. I think it's important to note, about Gandalf's account of his fight with the balrog, that in the book Gandalf does not kill it. They battle as they fall and when they hit water at the bottom of the chasm, the balrog flees into the tunnels beneath the earth. Whereas in the movie, Gandalf battles the balrog up a set of stairs to the mountaintop where he slays it.

  16. Narsil/Anduril is not actually an elvish blade. It was made by a Dwarf Telchar of Nograd. The elves re-forged it, it wasnt their creation.

  17. You got almost everything right. But the white old man that Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli met at the border of the Fangorn forest was not Gandalf. He even says it when they meet with him (if i well remember at Treebeard's house) and they thought it was Saruman (or at least suspected) as he was cloacked and couldn't see his face. Only after a small talk between them all Gandalf reveals himself (not yet remembering his name) and tells the three that Merry and Pippin are with Treebeard. But returning to the subject, LGR asked him if he was the one to meet them at the border of the forest and he denied (thing that made sense, because when that old man appeared their horses ran away only after to be recovered by Gandalf's horse). So the old man very likely was Saruman. Eomer even told them that Saruman was going around pretending to be an old man.

  18. I mean to be specific treebeard knew the hobbits weren’t orcs but he didn’t know what hobbits were and had to add them in to the Ents rhymes for all things

  19. You forget that most of their journey with Smeagle to Mordor is done at night not during the day since Smeagle hates the sun or as he calls it the yellow face.

  20. Treebeard in the book had also never heard of Hobbits, saying he would have to add a section in the songs of the peoples of the Earth to talk of Hobbits.

  21. Let's start off this list with: Peter Jackson fucked up the Two Towers. Period.
    This is at least as far from the book as a Zippo lighter compared to the sun.
    Both create heat and fire, but when it comes to the book (the sun) it easily outshines the movie by multiple logarythmic scales.

    That added love story between Aragon and Arwen, Aragorns drop, Eowyn's flimsy character, the attack on the Eorlingas on their way to Helm's Deep, Helm's Deep construction, throwing dwarves, Grima's fate, Saruman's power, Fangorn, Faramir's character and his decisions, elven archers in Helm's Deep, Osgiliath, the Nazgul, Minas Morgul, Shelob's Lair, Smeagol's treachery, Frodo's seeming death, Samwise's decision to take the Ring, Sting, the Phial, the list goes on and on and on.

    This movie adaptation was a bloody disaster. If I had one chance to smack Jackson up the head once for each discrepancy his brain would definitely be splattered all over the pavement by the end.

  22. those arrows sticking out of your chest…that's a different look for you Boromir…are you trying….oh sorry….now you're leaking….that's gotta sting i'm guessing …want a breath mint to take your mind of of things? …no? that's not going to help either…this is all about you again isn't it…fine…we'll just cut to a different part of the movie while you "do something more creative other than being the typical type cast actor"…

  23. It's "cordial"…not "cordual"….You guys cannot speak….In the first video you couldn't say "ancient" correctly…..

  24. Arwen did not have a single line in any of the books.  In fact, the only female characters that had lines were Eowyn and Galadriel are the only female characters that had any lines in the books.

  25. I love the movies, but what they did with Faramir and Eowyn? I hate this! Eowyn in books was way better powerfull women than in movies. Faramir was this one man who was never seduced by ring! He was the most heroic and noble human in all Middle Earth, he was the better version of Boromir! He didn't take the ring even if this could secure his position in his father eyes! That was very very heroic! And the events that led to Helm's Deep? No. I love the portrait of battle but what the hec with this conflict Theoden – Gandlaf. It was never in the books. Theoden never want to close himself in Helm's Deep. But when he was in way he learned about Ercenbrand deafeat he decided to go to Helm's Deep. Gandalf abandoned the Theoden's army to gadered deafeted Ercenbrand troops!

  26. The tree scene was in the extended version. I love this movie but I also despair of it because how inaccurate it is.

  27. What pissed me off most about this film was it gave away that Gandalf hadn't died in like the first minute. In the book, nobody knew Gandalf was alive until Merry and Pippin encountered him, which made their surprise and joy far more poignant as the reader shared it.

  28. You forgot how Saruman went against Sauron's wishes and the idea of the Mordor orcs verses the Isengard Uruk-kai

  29. 9:30 Treebeard really doesn't know what Hobbits are, since they're not on his list. No reason to think they're Orcs, though

  30. Guys, you have to do better on the captions on these. They are *terrible*. They get almost every name consistently wrong. Whoever made them clearly has no clue what they are talking about.

  31. Among the things that ruined the movies for me was that Faramir was pretty much a carbon copy of his brother. In the books, they couldn't have been more different people, and that difference, was, actually, a significant plot point. Fuck Peter Jackson.

  32. Jackson's movies are actually an adaptation of an adaption – they're heavily based on Brian Sibley's BBC radio version from the early '80s, although Jackson knits in some other stuff from footnotes, the Silmarillion etc. That's certainly where the intertwining of the two sub-books in Two Towers comes from. Jackson even gave the cast copies of the BBC version.
    And book Faramir does want the ring, but is saved from temptation by his honour binding him to an earlier promise he made – something about saying "not even if I found it by the wayside" before he knew Frodo even had it.

  33. The reason that Tolkien ended the Two Towers — specifically Frodo’s story arc — is for the payoff at the Black Gate.

    In the book, the last we see of Frodo in book 2 is him being dragged off by the orcs, poisoned by Shelob’s sting.

    We know nothing more about him until the Mouth of Sauron brandishes his clothes and armour at the Gate, and so at that point we don’t know if his quest failed or not. The battle commences, and the viewpoint hobbit is buried under a troll (I think?) and the scene effectively cuts to black, and we go back in time and follow the hobbits & Gollum.

    So we spend the entire first half of the book not knowing if the hobbits failed, and the second half of the book not knowing if the rest of the Fellowship failed.

    In order to create tiny bits of tension, the screen adaptation basically ignores the driving emotion of the third book, and dismantles its primary theme, that doing the right thing is always the right thing to do, even if (especially when?) you know that you will fail anyway.

  34. The bookmark that's been living in the middle of my copy of The Two Towers has been haunting me from my bookshelf for years.

  35. Regarding Faramir, in the behind-the-scenes they explain that it didn't make sense how the Ring utterly destroyed Boromir while his brother was completely unaffected by it. It makes sense to me, he would be affected by it and it gives him a character arch over the course of the movie that in the end he lets them go with the Ring, proving he's overcome its temptation.

  36. this movie. Legolas surfing down the stairs on that shield. and Legolas swinging around the front of that horse rather than up the side like in a western to get on the back of the horse during that battle with the Wargs. are two of the cringiest dumb, pointless and unnecessary scenes i have ever seen, in what is otherwise a good film. i saw the animated Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films when i was a kid in the 70s and Legolas was my childhood hero. these films as well as interviews with orlando bloom made me HATE Legolas.

  37. There is SOOOO MUCH wrong with this that I can't even begin.
    But I will say that Jackhole should have made 6 films out of this like they did of Harry Potter and one 3 hour tie in film to end it.
    Jackholes liberties and butchery is puke worthy.

  38. in the Battle of Helm's Deep there was another major difference.
    in the movie Aragorn fights side by side with Gimli on the bridge… 2v hundres of orcs ("don't tell the elf")
    in the books was Aragorn and Éomer fighting the orcs

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