Metal Jesus Crew in Phoenix: Game Hunting, Pickups & Expo!

Metal Jesus Crew in Phoenix: Game Hunting, Pickups & Expo!

– Hi everybody. We are on our way to
Game On Expo in Phoenix. We’re here with the
entire Metal Jesus crew here at Sea-Tac and
ready to board the plane. It’s gonna be a really good time, we’re super looking forward to it. Look at you. – (laughs) I’m all smug in
my business class (laughs). – Where are you going? – To the very back of the plane. – [Metal Jesus] Like Paul said, we are on a plane from Seattle
down to Phoenix, Arizona for the awesome Game On Expo. That’s a retro gaming expo, and we are super thrilled
to be invited down there. Actually, the entire Metal Jesus crew is going down there as special guests. And the hotel that they have booked all the guests in for the expo is this amazing hotel called the FOUND:RE. And this place is super cool because as you walk in the door, you are greeted to a
mural of Burt Reynolds with a wig on for some reason. But the entire place
is just covered in art. The whole thing feels like
just an art installation. It’s such a cool hotel. (upbeat music) – [Paul] This can only end well. – [Metal Jesus] Check out
this interactive art piece here on the floor of the lobby, where it tracks you from above, and then basically creates
ripples on the floor. That was really fun to mess around with. And the rooms in the hotel
match the eclectic nature of everything else. Very modern, lots of artwork everywhere. Little touches here and there, and I was staying on the sixth floor with a pretty gorgeous view of Phoenix. After dropping off our
bags we stumbled down to the restaurant in the
lobby and grab a quick drink and a bite to eat, and
then we hear about this arcade called Cobra, actually
it’s an arcade slash bar, so we decided to check that out. We flew down on a Thursday but technically the expo is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So we have pretty much the first night to mess around in Phoenix, and this bar was really cool. I’d actually been here before
a couple years previously, and it’s a really nice mix of retro games and pinball machines
and we were just having a great time. I should also mention at
this point that some of you are wondering where Reggie is, and the reason why he’s
not in some of this footage is because he actually
has a bunch of friends and family that live down in Arizona, and so he actually flew
down several days earlier and was hanging out with them,
so you’ll see him later on as we get into the expo itself. But that’s why he wasn’t here tonight. But the rest of the Metal Jesus crew were having a great time just hanging out and having some drinks,
playing a bunch of video games of all different genres. And then at a certain part of the night, a random stranger came up and he’s like “Hey, I just put $20 into
The Simpsons Arcade machine “over there and I have to take off, “so if anybody wants to
jump on that, go for it.” And so our buddy Nick,
Cody, also John Riggs and John Hancock both swarmed
the machine and beat it, they basically played the entire game. Actually John later came
up to me and he was like “Yeah, they beat three different
arcade games that night.” I forget what the other two are but yeah we were there for several
hours, it was really cool. By the way I mentioned Nick
and Nick is a really cool guy who is a friend of John Riggs, and I hadn’t really hung out
with him very much before although I had seen him at other expos. But he is a personal
trainer and he is buff. This dude is huge and
so as the night went on there was a little bit
of an arm wrestling match that happened and a lot of
people tried to take him on, nobody could obviously because
the dude has huge arms, but were were just having
a great time hanging out, it was a lot of fun. (yelling) – [Nick] She’s an animal! – [Metal Jesus] Now it’s
Friday morning and time to head into the expo. And I always get really
excited on the first day of an expo because I have
no idea what to expect, although I had been
down to the Game On Expo a couple years prior and
it is legitimately one of my favorite expos
because they do it so well. And Game On is one of the most
varied expos that I go to. In addition to having vendors
that will sell you games, they’ve also got a free to play arcade with pinball machines, they
have an auction that they run, they also do cosplay contests,
they have an esports zone for people who into
competing with video games, they have panels which of course I’m going to be a part of. This year they had a
pachinko area which I thought was really interesting and
they had live bands playing and just so much more. You get a ton when you buy that ticket. And one of the nice things
about coming down a day early is that I didn’t really have
any obligations on Friday. Our big panel is actually
gonna be on Saturday morning. So for Friday I get to just
hang out and walk around and talk to people and
we had a table set up so we would hang out
there and sign autographs and talk to people and stuff like that. It was pretty fun. What’s cool is that
Friday wasn’t super busy because obviously it’s a work day and so some people are at work and
gonna wait until Saturday. So we were able to walk
around and just do whatever we wanted for that first
day, it was definitely a lot of fun, obviously
playing a lot of arcade games, talking to people. And I did buy some stuff, and
I’m actually gonna show that at the end of this video, so I’ll show you what pickups I got. At about four o’clock
we decided to head back to the hotel, now the
hotel has a great pool, and it’s so interesting for
us because we’re from Seattle. And so Phoenix is really
hot and I’ll tell you what, it was really nice
sitting next to that pool, jumping in occasionally. Although it’s pretty funny
because I was messing around with my phone and the slow motion feature, so I would record Cody
jumping into the pool in slow motion, having a
little bit of fun with that. And then I told Kinsey, I was like “Hey, hey, you should totally do it too.” And so I actually hunkered
down and she got me good. It was pretty funny. – I deserved that. (laughing) Oh my god the video is gonna be amazing. – [Metal Jesus] Now it’s Saturday
and we are getting ready for our panel at 10:30, and
here’s where I wanna explain something and also I
guess probably apologize, and that is the expo opened
to the public at 10 am on Saturday. Now I really like the
fact that the Game On Expo has really good security,
they basically wand you and check for any
weapons and they’ll check your bags and stuff like that. But our panel was
literally 30 minutes after the doors opened, and that
just wasn’t enough time for people to get in,
get through security, and make it to our panel. So initially I was like “Oh man, “this is not a lot of people.” There was a ton of people
standing out the door waiting to get in, and
later on I heard that people were very disappointed
and wanted to get in to our panel but just couldn’t. So again I apologize for that, setting the schedule is not what I do. They assign the schedule
based on the different guests that they have. But I did give them that
feedback, so maybe next time we’ll have a little bit later
and give more people time to actually get in the venue. But I will say that our
panel was a lot of fun. Doing these panels with
the entire Metal Jesus crew is really just so much fun,
having so many personalities up there, and basically we just
opened it up for questions. You guys asked questions,
and then we answer it and we usually just have a ton of fun. We were giving out prizes for
people who asked questions. And then afterwards we did
a signing for almost an hour and getting into shaking hands with people and hear their stories and
yeah, it was really neat, it was really a lot of fun. After our panel and signing
we were free to walk the floor and I love expos like this
because they are so packed with stuff in every booth. You can walk by a booth five
times and still discover stuff every single time. It’s so much fun. So I walk around looking
for stuff to collect, looking for games, things like that. But I also really like people watching. Always cool to see my buddy
Sergio rocking out on guitar with his music. If you remember, he and I did
a video probably last year where we talked about his NES cartridge was his album release, he
basically had digital music on an NES cartridge. Later that evening we hear a
rumor that there is a pinball slash bar opening up that evening. Now what’s interesting about
this is that it’s hidden inside of a pizza joint, so
you walk in to the pizza joint and you go past the
bathrooms and then there is the refrigerator locker. You open that up and it
opens up into the actual pinball and dance floor
as you can see here. It was really cool and incredibly packed. (dance music) A couple hours later we
are back at the hotel and hanging out by the pool. It’s crazy how in Phoenix
it is still 90 degrees at midnight, but man that
pool was feeling awesome. It is Sunday, day three, and
a beautiful day in Phoenix. This is also day three of the expo, and I’d assumed that since
it was gonna be Sunday and day three that it would be dead, but I was wrong. This expo was busy pretty
much the whole time, I was very impressed. I go to a lot of expos and
it’s always really interesting when people come up to me
and thank me for coming to their expo, for flying
down from Seattle to Phoenix to come to their expo,
they’re so grateful. But honestly I am the one who is grateful, I love coming down here
and just meeting so many awesome people who are like-minded like me who are passionate about video
games and video game culture and I love getting into
discussions about music and all that sort of stuff. It’s just like we’re a big family. And this trip was
especially awesome because they flew the entire
Metal Jesus crew down, which is not something
that happens all the time and we definitely appreciated that. (rock music) And now I want to show you
some of the pickups that I got down in Game On Expo. I’m gonna go through
these fairly quick here because I haven’t had time to
play hardly any of them yet because I just got back
literally days ago. But I want to start here
with the Famicom Converter. This was given to me by a fan, he actually created this. And I noticed immediately
that the label is really nice and it’s also very sturdy. This is something I’m
definitely gonna use. And one thing I noticed
about the Phoenix area when I previously came
down a couple years ago was that the DS selection is
not picked over like in Seattle so I actually picked up a
handful of DS and 3DS games including Drone Tactics here, that’s somewhat of an uncommon game. Like I said I haven’t
had time to play it yet. Also got Populous DS, Steel Princess, which is a game that
Kelsey was looking for, she saw that and she was very jealous. A Witch’s Tale, I also
picked up Teenage Zombies. I don’t know much about these yet because I haven’t played them, but if you have, let me
know in the comments below. And then a fan gave me a
copy of this 3DS game here, Return to Popolo Crois,
probably because I talked about the original in
a PSP video years ago. And then here I found Boulder Dash-XL 3D. And it’s funny because
I had been playing some Commodore 64 games and
Boulder Dash is a Commodore 64 classic, I had no idea it
was released on the 3DS so I’m curious to check it out. And then there was a booth
that was selling these FX Unit Yuki games that I
actually heard about originally from Reggie, Reggie has talked about these on previous pickup videos
that we’ve done before. But this guy had a bunch of them here and so I got three of them. I have not played them, but like I said, Reggie won’t shut up about them so I know they’re gonna be awesome, and especially I’m curious
about the Dreamcast game there, so that’s gonna be cool to have. Another friend of Reggie’s,
his name is Jared, has been messing around with
the ScummVM on Dreamcast, and he hooked me up with
this LucasArts collection of classic adventure games but running on the Dreamcast. So I’m very curious to check that out. And then Limited Run
had a booth set up there and they were selling a bunch of games. So I had to check out Observer
for the Playstation 4. I’ve actually heard
good things about this, I believe it’s cyberpunk so I’m curious to check that out. And then they also had
Bloodstained Curse of the Moon for Switch and for Vita, but in these classic
Konami NES style boxes. And so I bought both of those, so that was really cool. So that was our trip to Game
On Expo down in Phoenix, Arizona, and I just want
to do a huge shoutout to everyone who came up and said hello, shook our hand, asked for an autograph, and just talked to us,
it was so great just to meet all of you, you guys were amazing. Also a huge shoutout to
the Metal Jesus crew, you guys are so much fun to travel with. I wish we could go to every expo together because you guys are like
family and it’s just so much fun to hang out with you guys. And then finally to the
organizers of the Game On Expo, specifically John Gamester81, thank you so much for
bringing us down to Phoenix, it was seamless, it was so
easy and it was so much fun, and we would love to do it again. All right guys, thank you
very much for watching, thank you for subscribing, and take care. (rock music)

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