Money Saving Tips on Skincare | Skincare Under $25 | Teen Beauty Bible

Money Saving Tips on Skincare | Skincare Under $25 | Teen Beauty Bible

Hold it there
that doesn’t look budget-friendly Hi everyone so it’s Kasper and I’m back
with the teen beauty Bible so in our community we got requests on
what to do for our teen beauty Bible series and a lot of you asked for
budget-friendly ideas when it comes to skincare and beauty give us more and
more ideas on the community because it really helps us out when thinking of
video ideas for you guys so we have prepared a budget-friendly skincare tip
today we have invited an 18 year old teenager to see what sort of not
budget-friendly skincare habits you could have and also budget friendly
skincare tips that you could implement in your skincare routine starting now
all the products that are appearing today on this video are under $25 so
thumbs up to that too right? let’s pick Hold it there! that doesn’t look budget-friendly Guys
try and avoid using cleansing tools there are many different ways that we
can cleanse our skin using cleansing brushes and tools were huge last year
everyone was doing it it was so popular on Instagram and YouTube however did you
know that a lot of these tools could actually eat up a lot of your product
there are so many different types of cleansing tools ranging from brushes and
sponges etc these have the benefit of cleansing deep down into your
pores but they empty out your products faster than you think especially when
you use a cleansing brush it soaks the foam into the brush so you end up using
a lot more product than you would need also if you use a harsh cleansing tool
it could irritate and sensitize your skin if you overuse it especially if you
are a teen that’s worrying about budgets why worry you about getting a cleansing
tool and spending extra money when you could effectively cleanse your face just
using your hands creating more foam is what you want using a loofah is a good
way to get more foam without wasting product but using a cleanser that
already pumps out in foam form would be the best to use and instead of using
your palms roughly or your nails try using the tip of your fourth finger
gently while you cleanse and take a good amount of time during your cleansing
routine because thoroughly cleansing is very important before you jump into your
skin care and you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin hold it there
that doesn’t look budget-friendly No cotton balls but cotton pads guys now it
is no longer a special skincare step to use calm pads during your skincare
routine especially during the toner step and there are many different types of
cotton pads made with different ingredients and in shapes however
according to what type of cotton pad you use it will help you not waste a drop of
your toner of course the choice of cotton pads differs according to
personal preference of how the cotton pad feels on the skin but if you’re keen
on not wasting your toner the cotton pad is very important as well among type of
cotton pads con balls are what soaks up toner the most compared to other type of
cotton pads. also cotton pads that leave fibers on your skin is not preferable
because it is hard to tone your skin clearly and smoothly so make sure to use
a cotton pad that spits off your toner effectively back onto your face instead
of soaking it up and use a sponge type that doesn’t waste too much of your
toner hmmm hold it there it doesn’t look budget-friendly another tip of the toner step is using a
generous amount of toner when you apply it so compared to other skin care steps
you can see that toners come in bigger sizes and larger quantities this is
because toners are a water-based product but also because if you use a greater
amount and generously on the first step of skin care then you could prevent
wasting product in the further steps I’m sure you guys have heard of the term
7 skin on other Korean beauty channels or here on WishtrendTV but 7 skin
literally just means 7 layers of skin or toner compared to toner serums and
creams tend to be on the more expensive side when it comes to product and if you
tone your skin properly and hydrate on toner to double up as an essence effect
saving your skin and money but the important thing is to find a toner that
is layerable and has good ingredients that won’t damage your skin hmmm
to hold it there that doesn’t look budget-friendly create
a step with what you already have sheet masks are great to get good ingredients
skin ingredients right into your skin when you need it and I personally love
sheet masks but if you are currently on a skin care budget then there is
definitely an alternative you could do at home tip use products that you
currently have to make a soothing and hydrating mask all you need is a toner
and sponge cotton pad if you want extra effects just add a cream or serum and then you have a cream type sheet mask hold it there
that doesn’t look budget-friendly never waste even a drop guys we’ve talked
about this many many many many many times on our Channel
never waste even a drop even in your sheet mask whenever you use sheet
masks we see remaining essence left not only on the mask but even inside the
container if you use the leftovers not only can you add a step but give extra
care for your skin we are going to give you guys three tips tip one use the
leftover essence on the sheet mask to apply in your neck arms and legs you can apply
the essence on your neck for extra care it’s important to take care of your neck
early also you could prevent wrinkling on your neck tip 2 pour the remaining
essence into an empty container and a mist bottle to use as a facial spray
before using a sheet mask cuts the corner into the seal and squeeze out the
leftover remaining excess essence and put it into a bottle or a container and
uses a mist or soak up a sponge cotton pads and put it in the fridge to use as
a sheet mask once more tip 3 if you do not have a lot of leftover essence on
the sheet mask or within the container then just set it aside sealed for the
next day so you could use it in between toner and cream like in essence just
make sure you don’t get any dust or anything dirty inside it and try to use
it within two days hold it there hold it there that doesn’t
look budget-friendly use two-in-one multifunctional products
oh my gosh having three to four products to apply
before makeup oh it’s just sounds terrifying for you and your skin I’m
sure there are a lot of different factors that contribute to buying a
beauty product such as the effects or how it feels on the skin but
multifunctional products are the best when it comes to saving money for
example when choosing a cleansing product it’s even better if it cleanses
well balances out your ph and helps with exfoliation and when choosing an
exfoliating product it’s even better if it helps with calming and hydrating and
when choosing a solution it’s even better if it works as an SPF the tone of
lotion and a primer all these multifunctional products help
you condense your skincare routine into the bare minimum saving money and saving
stress always keep it clean and besides all these skincare tips that I have
given you guys today on saving your budget the best thing to do is keep your
products clean so that you could use it for a long time
previously on WishtrendTV we have uploaded a video on how to store and
maintain your products so if you guys want to check out that video then please
click up here compared to other products I think we get the most questions about
storing soaps unlike products that are stored in containers it’s hard to use
soaps for the longevity of its lifespan and also you end up wasting it and
throwing it away before it even runs out the best way to use soaps is cutting it
up into pieces before you start using it and storing it away sealed or using it
on a sponge so it drains out the water so the soap doesn’t get all mushy and
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