good morning YouTube so today’s video is
really gonna be based around teaching you guys kind of how I structure the
Jesus time part of my morning routine and then I’ll also do a full morning
routine video later this month but this is the most sacred prized and beneficial
part of my morning routine but so as you guys saw I came downstairs got my water
got my coffee this is gonna be the first sip I haven’t had it yet yes very much
so I’m on my couch I typically do my Jesus time at my kitchen table but I
filmed all day yesterday so Monday was a mess um so I’m just gonna do it here on
the couch it’s nice and cozy a candle lit I’ve got this comfy couch I’ve got
my pj still on I have my Bible the Bible that I use I do get a lot of questions
on it is translation and IV and it’s a beautiful word Bible by the brand
Zondervan you can get this on Amazon or probably any Christian bookstore but
what’s cool about it is it’s got space to journal on the sides if you guys can
see these lines it’s also already got some verses highlighted from the page
and drawn out in a really cute way which I typically I like to do that on my own
but this was a gift to me from my husband for Valentine’s Day it’s so cute
I know this is the first Bible that I have switched to from since I was 16 I
was using the same Bible I got Bible for my 16th birthday it was a life
application Bible which is a really really really great resource if you are
kind of lost when it comes to studying the Bible which aren’t we all if you’re
kind of confused or some of the wording is really difficult for you to
understand this is the Bible I used from the time
that I was 16 till this year and it’s all raggedy it’s got tons of sticky notes
and it’s really I like to keep my old Bibles because I feel like every time I
read the Bible I understand it differently every single time or more in
depth and I’m always learning different things the amazing part about life
application Bible is down at this bottom down here it gives you so much
information so it’ll tell you which verse it’s referencing and it’ll go into
much more depth and explain in a way that you can understand like here’s what
was actually going on here’s who this person is here’s what it was like during
this time it saved me during um Bible class I went to a
Christian high school for the last few years of my high school experience and
this saved my life during theology because it just helped me understand
it’s a lot thicker than this one because this one has already written out
explanations to everything and it kind of challenges you to it ask you
questions like how can you do this today how can you be better today so if you
want one of these Bibles you’re new to studying your Bible this is a really
really great option okay so let’s go ahead and get started the first thing
that I do it feels so weird to be filming this the first thing that I do
is I get out my journal if you don’t journal while you were doing your quiet
time I definitely definitely recommend it even if it’s just the smallest amount
think that when I journal I remember things but it helps my mind to really
process what I’m reading through so like I’ll do things like this this is faith
is confidence in what we hope for an assurance and what we don’t see that was
a first that I read last week and I don’t know it just helps me to remember
so I always have my German got a pen and a highlighter when you’re
highlighting in your Bible you can use whatever you want but I if you want in
my recommendation I use these sharpie gel highlight it’s
not going to bleed through your pages in your Bible because the pages in Bibles
are so so thin though I do get a lot of questions like how do you pick what
verse you’re gonna read blah blah blah here’s the thing more often than not I’m
going through a study use me you don’t have to sit right next to me do you more
often than not I am going through a study so I’ll be going whether it’s
online or a book that I bought you can find Bible studies and guided books and
guided studies pretty much anywhere right now I’m currently going through
one of my friends Bible studies that she created it’s called rooted she’s amazing
her name is Lexi doing that but I’m also doing my own stunts I’m not going book
by book when I’m not doing that church that I go to when you walk in they hand
you a pamphlet that has guided note-taking for the sermon it helps
people pay attention for you to follow Monday through Friday until you go to
church the next week and it’s really cool so I’ll either do this and if you
guys were interested I could honestly post these on my Instagram stories for
you at the start of the week and you can follow these with me either do that or
I’ll read an entire book of the Bible or this is what is really amazing you guys
you don’t even realize how much we have access to oh I’ll just go into my phone
and get the Bible app I use you version it has hundreds and thousands of on-line
free reading plans that you can do so I’m gonna go on to the bottom part of my
phone and just click the little check mark that says plans and click find
plans at the top and you’re going to search you can literally search any word
that you want like literally any word so let’s say that you’re feeling
depressed you can type in depressed or depression and so many free studies come
up so what I’m going to do next is I’ll just show you one of the pages in my
Bible and it looks like someone threw up on it and word vomited because that’s
essentially exactly what happened because I just literally I write down
anything and everything that pops into my head because I’m want to soak up as
much as I possibly can there is so much packed into each
individual page on the Bible what I’ll do is I’ll highlight a verse and I’ll
usually draw like an arrow I’ll draw an arrow to kind of point me in the
direction of where the note is gonna be write down whatever like this one says
if whatever you are committing to does not allow your commitment to Christ to
come with you stop doing it I just really really need
more coffee in my life so I decided that I’m going to be reading continuing to
read out of Ephesians that’s just where I’m at right now and I can’t with you oh
my gosh oh my gosh excuse me you’re wanting to read a certain book of the
Bible and you can’t find it because there are a lot of pages don’t be
ashamed if you don’t know where an exact book is at so you have to look at the
table of contents at the front of everybody there’s a table of contents
and it tells you the chapter or the name of the book and the page number that it
starts another important thing when you’re reading the Bible is to look at
the context so don’t just read one verse and take it for what you think that
verse means look at the entire verses beforehand the verses after were the
beginning of every book that usually tells you who’s saying it and to whom
they’re saying it to Paul speaking to God’s holy people in Ephesus Paul is
speaking to believers in Ephesus that’s always important to who is this being
spoken for believers or non-believers we take things out of context all the
freaking time I’m gonna go ahead and have my quiet time
and then I’ll kind of just recap with you guys okay guys so I just finished up my
reading I read Ephesians chapter one these are all the notes that I took on
it it’s kind of shorter today I didn’t take a lot of notes today just because
it was a short chapter but jam tactful some pretty intense stuff these are what
my notes look like I wrote down a prayer down at the bottom this is a verse that
was in there that really stood out to me so I journaled it and made it look all
cute just so that it sticks in my mind and when I look at this page that verse
sticks out to me the most these are also some verses that I saw that I wanted to
write down and look back over I always start by writing out the scripture
there’s so much packed into the small details that reveals Jesus’s character
and how freaking great he is but this specific chapter is Paul talking to the
people of Ephesus the Ephesians and he’s basically just speaking of blessing over
them because they’re but Leifer here says 3 through 7 and just this one part
it says in him we have redemption and through his blood we have forgiveness of
our sins oh because God loved us so much and because he wanted to save us he sent
the one that he loved the most his son down here to die for our sins which is
pretty freaking dope through Jesus’s blood that he bled on the cross he
carried the weight of all of our sins the heaviest weight that you could ever
bear and provided by doing that provided forgiveness for me and for you and for
your brother and for your friend for everybody which is freaking nuts owes
and then I the little scripture that I wrote up here nice and pretty
says his glorious grace was freely given to us through Jesus basically saying
that the grace that we get because we’re not perfect and we’re flawed and we’re
going to keep messing up and we’re going to keep sinning
God shows us grace and mercy every day they renew every day that grace was
shown to us and given to us freely even though we didn’t deserve it through
Jesus which I know sounds really whack and it kind of is it’s the whole Bible
is just like whack but it’s amazing it’s amazing and it’s something that can’t be
taken away from you so if you have no faith in anything have faith in the fact
that no one and nothing can take your faith away from you once you’re a
believer nothing can take that away from you and that’s pretty freaking dope too
so I just write down verses that really stand out to me and sometimes I write
little sentences below them like the things that I just said to you I would
write those down in here just for me to look back on because I do I look back
through my journals then I write down my prayers I don’t always do this because
my prayers are so long wrote down today like a specific prayer over what I read
thanking Jesus for the fact that he did what he did for me and for you and how
we don’t deserve that at all and how I’m very very flawed but he still loves me
and he still gives me grace and still gives me mercy and still gives me
purpose so that is kind of how I structure my quiet tonight so something
else I’ve been doing is I have a space where I do gratitude and manifestation
thankful for coffee are we surprised about that no not really so today I’m
grateful for the fact that I can share this part of my life with other people
would potentially help them include this because I know how much it’s changed my
life I’m grateful for slow and steady mornings if you only
read one verse and you dig so deep into that verse and that’s all you can get in
that date that’s great as long as you’re really diving deep into what you’re
reading and trying to understand as best as you can that is all you can do honey
so these are all my good books my prized possession something else that I do to
kind of continue that flow throughout the rest of the day during my quiet time
I’ll usually listen on a very low volume to my Jesus time playlist to my Jesus
time playlist and it’s just a playlist that I put all my
favorite worship songs on another great great way to really incorporate more of
just Jesus and his truth into your life is to go to the podcast app and I’ve
shown you guys many many times but if you just type in elevation Church they
are a great great Church with amazing sermons it’s this little orange icon
with Steven verdict on there there are hundreds and hundreds and
hundreds of podcasts he’s an incredible speaker and I’ll listen to those when I
go and walk sometimes when I work out or Big Sean it’s really a toss however you
choose to do it he is your father and he’s just grateful that you want to
spend time with him hope that you guys really found some value in this video
and that you enjoyed it if you did you guys not a drill please make sure to
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sure you love on someone today and be kind to yourself and others I will catch
you guys in the next video okay bye you

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