Na’Vi Zeus gym workout @ ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational 2015 (ENG SUBS)

Na’Vi Zeus gym workout @ ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational 2015 (ENG SUBS)

Hello everyone! We are in Dubai. We are in the gym with Zeus and he will show us his workout program and training process. Let’s start! Like any sportsman, I start off my workout with a warm-up. We can start with some light weight dumbbells… Take them, exactly for you. And start with exercises for shoulders. After that we can start to do forearms exercises. I feel like my biceps is growing! Is it growing, yes? When you do a workout with me every muscle is growing fast and you start feeling energy. Then we continue to bulk up our shoulders. Actually not bulk up, just do a warm-up. Do these exercises… Start lifting like this. Exhale while lifting? Yes, while lifting. Now let’s do some kind of silly exercises… Side bends, let’s go. For side oblique muscles? Yes, some kind of. Actually you don’t do it like that, you should stand like this or squat with 1 dumbbell. We’re doing it incorrectly, but we’re warming up, so it’s okay. In general, we can move on soon, we are almost done here since we’ve done almost all the basic exercises here. A little bit of humor from us today. Yes. Okay, let’s move on. Actually, I’ve finished my warmup… To continue a warm-up we can do some exercises in front of the mirror, so let’s do it. Let’s do. You recommend to start off every time with a warm-up, right? Of course, always start off with a proper warm-up in order to avoid injuries. To do it properly you can start without dumbbells and then with light dumbbells and gradually increase the weight, but since I’ve already finished my warm-up I’ve shown with the dumbbells. It seems to me that most of the guys who come to the gym for the first time, they immediately start to lift a barbell and measuring their biceps after each workout. It is not right. Let’s move on. So, are we trying to maximally warm-up all the muscles, right? Yes. Generally you are working on your torso or you also bulking up your legs? Of course I bulk up my legs, but I do warm-up exercises for the legs only on legs day, but since I don’t bulk up my legs today, I’m not warming them up. Strictly speaking that’s all we had to do. Now I’ll bulk up my back, today I have a chest and back day, so I’ll combine them. Exercises for chest and exercises for back. That’s my plan for today. Tell me, how many days a week do you workout? Do you workout every day at the gym? Of course not every day, 3 days a week, but since my schedule is completely messed up and we have a lot of tournaments and so on… So you can’t do it every day, right? Yes. I’ll bulk up my back. Everything is very simple. Just let me increase the weight… Do you set it on 55 kg? Yes. When you lowering lean back a bit, when lifting lean forward. Something like that and exhale while lowering. Everything is simple. We’ve done it. After this exercise we do chest exercises. Listen, I have a question. When you started to do sport and lead a healthy life, did you feel some effect in eSports? Proper nutrition… all these things are interconnected. Did you feel it or not? Certainly. But unfortunately, I’ve had some interruptions in my regimen in general. They were related to… For example, I had some tough regimen: proper nutrition, sport and this regimen could last for 6 months. Then after 2-3 tournaments when I was out for 3 weeks… and during the tournaments you can’t sometimes find a place for workouts. It’s hard to do especially after the loss, when you are depressed. Accordingly during those periods you lose your form and when you get back home sometimes you can’t regain your shape and get back into this regimen, so you may have some pauses for 2-3 months. Then you started to regain your shape… I’ve been is such situation a lot of times, when I was getting back into regimen, I was working hard at home for 3 weeks and then a crazy schedule… especially for the last 6 months. Accordingly, all these things are interconnected, because your body gets used to one, then you need to get back, environment is constantly changing. In general, of course, it helps. Need to approach properly… Because during the sport regimen I had some parties and so on, alcohol, it’s harmful and it’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are a cybersportsman or just a common person who wants to do sport and get benefits from it, so you have to take care of the way of your life and as many athletes say: “You have to choose: booze or do sport” It’s been 2 weeks since I got back to my sport regimen and I plan to keep moving forward, even though there are a lot of temptations… After the each tournament there is after-party, also birthday parties and then summer when everyone drinks. But now I’ve made a choice, I stopped smoking and drinking and trying to get back into regimen and regain my shape. – So that’s how it goes.
– Well done. Now I’ll do exercises for chest. If you see that I’m fine with the weight just help me a bit, if you see that I lack of power to push help me more and just scream. Shout for help? Yes, shout for help. So, let’s start. This is my 3th or 4th sets, it means we want to do 5-6 reps, no more. Let’s do. Here goes! I’m ready. Oh, it’s so hard!…Ah! I’ll handle it. I hold it, I hold it. Why do you scare me… I was very useful. Yes, you were useful, your strength really helped me! Okay, let’s move on, everything is fine. We do a short break, actually at the moment I can afford 3-4 minutes to rest. This is a big amount of time, actually the rest should be no more than 90 seconds, approximately 60 seconds, Then you’ll see results of your workout. It also helps for those who wants to burn fat. Did you try to force your teammates? I did, when Denis Seized came to the gym I told him: “You just need to warm-up today, without heavy exercises”, He said: “Okay, but I want to do some exercises” After that for four days he was walking like this… Because he was doing leg exercises during that time and thereafter he didn’t want to go with me to the gym anymore. But actually I hoped he’d enjoy it and he’d start going to the gym with me. Vanya Edward also does sports, but he prefers running, bike. Flamie hasn’t started yet, but he is on a diet, he’s losing weight bit by bit, you can already see it by looking at him or his photo. Guardian also prefers running and bike, he was playing football professionally before. For those who don’t know Guardian and his foretime, he was a skinny boy and he’d been playing football. Then he injured his knee, he was in the hospital, he couldn’t walk and he underwent surgery that’s why during this period he has gained weight. He has some photos where his weight is nearly 100 kg, it was not the same Guardian, which we now know. Now he is trying to get back in shape gradually and bit by bit it’s working out. Now when he came back home, he’s lost 7 kg since the last time. It’s great. Yes, generally speaking all of us are trying to do sports and I believe it’s really important for everyone and especially for eSport players. Even if not so tough, but gradually. Let’s move on. Yes, are you gonna continue to do some exercises or are you done already? Yes, I’ll continue exercising. Okay, fine. Which ones? I’d like to see which exercise devices do they have here. Actually today is a chest and back day. We’ll do one more exercise for back. Here we go. Do it like this, by the way it’s very comfortably. Now you bulk up your shoulder blade muscles? Yes, you are right, bulking up my back. It’s quite simple, I can put a light weight for you and you can try yourself. But you’ve put a light weight, right? It’s okay, why do you need heavy weight? Don’t you want to come here again? Exhale when you push it down. How long is your typical workout? Approximately 90 minutes, but when you’re getting back in regime and start working hard it can be increased to 2-2,5 hours. Because you add cardio, punching bag, running, bike and so on. You can be a good coach for someone. Didn’t think about that, but recently I’m getting dozens of offers to start coaching. There are some strict coaches who’re screaming when during the last reps you’re already out of energy and it gives you a boost of moral and motivation to finish the exercise. As a general rule, the last reps are the most important for the result. And to get this result you have to struggle really hard at the last gasp. And when he starts screaming… I have a crazy coach, who always says me: “You are a monster! Let’s do it!” With him during an extremely short period of time I got a good shape, during the intetsive workouts. And I can say that this kind of technique is very useful. And more may be added to all the guys who do sports, especially beginners I recommend doing it with a coach. Because we often see in gyms people do wrong exercises and sometimes I don’t even understand what are they doing. They bulked up a hand, then a leg, did some squats, drank water and went away. And selfie? Yes and of course selfie, like: “I was here”. That’s the way it goes. Will you show the final exercise? Actually no, because I’m doing it right now and we have no time to show you the whole process of workout. But I can say that I finish my workout in the same way as I start it, I start with a warm-up and then I do abs exercises. Because abs exercises are ones of the most painful and difficult exercises. And better when you just come to the gym and you are full of energy to start with abs exercises. So if you want to get six-pack abs you need to finish your workout with abs exercises. At the beginning and at the end of your workout. Accordingly, I will finish the workout with these exercises. Also after that, if I you still have enegry you can do running workout. It’s great when you combine cardio with abs exercises, you’ll get results faster. It’s cool. I have a question: Does it help you in eSports, in game? Your workouts, your physical conditioning. Do you transfer something from real sport into eSport? Probably, I can’t say I use something from my workouts, but as for myself I understand that I keep my vitality and my sport condition high enough. After a workout in the gym I feel better, I don’t know… In general I feel comfortable. I start off my in-game training process in a good mood, with attitude to work hard, I was in the gym and now I have to practice with my teammates. I gain some kind of battle persistency. Everything should be done in moderation, everything must be properly calculated, Perhaps it makes sense to come after a workout and take a rest, maybe even take nap for 1-2 hours during the daytime. And then start your in-game practice. Because it’s really hard to combine, to be honest. If we take a look at eSport players, very few of them are in good physical shape. The americans and PashaBiceps, who posted a photo on his Facebook page, where he shows his bodybuilding supplements. I think he was getting in sports regime, but when I see him now and when I talk to him, I understand that he says the same thing I did: “It’s hard, I can’t, I don’t have time, I can’t handle it”. You need to find the right approach, but it’s possible. Actually in those days when I got official matches and it happens very often, I try to workout in not an intensive way. Not for 1,5-2 hours, but 50-60 minutes. To save some energy for evening, for official matches. At the moment I can say that our team has such problem… we play very terribly, that’s why I’m trying to boost my motivation with these workouts, in order not to lose control. I was very upset yesterday and I had severe depression after this defeat, the whole team and I. And I just wanted to get drunk, to be honest… without any sport regime. But I find the strength to understand, that it can’t be done. So, now my main task is to do sports, then get back to Ukraine and play and work hard in-game. By the way, I’ll be streaming a lot and playing CS a lot. All the fans are welcome. Thank you for showing us your traning process, it’s very cool. You’re welcome. I would like to talk to you about the games and we will do it… – In the near future, certainly we’ll do it after the workout.
– Yes, when we’ll be in more relaxed atmosphere. Bulk up your biceps today! See you next time, guys. Kiss you. Bye. And we are keep on doing.

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