We’ve all heard of sacrifices, but
many do not really see what it is … I personally have the image
of a monk who whips his back, with leather straps. The sacrifice of our ancestors is completely
exceeded. We don’t torture ourselves anymore, we don’t inflict ourselves anymore
bodily suffering. All of that is completely out of date. In movies, they love to show a religious
whipping himself to show he’s completely crazy. A sacrifice is to do something
that we don’t want to do, like eating a food we don’t like, delete a cigarette,
do not eat candy, do not drink alcohol, do not eat desert or cakes … but,
there is still a lot more fun you can make you do a few good things
like forgiving right after an argument, I love doing that, we quarreled
and I don’t want to talk, well I forces me to go back, see the person,
by being calm and avoiding the subject that angry and I learned that was it,
true love because we love like heaven and not like humans depending on
our feelings … We can do even better, in the sacrifices, we can remove a
sin or force yourself to go to mass or go to confession. You should know that the sacrifices complete
prayers, i.e. they give more strength in your prayer … If one day you want to obtain a grace, but not too important, you can chain sacrifices, me
for example I make 4 or 5 sacrifices for find prayer with heart or to find
the urge to pray, I put away a piece of furniture by example I’m going to shop while
I didn’t want to do them, I’m on the phone has a family member to give him
news … When your prayers don’t work very well
well, use the sacrifices… Jesus appears on the wall of a church
… During the construction of a church, the
bust of Jesus appeared on the wall under construction. Sinar was able to film this wall, to show it to us
the release dates from October 2018 The Our Father in sign language… Here is 1 super fast video of what I sell
… The shop: Prayers… Close your eyes and repeat after me …
Mary prays for all those who take … … drugs because they are anxious I greet you, Marie full of graces;
The Lord is with you, you are blessed between all women
And Jesus, the fruit of your womb, is blessed. Saint Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us poor sinners, Now and at the time of
our death. Amen Here are the prayers for the subscribers…
A nun asks for prayers for his family …
… she wants a job, money and stopping conflicts for them
… also pray for Jakar because his father cancer
… pray for Myriam who can no longer arrive educate daughter Close your eyes and repeat after me … I greet you, Marie full of graces;
The Lord is with you, you are blessed between all women
And Jesus, the fruit of your womb, is blessed. Saint Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us poor sinners, Now and at the time of
our death. Amen Close your eyes and repeat after me …
You who know our pains and sorrows, You who suffered from Bethlehem at Calvary,
Comfort all those who suffer in their body and in their soul. All those who are in the dispersion and the
discouragement, All those who feel a burning need
to love and give. O consoling Mother, console us all,
Help us understand that the secret of happiness Is in the fidelity and kindness of your
son Jesus. We give you glory and we offer you
thanksgiving Now and always. Amen And finally a “Our Father” …
… as Marie asked us Close your eyes and repeat after me … Our father in heavens,
Hallowed be thy name, may your kingdom come, may your will be
made on earth as it is in heaven. Give us our bread today from this
day. Forgive us our offenses, as we also forgive those who
have offended. And don’t let us be tempted
but deliver us from Evil. Amen If you want to contact me privately …
To send me a comment, a question, a photo, a prayer request…
Here is my Mail address [email protected] You can get closer to
Marie… … watching my very first videos Subscribe … My second channel … See another video …


  1. Tu en a pas marre avec toutes tes apparitions. As tu besoin de te convaincre ou nous convaincre…..MAIS HEUREUX CELUI QUI CROIRA SANS VOIR DIT JESUS !!! Je suis pas contre les faits mais toi tu fais la chasse aux miracles ca en devient malsain frère

  2. Merci pour votre prière et merci de nous aider à prier pour notre CARÊME. Nous avons besoin de ces prières pour nous même et pour le monde.

  3. Amen!Alléluia ! Merci Rémy pour nous montrer le bon chemin…..vers Marie et Jésus ! J'y plus en plus..🙏❤❤🕊🙏🙏

  4. Seigneur accorde nous ta miséricorde, nous avons besoin de toi. Seigneur nous avons confiance en toi.

  5. Paix sur la CÔTE D'IVOIRE, Pays qui n'a jamais connue la PAIX depuis la mort de son Premier Président : Félix HOUPHOUËT BOIGNY. Seigneur aie pitié de mon pays LA CÔTE D'IVOIRE. Elle a besoin de ta présence et de ta miséricorde, Seigneur.

  6. Je suis satisfait, DIEU existe et est avec nous. Merci PERE CELESTE, Merci JESUS CHRIST.! Ave MARIA ! Amen.! Merci Remy pour tout et pour cette message. Paix et Lumiere.! 🕊️🕊️🕊️😇😇😇💖💖💖

  7. 🌸🌸🌸 bonsoir Rémy , 🌸🌸🌸

    Merci pour ta vidéo belle es merci pour les conseils et merci aussi grâce a ta chaine j’ai trouver deux amies fidèles sylvie et vanina

  8. Merci du fond du cœur Rémy, pour vos vidéos ! Je prie fort la Vierge Marie pour que vos chaînes prospèrent et très longtemps 🙏🏼💞😇

  9. Bonsoir mr Rémy Merci pour ce joyau spirituel dédié à notre mère céleste . Notre père qui êtes aux cieux protégez nous et preservez nous de ce fléau mondial. Merci seigneur Jésus d amour divin. Merci pour nous mr Rémy, Étant dépressive je prends des médicaments pour les angoisses et mes idées noires.

  10. Merci Rémy pour cette belle vidéo le notre père en langage des signes est super comme ça tts le monde peut prier vive Marie vive Jésus j'ai bien ses moments de prieres MERCI à toi Rémy que dieu te bénisse Amen 🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹❤

  11. Seigneur jaimerai temp te voir parler jai perdu ma maman ya dix ans jai du mal a faire le deuil elle et décédée d un cancer qui la emporter elle me manque temp dieu seigneur jespere que ma maman soit heureuse elle le merite temp elle s appel michelle dewyse ci vous pouver prier merci plein de pétales de rose pleins de bisous un grand merci

  12. Doux Jésus apparaît dans nos cœurs pour donner sens à nos vies et que nous ayez le courage et l'amour de pardonner…G vous salue Marie !

  13. Hay que creer que amiceme aparecido en el cielo tanbien la cruz hace unos días ienlasanta hostia. Es Lomas hermoso que muchas veces me ha sucedido. Gracias.

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