Pour your heart out to Allah swt | Subtitled

Pour your heart out to Allah swt | Subtitled

Assalamualaikum. Welcome everyone, to amaze by the Quran. A series in which I love sharing with you guys things I find amazing about the Quran and today I’ll share something from, that is quoted from Yaa’kub alaihissalam when he was having a conversation with his sons, when they were kind of frustrated with him that he’s not letting go of the memory of Yusuf and He is still grieving over it are you gonna keep remembering Yusuf? until you die?until you kill yourself?can you get over it already? and he responded, he said these are very profound words all of us at some point in our life have some grief all of us has some kind of trouble and we like to share grief and our troubles, it helps to share with friends it helps to share with people that have wisdom, that will understood and we trust sometimes we talk about our problem to our parents or maybe closed friends or a teacher or an imam or you know, people try to email me a lot about their problems and things like they like to see me at conference, they wanna pull me aside and tell me what is going on in their marriage or what is going on with their siblings or what is going on with their children or their parents, things like that but you know in this ayat, some profound truth has been revealed by Yaakub AS. Yes we do find comfort in each other but I will never be able to understand your pain and you will never be able to understand my pain it will never happen the grief that I feel, only I can feel you know, what we do, we try to compare our grief to somebody else’s Right? Every situation is unique Every ache is unique and the only one who truly understand the pain that’s you going through is Allah the word “innama” here significant because you have to understand first and foremost that the only one who will truly understand what’s your going through and sympathize with you like no one else is capable of sympathizing with you even the best of your friends is going to be Allah and He says its most imply inside that ayat among other things. You know that this is kind of, one of the fundamental cornerstone of putting trust in Allah He symphatizes with you like nobody else can symphatizes with you your first way of complaint and your first way of lament is actually to Allah himself I speak to You It’s ok to cry and that’s the last point I want to share with you here some people, you know I got this and I’ve talk about this before but its important to repeat people have a loss and when they have a loss in their family, they cry and their family members, very insensitive tell them, “You shouldn’t be crying, you should have patience.” or “You should be happy, your child is in Jannah.” something like that Yes. We should be happy our child is in Jannah but we also human being and we cry and its ok to be sad. If a prophet can be sad for years and years and not let go and his sons have to tell him, Allah did not deny that beautiful emotions, that sadness its okay for you to be sad, its okay for you to cry it is necessary for you. And Allah did not think less of you that you did not have patience. Allah didn’t create robot. He created people with emotions and even prophet have these emotions. And they are validated in Quran, so how can we deny this of people? We can’t. you know, this is something that Allah puts as a gift for us that we are able to complaints and by the way, when you met someone that truly loves you and you get to talk to them, you pour your heart out. You will start crying uncontrollably anyway when you finally talk out your problems, you gonna be able to help yourself, you gonna cry and Allah is okay with you cry out to Him He is okay with you complaining to Him, He is okay with you letting Him know your problems it will give you relief like nobody else

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  1. Jazakallah khair – keep up the good work iA. Love u all brothers and sisters and iA may Allah swt shower his blessings on us and make us have strong iman iA

  2. MASHA'ALLAH beautifully explained from now on every person watching this who believes in Allah will think during the time he is alone and his life seems messed up to him and nobody cares about him but Allah does this make a person going during the hardest times of his life

  3. SubhaanAllah .May Allah swt give us the ability to put our trust and faith in him alone and to cry out our problems in sajood.Ameen😢😩❤️

  4. Assalam o alaikum brother noman mje apka hr chez ki bareeki btana about Quran & arabic bht psnd Hai.but 1 request t ap bht taiz bolte hain English Mai plz it's my request ap urdu subtitles b chla dain.

  5. Thank you so much, day after day im learning new things about the Quran i never know were so close at hearth for me.
    It makes me appreciate the Quran and be really really happy about it reading and getting to know more.
    It is almost like every problem im going through there is solution for me in the Quran in way never could have thougth of.

  6. And people think he is gone too far he should make tawbah . Whyy?
    Because He was divorced and now wanted back to be with someone by Family Consent ? i.e why . Feel Sorry

    May Allah Bless us all

  7. thank you im jsut kid but i like your video cause it short tazkirah and i learn so many thing form you thank you ro allah and you

  8. The way brother NAK talks here- beautiful! MashAllah. Allah doesn't deny us that beautiful emotion – the crying, the sadness, the lamentation. It's okay to cry. Allah didn't create robot He created human being with emotions. So we shouldn't be embarrased to feel sad, to feel a little down or totally lost, at times. "we shouldn't be oppressive to our emotiona as well as others"

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