Prophet Brian Carn – Hear Ye the Word of the LORD! #Coronavirus 2020

Prophet Brian Carn –  Hear Ye the Word of the LORD! #Coronavirus 2020

come on in come on everybody come on in
yes yes come on in come on come on let’s come on in like this come on in come on
to me come on come on hallelujah more grace everybody
my god what a mighty God we serve don’t I say that every time we come on in
angels bow before him heaven and earth adore him what a mighty mighty mighty
God we serve you that are on Facebook come on in you that are on periscope
come on in everybody just come on in right now tell all your friends tell all
your neighbors tell all your enemies tell everybody come on in and let’s talk
hey sister Kim hallelujah amen let’s come on in let’s come on in and let’s
get this thing together not gonna be on here long at all but I do want to have a
conversation with the body of Christ with a low voice that I have and the the
influence that God has given me in the body of Christ if any I just want to say
this with authority with confidence with power with tenacity and with strength
your church is canceled Sunday you need to leave that church as soon as possible
all right so anyway but let’s go ahead and have a conversation it’s not gonna
take long at all more grace everybody
I pray that more people can come on all right and listen and hear the word of
the Lord I want to encourage you to share this my this is the Saints I want
this very clear this is for the righteous
oh great the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run it into
it and we are safe so this is for the righteous I’m not talking to sinners I’m
not talking to people who don’t know who Jesus is I’m not talking to Devils but
I’m talking to the righteous and I want to calm down because I don’t want spirit
to get too riled up but but let me say this to you listen we are the body of
Christ we are a chosen generation we are a peculiar people that’s what God says
about us he has called us out of darkness into this marvelous light now
the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life now sin brought
about disease sin brought about calamity the first thing I want to dispel on here
right now and I know I’m gonna get a lot of y’all mad at me all y’all some of
them God is mad and God is getting the plague to try to get attention all that
sounds good I used to teach all of that but it’s not Bible it is the goodness of
God that brings us men to repentance God is a good God and God poured all of his
judgment out at Calvary on Calvary’s cross all of the anger all of the
disappointment all of the dissatisfaction all of the pain that he
had with America with sin hallelujah was given at Calvary Jesus took on the sins
of the world Jesus took on the sins of the world Jesus took on the sins of the
world behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world every
sin that will ever be committed every sin that is going to be committed has
ever been committed was taken care of at Calvary so I want I wanna I wanna change
the narrative because we’re not gonna win the world
to tell people that God is trying to beat people up in all this righteousness
exalts a nation but sin is a reproach on any people yes that is an Old Testament
paradigm that some of y’all love to quote we love to quote Old Testament
Scriptures under a new covenant we have a better covenant upon better promises
he is the propitiation for our sins amen first John 2 not ours only but for the
sins of a whole world this is not the wrath of God all that the wrath of God
was poured out at Calvary all right that’s what the Bible teaches
now there are consequences to your sin there are consequences you don’t get to
choose to do so I want to say it’s not God but it’s sin sin has consequences
sin has wages sin holds your longer then you want to say cause you’re more than
you’re willing to pay that’s what sin does sin if I decide right now to go
walk in front of a car I can’t say God killed me I went in jumped in front of
that car that was a bad decision that I made and there are consequences for your
sins but it’s laws that set up in the earth
if I rob a bank I go to jail God did God put you in jail no God didn’t put me in
jail I put me in jail cuz I robbed the bank
it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance God is good let me say
that again God is good let me say that again God is good
now that’s the first thing I want to say the second thing I want to say is Church
of the Living God what is your problem why in the world are y’all shutting
churches down Dumble something we not had let me tell you something the only
way Casey’s here is gonna be shut down is the National Guard gotta come stand
in front of the bill and tell us we can’t have Church this is
an opportunity for the body of Christ to show people everywhere who gardius
Isaiah chapter 60 verse 1 says arise and shine for thy light is come and the
glory of the Lord is risen upon thee darkness shall cover the earth that’s
what we are gross darkness shall cover the people but the Lord shall arise upon
thee his glory shall be seen on thee and Gentiles shall come to thy light how’d
he gonna come down like we shut down we we concerned about getting a journey if
John G Lake was a lot everybody in here you need to go look up John G Lake right
now look up John G Lake John G Lake he was a general who went to South Africa
during the bubonic plague he was called a man of healing hey he was called the
man of healing that journey was killing everybody and
when they came to him and say why you not getting the journey he said the
spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death
y’all got to believe this word people y’all gonna believe the word are you not
either you gonna trust that God said no evil shall befall thee and no plague
shall come now your dwelling he’s gonna give his angels charge over you or
you’re not are you listening hear me very well and somebody telling me if the
officials tell you not to do something you got to obey that’s because the
officials is your government I’m not a part of this government a lot about shot
we are part of a different government we have a different system we have a
different economy color profit card we have a different economy we have a
different government we have a different Constitution
we are pilgrims we are surging in through and we are called to a higher
government are y’all listening to me now y’all can fight me if you want to but
where the soldiers where are the soldiers who say if I perish let me
perish I’m going to see the king we’re the people that are gonna assume
the Word of God over natural hours we are not natural people we are
supernatural and we obey the laws of the land when it does not contradict the
scripture but the scripture says forsake not the assembling of yourselves
together what you gonna do with the Bible okay about your pastor you can
about your preacher your preacher got to come subject to this word now I believe
the Word of God we’re different government Saints you
can’t fight me fight the book yeah a bundle of will be DRC table fight the
book the Word of God is right so what if some don’t believe does that make the
truth of God of none effect god forbid let God be true and every man be a liar
the Bible is right this is an opportunity for the church to show where
brother somebody said we got to obey the law of the land where you gonna marry
two men you’re the Lord of land is you got to marry to me you gonna marry two
men you gonna marry two women cuz that’s the law of the land I obey the law when
it doesn’t contradict Scripture but when you come against that Bible I ain’t
going with you now either we gonna live for him and be willing to die for him or
we gonna stop playing games within the world but we’re not of this world
Saints but should be in an uproar saying we can’t
close down why because we’re the answer we’re the antidote
Gale mo she come under LaHood er will the earth to do for what’s going on with
this coronavirus with the antidote the churches the churches he handed all the
children of God John G Lake the bubonic plague was going on in South Africa he
said put it in my hands and when they put it in his hands the germ died
where’s the power where’s the deliverance where’s the supernatural
healing demonstrating power of God he said when I came under youth I did not
come with enticing words of man’s wisdom but with demonstration of spirit and
power that’s your faith we’re not stand in the
wisdom of men but in the power of God that’s 1st Corinthians chapter 2:4 and
1st Corinthians chapter 2 5 you gonna obey man are you gonna obey God what
you’re gonna do you got to live for this but are you willing to die for this now
I hear you the word of the Lord we said no church that you should know
turns out the devil is Elijah ain’t shut no Church down no no you come
to Casey see it’s gonna be disinfected we’re gonna give you some hand sanitizer
but I’m scared to lay hands on you again the devil out you I don’t care if you
got a coronavirus i’ma lay hands on you and the Bible is gonna try out where’s
the power come on church what’s wrong with y’all y’all don’t believe the Bible
you don’t believe no evil shall befall you and no place your coming out your
dwelling you don’t believe that you don’t believe that all cause none of the
diseases that come upon you that came upon the Egyptians you don’t believe
that God can protect us you don’t believe that God is
not giving us a spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind I’m telling you
what’s going yeah they’re gonna shut Church yeah they gonna shred school down
they bout to shut y’all jobs down in about a week or two they’re gonna be
quarantine and everybody but let me tell you what’s gonna cause hallelujah is
that God sent us to come to God when everybody else got the virus but we
don’t when everybody else is sick but we’re not y’all better preach this
children of God preacher man of God women of God daughters of Zion if Smith
Wigglesworth that’s why Smith Wigglesworth toe Lester
some ground don’t bring little newspaper in my house
you know why he told them that because the media is releasing a spirit of fear God ain’t gave you no spirit of fear but
power love and a sound mind that’s why that’s why he said I’m bring that in my
house that’s why Aimee Semple McPherson Mariah Whitworth data and John G Lake
Smith was earth and heavens robbers hallelujah and Allen was able to walk in
power because they didn’t feed their spirits with the garbage that you are
watching on the Bible say men’s hearts are gonna be selling them for fear of
what’s coming up on the face of this earth and that’s what’s supposed to
happen to send us but the Bible said that the glory is gonna be seen on us
where’s the go ray where’s the power come on church and if you are free
preachers do what you got to do cuz that’s what your faith is but let me
tell you something if there be any sick among you call for the elders hallelujah
of the church I will tell you right now come to Casey see we got room for you
I’m guessing our Devils on Sunday I’m laying hands on the sick old Sunday
you that about you that are oppressed how we go
how we gonna be the answer how are we gonna lay hands on the sick and you
scared to go where sickness is how we go cast out devils and we scared to touch
people what’s wrong with the church what’s wrong with us I’m not afraid of
the terror hallelujah by night nor the destruction that wasteth at noonday hallelujah
I believe God God is a good God if you are sinning you watching this God is a
good God and guess what get up under the blood wear protection is get up under
the blood wear protection is get up under the blood wear protection is y’all
preachers a bunch of cowards you’re scared you’re scared you’re scared
and Kevin Benton said but you and your office ain’t in office I’m at my house
and if something had want me to come to the hospital I cast the devil out of
them and if you come to me I can’t the devil out of you go repeater
God knowing like what I’m saying get off in the name of Jesus I ain’t got time to
fight you you’re Devils somebody gonna teach this word and somebody gonna
believe this somebody got to have a standard somebody got to take God at His
Word y’all you are healed two thousand years ago and Calvary’s cross God healed
you you either gonna believe this or not you take God at His Word or not I
believe God you don’t see no way in the Bible they running somebody say you
gotta be the government at that time was to bow down to that false God
but me said Shadrach and Abednego said we ain’t violent they told the disciples
did not restrain to command you not to preach in his name they say we’re going
with God don’t care what the government tell me to do if God says otherwise I’m
gone with that word you’re lame I like yonder Loma hosiah her to preach at my
church say everybody needs a hashtag right now te t SP ha everybody put that
in your phone right now t t SP hey t t come on let me say about atop that right
now t t SP put that on you put that on yeah on your Instagram put that on your
Facebook put it on your periscope come on let me
see it on your refrigerator put it in your purse put it i loo you on your car
on the dashboard TT SP I don’t hit nobody
I don’t see nobody I don’t see nobody I don’t see nobody
come on PTSD probably gone what did you tell my tdsp
I need to see them T GSB I don’t see one year come on come on ok this thing real
TTS Pete come on Pete Pete its Pete come on oh I see one as he won but I’m
waiting oh so I see another oh I see another one Facebook
I see another periscope wait y’all left oh I saw another one periscope TTS Pete
where y’all at come on Tee tee s feet oh I see it coming now I see it coming
somebody good T y know any what I said I said DT come on they start their I
launch your hand TT what that means this too shall pass ma hey hallelujah God
to the same God that brought us to SARS the same guy that brought us is the same
God is gonna bring us through chorion ain’t never ain’t none but listen it’s
the sorry if you look on the back of Allah saw
bank and say Corona saw it that’s all it is a number son and let me take what we
did in Charlotte at our church let me tell you what we did we commended and
secured defined community in the name of Jesus we secured divine immunity desde
la la la da la heceta liberal duty BTW Cabeza de Vaca
de la balihar seat honorable Bondi Lakehead daily belly of Zulia liquor
terrible romanian dollar hotshot yo that’s what the church is here for you
ain’t here to run declare that it will come now your dwelling hey the class
that it cannot come to your community it cannot come to your house
we secured it by an immunity and commended and injunction in the spirit
and that’s what you got to do that’s how we’re going to be called the church
that’s how we gonna be different that’s how we don’t win the world when
everybody’s died everybody gone crazy everybody losing it but here go to
church sanctified folk giving God praise got the peace of God which surpasses all
understanding keep in your heart and your mind
hallelujah yay Sheikh Ali Baba we command divine immunity in the City
of Charlotte in Mecklenburg County we secured divine immunity in Duval County
in Camden County we secured divine immunity in Houston it cannot come now
our dwelling there is a blood wall there was a blood shield to everybody
connected to KCC everybody under the brother been anointed we have given and
declared an injunction against that virus where’s your praying at what’s
wrong with y’all either believe the word or not you can’t play with this believe
this word if you talking diligent to my voice do us right I will put none of
these diseases upon thee which I brought upon it I am the Lord Exodus 15 16 I’m
15 for this is the hill at thee so right now Biasi cut about shut up
hey I’m the low horse out I rebuke the spirit of fear that is gripping people’s
hearts that’s causing you to panic it’s the
spirit of pan panic pandemic come on that’s that pan spirit which is fear
which is chaos but I rebuke pain and I come against as a sail or they sail is
the transferring of spirits that go from one person to another
I rebuke Isaiah in Villa de que ishka Lobot even o love o love o speaker love
our shop in the name of Jesus just get up let me tell you something when they
put that blood on the doorpost everybody in that house was protected all they had
to do was stay in the house we don’t got to stay in a natural we gotta say in
Christ oh my god well I got a big zap there
y’all my god we got to stay in Christ my hope is bill oh nothing less than
Jesus blood Andrew I don’t trust the sweetest frame Church but I wholly lean
on Jesus names believe it’s worth this two champagnes God is faithful God is
able now I’m telling you right now things are gonna get worse than this you
ain’t seen nothing you ain’t seen calamity and disaster but
God is setting the tone of the church how we gonna be the light of the world
and we scared to go in darkness you don’t need a light here up under no tree
bascially mundo no host seek a lot higher hear all about y’all Tunde
lullaby baby hacia you don’t need no light on the no tree if the salt has
lost its Savior where is will it be salted Church you come to KDC you can
wash and you should do that anyway wash your hands
amen we’re gonna have some you can wash your hands you should wash your hands
well you got there you go my changing bathroom a man but my god you got Casey
having Church tear the governor I say it KCC having church
come on tear the president tear the governor hello bold c-come on ilaha
il-allah tear the governor tear the mayor we we got the answer
tell him we can lay back on the lava Kusa we got the antidote we got the
answer you can’t do it scared we are none of them that draw back unto
perdition where is the faith of God get under this blood trust God excuse me
with my head off I’m going to play God a man and I’m a cast the devil out
anybody to God first if they got the virus they hear when I step out there
y’all God had called you to walk in fear believe this Bible that you carry around
why you got a Bible that you don’t believe when he was wounded for you hey
when he was wounded for your transgressions bruised for your
iniquities the chastisement of your peace was upon his shoulder and with
this track you here right now first Timothy 2:24 who is on sale best and in
your body they he being dead to sit through a strike ye
were healed ninety-two thousand years ago
receive your healing at first the coronavirus I curse sighs I owe you I’m working to be though
I believe this y’all ain’t playing I’m not trusting in my righteous I can’t
protect me I can’t keep me he don’t have to do it I believe it come to Houston
Wednesday we have in church come to KCC Sunday morning we have in church come to
church KCC Sunday night and shop we haven’t heard Tuesday night we have
ain’t about shut down the church I’m telling you right now they back to start
shutting down jobs and schools it’s coming all right
I’m telling you that if you look at the prophecy where I promise are about the
death of an athlete I also promise I’ll they’re the disease was getting ready to
hit America you can go look at it all right don’t worry about that don’t
be concerned about that this is the time for the church this ain’t no time for y’all to be
scared backing up what’s your problem what is
wrong with the church Ronnie is scared and I’m time I ain’t ain’t dumb I just
preaching it y’all preach it and don’t believe it
ain’t no anywhere you gonna believe God to keep you from Corona boys and you can
t believe got to keep you from headache you love a deal and de Crillon not queer
and all this other medicine sorry talk to me you either with your sick self
private car don’t take no medicine did you hit me now that’s why I am that may
not be where you are that’s where I am I don’t take none
cuz it’s gonna be hard for me believe God to hear me from cancer and I can’t
believe you hear me from a backache come on church you gotta go from faith to
faith glory to glory that’s Romans chapter 1 verse 17 this thing is real
you are healed today you are righteous today your labor soon died lucky Thalia
you are healed by His stripes walk in it don’t just preach it live it don’t just
get on social media and talk this up living there being sick among you call
for the elders of the church I’m casting out Devils I’m laying hands on the sick
come to case you see with the virus you gonna be healed get under the umbrella
again I care about the people and I know
everybody’s faith ain’t in the same place so I’m gonna get you some little
sanitized you watch you look filthy dirty hands gay you wash your hands but
ain’t nobody know Church on all the way all the way we shut down is the National
Guard gotta come stand in front of the church and tell us we got you the devil
is alive somebody gonna make a stand may not almost seek out alibi shot somebody
got to be somebody gonna believe this word I love y’all today and I’m praying
for you I’m in Courage gimme I’m encouraged
today you better stop listening to these scary
preachers stop listening stuff believe this word
amen I’m traveling in Airport lady next to me wiping the seat all down
I say baby this is covered cuz I’m next to you yeah
anything I do all that meaning I doubt that the seat got
covered when I passed by my shadow walked by you here I believe this is it
okay Jenny hey Lala mondo
in hand I’m not afraid I have no fear because I got unprotected now y’all
gonna believe the word if the blood of a natural lamb can keep a spirit of death
from destroying the nation of Israel don’t tell me that the blood of Jesus
don’t have the power to get rid of sickness and infirmity
I believe this now lay hands on yourself and say I’m saying say I’m here
say I’m delivered security by an immunity for your home release an
injunction against that at your house your address call that your
address right now and release an injunction this thing is real Church don’t be afraid don’t be in fear you
keep watching the news and social media got y’all so jacked up got y’all scared
to death don’t know what to do hallelujah amen you gonna have you got
gonna bless you too remember I told y’all that beginning of the year at the
beginning out here remember this name I told y’all you they came to my meeting I
told y’all that a plague was coming through the city and God was about to
judge and David got word that a death things that came from Dan to Beersheba
but dad told it if you build you an altar if you build you an altar
death won’t come to your house this ain’t time for you to be scared build an
altar in a rubber boat see come on the old shack I build you an altar build you it up I told you don’t lose
your prayer life this year told you build you an altar believe God take God
at its word you’re gonna have plenty one of my
pastor says you’re gonna have plenty in 2020 so what you worried about this is a
setup now give God the glory and build them an
altar and let the devil knows that no weapon formed against you shall be able
to prosper and if returned it rather get you in judgment thou shall condemn but
this is the heritage of the service of the Lord and their righteousness isn’t
me I believe God I’ve told y’all what was
coming I’ve been prophesied about some gonna hit America for years but this
ain’t nothing walking around with a gas mask looking like you a patient in a
hospital you’re crazy looking cell what’s your
problem be healed today you received your mat told y’all something was coming
but build you an altar I believe this word this ain’t no game for me when the
enemy comes in like a flood Isaiah 59 19 the Spirit of the Lord hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah the speedo go lift up a standard against him
so guess what I ain’t going away you know why cuz I made a vow to the Lord
and I won’t take it back by the way you can meet me in Dallas the
ninth and the tenth or a the ninth and the tenth of April you can meet me in
Dallas you can come home I’m gonna take now the
registration we said we always supplement certain amout and I’ma be
honest with you my registration is full but if you register right now April 9 to
10 I’ll tell them to make room for you the registration is past capacity I’m
telling right now we fall but if you come to Dallas I’ll give you the
instructions for what to do I’m gonna give you the instruction for what to do
I’m gonna give the instructions we need a man a garden this I only know jelly
bag breeding said let’s look preaching Oh shouting the hot shop if I see them I
hire your word I need a profit guy good God come on
good God come on high heat zapping me up hallelujah the God you me I’m in Dallas
brain start the ninth until the baby you better register next week I’m in Albany
Georgia come on get delivered come over here what God is
saying I got I got journals of prophetic words of things that God showed me
that’s coming are you listening to me I believe this I’m protected I’m covered
I’m in Albany Georgia next week look on my website Brian Carn car if you’re
coming to Dallas I’ll be there tonight then attempt I’m already past capacity I
told y’all I told y’all oh if I had times if I I told y’all something was
coming where it was gonna ground planes wasn’t
gonna be able to fly told y’all that it’s coming it’s coming
time for covers up if you sick stay home how you gonna get healing and weed
hospitals and we telling you to stay home
what’s your problem we are the antidote with the people of God we are the church
or glory to God yeah Jesus put some down in us Oh y’all gotta get some down in
your darling you did your shunt about hi-yah hey little verbose see color by
your tongue the low-side gotta get something down in you don’t move you
don’t shake you don’t cause you to be alone I know who my god is thank God
that I was raised under a preacher by the name of Darrel McCoy who prophesied
these things were coming and told us what was coming and told us that God was
setting it up for the church God has sent me stand up now walk in your
authority be who God called you to be I don’t take my orders from the governor
the mayor or the City Council I take my governors from this my orders for this
constitution I’m a part of but different this is a foreign entity this thing is
foreign this thing is judicial how the hospital gonna stay open but the church
don’t close I say how the hospital go sailing but
the church don’t close your children about the Battle School article happen
it’s coming but you better be in Dallas come to Carla ah well well
Albany Georgia next week the finally we got think i’ma being Detroit but
whatever I am I’m here yeah hey glory be to God I’m encouraged today I love y’all
today I’m praying for you they secure divided immunity don’t be in
fear trust your God trust the god of your salvation trustee David I’m not
telling you to be no food but I’m telling you do not walk in fear because
fear has torment and joke 3:25 say whatever you fear the most is what’s
coming on you get out of here walking faith perfect love casts out all
fear he was wounded for my transgressions bruised for my iniquity I
believe this y’all God got this thing under control
hallelujah the drought is over the Sun is passed and my two season here alone
this is my moment so I decree this is the night that
everything changes for me everything changes everything changes everything
changes the name everything changes everything King y’all gotta believe this
y’all this is real I love y’all I’m praying for you
oh my god I’m encouraged y’all I’m excited man i’ma beat these golf balls
up tonight cuz I’m sick of the devil I’m sorry y’all scared I’ll see you in
Dallas I’ll see you in Dallas I’ll see in Albany Georgia I’ll see in Charlotte
North Carolina I see in Houston and I’ll see you in our st. Mary’s but ain’t
nothing shut down over there oh thank you shut down something broke I was
there working at KCC in staying real but I’m saying right now if you know your
truth you might want to get up out of there
cuz you know demons love to hang out to dry places and y’all got chills away you
know Gloria this dry running don’t look back
shouldn’t being in the first place I love y’all I’m praying for you I did a
100 feet but there’s no word from the Lord just for me I’ll make that clear so
this is from me do they know where the Lord this word from Brian prophet
calling as a man of God put that blood on the doorpost what I’m about to say
everything I just said with God but now put that blood on the doorpost and trust
God and take him at his word okay man you’d ever listening and trust his word
and believe this word I did 20 of you right now go to my – only you won’t – no
pressure BBC jr. and saucy of $20 a man P bcjr
dollars on pbc jr. dollar sign P bcjr dollar sign P bcjr and so that seen in
safes trust calm amen so it for your family so it for the men of God so it
for your whatever you are protected and you are covered we trust God and we know
all as well a man y’all better get somewhere where they teaching faith
because it’s not you in trouble you better give someone but I think the God
is being preached though they’re not you in trouble you got to go somewhere where
they teaching a feint of God and believe in God thank God it is worried I’d be a
hundred of you right now oh I feel that quick
I actually feel anointing on that I’d be a hundred of you right now to go to PBC
junior and so a sea of tuna dollar don’t hesitate don’t look around
don’t wait I don’t know about it move quick more grace I’m under the blood
that were you a you scare yourself you’ll see a church get under this blood

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  3. This is not the wrath of God but the chastening of His children because they are headed in the wrong direction.
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    Glory be to God; Thank You LORD for your Promises. We Accept the Holy Spirit Salvation ,Grace, Righteousness, Love Peace, Healing and Protection.
    We Agree and Decree the Blood of Jesus Christ cover with purification flows in the Earth AmenπŸ™ πŸ™Œβ€πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ“–

  5. Please can everyone please pray for my husband to be release from jail I have 3 kids and need prayer πŸ™ please god bless everyone

  6. Please can everyone please pray for my husband to be release from jail I have 3 kids and need prayer πŸ™ please god bless everyone

  7. Please can everyone please pray for my husband to be release from jail I have 3 kids and need prayer πŸ™ please god bless everyone

  8. Please can everyone please pray for my husband to be release from jail I have 3 kids and need prayer πŸ™ please god bless everyone

  9. Please can everyone please pray for my husband to be release from jail I have 3 kids and need prayer πŸ™ please god bless everyone

  10. Brian carn you something else god bless you it's right anyhow πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  11. I get what your trying to but listen we need wisdom in this hour. My mother died of cancer and she lived a Holy life and believed God would heal her but she died a day after her birthday. So we believe God but we still have to take care of our bodies. We can't believe God and yet eat wrong not listen to doctors. Obey the laws of the land and if they say shut it down then do just that

  12. What this also will do is return people back to home settings with prayer and fasting. It will put folks back to calling on the name of the lord. Remember the scripture says God used the foolishness of preaching for man but we don't need a sermon we need prayer and fasting. It also is showing these churches God never called to shut the doors. We got way to many people up preaching who God never called. God has one church that the apostles started but now the church is out of order A lot of these churches are not what the apostles started they don't follow the apostles doctrine

  13. Glory…I believe the word of the lord.
    We had church and the scriptures that you have spoken we have declared.
    I trust Gods word!!!!!

  14. For God has hasn't given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

  15. This is an opportunity for the church to come from behind them 4 walls an evangelise the gospel let's go to the street if we can't worship in the building we are the church anyway

  16. Preach god has not given us the spirit of fear but of power if you ain't got power with God you ought to scared

  17. The bible says obey those that have rule over you whether in the natural or the spirit that is the word the governor said stay home I know your reply will be obey God or man

  18. That was a good word. We all have the Holy Spirit so we will all know what we need to do. Lastly, be careful listening to those who make a living off their church. They give a word then give you they PayPal account. These new age prophets are very different.

  19. Ohh yes I stand with u brother the devil is a lair. Yes church need to stand and pray pray. Children of God where are u , fear not , fear not the lord said in Jesus mighty name πŸ€²πŸ€²πŸ™πŸ™βœŒβœŒβœŒ

  20. U betta preach Pastor..I dnt hv any fear cause i know Im cover by da blood of Jesus and so the ppl of God is cover

  21. No God is not mad but he's not pleased eighter .when a natiion is out of order it bring confusion chaos and fears .this year is a year of chastisement and correction we the whole nation needs to repent .we have not Been faithful in all our ways mens and women are dyning and loosing there souls and going to hell and all the church been preaching on is money .God showed me a vision of the trouble that for comming upon the earth and the man that stood by me was a leader and he could not see the vision .its time to get it together ans seek the face of God .like never before

  22. I was a member of Monument of Faith when Rev. Henton was alive. I know that he would get excited because this would be an opportunity for the church to show the power of God. I’m with you pastor Carn. God bless.

  23. You speakin foolishness trying to use the scriptures to validate your stance. If we were not a part of the government we wouldn't have to render unto Caesar that which is his… How are you not a part of the government when Jesus himself was and pay taxes? Y'all better not listen to no foolishness and use wisdom 🀨😳

  24. 10 things you speaking about a man that was administering during the Bluebonnet plague I'm sure that he clearly had other assignment and heard from God. And most of the people in the world today are not living a sinless life so therefore that means that there's a opening in the door that would allow the enemy access. I can't believe that you would be on here speaking the words that you're saying is just like speaking venom and you telling people to flat out defy with the government is saying to do? that is not of God So why you in that Bible flipping through them scriptures you need to know that you two are under authority and you should obey it! perhaps you should have been at spring break preaching to all of those millennials while they were out partying and having a good time.

  25. The Christians in Wuhan, Chins never got the disease, and were able to go house to house giving out tracts and pray with those locked in their homes.

  26. I think they should have special prayer in churches instead of shutting down. I went to church last night and enjoyed it. Pray beautiful people.

  27. No matter what happens I will always love Brian Carn. He always puts a laugh in my gut. He telling the truth though.

  28. I don't really understand why these churches closed their doors so quickly when it wasn't mandatory it was only suggested in the beginning. Most of these pastors were pressured by their Boards of Directors and Trustees along with the members. These pastors want to be relevant to society, but these jobs have more than 100 people and we still going to them.

  29. Everyone speaking of obeying authority but have you always obeyed those that had authority over you. Did you always obey your parents "No". Did you obey the government when we had Jim Crow that was a law, but we stood up and said "No". You don't even have to obey your parents if the commandments they are giving you is not of the Lord. It appears to me this obey authority is just convenient when it fits our agenda. God is the highest authority and we certainly don't always obey him, but now death is involved and everyone is about the obedient spirit now. Really? My people, My people

  30. We just had a tornado hit the city, on top of the coronavirus. Jesus is def comingπŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘°πŸΎ

  31. I agree with you Prophet Carn. We are covered with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. That is what I believed.


  33. I want Prophet Brian Carn to tell us what is the word of the lord concerning the Coronavirus? Are we going to suffer the affects of this virus for the long haul or is this going to pass shortly?

  34. Check out prophet makidiwa none of y'all said anything the man of God spoke this in 2014 because the church in USA , are busy pimping the church

  35. God Knows just what he us doing. We are the CHURCH not a building. Some of these church need to close so these leaders can REPENT and clean Gods Holy pulpit, it has been polluted for to long. The BIBLE said submit to your government. People please use WISDOM, God is not a God of confusion..

  36. God didn't bring the virus but he allowed it,so he can get people to come to him,and to trust him.Everbody better take the vitamin B which is the Blood of Jesus.Amen

  37. I was led to you today. My church closed. I will not attend it any longer or watch it online. I come out of it Father.

  38. Ohhh please come to Pineville Louisiana. I knew it was coming too. 5 years ago I knew something was coming. I WAS in fear at that time. Glory to God, I came out of that too. It too PASSED. Amen.

  39. We need a church here that accepts mixed races and won’t shut down in the face of fear. I’m a white woman and you sir are my new best human friend. I love you brother. God Bless you

  40. Arch Angel Gabriel said today to come out of my church because it shut down. I came out it a few months ago though. I felt it. I don’t know if one around here that follows God, fully. God please open a church in my area that I can go to. In Jesus name. Amen Amen and Amen πŸ™

  41. You are right.GOD is a good GOD .if you believe GOD and his WORD , Every body should be in CHURCH, this is a time every body should be running to Church . GOD IS A LIVEING GOD. he is the true way and life . the blood of Jesus is working thanks you Jesus for the BLOOD .GOD THANK YOU FOR Your BELOVED SON JESUS.

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