Prophetic Word:Jesus is Coming & You’re Immediately Going to Arrive at Your Next Stage Destination.

Prophetic Word:Jesus is Coming & You’re Immediately Going to Arrive at Your Next Stage Destination.

I just got a prophetic word from the Lord. My husband was Reading out of John and the Lord just spoke to me this is a right now word for some people and so we kind of picked it apart and you can’t ask the Lord to to give me a time frame for this and I feel like this prophetic word is specifically between now and Through April and maybe even Into May a little bit. So I’m given this like a six week time period this is a prophetic word for the next six weeks And or somewhere within that time frame and it’s not just for one person It’s for a lot of people and I’m excited about this word because it’s just it’s really And I’m gonna just talk for a minute why some people hop on? Hey Lisa dawn, you guys share this I Don’t I don’t do a lot of immediately and suddenly words. God just hasn’t spoken that to me a lot I’m more of kind of a prophetic person who’s talking about the steps and the stages of what God is doing but but sometimes he does speak immediately to prophets And I know that and I love those words when I hear them and they’re for me. And so hopefully this will bless you I pray Lord that people would open their hearts that you would give them eyes to see and what situation in their life this could apply to Lord God I pray that you would just speak to hearts that you would encourage people that there would be Power behind this word. This is your written word Lord This is this is the truth of how you operate. You’ve given us your word to God us And so this prophetic word is straight from the Word of God But it is a Rhema word for us right now and I’m gonna give you the scripture references if you guys are taking notes Oh you want to write this down and go back in the next six weeks when this is coming up and you’re Feeling like you’re in a storm and you don’t know where to turn and you feel like God is not showing up for you Remember this word we listen to this word okay, I’m gonna pray just a little bit more less and more people are hopping on share it invite some people if you are in a storm or you are fixing to make some decisions that are gonna require a lot of faith and You know that it could bring you into some dicey waters to make the decision that is before you Encouraging your faith today to make that decision to go where you know, the Lord is leading you to the best of your knowledge I really really believe That when you are making faith decisions, you can only ever be like 85% sure Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a faith decision. It wouldn’t require faith. So you are in prayer Hearing from the spirit and you are moving by the spirit but there is a step of faith where you can’t have certainty and if you need 100% certainty you cannot live a life of faith because faith requires uncertainty faith requires unanswered questions and Uncertainty about outcomes. So that’s why we put our hope. This is just a preface to the prophetic word that I’m fixing to release That’s what we put our hope fully on the Lord Not on outcomes we have Full assurance of faith that God is good That he’s working all things for her good and he’s bringing us into higher levels of glory and we say, okay Lord These decisions are before us so if you are faced with the decision or you have just made a decision over the next six weeks and You find yourself in a storm. This word is for you If you find yourself to have made a decision to have move forward or you’re about to make a decision and you start moving forward and you are faced with a storm which can be like an emotional upheaval just a lot of Uncertainty, well, you do not feel the Lord’s closeness. You don’t feel his presence You’re like, where are you god, what is going on? I you know move forward in the direction that I believed I was supposed to go and you don’t feel like God is with you in his there are times when you don’t feel the presence of God the uncertainty the doubt or unbelief starts hitting you the fear starts hitting you and you See the waves and you see the storm and you know You’re already halfway out in it because this is this is where this work comes in You already stepped out don’t expect this to happen before you step out. This is for the people who have made some decisions Who have stepped out in faith to make? decisions to the best of their ability with what they believe the Lord is telling them to do and and in these decisions that are happening these six weeks or that has just happened and you’re going to be moving through in the next six weeks the Aftermath of having just made the decision if you’ve already made it These are things that are gonna lead this isn’t little stuff these are like next-level bringing you in to the next level level of glory next level of ministry next level in your Relationship next level in your finances. So these are some major decisions. I believe that I’m prophesied into and decisions that could change Your location moving you from here to there you were here in this place You made decisions and it is going to translate you somewhere else It’s gonna transfer you into another place another location spiritually speaking Financially speaking. Relationally speaking. It’s a Transition, that’s the word. That’s the best word. I can think of it’s a transition So you’ve made a decision and then you set out and then you have a transition between here and here and in that transition you were gonna get hit with some storms, and I’m just telling you ahead of time so that you Don’t immediately go like what was I thinking? Oh my goodness. Why did I do this? Don’t over and all that fear Where’s Jesus in this I don’t see how God is in this let me read the scripture and then pick it the part a little Bit more. It’s John 6 write this down 16 through 21 when evening came his disciples went down to the lake and when they got into a boat and set off across the lake for Capernaum and then they got in the boat where they got in the boat. So the disciples are Jesus isn’t with them and they’re going There setting off in the boat across the lake for Capernaum, but now it was dark It’s dark you don’t necessarily see Where you’re going you can’t see across to the other side But you’re getting in the boat and you are making the decisions to go over there. Even in the darkness. You’re making this decision even without the full Confidence in your emotions of how things are gonna turn out there in the dark and Jesus had not yet joined them some people are wanting to hold off on making that decision until God shows up and you know there’s a burst of angelic explosion and there’s light everywhere and they could totally see you to the other side and they have No reason to have faith and that’s not often, especially For those who want to to transition into higher levels of glory that God’s gonna require more from us than that okay, you’re gonna have decisions that you have to make in the dark where Jesus doesn’t feel present with you and You’re gonna have to go on Not you’re not ever without God because God’s ever present but go on without the feeling that he’s got your hand You know, you have to be more mature than that in this decision over the next six weeks You have to grow in maturity and let the Lord stretch you So then a strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough That’s where the storm comes that’s where and they were halfway out there. They were three and a half miles out They were they they were in this thing It would be just as dangerous to go back as it is to go forward you have that kind of faith You step out and you put it on the line and this is where Jesus shows up This is where Jesus shows up in the middle of the storm And when they had rowed wrote about three or four miles, they saw Jesus Approaching the boat walking on the water and they were frightened here is This is so Prophetic for some people you’re in the middle of the storm and here Jesus comes with your salvation With your answer with his presence and you don’t recognize him you forget all the times He’s come through before he had just now fed the thousands with bread breaking all the pieces and then these damn disciples they’re in a storm and he comes walking and they think they see a ghost they’re afraid or something and Sometimes out there in the storm when Jesus is coming when Jesus is coming into the situation in a powerful Miraculous way we don’t recognize him because we expect something else I don’t know what it is why but we got to get past those fears Not put God in a box and say even in the midst of the storm when Jesus comes I speak and declare because of this prophetic word that the Lord is speaking in this scripture, you will recognize him in the storm and say whoa this Looks scary You know, it’s something that I’ve never this isn’t even supposed to happen this way. He’s walking on the water He’s doing things in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do them on your own You can’t even fathom the kind of power that he comes in with and so because of that as he’s working as he’s moving as he’s bringing the things that you need you don’t recognize it and So when you’re in the storm I pray the Lord gives you eyes to see as scary as it might seem as scary as it might look as abnormal as Bizarre, it is the Lord Jesus coming to you as you have stepped out in faith and and went to go to the other side and He says to them it is I don’t be afraid or as my husband said of better Translation as I am and if you’ve watched the sermons that I’ve given on Sunday last Sunday, I talked about the names of God I am I am Here. I am everything you need. I am your comforter. I am your provider. I am your husband I am your master and I’m even the servant I Come as a lamb I come as a lion. I am everything. I am and I am I am Don’t be afraid and then they were willing to take him into the boat. Do you get it? Jesus is gonna come to you in these storms and There’s some people had they not heard this would be unwilling to receive the Lord and the way that he came because of their fear and These are the people who had been with him. This is an immature Christians These are people who have stepped out and making decisions that are gonna change their lives But you got to be careful that you don’t keep Jesus out of the boat because it’s coming in a way that you weren’t expecting him to Or that you don’t fully comprehend. He says I am and Don’t be afraid if you do not let him calm your fears and speak into your fear I’m saying don’t be afraid do not be afraid do not be afraid fear. Not I am I am I am So when they brought him in the boat in the midst of the storm that you’re gonna have Many people this isn’t probably for every single person over the next six weeks that you might have already made the decision You might be in the middle of the storm It might be a decision that you’re looking at making that if you do make it this will help you then When he came into the boat, it says immediately The boat reached the shore where they are heading. Oh My goodness you guys do you hear this? Let him in Even though it’s scary the way that he’s coming to help even though it’s scary the way that he’s gonna show up It’s not how you were expecting you set out you weren’t you know? imagining it was gonna happen like this, but Jesus is gonna show up and when you let him in the boat, You’re gonna get in immediately. You’re gonna get a miracle and there’s gonna be when he shows up, there will be an immaculate acceleration of space and a miraculous celebration and time God is going to The miracle is going to be B he is going to bend time and Bend space and what would have taken a Whole lot longer to get to the other side you went on who this makes me. Just want to cry I’ve got chill bumps cuz I’m thinking of something this is for me. I’m in you know You went on when you didn’t see away when you didn’t see how you didn’t see Jesus wasn’t with you But you went on you made a decision to go to the other side and in the middle He’s gonna come to you in the storm and when you receive him in and that way that you were afraid and you allow him to come into your situation There’s gonna be an acceleration of time and space and you were gonna be in a new higher-level place a new place where you’re gonna get deeper revelation because if you move on to the verses after that, They saw the miracles. You’ve seen God move in your life in the past But God is going to bring you into this new place where there’s going to be a new Revelation of him a new understanding of him. He talks about being the true bread from heaven where he becomes the sustenance where you move from just being the receiver of eating from his hand to really Comprehending who he is he is going to explain himself on the other side Reed I’m gonna give you guys an assignment I want you to do this and take notes because God will take this prophetic word and this is an assignment so that you can go on with the Lord and your secret place and say Speak to me a little bit more about this word and read Jesus is the true bread from heaven Which is John 6 verse 22 through 40 and It is going to give you some revelation into your situation in your circumstance it’s going to feed you and you are going to see the New place that the Lord is taking you he’s going to speak Understanding to you about the ways that he is working in your life. And for many people you’re never gonna go back You’re never going to go back to where you were before? You’re never gonna go back to being afraid when Jesus comes into your situation Circumstances in a way that seems frightening to the natural eye But you got to make these decisions to go on whether you feel the presence of God whether you have a Whether you’re in making those decisions in the dark You know the Lord you’ve got to begin make those decisions and God will come to you in the midst of that He will come to you in the midst of the storm in the transition to the other side so I hope that this that the Lord the Spirit of the Lord I pray will translate this into your personal Experience over the next six weeks Keep pressing forward even when you don’t feel the presence of God. Jesus is coming into the boat in a miraculous way He’s making a grand entrance into The progress into the journey into the relationship into the ministry Even into your spiritual Giftings God is coming in in a way that you didn’t expect before You he’s gonna show up and show out to those and on the other side When you get there people are going to be astounded and wonder how did you get here weren’t you over there? How did you get here? How did you get here? God is gonna do the miraculous and your life because you took that You made you took a risk and went on in the dark and made that decision And it’s gonna build other people’s faith this the scripture that I gave for the prophetic words John 6 16 through 21 and Then the assignment that I gave for God to speak deeper into you about this word into your personal situation is 22 through 40 So That’s it. That’s what I got. And I believe that this is powerfully packed with the Spirit of God Behind it with I believe it is the word of the Lord. It is the word of the Lord through my mouth and the word of the Lord stands for anyone who is willing to receive it and willing to act on faith and mu as the spirit leads them so I’m gonna hear some Testimonies about how God has done this in your life and over the next six weeks God bless you, and I will see you on Sunday night at 7 p.m. I’ll be Preaching still in the series from crippled and warming to kingly and worthy and that’s exciting I’m loving that series is helping me Hopefully it’s helping you guys to share this share this send it to your friends. And I think it’ll bless them. I Appreciate you guys and we’ll see you Sunday

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful word from the Lord.My home was destroyed ina storm ,as well as my car.I am in transition to a new life and am trusting God for the next step even in the midst of confusion and chaos of the darkness.I know the Lord is with me.God Bless you

  2. Odd I just said to myself today I am a timebender. And I think I already did this thing. Amen and thanks for the word!

  3. I receive the word of God through His prophet. I am facing huge challenge. "Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit" says the Lord.

  4. Thank you for sharing , I really needed this word . I was literally praying and asking God to speak to me regarding my current situation. Everyone around me has spoken discouragement towards my step of faith. Thank you for this word of encouragement

  5. I experienced a transformation in my life a year ago that set me on fire for the Lord and gave me deep understanding of scripture….now I cannot get enough, or speak God's word enough…It is like I will explode if I don't say it when the time comes. It is very powerful! I was hit with fear and doubt and confusion from every direction, and then as I kept seeking in the wilderness; Everything burst out into total trust in the Lord. We have to move when He says move. And we can move while sitting at home. Use every tool that we have…social media, texting these teenagers…sometimes that is the only way to reach them.

  6. So spot on and timely for me seeking God diligently for a place of permanence for me. Major storm yes…fear ect…u are reading my mail!

  7. Amazing Grace, Alleluyah!!! I have to make a decision in a couple of weeks , in a storm Im going through.

    This prophetic message was definitely for me. Thank you for serving God and allowing Him to use you

  8. TY for this Word, it is confirmation to me about my future which I KNOW is any day now !!!!!! Bless you Emily Rose !!!!!!

  9. lol…YOU have been reading my mail…oh, the Pressure to go back to the familiar…and the threat and guilt of feeling 'irresponsible'….But at the same time being assured over and again that THis is where God wants me. Sometimes you feel like you could just take a peek over the hill, but you're right – Then it wouldn't require Faith.

  10. Hey Emily I found you…on Facebook you said you were gonna go to the Lord on my behalf I never heard back…do you have a word yet?🤗❤️

  11. I've been battling anxiety, depression and loneliness for a few months now and I'm not sure where to go or what to do next. I'm aware most of your prophetic word is for those looking to improve their financial situations, jobs, relationships and the usual, but how would it apply to me? I believe I'm in a situation that can't be fixed…

  12. This is for me!! Over the last couple of weeks the Lord has been giving me this same revelation. Jesus has promised to come into my situation but I know its gonna be in a way i dont expect. May even be afraid of how he moves like the disciples thought he was a ghost. However he keeps confirming the exeleration to the other side if I keep him in my boat. This is just another confirmation of His rescue in my life. Thank you, I receive this word.

  13. Confirmation! Hallelujah! God bless you always sweet sister! LOOK UP! LOOK UP!! Thank you Jesus!! Praise God!!🎺🕊❤️

    Matthew 25:20
    But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day

  14. Praise you Father Praise you Father for this daughter you have sent forth and put to labor.. Praise you Emily that you walk in the Lords will.. May the father my father the Great IAM get all the Glory for your creation..I can’t believe how on target you are in my life situation..I won’t go into it deeply but it is the will of the father I have put off for almost two years.. And I’ve been making steps to move back in his will his assignment and here I am in the storm.. I knew it was coming because it’s just been to quite lol.. But out of my repentance and obedience I’m in a great storm.. So thank you I felt it was because of my turn and it would pass but hearing it and small key words you spoke that my father had already placed in my teaching bring great peace.. Love you sister .. My you and yours receive blessing comfort protection and provision..Amen the living god is good..

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    See you all at Wedding Banquet my brothers and sisters!!!

  16. I needed to hear this, thank you!!! I'll count the joy come every battle because I know that's where he'll be. ❤️

  17. My name is David, I’ve never seen this channel until this morning when driving to work. Every day for the past few months my heart aches for freedom from my job. All I could think about was how utterly pointless my countless meeting were in respect to eternity. As a Microsoft manager in the data center environment that was hard to hear from my soul. We work at a level that most would never understand. But that very work became something very heavy in my heart. It was pulling me from thinking about Christ and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Well today I turned in my resignation letter after 10 years with them and walked away from a $100k+ a year job. Your video helped push me over and I got out of the boat and am walking on water. Praise God Almighty. I do not know what is next but I know my life and the life of this world is very short. I was tired of being in the middle and your message from God at the right time and place made me strong. Amen and Amen!

  18. Wow, I've seen this video pop up as 'recommended for me' for a few days and I overlooked it until I prayed and cried out to God regarding a situation I'm dealing with and was lead to watch this for a reason. This is the exact word I needed when I needed it! It speaks to me beyond belief! Thank you Emily! God bless you sister.

  19. I kept telling people I felt like God was asking me to apply blind faith for the first time, so this is confirmation for me!

  20. It feels like you came to my hose sat in front of me and read my mind.
    So on point for my situation right now.
    Blessed are those who come in the Name of The Lord. 🔥🕊🔥

  21. this is such confirmation and I receive every word!!! In Jesus name, Thank you for being obedient sister and releasing this word for NOW!

  22. Looks like Abba read you a page straight out of my earthly life's book, lol.

    I'm glad the Lord led me here. First time in this channel hearing powerful, mature revelations given to you by him. Looking forward to more 👍.

    Be blessed.

  23. Emily-Rose Lewis
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    You may have heard about "Christian Prince", he is the nightmare of Islam. He has brought thousands of Muslims to Christ & we are supporters of him. We need our Christians brothers & sisters to be educated about Islam.
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    God bless.
    Christ is LORD!

  24. How does this prophecy match the word? Has the man of sin anti Christ been revealed? 2 thesselonians chapter 2 verse 3?
    Read revelation 16 verse 15 Jesus says when he comes back as a thief. Read what has to happen before he returns. None of this has happened!!!
    So is does this prophecy match the word?? NO!
    There are 7 years with a final 3.5 years being serious tribulation before Jesus comes back. Mathew 24 only speaks of one rapture after the tribulation of those days.

  25. There will be a lot of false prophets in those days.
    Devil comes as a angel of light. God says to test all spirits. You smell fishy
    Those things will happen first.

  26. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ forever ever. Thank you so much. May God bless you.
    Yes Jesus Christ is coming soon. Lets get ready repent pray together daily
    We are going heaven home with Jesus Christ forever. Thank you so much Jesus Christ forever ever. Gods will for our life. Don't worry about anything. Be happy always. Thank you God always. Don't stop pray pray as Gods will Lords Prayer is so good prayer. Jesus Christ is our happiness forever. We live in last Sodom snd Gomorrah days. We must wear Gods Armor 24 hours a day to fight the good fight to win spiiritual war daily together.
    May Lord God bless you all as Gods will for our life forever.

  27. Just wondering, do you wear your wedding ring on your right hand? You said your husband, but no ring on left. I see one on the right. Is this something to do with the right hand of God?

  28. Jesus loves you all and is coming soon! ❤️ if you haven’t repented and turned from sin and accepted Jesus as Savior believing He died and rose again for you, today is perfect and scripture says that today is the day of salvation!!

  29. Its so funny. Life ain't no good if we aren't being stretched. We are meant to be stretched. Designed for it. That's where our growth and spiritual development comes from. Yet it is the best possible thing for us. Yet we are often uncomfortable with the process.

  30. Just saw it which confims him yesterday where I'm gonna make a decision and I just got to say WOW this just talk to me so much that I got it but also put a little bit of fear or nervousness but excited so much I was mocking the enemy and with that the retaliation response was" full force will come my way". But it just threw a flair under my butt and just with boldness counter response back "come with it everything you got" cause ur making me stronger so I thank the enemy for the attacks comes victory and strength. For Lord takes enemy's bad and uses it towards good for HIS GLORY benefit so haha. BRING IT ON BABY I'm ready I've been ready need to catch up on time I wasted on growth and being more useful servant to the kingdom of God cause of my own selfishness and 2 yrs of storms yo yo affect of coming back and not too long after stepping into enemy traps and I asked for FATHER to speed up my progress by any means necessary and with that I'll show put everything back burner and ur attention comes1st and help me make your word concrete in my mind and know ur words so I my not misinterpret or twist ur holy word. And mainly the holy spirit and our bond to grow so tight that when it's done the love and protective of him will get so much as if it was like my daughter love so much to the point in like a papa bear guarding his cub that love. But thank you sister I'll let u know may 11th the conclusion. Email

  31. the bible is written for us all, but not to us all.
    the scripture you used is not for the body of Christ. it was written to/for the jews who are under the kingdom gospel (currently on hold until the tribulation). today we are in the gospel of grace for our salvation.

  32. Sister, you are just so very anointed.

    Thank you for being obedient. I love your heart!

    I share dreams & words from the Lord on my channel. I don't know if you ever saw it, but my daughter was the Abba Up baby <3. The Lord began my ministry after she received that word 4 years ago.

  33. I think its for me. Its funny because earlier this morning I heard boder video about making a decision and from what she c was saying, it didnt sound like it was for me but now that I've heard your video, I think the Lord is taking to me too.

    I've been taking to Him about the idea of moving to another city for months now. While I've been buying furniture and other things needed for my place that I'm expecting, I feel like I've been stuck for financial reasons and also because I haven't gotten a job in another city yet. I'm going to start back applying to other jobs and see how God moves. Hoping to move in May.

  34. Your doing this for money! Shame on you! But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the Lord hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

  35. I feel like this making a decision to step out in faith in starting to want my business for real now. It feel like am going through attacks and a storm for real!! I cry regularly and feel like giving up alot.

  36. Sometimes I question if prophetic words are true… But I realized I already signed up for something that may match what you are talking about.

  37. I have been believing for this very thing. Thank you for the confirmation and edification! God loves you! Godspeed, in Jesus' mighty name!

  38. this is absolutely a word of the Lord! My husband and I moved this weekend, in the middle of it there were 2 attacks and a literal storm one of the days we're moving and rain and drizzle the other day. but God brought us through to the other side and made Provisions along the way!

  39. There is not a pretribulation rapture.
    Please read Matthew 24th chapter. God does not divide His children. The rapture happens as a joint event when the resurrection of the dead happens. Read John the 6th chapter to find out when the resurrection is and that will be the same time of the rapture. Bible does not pin point the day or hour of these two events. But God's children will know the season. God bless all of you on this channel and comment section. Praying
    for your best! Love in Yashua, our Lord and Savior!

  40. Wow timely word! I was having doubts of a big decision me and my family are about to take, but each time I went to the Lord I felt I was doing the correct thing even though I felt sad for the people I was leaving behind. I saw your message and it gave me curiosity so I watched it and I am so amazed by every word you spoked. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord in releasing this word. God bless you, your family and ministry. 💝💕💖

  41. AMEN… Exactly 5-6 weeks since this video was published I will be stepping into a new transition in my spirItual and professional life. Thank you so much for sharing this word. It was a blessing for me in so many ways.

  42. Jesus isn't coming back here's why?

    Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist (Mathew 3:2) were both apocalyptic prophets, both believed that the end of the Age would occur sometime near or just after there lifetimes.

    The following passages supports this position.

    Mathew 16:27-28; 24:25-34; 26:63,64
    Mark 13:26-30
    Luke 21:27-32

    What New Testament writers believed?

    The following passages reveal that the New Testament writers were followers of Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist's apocalyptic prophecies.

    Hebrews 1:1-2; 10:24-25; 1 Corinthians 7:27, 29-31; 10-11; 1 John 2:18; 1 Peter 4:7.

    It is clear that they were living in the last days when Jesus was to return in the clouds and bring about the end of the world as they knew it.

    1 Thessalonians 4-15-17; 1 Corinthians 15:51; James 5:8-9.

    The writer of these passages tells those he was writing to that Jesus was coming in their day.

    He recognizes that some believers had already died causing concern about the fulfillment of Jesus prediction.

    He reassures his readers that they would not all die before Jesus comes. He tells them that believers who have died will be resurrected when Jesus returns. 

    Upon his arrival, resurrected believers and those who are still alive will be instantaneously transformed into immortal beings and raptured up together to meet Jesus in the sky.

    Note his consistent use of the word “we”.

    The writer was obviously not speaking of Christians in some distant future, but of believers in his day including himself.

    There is no good reason to read “we” as if it refers to Christians alive thousands of years in the future.

  43. Everyone saying this is confirmation….

    Have you thought that maybe your committing "CONFIRMATION BIAS"….?

    Have you searched to find evidence that contradicts your response?

    Or is it a matter of FAITH?

  44. I'm glad you found a good husband because every time I look at you ( as a friend) you keep looking more beautiful! These "storms "in my life are surely crazy!! One step forward, three backwards, kinda like moonwalking!! I couldn't have it any other way……..not!! I can tie this word around my finger!! Thankyou

  45. I was just thinking about this parable and this video popped up on my timeline. The head of the body is walking on water, the storm has broken the body down like Magdalene at the stoning or the woman Christ called a dog. The body at first does not recognize the head, but eventually the head is invited onto the boat. The miracle happens when the head and the body are connected, time collapses and they are back on the land. The storm or tribulations are needed to connect the head to the body. The head and the body need to connect for the rapid large scale miracles to commence. The body is the power of the head. It's a positive feedback loop that establishes a new kingdom, open source not the snake eating its tail.

  46. Hey emily I found you via fb I love your videos and your messages im just starting out on you tube myself and I run a page on Facebook called spiritual hope and encouragement im trying to get into posting encouraging videos myself thanks for what you do
    This is one of mine there not as high tech im just starting lol

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