Rapper converts to Islam- Loon

Rapper converts to Islam- Loon

well from bad boys to muslims growing
number of rap artists are leaving the badboy hip-hop lifestyle for a more
spiritual one the canadian dollar so sedate sexy ation
mother says an increasing number of rafters this year brace this landlord knowledge they’ve
previously embraced islam among the names busta rhymes lou
napoleon castro i’m like juan when a new junaid behind this better
known by his stage name lou ms one artist hoping to change the
lyrics in message of rap following his own religious conversion than was subpart of p_d_ these bad boys
recalled seeing scented islam in two thousand and a solid support in dubai he joins me now from saudi arabia ways
just finished performing in the form rock for minorities pilgrimage thanks so
much for joining us he kind of look a little bit different
to me today then how we’ve been seeing you in those pop videos is listed in
there somewhere and uh… melinda worked his way out of my system reno nv does that mean being the seven islamic
and finding the peace of mind that i was always searching for a news room in this and very difficult to find this place in
my life now but basis mom i’ve been able to linux complete my search and now i’m very much
at peace so you don’t art if you no longer a bad
boy now that would be a valve now which of
course glibly well when i wanted this to give a shit
taking of use fax a little bit of the bad boys and there’s a lot of display of a piece
of your own music here just refresh everyone’s memory of how blue still apply right is none of the democratic congress casework overdraft fees building deposing or higher arsenals makita immediately and delete i guess the question now is so will you
continue to wrap twelve right now i am tremors focus in
on you know it’s been islam incoming one now and it would be no because you know in a position of the points you know i have to be able to know protect myself
away from the media sometimes not right for you these transition there are dismayed and try to make it nice and opportunity
to make a mockery of this nam or whatever faith person might choose song
nobody must advocate of trying to study gain and become more knowledgeable of islam and i know alumnos list via inhibition
sunnyvale yet in addition to studying these uni religion understand also working with another
group of uh… rap artists are trying to change the message wrapped itself a is that possible on the
draft panels from the hard neighborhoods of the west the lyrics sometimes
attacked threatened insult others cataract be wrapped with all of that that’s that’s something that people on
the list of the artist move on nosair accepted islam was struggling
with it very very fine line nothin for me i actually really love the music
what is the lights gathers that this really good and bad influence you know
music sometime can be geared towards things that
influence people to do positive things but actually no part they arms control
as people from juneau practicing their faith or concentrate some positive things really
realized out or i i i i’ve got all skewed this one
now i want you to give us the first pose slamming conversion raffle blue live
here now busy ref half uh… midtech cereal but that does not
really has said this ellam the way from that lives down for a
second i don’t want to this sentence or two and that is still a bit of living in
the summer are had enough for the most part n_b_c_ you’ve got me via email that needed uh… well i’ll i’ll give you a bid to think
about that we will come back to it but they will come back today rabbit rabbit
was here’s c_n_n_ medical tool to do this
part of the world is a really western cultural product a threat to local of
cultures could become something of the new
strength for introducing a simple to back to the last of many of you guys are
adopting islam well what i think is the most later matt
strom forty is there really should artist physically in the club so to let you know i have people in the
club actually miss aaronson things email contains this long but i mean those to give the wrong
impression i think that you know spoken word something out of focusing on trying
to feel or make a transformation to do list what they were because that’s what
i do have the new portability establish about astrology feminist long so
beautiful very hard to walk that fine line when
you have music in the background economy no even played his role as dance rhythm or something that might you know misleading person from the message that
we’re trying to get so you know like i said in the latter
are discussing the position and i am and we tried to linux find that fine line
with that if anyone of causing the harm to anyone who might be influenced by the
negative aspect of music and we just running really focus on you know walking
a fine line and being able to be a benefit to those who write music verses d_n_a_ contributed to the
negative side durango woodward rallying short on time
but we have still got about a minute left some gonna come back to my question
to ask any ideas come to mind now for that live rat trust before we go armin name for the united states without like i said we could get myself stressed out reading you know trying to be more of influences telling people they know such a
beautiful poem conversion to accept islam and i have a million to taint
incorporating music into this transition yet right now set up in just trying to focus
on being very knowledgeable of the team and you know focus although i know though the beautiful things have taken
place in my life these past several months up accepted islam and a lot of sacrifices about me to move
away from their lifestyle ally has definitely bless me with the beautiful replacement and and
his soul a grateful to have that working in my life right now designs have been
kids who have were out of time thanks so much for talking to us live in it was
international on the microphone for all the way it was a life at home now this fellow also into the religions
and how’s that for me over rap that policy assistant secretary of energy
development and hope

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  1. so the rapper joined a pedo to follow?
    Sahih Al Bukhari Vol 5 book 58 p 153
    Sahih Al Bukhari Vol 5 book 58 p 152

  2. Your pedo Momo died like a rat ! While Jesus can never be touched by anyone not even satan- Sahih Al Bukhari English Vol 4, book 54, Hadith 506

    Your Allah is the first mushrakeen making angel prostrate to Adam a sinner- Quran 7:11
    never learn Islam from a taqqya loving imams!

  3. The only reason i dislike the video was because they continued to play the music in the background while he was speaking which distracts from his overall message. That's not right.

  4. Host was insulting the guest or questioning him by rewinding the old video??shame on these american and European Islamophobic racists who dont know how to respect the Islam and other religions as well…

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