Reason Behind Lord Vishnu’s DASAVATARALU | Unknown Facts About DASAVATARALU | Vikram Aditya | EP#81

Reason Behind Lord Vishnu’s DASAVATARALU | Unknown Facts About DASAVATARALU | Vikram Aditya | EP#81

For making this video a hit yesterday,
many, many thanks. If you are watching this video directly, pause this and watch the Science and Logics
in Dasavataralu which I released yesterday. And, then watch this video.>It means, to save the good people,
and to kill the demons, to establish justice,
I will born in every era. All these words were told by Lord. Vishnu
in his Krishna Avatar, incarnation. 99% of us feel as truth, justice,
good, equity are the same. But, all these are different. And, those meanings are different. If we get the logic which is convincing
to our heart it is the truth. That’s why truth changes
from person to person. If my videos get 95 likes I will
also get 5 dislikes. Which person is correct? Is the person who
liked it or the one who disliked it? Justice means, it is the balance of the decisions based
on our rights and wrongs, based on the evidence. That’s why, there is a balance in
the hands of Goddess of Justice. Good means, helping others to make him good,
even if we lose what we have with us. Equity means, the right thing
to achieve a collective good. Whatever we do to make good
to more people is the equity. Killing a person is a bad thing. Killing a person with an arrow
from behind the tree is injustice. But, making his younger brother’s wife
as his wife forcefully, and banished his brother from his court,
killing him is equity. It was the same thing did by
Rama in the matter of Vali. Good is like by everyone. But, there is no rule that
everyone should like equity. To stand up that equity, Lord Vishnu was born
in many eras as many incarnations. Today I will share many interesting facts
of God with you. Then, why the delay? Let us start our countdown. Hi, everyone. This is Vikram Aditya. And, welcome to my channel. If any of you have hair fall problem
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in the description below. You should try it definitely. As we are talking about
Dasavataralu named legends, presently, we should fix as God exists
until the end of this series. According to our Epics,
Lord Vishnu is a powerful god. He is actually the king maker. Many other gods take suggestions
only from him. If you ask as ‘when will god come to us?’ If the drainage system in your lane fails
and the water flows on the roads, will Mr. Modi come to us and repair that? If a tsunami comes to your town, would he come on
a helicopter to view that area and
start the rehabilitation works? Is it true?
God is also like that. He will come without any invitation when he
thinks if the problem won’t be solve without Him. If you ask why doesn’t god
directly come to help us, the simple answer for that is, We have 14 worlds. Those are our 14 dimensions. Gods are in the highest dimensions. They can control time and space. Their energy levels are very high. If they come to our dimension directly,
we won’t able tolerate their energy. What will happen if we give
total power of a power plant? It will get short circuited, fuses will blow,
and the whole house will be burnt. That’s why, through transformers,
resistors and capacitors, they regulate current and supply us
the power up to our necessities. God is also the same. Here god created the incarnations
as per the necessity. Then, god may come in human form, right? If you ask why did he come as fish, tortoise,
wild boar and a lion and in different forms? Shape is not important to him. For what purpose did he come, in which shape that purpose will get
fulfilled, he takes only that shape. You will know this matter in the Fish Incarnation
video which I will tell you tomorrow. If you ask as ‘are Lord Vishnu
and his incarnations same?’ Lord Vishnu is a real energy. And,
incarnations are in different material form. The shapes has only
a part of his consciousness. He gives his energy
which is sufficient to that work. I will tell you more clearly. Many of you have watched the movie, Avatar. In that, they sent the consciousness of the hero
to the people of that world. Then, the consciousness and
body united together, he could explore that place
along with the people. Shall I tell another matter? The inspiration to James Cameron’s
Avatar is our Dasavataras. We can see that in many places. Like god gives his consciousness
to some other people, they gave the hero consciousness
to other body. What is the movie name?
Name itself is Avatar. A most powerful bird is there
of the Navy tribes over there. On that planet, that is the
most powerful creature than any other. In our Dasavataralu,
during churning of milk ocean, gods and demons together weren’t able
to lift the Mandhara mountain. Then, Garuthmanthudu named bird lifted that
mountain and put in the middle of the milk ocean. The name of the bird in
Avatar movie is Toruk Mantho. In the Dasavatara, it was Garutmantha.
Pronounce them together. Toruk Mantho, Garutmantha.
Seems similar, right? If you observe it correctly, there are many
similarities witth that movie and the Dasavataras. Lord Vishnu had many incarnations.
But, we only know about 29 of them. Among those 29, most important are the 10. Along with the 10 incarnations, Mohini, Dattatreya, Kamsa,
Vyasa, Balarama, Pritu Chakravarthy, he came in many form. I recollected an interesting matter
about Pritu Chakravarthy. Previously, humans depended
on animals for food. At that time, they were our main food. But, along with time, the population of
cows and goats gradually decreased. Human count has increased.
So, drought had happened. The people didn’t understand
what they could do. Then, Pritu Chakravarthy started to
do agriculture. Till then, there was no agriculture. At that time, primarily they started to
do agriculture. To do agriculture, the first thing
we need to do is dig the earth. To do so, the strongest and mild animals
which would listen to our words are, yes.. cows. Then he said, ‘From now onwards
we don’t kill cows.’ We should do agriculture with them and
we have to produce our own food. Mother offers us food. After our mother,
they offer us food by agriculture. That’s why, they tell cow as ‘Cow mother.’ From then, we started to pray to the cows. If you observe keenly, we can see our world’s evolution
in the Dasavataras. The inspiration to the evolutionary
theory of Darwin is also in the Dasavataras. What? You don’t believe me? I will explain you. Listen to me. The first incarnation in Dasavatara
is the fish incarnation. This belonged to Silurian period. At that time, our Earth
was filled with the water. At that time,
the dominating species were fishes. The second incarnation is
Kurma avatar. Kurma means Tortoise. From the fishes, amphibians evolved. They can live both in water and on land. 3rd is Varha incarnation.
Means, wild boar. These are creatures
which can live on the land totally. These belonged to the Triassic period. Next, the Narasimha incarnation.
Means, half a lion and half human. This incarnation tells us
that the humans evolved from animals. These first 4 incarnations
occurred in the Satya era. Later, Vamana incarnation. Vamana was a short fellow. The first humans on our Earth were Dwarves. Neandertals. They were less than 5ft. They always used a stick. Vamana is also visible to us with a stick. Later, the Parasurama incarnation.
A very furious man.
00:09:03,014 –>00:09:04,791
He had axe in his hand. He lived in a forest.
He was the first Homo Sapien. They were the first who started to hunt. Later, Lord Rama’s incarnation. People started to evolve socially
and psychologically from here onwards. The kings, the customs and marriages
started from here only. That’s why, Lord Rama is
shown as an ideal person to us. Humanity, Morality, Civilization
started then. All these 3 incarnations occurred
in Treta era. Now, Krishna incarnation. Knowledge started in this Dwapara era. That’s why, Krishna was very smart. Now, Kaliyuga has started. Buddha was born. He was
the symbol of inner enlightenment. Nirvana, Moksha,
all these started here. The final incarnation will come
at the end of the era. He is the Kalki incarnation. Kalki is the highly advanced incarnation. He will come from Shambala.
If he comes, then it will be the end. Of course, some scientists didn’t accept
the evolutionary theory of Darwin. We will learn these 9 incarnations
in detail from tomorrow. But, definitely we should learn.
We are Hindus. If we die without knowing all these,
our lives won’t have the minimum meaning. I will explain to you in a simple language
and covering each and every point, in less time, without being boring
and with 100% entertainment. How much of energy is there in Vedas? Is there any relation between
Hindu Epics and the Bible? What can we learn through
the Fish incarnation? I will tell you these things
in tomorrow episode. Friends! If you want to buy
Ayursha herbal hair oil, call to the numbers which are visible
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