Robin Lord Taylor Talks “Gotham”

Robin Lord Taylor Talks “Gotham”

(upbeat music) Please welcome, Robin Lord Taylor! (crowd cheering) Nice to meet you, how’s it going? Hi Robin! How are you? Hey! Sit! Yes! Okay, wait, wait. First of all, I just have to do it. (huge sigh) (laughing) I mean why, and also I just wanted to send my love to Wendy. Amen. (crowd cheering) I wouldn’t miss this for the world. And again, this is the motivation I need to get another really good job, so I can come back and see the lady herself. But I’m so happy to be here with you guys! You guys are awesome! And then you completely did a one over on me here, and you changed your look. I was expecting you to come in looking like all sleek black hair. What’s the blonde? The goth is gone. What’s happened?
You shaved it all off! Yeah, I did. Well, yeah, we wrapped the show in the middle of December. And you know, when you dyed your hair black from blonde, that’s not coming out. No, I don’t, no, I don’t know that. At all.
(laughing) I have no idea what you’re talking about. And the other weird thing, too, is that your roots come in blonde, so it’s the opposite of cool. It’s like, it’s totally weird. I’m loving this look. Thanks!
This is good. It’s very edgy, it’s cool. I can’t stop doing this.
Yeah. I’ve been doing this- You’re like-
Feels furry. Part brillo pad, part Bieber. It’s pretty soft now, feel it, feel it! I like this, I like it. I have a question for you, you wrapped in December,
Yes. And we’re all waiting to see the secrets you can’t necessarily tell us, but tell them. Okay, well, Penguin flies and no, he doesn’t fly. Okay, so when we start the season, Gotham is apocalypse. It’s been shut off from the rest of the country. And so, Penguin, you know, he senses the opportunity. He plants himself in City Hall. He controls all the ammunition. So he has a lot of power. Yeah, right. I know. I like this. In Gotham, bullets is currency, so it’s, a family show. (laughing) Anyways, so he’s very powerful and he sets up this little, authoritarian regime in Gotham City, but then he learns that in America, authoritarianism doesn’t work. Wait – it doesn’t? Yeah, imagine that. Really? Sound like anyone? You know, I’m pretty sure it does, actually. (laughing) Copy that. Anyway, yeah. But it’s cool, I never imagined you to be Penguin. You’re not big and round, but you’re gonna be, aren’t you? Well, yeah. Exactly. We jump forward at the end of the season so we’ll actually get a glimpse of the Penguin that we all grew up You’re the gluten free, sugar free Penguin. (laughing) This is Whole 30 Penguin. Right. You actually have to wear a fat suit coming up. Yes. Yes, I do. Yeah. And are your fat suits just as stylish as your regular suits? Well, you know it’s interesting, because I was talking to our costume designer, John Glaser, and I was saying I don’t want it to be like a cartoon, you know, I was thinking of the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka. You know, I don’t want that kind of look. And so, we went with something a little more monstrous and there’s a hunch on his back. It’s just – he’s becoming a monster in this season. We’re so sad it’s the final season. How are you feeling about it? Good. It’s bittersweet. I became family with these people, with the crew and the cast, and I owe them so much, and I love them and I miss them. But then at the same time, this story deserves an ending. It deserves a launch. It’s the prequel to Batman, so there’s an end point there. And the fact that we got to get to that end point, that we got to bring it home, the story deserves it. It’s 80 years now that we’ve been with Batman. (clapping) Not enough. Right. Exactly. It keeps going on and on. The thing about comic books in general, especially Batman fans, is the fans are like die-hard and a little, I don’t know, crazy at times. (laughing) I don’t know if there’s one crazy encounter or if it’s numerous – what are some of the craziest encounters you’ve had with fans? Just the fact that you go from no one knowing who you are to being recognized, that’s crazy enough in itself. You’re on the subway and it’s like, I have seven new friends on the subway today. I do a lot of Comic Cons around the world, and there was one where they had some tattoo artists who were on the floor, and this lady comes up, and she puts her leg right on the desk, and she was like, sign that.
Wow. Your face was on her leg?
And you did. No, I signed my signature on her ankle, and my signature looks like chicken scratch, so it’s like, and with a Sharpie, and so it was such a mess, and she walked off, got it tattooed, and showed it to me, and I was like… She came back with the signature tattooed? Wow. Tattooed on her leg. (clapping) I don’t know if you should clap for that because it looked a varicose vein. It was so gross, and I felt so bad. When my mom showed me that, I was like, yo, you met him? (laughing) That was your mom? Oh, send her my love. Yeah, she’s a huge fan. (laughing) I have to say you are so excellent on the show. How fun is it? You are. You’re amazing. (clapping) How is it? You’re not playing a good guy. You play a bad guy.
Yeah. How fun is it playing a villain? It’s the most fun. I mean, it really is. To play someone – I’m a very non confrontational person in real life. Shocker, I’m sure. But to play someone who intentionally pushes people’s buttons and who makes drama and makes things happen, it’s just so exciting. You know, playing a character with such ambition that he’ll do whatever it takes. It just – inspiring is the wrong word, but, you know, as an actor, that’s the kind of stuff you really want. You physically attack your costars once in a while, right? I’m wearing three-piece suits, these gorgeous suits, and I’m going after people, on the ground, there’s stunt choreography. We have an amazing Emmy-nominated stunt team on our show, and yeah, just to be able to work with those people is incredible. But it’s always really scary cause it’s like, you’re trying to take it as close to the line as you can, make it look as real as possible. But then, still not hurt them at all. So, mistakes happen. (clapping) When you walk around in New York City, I think what a lot of people don’t realize is you can be uber-famous like Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise, you can walk around New York City and it’s like, whatever. They just don’t really look or care, but when you go home, and you’re from Iowa. I’m from Iowa. Like, a small town in Iowa. Yes, and we all apologize for Steve King. (laughing) But when you go home, are you just like the president? Are you just mad-loved? Do they just love you? I go home, and I go to my mom’s house, and then occasionally, I’ll go to Target. Nice. And that’s about it. Do you get swarmed in Target? No, I have my Hawkeye hat on, you wouldn’t know. So this humility, though, is adorable. (clapping) But they love you there. You’ve had an entire stadium screaming and yelling at you. Explain what happened. It’s crazy. So I’d been going to – there it is – I’d been going to Iowa Hawkeye games since I was a little, little boy, and then they invited me to come on the field and it was just a dream come true. I’d been looking down in this field again, for years and years and years with my family, and yeah, and then – Did you have any of the players sign your leg and get it tattooed? (laughing) I should have. They were a little busy. Iowa’s the college that has the children’s hospital attached to the stadium? It does. They do the wave.
Yeah. And during the game, in between, I believe, the first and second quarter, everyone in the stands stands up, turns around, and the hospital is right next to the stadium, and looks down, and all the kids are in the window waving. Oh, I could cry right now. It’s amazing. That is the best I ever heard. That’s the example of the goodness. Both teams stop and wave, too. Yes. And what’s where everyone puts aside everything and we focus on what’s important. I wish, yeah, it’s just a great testament to our state. That’s seriously the best thing I’ve heard in 2019. Well, that’s nice to hear. Thank you for saying that. More of that. I would love to hear that there’s a Penguin spin-off. Because that’s what I want to see. Bring back the Penguin. Can I have a wig this time? (laughing) I don’t know if that’s ever gonna happen. But, you know, this character has been such an amazing part of my life. It’s changed me fundamentally, and you know, anytime I can step back in those shoes, I’d be there and doing this. So now that you’re out of a job, you’re going to have to start auditioning again. I am. And I heard that one of your auditions went really, really, really well, so much that seven years later, you’re married now to someone you met at an audition. Yeah. (clapping) My husband is an actor as well. We met at a commercial audition for Frito Lay Stacks, back when they were coming for Pringles, you know. The 10-inch stacks, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. (laughing) Come on. (laughing) So anyway. Anyway, it’s actually, though, it’s the one job I’m glad I didn’t get, because it worked in Los Angeles. We were both in town to run into each other at the bar that weekend and finally actually talked. So, yeah. And here we are. And 14 years later, you’ve been together for 14 years. (clapping) Happy Anniversary. Happy New Year. Happy Christmas. Happy Gotham. Thank you so much. Happy final season.
Thank you. And you know what, Robin, you are just adorable. And thank you for being here. Thank you so much. It’s a blessing. Thank you. It’s been a joy. Everybody, Gotham airs Thursday nights at eight on Fox. (clapping) (upbeat music)

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