SAGspotlight Ep 9 I BodyShaming strengthen me to transform I Mrunal Jain I Himanshu Ashok Malhotra I

SAGspotlight Ep 9 I BodyShaming strengthen me to transform I Mrunal Jain I Himanshu Ashok Malhotra I

It’s not only the healthy people
who have got this body shaming. I also faced it a lot
in my college days. I was very skinny and
they used to call me… …a hanger. Whenever I go on a holiday, I make
sure there’s a gym in the hotel. I’m Himanshu Ashok Malhotra
and I welcome you all… …to Share and Grow spotlight. Today we unveil the journey of
a famous television actor. …who besides being extremely
good looking… …is an amazing human being too. His blockbuster show Uttran made
him a household name. He’s a true friend and
a confidante. Please welcome Mrunal Jain. Thank you so much.
I really have no words to express. It is very difficult to explain that
when I called Mrunal for thisÖ Öhe asked me how many hours I want. 2, 3, 4. I said I just need 2 hours. He replied you take as
many hours you want. Iím so thankful to you. Itís always been a pleasure to come for the right initiative. And you have always been that guy
in the industryÖ Öwho takes the right initiative and
spreads the right message. So itís always an honour to be
a part of something like this. So tell me, what is the
secret of the fitness? I donít know how many people know thisÖ Öbut Mrunal, Iím sure weíre going to
show you clips and everything He has got this amazing physique. He works out everyday. How do you do it Mrunal? Where do you get so much dedication
and passion for fitness? Thereís a saying that when you
get hurt and the wound is deepÖ Öyou need that much medicine
to heal it. I have always beenÖ Itís not always that healthy people
have got body shaming. I also faced a lot in my college days.
Body shaming? Yes,Yes. I was very skinny and
they used to call me hangar. They called me hangar, skeleton. What are you saying,
thatís unbelievable. Itís like when I used to go to college,
they used to turn on the fan. They teased, hold him, heíll fly off. Heíll fly off like a gust of wind. What a fitting reply to
all those people. It is a fitting reply but they
got this fitting replyÖ Öonly after they hurt me so much. So I always take it as a motivation.
They were not my enemies. -I feel they were my best friends. -Amazing. What a beautiful thought. Because they taught you so many things and you could grow from there. They taught me and actually made me
do things that were impossible. How do they feel now when
Mrunal looks like this? You have been an epitome of
success also. So much work and success. They feel very proud about it. And they really take care of their
words when they speak now. Now you know to control your words.
Absolutely. I donít know why but the
type of society we stay in. -Iím sure you understand.
-Yes. It is very discouraging and my
point of view always has been why. Because one encouraging word
motivates a person completely. But the moment you start discouraging
someone, they lose their self esteem. I took every direction as a motivation
towards… …working for a better life Was it to prove someone? To friends?
-No. This wasn’t to prove my friends,
but myself. That no, not everything is like this. Everything is possible. It’s all about your willingness,
It’s all about your hunger. It’s all about how you want to do it. So first of all I felt that that discipline is the
most important thing. So when it came to my Fitness The first goal that I wanted to go towards was,
my fitness. Where did this discipline come from? Was it always there?
Inheritant? Because, discipline is a very big word People think it’s small… But nobody wants to wake up at early in
the morning at 6…5… To work hard, I think even
you go to the gym without a break. It’s been how long you doing that? 15…16 years. Non stop? Without a break? Are you serious?
-Almost 15…16 years. Like when i go out on a holiday,
I make sure there’s a gym in the hotel. Even now I dont know how many people know this I think it’s approximately 4pm,
Mrunal was called for the shoot Mrunal was actually working out
downstairs in FitnessFirst… He said I’ll finish it and come. That shows the dedication. I want to request to all of you that… …that when you see a 6 pack body,
it doesn’t mean… …that it’s a very super fit body.
-Correct. I’m not saying it won’t
be but you don’t know… …what is the process of that person.
-Exactly. So don’t lose yourself
in that illusion. For me, a very good body is
like a fit body. It’s not a 6 pack body. For me, if you have
a good stamina… …and good endurance and
core strength… -Correct. …even if you are not
in shape… …if you don’t have 6 packs
or are not ripped. If you don’t have huge bulky
shaped up arms. -But you are fit. For me, that
is ideal fitness. -That’s true. It can also happen that I am
saying such things. And I myself have that body, He has 6 packs,
what is he saying? We can understand if someone
else says it. A person with 6 packs is talking
like this. Who has a shaped up body. But people should understand the
effort and dedication behind it. Just tell me… …related to Jain family,
I read somewhere… Navkar mantra, what is it actually? Navkar mantra is basically how
you read the Hanuman Chalisa… …how we pray and do religious
activities… …so the first prayer we do,
like the Hanuman Chalisa… …those belong to the Jain community
do the Navkar mantra. It’s the first prayer when you go
to the temple. -How nice. Do you recite
it every day? -Yes. Whenever I’ve had this fear… …about losing something or… I lose my confidence or
motivation at times… I just close my eyes
and recite it. I don’t know if it works magic
or not but I just feel… -I feel at peace.
-Being a Jain… …they have a philiosophy. Has that been a very strong
pillar of… …strength, courage, everything
in your life? -Is that so?
-We try to save each and every life. -How nice. -Like when we walk
down to the… …to the temple also, we walk
barefeet and everything and… …our Sages believe even switching on
the fan leads to mosquitoes being killed. It’s about kindness. We try to preserve those
lives which are harmed by us. In Jainism, onions… …grow below the ground, so
things which grow below the ground… …there are insects around it
which die so we don’t eat it. Any such things because of
that philosophy or culture… …which have now become a part of you. This has always been because
my grandpa… …believed in this and I was
taught since childhood. Whatever has been in your
upbringing… …comes inside you naturally. Define Mrunal. What is Mrunal? You know if I tell you
what I like to do… I like to give a lot of things
to people. When I used to come
from my shoot… …I had Frooti cartons
in my car. I had biscuits and… If I saw a kid on the street,
I used to give them. I used to open and give it
so they don’t sell it. That’s very thoughtful.
Do you go back to the previous Mrunal? That happens. You come from an
underconfident backdrop. Now you’re confident and an
achiever in your life. How is it? Is it that you
sometimes go back in life… Many people who are obese… …even when they lsoe weight
and become thin… …even after losing 25-30 or 40 kgs,
they still fear… …that if they eat, they’ll become fat.
-I’m not like that. I don’t think like that.
I believe that… It’s one life so… It’s one life, have chocolates. Yes, it’s one life… So Mrunal eats chocolates also, see. Many people don’t eat a lot of
things. -But why?
-Many people don’t. I eat parathas, being a punjabi
I love them. What else do I say? My stories has parathas and
idlis every morning. I prefer home cooked food. I prefer that you eat everything. Eat in a limit.
Enjoy the food. -Relish it.
-But at the same time… …take up an sport to keep
yourself fit. A gym is not the only thing
that will keep you fit. There is swimming, basketball,
cycling, running… Is fitness meditative for you? Yes, when I have been…it’s
played the most important role… …part in my life because… …when I’m depressed or feel
nothing is happening… …I’m lost somewhere in this world… -I go to the gym? -You feel you
are lost? -I do feel. I’m sure every person feels
at that moment… -There always comes that moment.
-Yes, it does. Have I done everything right? -Am I doing right?
-When does this come? -During rejections?
-Yes. What happens is I’m a person… …and when something doesn’t
click after I’ve given my best… …I start analysing myself
that where did I go wrong? You love camera more
or acting? Both are different. Because
Mrunal has many pictures… …where camera loves Mrunal and Mrunal
loves the camera. See, we are in a mutual relationship. Since how many years have
you been acting? -9 years. -How many shows?
-6, I think. You spent 5 years in one show
so that’s it. Super duper blockbuster
hit show. I think that show gave you
an identity. Yes and I will really tell you this
honestly. When Uttran came on air
in 2009. I swore by everything I would
never do that show. -Are you serious?
-Yes because… …it was so slow, going on and
both girls were fighting. I was wondering what is happening
and mom is like, this is so good. I thought I will not do
this show ever. Suddenly I was in Goa and they
called me for a screen test. And this is not a scripted story. I went and did my mock shoot
and suddenly they said… …you’re on for the show. There
was a 3 months cameo. It was a three months cameo,
that is the highlight. Amazing, a 3 months cameo. September, october, november I did. December I did, January they
said that… -We’re changing the positive.
-What are you talking, that’s amazing. And 2013 January changed and
till 2015… …I was shooting every month,
23-25 days and… …and I had such a diverse character… …doing so many things… …I started loving the show and… Things happen for your good. You
just have to wait and watch. Is that the thing you
learned from that? Is it also that everything
is destined? Everyone tell me one thing always. And somewhere I believe.
What is yours will come to you. -What is not yours can never become
yours. -Amazing. But I slightly differ from this. What is mine will come to me. What is not, I don’t
know who it belongs to. But it is open for me,
that I don’t know. But I will definately try for it. So trying has never ended for me. There have been times I’m not fit for
the role. When they have said… …no, we want this. I ask,
you want me to play this? So when they see that, they see
you do that also. I say you want me to play the
positive, I’ll do that also. Who all are in your family? Mom, dad and younger brother? What is the relationship between
the brothers? It’s like Ram Lakhan. -Are you serious? How nice is
that. -Yes. He’s gone abroad for his studies. I’m supporting my dad in
his business. -What business is that? -We are into
manufacturing of furnishing fabrics. Okay. Does business also teach
something in life? Yes, this played the most
important part in my life. When it comes to money.
The value of money. I was paid 3000 a month as salary. In your father’s business. I used to travel from…
5:30 I used to leave my house… -In the morning? -I used to
go to college in train. 6:30 my friend picked me up for
Mahalakshmi station… …and take me to Lala Lajpatrai
college. One pm I finished my college. 1:30 take a bus and go to office. Finish that by 8 pm.
8:30 I went to the gym. In town itself.
10 pm I finished… I still remember 10:15 I used to
take the last Virar fast local train. So I could reach by 10:45. I used to walk down from there and
by 11, I used to come home. Have my dinner.
Sleep. Oh my god, how long did you
continue this for? -4 years.
-4 years non stop. Who is Mrunal more close to? -Mom or dad? -Mom.
-Momma’s boy? But dad is silent. Silently I’m close to dad also. How emotional is Mrunal
actually? Mom has always been emotional
so it’s been with me also. And mom is always like… I am still 6 years old for her. For her obviously. Whenever I go out of the house,
I kiss her on the forehead. -How nice. Everyday?
-Yes. -Even if I’m going to the gym.
-Have you ever felt that… …this is my path or this is
not my path. I have only one thing by God’s
grace which is my family’s business. So that is one secruity. -I am starting my QSR very soon.
-How nice. But what my love is, I
don’t want to lose out on my passion. You should not actually. My fear is only that… …I don’t want to compromise
on my passion. What does Mrunal like the
best about himself? My discipline and ability of
not giving up in any situation. You had once said that… …the society is very discouraging. And I would like to tell
everyone that… …it will discourage because
you want to go on a path… …where none of them dared to go.
-Yes. So it’s always going to be difficult
when you’re walking against the waves. But you will never regret that
you did not try for it. Because at that time, after 10 years
you will feel that… …at least I tried. I had read a quote in my
tenth standard. …before giving my exams… It’s an amazing quote and I
still remember it. It said… Your merits are not judged
by the efforts you put… …but by the results
you produce. There are three things which
I want to tell you. There’s no shortcut to building
a good body. So please, whoever advises you this… …do not fall for that myth. I strictly do not promote any
kind of drug you take. Because you are just going to be
playing with your life. Second, whatever you love,
give it one shot. Third thing. Your family’s the most important. So never ever take them for granted. I want you to close your
eyes for 15 seconds. I’ll ask a question. You just tell me the first thought
you get. Any such moment in your life
when you… …you found yourself alone.
You thought no one supported you. So you felt you had to
help yourself. -2013.
-2013. When I got separated
from someone. -Okay.
-Willingly or unwillingly. What transformation did you
feel after that? I was very lonely for a few months. At times I wondered if I
had taken the right step. Or was it the wrong step? But as we say in life
that time heals everything. There is no hatred towards that
person or nothing like that but… I just feel this was the destiny
that God had to play. I moved forward with it. Give me 5 hastags about you. One. Second. Third. And fifth. Oh my god, this is awesome. I don’t know how many people
know this that… …with such a great body,
he’s a vegetarian. -Not many people will actually
believe it but it is true. -Jain. So true. We’ll make it slightly funny. If Himanshu Malhotra was not an
actor and if… You’re a director and you had the
worst actor in front of you. If I had the worst actor
in front of me. Facing the camera and you had
to make the film with him. What would you do? If you are a right person… …then you can work easily. …you can get many things
out of a person. …because you just have to…
What is a director’s job? To guide and direct. Directing the line. An actor has so much energy. You just have to accumulate
it and give it a direction. So I think that even if we
get stuck somewhere… …you can definately give the
guidance… …and get something out.
Maybe it will take some time. -Quick rapid fire.
-Yes. If Share and Grow had to be
represented by these three women. Which one would it be and why? Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif
and Disha Pattani. Deepika Padukone.
I’m extremely fond of her. And also because she has a foundation
called Live Laugh Love. If one morning you wake
up from any of these three… …what would you do?
Manish Malhotra, Karan Johar… And Rajpal Yadav? If I wake up as Karan Johar,
I would just go up and sign… …Himanshu Ashok Malhotra. Say dude, I’m launching
you now. Just get ready. -Good. -One thing the Share and
Grow audience… …doesn’t know about Himanshu
Malhotra. I think many people don’t know
that… …I used to get very angry earlier.
I’ve controlled it a lot now. Only my wife knows that at
very few times… …aproximately once in
5-6 months… …I lose my temper and get
very angry. I think being an Aries, I’m
an extremist. So at that time, I become
very rude and blunt. But only she knows it. -And only she can handle it.
-One last question. -You’ll only take 5 seconds to
answer this. -Yes, tell me. In Raazi what was Alia Bhatt’s
character’s name and what was… …Amrita’s character’s name?
-Sehmat and Munira. I thought you’d
only say Sehmat. Thank you so much. We have something
amazing for you. Which we would like to give you
for being such an amazing person. We call this Share and Grow spotlight
and you’ve been an amazing spotlight. -Thank you.
-Thank you so much. Wow. You’ve been one true friend and
I value you brother. Thank you so much. It was an honour to know you
so close today… …and talk about
various aspects of life. -Share the same with you.
-Thank you. -Hello Youtube lovers, we are…
-One more. -No problem. You can go ahead. You can do as many times as you want. Hey Youtube lovers, you’re
watching Himanshu Ashok Malhotra… …the founder of Share and Grow. -I am his brother Mrunal Jain.
-Yes. I’m going to tell everyone that if you
like the video and experiences… …please subscribe to the channel… …Share and Grow initiative.
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please click on the bell. So that you can be notified about
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the more you get younger.

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