Sai Baba – The Avatar of Lord Dattatreya

Sai Baba – The Avatar of Lord Dattatreya

[music] Om… Om… Om… Om Sadguru Shree Sainathaya Namaha Om Sadguru Shree Sainathaya Namaha Om Sadguru Shree Sainathaya Namaha Shree Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai Baba, Oh Beloved Baba, Oh, dearest Sai Baba, We bow to You, Baba. Baba, only after Remembering You, Praying to You, and Bowing to you, I now share your story… I was about 22 years old at the time… It happened at that time… when I was 22 years old approximately… At that time I had a devotee who was my mother’s age, and I was around 22 years old. My devotee was a very good woman, and she was extremely fond of me, because she was my mother’s age… Just like my mother would lovingly nourish me,
feed me, give me milk to drink, even this dear devotee would lovingly feed and nourish me. She was an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. She loved Sai Baba with all her heart, and had unwavering faith and devotion towards Him. In her home, there were only Sai Baba’s photographs everywhere. Whenever she visited me, she would talk about Sai Baba. At that time, I did not have faith or devotion towards Sai Baba. I did not have any particular attachment towards Sai Baba. So whenever she would start talking about Sai Baba, I would ask her, “Why are you so drawn to Sai Baba? Why do you love Sai Baba so much? He is a Fakir… and a Muslim Fakir… Why would we worship a Muslim Fakir? Having so much love for a Muslim Fakir
doesn’t feel right.” So this poor devotee would feel hurt, and she would sometimes start crying. And I would ask her, “You started crying because I referred to your Sai Baba as a Muslim Fakir? To have so much love towards a Muslim Fakir is not right.” She would then join her hands and tell me, “Baba… whatever He is, Baba is Baba… I feel a lot of devotion towards Sai Baba, and it is my deepest wish that you come once to Shirdi, and take the holy Darshan of Sai Baba.” I replied, “Oh, this is just not possible, because I do not feel any faith, love or devotion toward Sai Baba, so why would I go to Shirdi? I do not believe in Sai Baba, if you wish to worship Him, you may do so, that is fine, I will not stop you, you are my disciple, you are my mother’s age, and if you have love for Sai Baba, so be it, I have neither the wish nor the need to go to Shirdi…” I felt sorry for her. She would always cook for Sai Baba two items – Zunka (spicy gramflour preparation) and Bhakar (rustic bread) She would say this was Sai Baba’s favourite meal, but I didn’t know that. So every Thursday, she would cook Zunka-Bhakar and offer it to Sai Baba at her shrine at home. She would then bring that Prasad (offering) to me, join her hands, and say to me, “Gurudev, I have brought you Prasad of Sai Baba… it’s Zunka-Bhakar… Sai Baba loves it… Please have it, accept it, I have brought this for you.. I have offered it first to Baba at His shrine at home…” To honour her wish, I would accept it. I also loved the Zunka-Bhakar… I would eat it, not because it was Sai Baba’s Prasad, I would eat it, because I relished it. That feeling of devotion towards Sai Baba wasn’t there. The devotee was innocent and simple-minded, she would keep looking at me as I ate the Zunka-Bhakar, and she would say, “Oh, you are having Sai Baba’s Prasad with so much devotion… I feel very happy seeing this.” And I would be thinking, “I am eating this because I love this preparation, not because it is Sai Baba’s Prasad.” But I never said that aloud to her, because she would be saddened to hear my words. This went on for quite some time. One day, I was doing my prayers and my spiritual practice, it was a Thursday, and as always, she came and placed before me some Zunka-Bhakar, saying, “This is Sai Baba’s Prasad, please accept it,” and I did. It was a Thursday. She said, “Baba… Guruji… today I have come to request you for something…” I asked her, “What is your request?” She said, “I have just one wish…” I said “Yes, tell me, what is your wish?” She said, “Today is Guruvar (Thursday), the day of the Guru… and you are my Gurudev… and for many years before I met you, I have looked to Sai Baba as my Guru… I regard Sai Baba as God, even today, I regard him as God.” She said to me, “Baba…. ” I said, “Yes, speak…” “Baba…” she repeated. I again said, “Yes, speak…” “Baba….” she uttered again, and I said, “Yes, please say whatever you wish to….” Once more, she said, “Baba…” I just looked at her face… “Baba… Baba… Baba…. Baba…,” she kept repeating. Her eyes were closed and she kept uttering, “Baba… Baba… Baba… Baba…” I was wondering what was happening. While saying, “Baba… Baba… Baba…” she started to cry. Tears flowed from her eyes, and I said to myself, “This is something unusual, let me see what she is trying to say… What is it in her heart that she wishes to convey? She is my devotee, she is my mother’s age, and therefore she is like my mother… so why is she crying, saying Baba… Baba.. over and over again?” A few times I said to her, “Yes, speak… what is it you wish to say?” She was addressing me as Baba. “Baba…. Baba…. Baba….” it continued. This went on for 5 to 7 minutes. Her eyes were closed, she was crying, saying “Baba… Baba… Baba…” I was looking at her, she wept all the while, then I went up to her and wiped her tears. “Why are you crying so much? Why are you so sad? You are continuously saying Baba… Baba…?” but her uttering of “Baba… Baba…” continued. I then asked her, “You said you had a wish, what is it?” “Yes”, she replied, I have a wish.” “So please tell me what is it that you wish for…” Then she started repeating, “I have a wish…. I have a wish…. I have a wish….” She continued to cry, saying, “Baba, I have one wish…” Once again, I asked her to tell me about her wish. She then asked, “Will you fulfill my wish? … Will you fulfill my wish? … Will you fulfill my wish ?…” I felt a sense of turmoil within me. The poor woman was crying so incessantly, repeatedly asking me if I would fulfill her wish. I could not bear to see her her distress and her tears. I said to her, “Yes, Mother, I will, please do not cry… I promise I will fulfill your wish.” “You are my disciple, but you are also (like) my mother… I will fulfill your wish.. tell me what it is.” She then said, “You will fulfill my wish, won’t you?” I said, “Certainly, you trust me, don’t you?” “Yes, I have full faith, love, and trust in you. But I still ask you once again, Baba, will you surely fulfill my wish?” I replied, “Yes, absolutely, I will definitely fulfill your wish, just tell me what it is.” She was very happy and said, “I have only one wish…” And I laughed and said, “At least now tell me what it is, for such a long time have been saying: ‘I have a wish…. I have a wish…’ So now tell me about your wish.” She said, “You will come with me to Sai Baba in Shirdi?” I was taken aback… I had never imagined that she would express this desire that I should go with her to Sai Baba in Shirdi. I kept looking at her… She said, “You have agreed, Baba, you have promised me that you will fulfill my wish, so you will come with me to Sai Baba, and both of us will go to Sai Baba. I get a feeling that Sai Baba is calling you towards Him.” I said, “What is this that you are saying?” “Yes, Guruji, I felt that today is Thursday, and that Baba is calling you to him… Sai Baba is calling you to Him!” I said to her, “I have already given you my word that I will grant your wish, whatever that might be… and now you are asking me to go with you to Sai Baba… I have given you my word, so I will go with you…” She was very happy, thrilled and overjoyed to hear this. She started doing her Pranams and then said to me, “Baba, it is Thursday today, so this coming Thursday we will go to Sai Baba…!” I agreed. I said to her, “I saw you cry… I was moved by your tears… I promised to grant your wish… so I shall come…!” She was delighted. It was decided that on the followingThursday we would be going to Shirdi, that we would take Baba’s Darshan on Thursday. So we arrived in Shirdi… A few other people had joined us for taking Sai Baba’s Darshan in Shirdi. All of us went to the Samadhi Mandir for Darshan. Mind you, I had made a promise to her only because she had been crying, I had no idea what she would ask. She had been repeatedly saying, “I have only one wish, just one wish…. please fulfill it..” I had given her my word, to console her. The poor Mother was crying so much… I did not know at the time that she had this deep desire to take me to Shirdi, to Sai Baba… Since I had said yes to her, we went to Shirdi. We took Baba’s Darshan at the Samadhi Mandir. I took Darshan, but not with Shraddha (devotion or faith). To keep the devotee happy, I did my Pranam to Baba, I bowed my head before Sai Baba, and whatever offerings of flowers and fruits we had taken with us, we placed them there. The poor woman was very pleased and said, “It was my deepest wish that you come to Baba once to take His Darshan.” “I came here, took His Darshan, made offerings of fruit and flowers, is your wish fulfilled now?” She said, “Yes, my wish is now fulfilled.” She then asked me, “Guruji, you came here, it gave me great joy… You took Baba’s Darshan with Shraddha, didn’t you?” she asked me innocently. …Gurudev, you took Sai Baba’s Darshan with love and Shraddha, didn’t you…?” I thought, here she is, asking whether I took Darshan with sincerity or not. How should I reply? If I say yes, I would be lying. And it is not correct to tell a lie. I do not like speaking an untruth. And If I tell her the truth, that I did not take Darshan with devotion and sincerity, it would hurt her feelings. What should I do ? She kept asking me the question, but got no reply from me. She kept asking, “You took Darshan of Baba with Shraddha, didn’t you?” I did not say anything. She asked once again, “Guruji, you took Darshan of Baba with love and devotion, didn’t you?” I had to giver her a reply now… I said, “I took Darshan as promised.” I asked her, “I did my Darshan, as you saw… now YOU tell me if I must have taken the Darshan with Shraddha or with Ashraddha (insincerity).” For it was difficult for me to give her a clear answer; I could not tell her that I took Darshan with Ashraddha, for it would make her feel sad. And I did not like to speak a lie, for it would be a lie if I told her that I did it with Shraddha… So I counter-questioned her instead, putting off my response. “You tell me how I could have taken Darshan – with Shraddha or with Ashraddha – you tell me, I am asking you for your answer.” She was a simple woman who had already decided that I had taken Darshan with devotion. She said, “I know that you have taken Darshan with Shraddha (with devotion and sincerity).” I started laughing. I did not have to give her an answer. I did not want to lie to her; had I told her the truth, she would have felt hurt. I avoided commenting on it by making her reply to her own question. I said, “It is a very good thing that you feel that way. Thank you. Lots of blessings to you!” She was a simple soul, it made her happy and elated to hear that. In the afternoon, everyone is given Prasad lunch at Sai Baba’s temple in Shirdi. We went to the Prasadalaya (the hall where Prasad is served) for lunch. We partook of the Prasad there. About Sai Baba, I shall now tell you something that is the Absolute Truth. Whatever devotion and feeling you may have for Him, whatever thoughts you might have, I am not thinking of all that… I am going to present before you the Truth as it is… As soon as I put the first morsel of the Prasad in my mouth, something started to happen! I placed the first morsel in the mouth and I felt an agitation within me… It is important to experience such a movement, a turmoil, within one’s being and soul. Our external movement, the movement of the body and limbs, is dictated by our temperament. Our hands and feet keep moving, the body keeps swaying, and we keep moving… we get moved, but only externally. The inner stillness that one must have, we lack that. Or we should be shaken on the inside (one’s soul), but that also doesn’t happen. Neither are we completely shaken up inside,
nor are we completely still within. If there is any movement, it is only external, due to restlessness… and if we are sometimes still, it is usually just for showing to the world. People often make a big show of being externally still, of being in meditation or in prayer. That stillness is just a performance, it is a Lie!
Do not do that! A performance can be put up before the world,
but not before God. Never feign stillness. Do not live an untruth, do not speak an untruth. If you must move, it should be from within.
If you must be still, it should be from within. I will repeat myself… Say it with me: If you must move, it should be from within (Atman). If you must be still, it should be from within. Once more: If you must move, it should be from within.
If you must be still, it should be from within. This is the only thing of significance,
it’s the only thing that is important, my child. I was shaken… from within… as soon as I put the first morsel of Sai Baba’s Prasad in the mouth. Before I started eating, I did not take Baba’s name or sing his praises, because at that time, I didn’t have so much devotion. I was only aware that I was taking Sai Baba’s Prasad. The moment I took the first mouthful, I was shaken to the core. My eyes closed. The Prasad stayed in my mouth and I went into stillness. My devotee who was sitting next to me shook me a few times and said, “Baba…? Baba…? Is something happening to you? You are holding the Prasad is in your mouth, you have become still, your eyes are shut, Baba, what is happening?” Are you experiencing Baba’s Darshan? Bless her simple heart, her devotion to Sai Baba was unwavering. I strongly feel that it was the intensity of her devotion and faith that shook me from within. The second thing (that shook me)… The tangible presence of Sainath Maharaj shook me from within. Sainath is more than just a statue in Shirdi… I am telling you about what I further experienced. Sainath Baba’s sheer presence shook me from within, that was one thing. Then it was my devotee’s faith and devotion to Baba that shook me, so what is it that shook me first? Was it Sai Baba’s presence,
or was it the devotee’s Shraddha? Two things shook me… which one shook me first ? “Baba’s presence,” replies Gurumaa Meera Devi. No! Baba’s presence definitely shook me, but it was that devotee’s faith that had paved the way first. If she did not have such steadfast devotion for Baba, I would have not gone to Shirdi in the first place. Her devotion to Baba was the force that pulled me to Shirdi. That same devotion of hers led me to Baba’s Prasad. It was her Shraddha that made me take the first bite, it was her Shraddha that first shook me from within. Shraddha is the main thing. Why I am saying this, my child, is because Sai Baba Himself would talk of Shraddha. Baba has stressed on two qualities – SHRADDHA (faith and devotion) and SABURI (patience). So it was my devotee’s faith and devotion to Baba that first shook me from within. Then it was Baba’s Presence, His Power, His Consciousness, and His Grace that moved me, but later. It was my devotee’s Shraddha that moved me first. Then it was Baba’s Grace, His Power, His Consciousness, and Baba’s Being that moved me. That is Ever-Present… that also moved me. Sai Baba Himself says that Shraddha works first. Baba says it, and I am repeating what Baba would say. SHRADDHA and SABURI. Then I continued to have Prasad. As I continued to have the Prasad, I had a deep sense of satisfaction, a sense of completeness and fullness. It wasn’t just the fullness of the stomach;
everyone experiences that fullness after eating a meal. I experienced such a deep sense of completeness within, that I have no words to describe it. Even today, when I recall it, I get completely lost in that memory of completeness. It was an extraordinary feeling and I do not have the words to truly express it. Peace… deep peace… endless peace… that is all… It engulfed me totally,
from the head to my Heart Centre. After taking Prasad in the afternoon, we went for Darshan once again in the evening. It was very different now. Although some change had started taking place within me as I ate the Prasad, complete Shraddha had not yet been established. There was definitely some agitation inside. When we went for Darshan in the evening,
I stood awestruck before Baba’s statue. Is there Baba in this statue? If it is Baba, then which Baba is it? The Muslim Fakir that I was seeing… The first time I took Darshan, I did not really do Darshan, but I just looked… at a Muslim Fakir… but when I went in the evening after having the Prasad, although I did not take a complete Darshan, the labelling of Baba as a ‘Muslim Fakir’ had stopped. There was an inner effort to understand from the Head, and from the Heart. What is this? Who is this? I was transfixed.
I did not understand it… but the label of ‘Muslim Fakir’ had vanished by then. I kept looking, but it was not yet a complete Darshan, because the Shraddha was still not adequate. There was now astonishment, amazement, admiration, curiosity… a question formed: Who is this? What is this? Who is this? What is this?
Who is this? What is this? I was standing on the platform of questioning, I was poised on an interrogation mark. I wasn’t yet standing on the unshakable ground of Faith. A devotee must firmly plant himself on the unshakable ground of Faith, which is ever steady like the Himalayas, like the Girnar mountains, like Mount Abu… still… peaceful… calm… the ground of unshakable Faith… and I wasn’t standing there yet. I was transfixed and captivated… I kept asking myself, “Who is this? What is this?” I took Darshan and returned… it was night time… In those days, it was not very crowded in Shirdi. At that time, my age was… it was around the ’70s… 1970s… I must have been around 23 or 25 years old at that time. It happened at that time… It was not so crowded in Shirdi then, unlike today. Back then, over the Samadhi Mandir there were rooms available for devotees to stay. There were other rooms outside as well. It was Baba’s Leela that we were allotted rooms right over the Samadhi Mandir, a place to rest… and we stayed the night there… That night, as soon as I fell asleep, the Divine Vision began, my child… While I was asleep, I started experiencing this dream… What was in this dream…? In that dream, Sai Baba appeared before me…! In His same form, clad in his white Kurta (Kafni), and His head was covered with his headscarf, as usual… He wore his white robe… He was laughing as he stood before me. I was looking at Baba with astonishment, “Arre, Baba is here…!” for He seemed actually present. I did not know (in my sleep) that this was a dream. In the dream, everything seems real, doesn’t it? Everything in a dream seems as real as in the waking state. “Sai Baba has come….! Oh, Sai Baba has appeared…!” But there was no Shraddha yet, so I kept staring at Him. Slowly, Baba came closer and closer. He held a pair of tongs in His hand, which he kept aside, and then He sat down on His stone… on the same stone that is preserved in Dwarkamayi… Now there is a protective railing around it, but when we had gone for Darshan, the stone was open to visitors. So in my dream, Sai Baba sat down on that stone… and I was sitting in front of Baba, right there, all alone. We were alone in the Dream. He was sitting on the stone and I was sitting below at His feet. I was sitting quietly like this.
Then I started looking at Baba… Baba said to me, “It’s a good thing that you have come to Me, my child…” “This is a Muslim Fakir,” He said, pointing to Himself… Baba could read my mind..! He was speaking like that because at that time I regarded Him as a Muslim Fakir. Baba said, “This is a Muslim Fakir, isn’t it? So you have come to take Darshan of a Muslim Fakir, my child?” Baba then started laughing. I could not reply to Sai Baba, I looked down… and when I looked up, Sai Baba was wearing a green headscarf, and a green-coloured robe, like the wandering Muslim Fakirs. In his hand, He held a peacock feather duster, like the Muslim Fakirs carry… they disperse camphor fumes, and they brush people with their feather duster… Baba also started doing that, He started dusting me with the feather duster. I was thinking that Muslim Fakirs do exactly all this – they wear green robes and a green headscarf, and use a peacock feather duster just like this. Baba then put the duster down and said to me, “So you take me to be a Muslim Fakir…
That is correct, I am one.” I continued watching Baba. Some time passed, I closed my eyes and then continued to sit in Baba’s presence. Baba continued to speak. After a while I opened my eyes… to see that Sai Baba was dressed in saffron clothes – a saffron robe and a saffron headscarf…! He had a Kamandalu (water pot) in one hand and a Mala (string of prayer beads) in the other. I looked and wondered, “What is all this? Saffron robes are worn by our Hindu Sanyasis and monks, they hold a Kamandalu and a Mala in their hands, which means that Baba is a Sanyasi… This question came up in me, but I did not ask Baba. Baba Himself answered it. He said “I am a Hindu, I am wearing saffron robes, right? A Kamandalu and a Mala are with me… I am a Hindu.” I started thinking… a moment ago, Baba was clad in green clothes like a Muslim Fakir, and now He is clad in saffron robes like a Hindu Sanyasi… What is going on… I was wondering. With my eyes closed, I was contemplating this. When I opened my eyes, I saw Baba again, in his white robe and white headscarf, He was seated on the stone. He said, “My child, I am neither a Hindu, nor a Muslim. I am a Muslim, and I am not a Muslim.
I am a Hindu, and I am not a Hindu.” I could not help asking, so in that dream I asked Baba, “If You are neither a Muslim, not a Hindu,
then who are You?” Baba replied, “This is exactly what one has to understand – I am neither a Hindu, nor a Muslim,
so who am I then?” Baba then asked me, “Who are you?”
To which I replied, “Baba, I am a Hindu.” Baba said “So you are a Hindu…? I am a Hindu, and I am not a Hindu.
I am a Muslim, and I am not a Muslim.” I said to Him, “Baba, I am not able to understand what you mean.” Baba sat for a while. He then took some water from the pot, took holy water from it with an Achmani (spoon) and asked me to go towards Him. I went closer. Baba gave me the Jal (holy water) and asked me to drink it; I drank it. Baba gave me the Jal three times, and I took it. “Baba, You said,>
I could not comprehend what You meant.” Baba said, “How will you understand…? WHAT IS, and WHAT IS NOT. WHAT IS NOT and yet IS. That is difficult to comprehend. What IS is easy to understand,
What IS NOT is also easy to understand, But what IS and yet IS NOT, that is very difficult to understand.” How does one even begin to think of this and understand it, I wondered… Moments later, Sai Baba who was in front of me clad in His white Kafni and headscarf, changed His form. I now share with you the Absolute Truth… You may believe me if you wish to;
you may reject it if you wish to. If you feel I am wrong, so be it. But I am telling you the Absolute Truth,
something that Sai Baba Himself revealed. At that moment, His headscarf and the Kafni disappeared and three faces became visible – one in the centre, and one on either side. One body… “What is this that am I seeing?” I wondered. I could not comprehend it… I was completely lost. Two hands held the Shankha and the Chakra… Two other hands held the Trishul and the Damru… The last two hands held the Mala and the Kamandal… The Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. In the form of Brahma, a radiant white beard was visible. In the form of Lord Narayan, there was a Tilak, and a Mukut on the head, ornaments around the neck, Shankha and Chakra in the hands, and ornaments on the wrists. It was marvellous! And Lord Mahesh, the third celestial form…
the face… the forehead… There was the celestial moon on the Jataa (tresses), from inside which flowed the sacred Ganga. and the snake… I was lost, completely lost, I was transfixed. Sai Baba’s form was that of the Holy Trinity –
Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh!
The celestial form of Lord Dattatreya! In the hands of Lord Brahma were
the Mala and the Kamandal, in the hands of Lord Vishnu were
the Shankha and the Chakra, and in the hands of Lord Shankar
were the Damroo (drum) and the Trishul (trident). Six hands held six celestial objects. Three faces, three heads… a wonderful fragrance emanated… a divine fragrance… The three forms had a celestial halo of peace, light, and radiance around them. I was lost, completely entranced. I was done for. My body trembled. All this was taking place during the Divine Vision. My body became still,
and for a long time I sat motionless. After a while, I could hear divine music during the Vision. My eyes opened, and I came awake. I saw that those 3 forms, 3 divine faces, 3 heads,
6 arms, and the 6 different objects in the hands, were no longer there. There was only one Form,
the Divine Form of Brahma! With His dazzling white beard, He was sitting there before me on that same stone. He was laughing… He asked me, “Who do you see?” Choked with emotion, I replied, “I am not able to decide or comprehend… Earlier, I saw something else – I saw the Divine Forms of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh… I also saw the Divine Form of Lord Dattatreya –
3 heads, 3 faces, 6 arms and hands, And now it seems to be the Form of Brahma…” “Hmmm… is that so?… All right…” He said. He nodded, leaned forward like this,
and said “All right…” He then asked, “Did you have a proper look?” I replied humbly, “I do not have the strength to look properly, my body is trembling with ecstasy,
but this is how it seems.” After saying that, I kept my eyes closed, like this… For a long time, the eyes remained closed, during the Vision. And after that, when I opened my eyes, I was further astonished. What was I seeing? The Shankha-Chakra, the Gada-Padma,
(conch, Sudarshana Chakra, mace, lotus) the Mukut and the Tilak on the forehead,, the golden ornaments, the saffron robes… I saw the Divine Form of Lord Narayan! An absolutely glowing divine form of radiant light! I wondered what was happening. He then asked me, “Who do you see?” I replied “It seems to be Lord Narayan, with the Shankha Chakra, Gada Padma, the Tilak on the forehead, the heavenly ornaments, the saffron robes, the perfect Form of Ghanshyam… Narayan… Narayan… Narayan…!” He started laughing. “Is this the Form of Narayan Himself?” He asked.
“Yes, this is Narayan Himself,” I replied.
I started weeping, overcome by emotion. How fortunate I was to have had the holy Darshan of Lord Narayan Himself! At that moment, it seemed to be the Reality, the Truth. I felt it is only by the Guru’s grace that I was experiencing Darshan of Lord Narayan at such a
young age. I was only 22 or 23. All this is possible only by the grace of the Guru. How else could I have the holy Darshan of Lord Narayan? I started chanting “Narayan…” and tears started streaming down my cheeks. I started crying… my eyes closed… Chanting “Narayan… Narayan…”
I went into absolute stillness. For a short while, I just stayed there in deep silence. After some time, the eyes slowly began to open. What do I now see? It is neither Brahma nor Narayan. What is it? The purest while Form is right there before me,
and He is laughing…! Over His head was the Jata (tresses),
He wore no crown nor ornaments now, the Jata was very thick and long, and over His shoulder was a snake, a living snake that was wrapped around His neck, and water flowed from the top of His head –
the waters of the Ganga, and there was the Moon, radiating all its celestial glory. A tiger skin was draped over his body, He wore a garland of skulls around His neck, the Damru in one hand, and the Trishul in the other… He stood there laughing…! His forehead was anointed with ashes, and I realized I was experiencing the Darshan of Sadashiv, Lord Shankar Himself…! How divine! Sometimes, one sees Lord Shiva on television,
or one sees His image in a book, or His image on a wall, sometimes one even forms His image in one’s imagination… but I tell you the Truth… till date, I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. Nothing of such intensity has ever been
seen by my eyes, nor felt by my heart. What a wonderfully Divine sight it was,
seeing Lord Shiva… seeing Lord Narayan…! live… before me…! Lord Shankar was laughing, His hand was poised like this,
and He was seated on that same stone… What was astonishing was that Brahma was also seated on that same stone, I could see that stone throughout. Lord Narayana was sitting there in His saffron robes, they partially covered the stone, the same stone, the same sacred Dwarkamayi. I was watching it very attentively. When I saw Lord Shiva, I could see that stone as well. I offered my salutations, and I began to weep. “God, I bow to You. It is my great fortune that all this has happened. How it has happened is simply beyond my comprehension.” I started weeping, while offering my Pranams, I then calmed down and started chanting,
“O Shiva… O Shiva…” I was still for a long, long time. After a while, the eyes opened. I was still in my dream. What was I seeing?
It was neither Lord Shiva, nor Narayan, nor Brahma… It was Baba sitting there – Sai Baba! And Baba was laughing! Baba asked, “What do you see? Who do you see?” Ahh… what more can I say? After seeing all this, can you imagine
the state of my heart? There was no mind left at all, of course.
The mind had gone completely blank. I saw it is Sai Baba. It was neither Brahma, nor Shiva, nor Narayan, nor Lord Dattatreya… It was Sai Baba! Sai Baba once again made me drink
Jal (holy water) three times, He blessed me… it was wonderful… Now when I was looking at Sai Baba, something definitely happened to me deep within. By now, something altogether different had happened! I fell at Sai Baba’s feet and held on to them, and a steady stream of tears started flowing. I cried… I cried so much, that I put my head
on Baba’s feet and kept crying, my tears were falling on Sai Baba’s holy feet. All this was happening within the dream.
The dream lasted the whole night, Sai Baba did not let me sleep all night… upstairs… in the room just above the Samadhi Mandir… Baba did not let me sleep at all,
He kept me engaged all night long. Muslim Fakir… Muslim Fakir… I had been referring
to Him as a ‘Muslim Fakir’ all the time, The ‘Muslim Fakir’ just didn’t let me sleep
the whole night! I cried non-stop. Baba had given me such a wonderful Darshan,
He had showed me so much… He had granted me such a divine experience, that I was overwhelmed and kept crying, the tears simply would not stop flowing. I just could not comprehend anything,
and the tears continued to flow… I continued to cry, my tears continued
to fall on Baba’s feet. Baba then held my head and lifting it up,
He brought it closer to Him (and placed it on His knee). Baba was seated on the stone, in His usual pose, with His right foot resting over His left knee. Baba placed my head on His knee, my head lay on His knee… Baba placed His hand on my head and started patting me on my back. Baba said “My child, that is enough, you have cried enough… What else would you like to see?” Baba asked. Baba then lifted my head up. My eyes were still moist, I had been crying. Baba asked, “My child, what else would you like to see?” I joined my hands and said to Him reverently, “Baba, You have already shown me what one must see, and that what You wanted me to see… You showed me all that, and I witnessed it all…
what more is left to see? You revealed yourself to me in the Forms of Lord Brahma, Shiva, Narayan, Lord Dattatreya… and now here You are, before me, as Sai Baba…! So You are all this, Baba, isn’t it?
You seem to be Sai Baba.” I could not stop myself, I began to laugh and I said,
“You look like a Muslim Baba (Muslim Fakir),
and now please forgive your errant child. Please forgive me, Baba,” I said,
and I started crying once again. “You look like an ordinary holy man, with your headscarf… I cannot comprehend who You are, Even after witnessing and experiencing all of this,
I am stll unable to figure out who You really are. This is beyond my comprehension,
please forgive me, Baba, I will never again make the mistake
of trying to assess who You are.” Baba then began to laugh. I looked around and saw a vessel there. I asked, “Baba, what do you do with such a large vessel? There is a fireplace too.” Baba replied, “I cook food in that, for the people who come to visit me… I cook for them and I feed them.” “Baba, do You cook the food Yourself?” Baba then replied, “Yes, this is the vessel I cook food in, and I feed the visitors. I also go out and ask for Bhiksha (alms). In Shirdi, I go about saying, “Bhiksha De, Mata,” (Give me Bhiksha, Mother) and all the uncooked grain I receive in Bhiksha, I cook it in this vessel and I feed all those who come here.” I then said, “Baba, You have showered so much grace upon me, You have shown me all there is to see, so now when will this child of yours be able to have the Prasad that is cooked by Your hands?” Baba said, “I know that you would like some. You received Prasad in the Prasadalaya, didn’t you?”
Baba asked me. “Yes, I did, Baba, and something amazing happened at the Prasadalaya when I went there this afternoon. As soon as I took the first bite, I felt completely shaken from inside! Something started happening to me!” Baba said, “Yes, that was my Prasad that you had!” “Baba, that is why I felt shaken… Because when I came to Shirdi the first time
and we made offerings of fruit and flowers, … this disciple of mine who is so devoted to You… to make her happy, I made offerings of fruit and flowers, and did my Pranams to You, not with any Shraddha, I must confess.” “Yes, I know,” said Baba, “that is why this whole saga is playing out!” I laughed and said, “Baba, isn’t it a good thing that I came to You with Ashraddha? (lack of faith) You transformed it into Shraddha. So my lack of faith turned out to be a good thing… For if I had come with Shraddha (faith), You would have not done anything, right?” Baba explained, “No, my child! I transform people’s Ashraddha into Shraddha. I then asked, “Baba, what about the ones that come to you with Shraddha, with faith?” Baba said, “The ones who come to me with Faith, I make their Faith even stronger, even more unshakable. For people have different levels of faith, my child. Weak faith, even weaker faith, faith as fragile as this thin thread, which can break instantly… there is such kind of weak faith as well,
and I make that weak faith stronger. Maybe one single strand is weak,
tug it a little and it will break… but when these weak strands come together like this, they will become strong, like this,” Baba demonstrated by twisting some strands together. “All the strands are now interlaced as one, try and break this now, it will not break, no matter how hard you pull. Because all the tiny threads of various degrees of faith have now fused together as one and won’t break now. Similarly, I consolidate the different feelings that are within devotees into one strong thread of Faith. Those who come to me with Shraddha, I make their faith and devotion firm and unshakable. Those who come to Me with Ashraddha
are instilled with Shraddha, and those who come to me with Shraddha have their faith and devotion become even more steadfast. By doing so, I bring them to Me.” I was listening spellbound to Baba’s words. “Baba,” I said, “it is now your child’s wish
to have Prasad from your hands, because in the afternoon, after taking the first bite of Your Prasad, I was shaken within.” Baba said, “It was Me who shook you,
you did not shake of your own free will. This woman who has come with you,
my devotee and your student… it is her Shraddha that brought you here to Me.” I said, “Baba, that is true, it was indeed her Shraddha that brought me here to You, that took me to the Prasadalaya. It is her Shraddha that is the cause
of this entire saga playing out. Baba said, “It is her Shraddha
that has made all this happen, the first mouthful of the Prasad you took, plus her Shraddha, and Me… all put together… caused you to feel shaken inside. This is how it all unfolded.” I nodded and said, “Yes.” Baba then got up from his seat. Into the cooking pot that stood there over the fireplace, Baba dipped a long ladle and scooped out some Khichdi. I remember… Baba took out some Khichdi from that vessel. He gestured to me to bring my hands forward; He then put the Prasad of Khichdi into my outstretched hands. I took it gratefully. Baba then prompted me to start eating it. With both hands held together like this, I began to eat Baba’s Khichdi Prasad this way. What a divine flavour it had…!
I speak the Absolute Truth 74 years…! It is seventy-four years since this body came into being… 74 years…! Three quarters of a century… In all these years, till today, I have not had such tasty Khichdi or anything else for that matter, having such a divine flavour. I emphatically state this. Although it happened in my dream,
to me it is the Absolute Truth! No doubt it took place in a dream, but it is True, and it is True even today. In nothing else that I have eaten so far has there been such flavour, such divine fragrance and such taste,
as in that Khichdi. I relished the Khichdi and finished it. My face was covered with it. Baba started laughing. “Child, there is Khichdi inside your mouth
and also all over your mouth.” I felt such a surge of Love towards Baba that like a child, I placed my head on Baba’s lap, took the edge of His Kurta and wiped my mouth on it! Only with Baba’s Kurta can you clean your face
(purify your mind and heart),
wiping it with your own Kurta will only spoil it further! My child, we will only spoil things further if we attempt to wipe them on our own Kurta. There is nothing worthwhile in what we consider as ours. Only with Baba’s Kurta will our
heart, mind, and soul be cleansed. By Baba’s Kurta, I mean
by Baba’s grace and blessings. Baba alone will cleanse everything for us. We are spoiled and impure, we only get worse. We are impure and so is everything that we own. If there is any cleansing that will happen,
it will happen only by Baba’s grace and blessings! And then Baba asked, “Child, did you take
Prasad at the Prasadalaya?” I replied “Yes, Baba I did.” “Did you take the Khichdi Prasad ?” Baba asked.
“Yes, Baba,” I replied. Baba said, “Now I will give you a fruit!” Remember, in life, Fruit is everything! Why does one work? Why does one labour?
To obtain the fruit of one’s labour. Why does one work in the fields?
For the fruit that it yields. Why do you run a business?
For obtaining the fruit (profit). Every activity… why do you study?
To obtain the fruit (knowledge). Whatever you do, you do that in order to derive
the fruit (the result of that action), isn’t it? Baba said, “Now It is time for you to receive your fruit.” I replied “Yes, Baba… Yes, Baba… Yes, Baba…” I said it three times. Baba then said, “You will receive your fruit three times!” I said, “Oh, what did you say, Baba?” Baba said, “You said YES, BABA three times… Since you repeated YES, BABA thrice, you will now receive your fruit thrice!” I said, “I don’t understand, Baba.” Baba then held out His hand like this.
“This fruit… the first tiime… take it,” He said. There was an apple in Baba’s hand. Baba said to me, “Child, take this fruit.” I held out my hands like this in front of Baba, and He gave me the fruit. I placed in on my forehead and then over my heart. Baba said, “This fruit is yours.” I told Baba, “Baba, you have given me this fruit…
but this child has a wish… … that You first take a bite out of it
and then give it to me… Baba, please bite into it first and then give it to me… If I could eat the fruit that you have eaten from, it would be so wonderful…” Baba asked “So I should eat from it
and then give it to you?” I gave the apple to Baba, Baba took it in His hand. “How should I eat it?” Baba asked. I said, “Baba, you please just take a bite
and then give it to me.” Baba then took the apple from me, and He took a bite out of it… like this… He bit into it, just as children do. Then after taking a bite from it, like this, He handed it back to me. I took it ecstatically. Baba then reminded me, “This will come to you three times, because you asked for it three times…
by saying ‘Yes, Baba’ three times… You have already received it once;
twice more you shall receive a fruit.” I asked Baba, “How will I get it two more times?” “You will receive it,” He assured me. Baba said, “You now have Shraddha, don’t you?”
I replied, “Yes, I have steadfast Shraddha now.” Baba said, “The other thing is still pending.”
I asked Baba what that was. “Saburi,” Baba replied. “Now you have SHRADDHA (faith and devotion), but the other thing you are still to have is SABURI (patience).” “Have a little patience,” said Baba, “and you will receive a fruit three times.” “It came to you once already, it will come twice more.” I said, “All right, Baba.” I then took the apple from Baba, and did my Salutations to Him. I (impatiently) asked,
“Baba, when will I receive two more fruits?” Baba then patiently said once again, “Child, I told you, have Saburi, You will get two more fruits. Child, in life, both are essential.” I asked Baba what he meant by that. Baba said, “SHRADDHA and SABURI. Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience), one must have both of these. You now have Faith. And what about Patience?” I replied, “Yes, Baba, I admit I do not have Patience.” “Both these qualities are absolutely essential, my dear, in any aspirant who is on the spiritual path,”
said Baba… said Sai Baba… The devotees who walk on the path of God, Hari, Ishwar, Ma, Sadguru, they must have both these qualities,
they are absolutely essential. Which two qualities? Baba says SHRADDHA and SABURI Only if both these qualities are present
can there be any progress. We either have Patience but no Faith;
or we have Faith but no Patience… Baba said that one should have both –
Shraddha as well as Saburi. Baba then said to me, “There is Shraddha in you now, and for the fruit, you need to have Saburi.” I said, Baba “I will have Saburi, I will be patient.” I offered my Pranams to Baba once again,
I placed my head on His feet. Baba then patted me on my head and on my back. He tapped me like this, thrice. “The first fruit… the second fruit… and the third fruit…” Saying this, Baba withdrew His hand. Baba said l would get the fruit thrice. I had received it once already, it would come to me two more times, I should have Saburi. After patting me three times on my back, Baba withdrew His hand. I raised my head and opened my eyes;
Baba was not there! I only saw Baba’s stone before me.
I then burst out crying. Baba had left. After telling me, “You will get the fruit thrice. Once you received it from me, and twice more it will come to you.” I started weeping, I banged my head against Baba’s stone and continued to weep. I cried incessantly. and I suddenly felt this in my heart… My child, this is the Absolute Truth… in the end, In that agony of Baba leaving, I cried so much that I banged my head on Baba’s stone with such force… I struck my head with such force that my eyes opened! My eyes opened and I woke up. I then realised that whatever had happened was a Dream, I had seen a Vision of Sai Baba. It had lasted all night. My dear, this was an all-night encounter, Baba had engaged me the whole night. And yes, Baba also took me to see the caves, He took me with Him to Gurusthan and made me have Darshan of that as well. There were many many more things that Baba told me, but I have not been able to narrate all of them…
so many things… so much left unsaid… It was morning now! My eyes opened, I woke up. I looked around and asked what time it was… It was morning… All that was going on inside me was
Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba… and nothing else. While crying in my sleep, I woke up… and upon waking, I started weeping again. Then I took a bath and got dressed… after which, we took flowers and other offerings and went to the Samadhi Mandir, That disciple of mine, the devotee of Baba who was with me… All of us went together… and we took Baba’s Darshan. As I went close to Baba’s statue, near Baba’s Samadhi, there was a Pujari (priest) standing there. When I reached there, I saw a fruit in the Pujari’s hand. An apple! He placed it in my hand! I said nothing to him; he said nothing to me… In my hand, I held some flowers
to be placed as an offering before Baba… and the Pujari Baba said to me,
“Take this, it is Sai Baba’s Prasad!” Saying that, the Pujari put the apple in my palms! An apple… a beautiful, bright red, luscious ripe apple! I understood what Baba meant. In the vision, Baba had said, “You already have Shraddha , but now you need to cultivate Saburi.” The first fruit had come to me, the apple that Baba Himself had eaten from and given me, that was one. Baba then had said, “You will receive three fruits.”
He had blessed me thrice. And I had said, “Yes, Baba…” three times. So Baba had said, “Since you said ‘Yes, Baba…’ three times, you will get three fruits.” I received the first one, and when
I asked Baba about the other two, He had said, “Develop Saburi. Saburi is pending.
You will receive the other two fruits.” So, the first fruit came from Baba, the second one came from the Pujari, near Baba’s Samadhi. I understood now that Baba has given me the second fruit as promised. He had asked me to have Saburi. I respectfully placed the second fruit
on my heart and on my forehead. In one hand I held the apple, in the other hand I held
the flowers, which we placed on the Samadhi. At Baba’s statue, I brought my head down to Baba’s feet, and touched my eyes to His feet. I touched the apple to His feet too. I said, “Baba, You said three fruits will come to me, and this is the second one You have given me.” I then cried some more. From there, we went to Dwarkamayi… where, seated on the stone, Baba had granted me Darshan and all those experiences all night long. At Dwarkamayi, we saw the place where Baba would sit, with His hand resting on the wooden frame. There is a beautiful painting of Baba there, and also the Dhuni, the sacred fire that Baba lit and kept going. We took Darshan of Baba’s Dhuni, we took some holy ash, and we lit a lamp and placed it alongside other lamps. I bowed down at the spot where Baba would sit,
and before Baba’s painting. I prayed to Baba again and again. And then I thought of the third fruit and told Baba, “Baba, You had said: ‘Be patient,
you will receive three fruits.’ I have already received two: one from You
and one from the Pujari at the Samadhi Mandir. He gave the fruit only to me, although
there were several other people there. There were people all around me. But I was the one he gave the fruit to… You gave it to me… “The third fruit is still pending,” I reminded Baba.
I said it while offering my salutations. I did my Pranams, stood up, and went forward. Then I saw that same cooking pot in which Baba would cook food…! From which he gave me a scoop of Khichdi… That empty cooking pot lay there… I went and reverentially touched that as well. Then I went to the stone where Baba was sitting, and from where he granted me the Divine Darshan. I went up to that stone. Now Baba’s stone has been enclosed and a railing surrounds it, but back then, it was exposed. In the dream, I had banged my head on that stone… I went up to that same stone…
there were others around me… and when I reached the stone
and put my hands like this, What did I see? There was a fruit on the stone –
it was an apple…! A beautiful ripe red apple. On that stone was one solitary apple. I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t breathe. I did my Pranams and started crying once again! Baba had been sitting right here,
on this very stone, and He had said, “Now you have Shraddha, but Saburi is still to come. Have patience, three fruits will come to you.” Baba blessed me thrice… It was here on this very stone that He had said it, and here itself He gave me the third apple! I picked up the apple, placed it gratefully on my forehead and on my heart. I kissed it, I touched it reverentially to my eyes, this Prasad of Sai Baba… Baba had given it… He had told me in the dream
that I would get three fruits. The first one He Himself gave me. The second one He gave me through the priest at the Samadhi Temple. “Sitting on this very stone, Baba, You had given me all these experiences, and here itself, You gave me the first fruit, and here itself, on the same stone, Baba, You have given me the third fruit.” I started weeping. “You had said I would receive three fruits, and I have received them. I kept enough patience, Baba, I will now take this fruit.” I took the apple, placed it on my heart, and started crying. That was it. After that, I went to Shirdi several times. From that time, I never thought of Baba as a Muslim Fakir. Baba… Sai Baba. Baba… Datta Maharaj.
Baba… Datta Avatar. Baba… the incarnation of Lord Brahma. Baba … the incarnation of Narayan-Vishnu. Baba… the form of Lord Shiva. The Divine form of Lord Datta – Sainath Maharaj. Towards Him, I have steadfast Faith. The events that took place and all that I experienced, I have shared it with you, my child. You asked me, which is why I narrated this incident that took place in my life. You also should have Shraddha towards Baba,
have a feeling of devotion towards Him. Have Shraddha towards Baba and towards life,
and have Saburi. Live your life with both Shraddha and Saburi,
pray and chant with Faith, perform your duty, live righteously, have Love, Shraddha and Saburi towards God, and you will go forward in life, you will progress. You will be blessed in all ways with Sai Baba’s grace. OM… Shanti… Shanti… Shanti… (peace) Om Shree Sainathaya Namaha… Om Sadguru Shree Sainathaya Namaha… Om Sadguru Shree Sainathaya Namaha… Shree Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai…! Om… Shanti… Shanti…. Shanti… [music] [music]

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