Sikhs Are Canadians

One of the topics that’s come up in the Canadian media recently is talking about Sikh extremism. I just want to tell you a few things about what makes a Sikh extremist. A Sikh extremist believes that all genders are equal all religions are equal all nationalities are equal and all cultures are equal a Sikh extremist believes people should be free of socio-economic repression that Means governments and religious institutions shouldn’t engineer poverty nor segregation Sikhs believe that there should be food for the hungry Sikhs believe that there should be education based on science and reason and that there’s an opportunity for the most needy and laws need to be in place to provide real justice and That every country should not be a police state but it should be a free state. I would like to remind everyone who thinks Sikhs are extremists that the Sikhs have never stole anyone’s land, the Sikhs have never committed a mass genocide, the Sikhs have never obliterated a culture or a language and the Sikhs have never used religion to control people. A Sikh extremist is this by definition from our holy text It’s someone who remembers God with each and every breath and remembers that God is in each and every person. So when the media tells you what a Sikh extremists is, I would ask you to please ask a Sikh and more importantly ask our holy text, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It’s very important in your life you will see for everyone here that if you’re not white or you’re not Christian people will go ahead and make gross generalizations about you and When that happens I think it’s extremely unfair and people who are in a position of privilege it’s their duty to speak out and say the gross generalizations that you’re making about a minority group It’s imperative you assert that privilege to say those gross generalizations that you’re making are unfair The peace that you have is the peace that every Sikh feels The peace that you got from that meditation is very small compared to the experience when you get to Naam. For a Sikh the purpose of their life is to meet God. Their sole focus is to meet God My humble request to all those people in a position of power, please do us a favour. let us achieve our purpose and live freely and don’t try to go ahead and paint a narrative that is negative that creates a destructive Society. I Don’t know what it’s gonna take. I’m born and raised in America I have a turban and a beard. I’m a professional, my wife’s a professional I’ve put roots down but somehow because of the way I look and what I believe I’m still not American. I thought that narrative was going to be different for Canadians because I thought they were they tended to be more open-minded. Unfortunately, I’m starting to see the same kind of bigotry in Canada as I’ve seen in America. I want all of you to know that a turban and a beard, being a Sikh is one of the most Canadian things that can happen and that Sikhs are Canadians and Canadians can be Sikhs, and there’s no need to go ahead and brush them all with the same stroke of intolerance.

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