Sila PENgalin Kadhai – Tamil Shortfilm | Sriram KJS

Sila PENgalin Kadhai – Tamil Shortfilm | Sriram KJS

In recent times many news reporters were being killed by a stranger using pen Entire state of Tamil Nadu is shaken by these serial murders So far, twelve reporters have been killed by this ‘Pen’ psycho News reporters are terrified by these killings Pen psycho was arrested last month by police and was produced in court Judgement of this case is expected today *Prologue* My life was going smoothly I was very happy But the happiness didn’t last much Everyone feels that the judge to going to give death sentence Even I feel the same Dreaming big is the only mistake I did Oh no! This is not the voice over of psycho killer, I am here! No! I am not the judge. Lower. Hi! I am hero Besides my name, I am also the hero of this story This person is ‘Kamsan’, a well-known serial killer Last week, this guy grabbed my friend ‘Anwar’ and.. The court sentences the accused to death Anwar!!!! Judgement is given! Nib is broken! Anwar is dead! Kamsan has so far mercilessly killed seven of my friends including Anwar If this psycho killer is sentenced to death today, I will be the eight victim of kamsan Kamsan will grab me anytime now This judgement is being given after carefully examining arguments from both sides The accused is strongly proven to be mentally ill Hence this court orders for proper mental treatment to the accused under police observation Great dude! Your head is spared You are so lucky dude! I am not afraid of death! But I have to be alive until tomorrow Tomorrow is an important day An important judgement Please hear my story *A story of few pens* *Chapter 1 – The Fantastic Four* Hi! I am hero mani This is leakage camlin Greetings! How are you? This is rainbow ranganathan Hey chaps! How you doing? This guy is peter parker Hey guys! Wassup? This is us
We are four and we rule this area We are the fantastic four Boy! These are unwantedly occupying the space for an year Throw them at some corner This guy always ruins my good lines *Other pens in shop are mocking* These guys earned this humiliation Dude! Everyone is laughing at us Grandpas seem to be retiring today How can they retire when they never worked? Shit man! I don’t deserve this! I am feeling ashamed! Keep them in museum! No! Keep them in road. Let some vehicle hit them Old people are losing their respect in this cruel world These newly manufactured pens are so abusive I am sobbing This is so embarrassing dude! We are being kept away due our attitude I will tell you an unknown fact! Pens are blessed with a magical power Only we can decide our owners Dude, I am so bored of this shop. Can I go this time? Sure dude! I will give her a red signal. Thanks dude. I am leaving.
Bye! The pen choses the writer similar to the wand chooses its wizard But none of the pens properly use this gifted power No! No! No! Please stop! You are hurting my bums Dude! This guy seems to be an evil. Reject him by giving red signal! It’s ok dude! I will adjust my life with him See! These pens always settle for the things that comes in their way first None of them have any aspirations or dreams But we are different from them. We have our dreams. Absolutely correct! My dream is to attain the feet of god I should be used to write devotional phrases Hence I will wait till the arrival of such a religious person
I wanted to be with children! I will be happy when they draw and scribble using me If you ask me, I wanted to roam around the world Hence I will choose a foreigner Indians are cheap people! They always give me as gift instead of using me. Because of this adamant attitude, six more months passed After six months, I became a loner. My friends waited and identified their dream owners Oh my god! This person seems to be so religious! My child! Please take me with you! Hey cute boy! Please see here! Come! Come! Come! And take me home! Here comes my foreign girl! Wow! What a beauty! Come on! Please select me! Come on! My dream is bigger. I believe that the purpose of a pen is to create a good literature So I will choose only a writer My role model is the writing needle that is used by the greatest tamil poet valluvan I will wait till my valluvan arrives Dude! This is the famous writer and director – valluvan Hello sir! I am a big fan of yours My valluvan has come *Chapter 2 – The hand of the King* Ah! Please stop shaking me! My head is spinning! Sir I got a call from producer What is the matter? He is requesting for film poster as the release is nearing How can we do a poster without a proper title? All the films I have made so far are blockbusters. This is mainly due to the attractive titles Ask him to postpone the date until we get a kickass title What an artist! If he puts this much efforts on just fixing a title You will be wondering how much efforts would have been put into the film Please have a look at the films that he has made so far *Adult film posters* Stop shaking me man! My life has been totally ruined. I hope at least my friends will be happier! By the way he dressed I thought he will directly keep me in workship room. But he had other ideas My lord! This guy is using me as a chopstick! Yuck! Stop it! Please Stop it! Look how he has placed me amidst his underwear Here comes the moron I have no clue what is going on in his mind Why is he turning? Oh my god! This is the shit I go through everyday Here comes the devil I am so afraid of the things that are in store for me today Oh! Finally! I am being brought near god! *Sings a devotional song* Hey! Hey! Hey! This guy has totally mistaken the purpose of pen Someone please save me! Save me! My lord!! I am in love with your body Please take me to your country Go straight to the airport I am the happiest person in the world It is ridiculous! I can’t believe you did this to me! No. You should have thought about me before you planned to cheat on me I don’t want to be with you anymore Am going to leave India in few hours No! Come on! My katrin! Katrin! Please look down. Your peter parker is here. Come on! My katrin! Someone please pick me up and give to my kartin Yes! Yes! Come on. Come on. Hey man! I order you to take me to my katrin. You know what? The next proposal that I am going to get No matter who he is. I am going to accept him! Is this yours? *Song plays in car radio* Hey don’t kiss me man! You totally screwed up my foreign dreams! Lucky guy! Looks so accomplished! This parker pen is my god from now You ruined my life and now worshiping me But one thing man. You will go to hell! Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this fifth edition of international pen fight premiere league The crowds are cheering and it is a full packed stadium On one side we have cheerleaders cheering for their favourite players On the other side, we have our referee zebra zack standing on his 200th match The players are now entering one by one Hey, you are overweight. Rejected! You will be broken in seconds. Rejected! The crowds are now erupting. Because their favourite player Rainbow Ranganathan is going to enter the stadium anytime. Wow! The atmosphere is rocking. It is going to be another successful day. Last time that guy broke my nose. Velvet Velu! You should break him this match. The match begins Rainbow Ranganathan is rocking as usual Wow! That is a fantastic shot over there. The key opponent velvet Velu has been eliminated Let’s watch the replay Rainbow Ranganathan continues his form. All the players have been eliminated. Referee! Stop laughing and send the next guy in Who is the wild card entry? Rainbow! One guy will arrive to throw you away Oh my god! It is the leader himself entering the stadium. The crowd is now erupting for the leader It is the first time the leader encounters rainbow Ranganathan Can rainbow Ranganathan sustain the blow of the leader? I seriously doubt that Oh dear! I am a pen outside the field but an AK47 gun inside the stadium The leader marches and wow it is a nasty blow. Rainbow Ranganathan is out of the park Rainbow Ranganathan has been finally eliminated. Rainbow eliminated! Who is this guy? Why is he lifting me? Why is he staring me like this? This guy doesn’t seem like the one who uses the pen for writing Hello! I received a call that said there is a dead body in the silent road But when I arrived here there is no such body. The road is empty. No one is here. What is the plan of this guy? Dude, please tell me what you are up to. Oh my god! Why is he snapping? No! This moron has totally misunderstood the concept of ‘pen is sharper than knife’ Where is he going now? Why is he again standing behind a person? Oh my god! This seems to be his daily routine. No! No! No! Another news reporter is found dead near Chennai Ambattur Even this person is murdered using a pen. *Singing a song about snapping* You asked for this What does hero do in our story? He does everyone. Hey! What job is he doing? He is running a massage parlour, sir Hero name? King The hand of the king How is this title? Excellent right? Ya! Excellent title. Audience with use their hands non-stop for clapping. The whole theatre will rise! How dare you use double meaning on me? I will be soon killed by some vehicle My dreams are also going to die with me I have never been used for writing so far. I am going to die as a virgin. Oh my god! Another beard guy. I don’t know what he is going to do with me. *Chapter 3 – The Devil* Wow! What a scene. Our guys have acted well. Appearances are often deceptive. This guy is not like that beard guy. He is reading good books, sees quality films and above all he is a good writer. I hope he will write a good novel using me Where is my money? Dude! I have asked them many times. You know the fact that our news magazine is on high demand right? There are many writers competing to get their articles published for free of cost The management is refusing to pay for your published article. The society that doesn’t respect the writers will never cherish What an attitude! My future is in safe hands. Wow! Blank paper! If pens are the gents, papers are the ladies. That paper weight is her dad I think it’s going to be my first night today. *Kisses* Gopal started to write a beautiful novel using me! Using only me! Brother! Dinner! Brother! This guy is always in his own world scratching the pen Usually, most of the writers will have a pen name But my leader gave his pen a name I became hero mani from that day He always consults me when he is confused We have made many creative decisions together I eventually became his sixth finger Hey Gopal! You are not the only one who has a pen friend Look at this. Even I got a pen friend. Even I have given it a name. I will also flirt with it. Hi darling! How are you doing? Nowadays who is reading novels? Only the videos dominate. Sometimes I had become his middle finger too. An excellent novel is completed. Am extremely happy. Am so glad that my dreams have finally come true. I am drenched in the creativity of Gopal. God never likes when life goes smooth. So he sent a devil in slow motion. Brother! Dinner! *Chapter 4 – The spy* Police who came to find evidence took me. Why is he taking a pen from the crime scene? Are you new to the department? Don’t you know about ‘Evidence Elumalai’? Is he an expert in collecting evidence? No! He has a habit of collecting evidence from all crime scenes and keeps them in his home. Nice hobby. Police dropped me and I ended up in judge table This is my story. It has been one hell of a journey till now. This is the day I waited for. Today is the hearing of my leader’s case. My lord! Gopal and his roommate Raju had financial disputes. During this time there is a widespread news that a psycho killer is murdering press people using a pen. In fact, it was the talk of the town. Gopal planned to use this news to his advantage. Gopal murdered his roommate Raju who is working for a press using a pen. He hoped that the blame will go to the psycho killer But unfortunately, the person who regularly delivers dinner to them saw the murder All the evidence are strongly against my leader. It is a fate that his death sentence is going to be written using me. Are there any arguments from the side of accused? Yes, your honor! Hi darling! How are you doing? Let’s play. Nowadays who is reading novels? Only the videos dominate. Let us do a prank. Gopal is bathing inside. I am going to hide his novel Let us see how he reacts This new evidence is in favor of the accused This court orders police department to verify the authenticity of this evidence. This evidence is enough for my leader to be released. I don’t know if I and Gopal will ever meet. I will live my rest of the life by recollecting our sweet memories I hope this police will not hurt anyone using me. *Epilogue* I wanted to tell few things to all pens. Our life time is very small. It is up to us to decide the way we want to live our lives. For many pens, life is a mere survival. They just born, reproduce and die. They will not have any aspirations or dreams in life. They will go in the path where life takes them. Few of us have dreams. For some pens, life is the journey. Their dream is to experience and explore many new things in life. If you ask me, I have to explore the whole world. For some pens, life is the destination. Their dream is to reach and achieve a certain target or goal in life. If you ask me, I want to get a place near god. For some pens, life is about sharing happiness. Their dream is to make others happy irrespective of their pain. I wanted to be with children. I will be happy to see the joy on their face when they scribble using me. *Golden pen award*
*Mr. Gopal Rathinam* But for very pens, life is about leaving an impression. They will dream to leave an impression of their existence in this world that they are proud of. *Thiruvalluvar awards 2018* If your dreams are big, the hurdles will also be big. If you overcome all the hurdles, One day normal, scribbling of yours will become an autograph

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  1. Good movie. Like a Hollywood. But not like that. Huge kollywood. Wow welcome to pen kalin story in Tamil cinema. Oh sorry paa short film pola.

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  3. A top notch script with excellent execution… Brilliant message…Sile PENgalin kathai, a masterpiece…🔥

  4. An absolutely unique script with very pristine writing…A proof that quality is in the story and not the production valus…Kudos to the entire team, definitely looking forward to more…💯🎉

  5. Good Story bro and also totally different story . I wish to you i will be a archive your written Dream………..

  6. Super great teamwork!everypens did der role perfectly !fabulous, by de way vch pen written ds story, director sir!😉

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    சில பெண்களின்(பேனாக்களின்)
    கதை , பட குழுவினர்க்களும் இயக்குநரும் செல்லப்போகும் பெரிய எதிர்கால வாழ்க்கைக்கான விதை…

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