Sincere Struggle For Allah swt | Subtitled

Sincere Struggle For Allah swt | Subtitled

You know, many of you have jobs and you remember going for a job interview. And often times you apply for a job, hoping that you’ll get the job even though your resume is not very impressive. And you go in for the interview, and they start describing to you what this job requires. You have to have knowledge of accounting or management or maybe it’s a tech job, so you have to know this programming language and that one, or this protocol et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And they start listing all of these requirements that… you know, and you’re sitting there and the interview going, “I don’t know if they got the wrong resume, ’cause the only technical skills I’ve put in is ‘Google’.” “And now they’re telling me I have to know this programming language and that one and that one, and this much coding experience and management experience.” And as the guy is telling you all of these job descriptions, you’re sitting there embarrassed like, “Maybe he should just let me go now, instead of humiliating me further.” You know. And after he has done describing all of this, and you’re clearly not qualified, he turns to you and says, “Congratulations, you start tomorrow!” And your first reaction is shocked, how did I get picked for this job? I, I’m not nearly qualified. But the second part of this is, even if I did get picked even if I am selected for this job, it’s no congratulations at all, tomorrow when I show up for work, I’m not gonna know what to do! They’re gonna know that I’m completely and utterly not suitable for this job, it’s gonna be humiliating. There’s no way I’m gonna learn any of this! So Allah ‘azza wa jalla in the beginning of this ayah didn’t just say, “Wa jaahidu fillaah. Struggle! With no goal before you, and struggle for no other reason than Allah Himself!” “Make efforts towards Islam!” But, that wasn’t enough. He said, “Haqqa jihaadihi, as it’s worthy of Him.” So let’s understand that phrase ‘as He’s worthy of that struggle, or the struggle that is made for Him.’ Think about this, when you and I pray, when we pray, do we pray in the way that Allah deserves? Or when we thank Allah, do we thank Allah to the amount that Allah deserves to be thanked? Or when we obey Allah or remember Allah, do we remember Allah the way He deserves to be remembered? As a matter of fact, no matter how much we do, we can never qualify to do justice to his rights. We’re always going to fall short. My salah is never going to be worthy of Allah, actually. At the end of it all its gonna have lots of errors, it’s going to have lost of short comings, my mind will wonder. You know. And then Allah ‘azza wa jalla only knows if it’s good enough, and so we have to beg Him at the end of our prayer, “Rabbana taqabbal minna, Master, except from us.” whatever hodge podge we were able to put together, hopefully that’s good enough. But there’s no way you and I can ever do something that worthy of Allah Himself. It, it’s impossible! So how is Allah giving us an impossible job description? ‘Wa jaahidu fillaahi haqqa jihaadihi,’ struggle with no intention except Allah alone, like the struggle is worthy of Him. Doing justice to that struggle, there is no way to do justice to that struggle. That is utterly impossible! But now after I described that it’s utterly impossible, there’s one more phrase here before I go on, that needs special attention. Allah says, “Fillaah, fillah,” which is -without getting into a lengthy conversation- essentially suggest that when you made effort for Islam, when you tried to leave for example disobedience of Allah, you want to get away from haram no matter how tempting it is, no matter how strong that pull is. Maybe you’re making a lot of money, but it’s money from not halal sources. And it’s really hard to quit, because you have a house to pay for, children’s education, there’s so many things tied to it, so it’s so tempting to hold on. Maybe one of these young men or women are in a relationship and they are tempted. And they’re being pulled in to that relationships ’cause and they can’t get out of it. They’re, they’re struggling to get out of it, and coming back into the obedience of Allah is a very difficult, very difficult struggle for them. Because shaytan is constantly pulling at them, constantly pulling away at them. And even if they get away momentarily, the struggle comes back again. You know it is important to note when these kinds of struggles happened, that the pressure your family will put on you, or somebody will come and try to give you a reminder, “Don’t do this!” Or somebody else will try to say, “Hey, I’m your friend, I mean well for you. You shouldn’t be doing this.” When we try to put pressure on each other to do the right thing, none of that pressures is going to be good enough. It’s not going to be good enough. When a human being is going to fall before the was wasa of shaytan, then the only thing that can save them is their relationships with Allah, that’s the only thing. You cannot become a better Muslim for your parents. You can’t become a better person because of you community. You can’t. They can help, but until you decide that you’re doing this only and only and only for Allah, that struggle will not last, it’s impossible. It has to be sincere, the only way to know that is inside of yourself, inside of myself. Outside of ourselves, we can show to each other what we are, but the reality inside only Allah knows.

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