Welcome to my channel. I’m Serious and today i’ll be your Host! Bringing the Burst Season 5 Build of Zeus, No! isn’t so explosive, but it is. Ok? Season 5 Zeus’ Build. I played so much with Zeus in this Season 5 and i concluded that i don’t concluded anything but i’ll reach someday. Shoes of Focus: 50 of Power; 250 of Mana; 10% of Cooldown Reduction (CR); 18% of Movement… Very good to Zeus Book of Thoth: Power. Mana; Mana regen; Mana Stacks; Mana is converted to Magical Power… It’s great! Obsidian Shard: 60 of Magical Power Gods… hit by you Magical Damage, ignores 20% of this Gods’ Magic Protections – Or of the target’s; whatever. If the target has over 40 Magical Protections, this effect scales up to ignore a larger percentage of their protections. Maximum 40% of Penetration at 175 or more Magical Protections I’ll speak more about Obsidian Shaman’s Ring: 80 of Power; 10% of Movement Every each 100 damage dealt gives you a Stack. At 50 stacks the Ring evolves, and you gaining a new passive. This passive make when you deal Damage with Ability in a opponent you mark him. The next Abilities will gives 10% of additional Damage. Lasts 5 seconds. You’ll have 5 seconds to deal 10% of additional Damage at the target. It’s nice! Gem of Isolation: Gives Power; Health (HP); CC… enemies hit by your damaging Abilities will move 25% Slower for 2 seconds. Closing with Mantle of Discord: 60 of Physical and Magical Protetions; 10% of CR… If you’re below 30% health you give stun in a range and for 1s you’ll be immune to Crowd Control (CC); We’re go explain this Build to you. Right? Only 20% of CC i wish made 40% but its not gives. Shoes of Focus, obvious. Will have CC; Mana; Power. It’s basic. We’ll have more mana with Book of Thoth, to scale up this power – Up and Stacking, up and up this power. You don’t need put Lifesteal in Zeus. Don’t worry about. Gem of Isolation that will gives HP; Power; CC; gives utility, slower the opponets Zeus already slower the opponents with your Ability but you’ll have more slow in all Abilities. Shaman’s RIng giving Movement – Zeus is a slow God – besides, the item combine with Zeus because you can Stacks the charges on opponents Throwing Abilities, anyway, do things, Use Ultimate and before giving additional damage with detonate charges. I don’t use Soul Reaver in this Build but we bring a Burst in a different way Obsidian Shard is the best item of Penetration at that Season. It’ll Penetrate 20% of Opponent Defense, ignores 20% of Their Defense And if have more than 175 of Protections, it’ll ignore 40% And scale up from 20% to 40% until 175 of Protections. It must be 25%, 30% of Protections. So, Good Penetration. Ending with Mantle of Discord. As Zeus don’t have escape and a good Movement. Besides that gives CR; Protetions… If you are low on HP, stun enemies and immunity to CC; to out or strike back your Opponent. This is my Zeus’ Build. Some items can be used. Soul Reaver, whatever. When i depend it (Soul Reaver) at some match But is it. Leave on the comments your Build. See ya on – 6 P.M. (-3 UTC) Happening Skins Giveaways!

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  1. Serious,eu testei no treinamento a lança do sabio.deu mais dano que o obsidiania..porem vc pode RSP,mais o ra n tem defesa,concordo não tem..mais em uma conquista praticamente só dois personagens terá,e como vcs fara mid,o mid não terá defesa,igualmente o ra do treino..então lhe pergunto o obsidiania e o item mais forte de penetração para quem tem defesa?ou para todos?pq no treino a lança do sábio deu mais dano…abraç no seu canal…

  2. Serious, faz uma de Chang'e! Eu peguei ela pra jogar recentemente e gostei bastante. Minha build pra ela ficou essa:

    Sapatos do Foco, Cajado do Feiticeiro, Fragmento de Obsidiana (queria colocar a Gema das Almas mas… Né?), Bastão Asclépio, Livro dos Mortos e Cajado de Tot.

  3. Eu tava fazendo livro de toth,lança da desolação botinha roxa,cajado de feiticeiro um item de dano mágico dependendo da partida e cajado de toth

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