100 thoughts on “Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose (Official Music Video)”

  1. In the beginning Soundgarden was just another pretentious Seattle based trash music group, as you can hear in this awful, piece of crap song.

  2. Dammit, i love SG and Chris, one of the best rock singers EVER, but i hate the fact this song is a diss to Perry Farrell. In fact SG would have not gotten as big as they did without Jane's Addiction, like many, many bands in the 90s.

  3. The guy who looks and sings like this? Doesn't want any part of getting old or being some nostalgia band tour. None of that. They want to be cutting edge and new and fresh.

  4. To anyone who wants to try and play this song on drums, good luck with that. I've attempted time and time again, and JESUS, is it tough.

  5. Na not lo Creo! I don't believe it isn't close to Sepultura. Sepultura los melhores!!🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  6. I miss you Chris, May you Rest now In eternal Peace my brother! Thank you for your legacy and your beautiful art. Aloha homie! <3 🙂

  7. Rip Cornell👀💓Amgrlgrip33 Ga/Pa/N.J./Az Im pretyy sure Jesus Christ Is and was A Heyoka Mafia cop Timetraveller… ⌛loop⏳

  8. By Far the greatest Song Ever Written By My Husband Matt Cameron Love u Matt Cameron Husband!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😍🤩🤩😘😍

  9. i was a naive international undergrad early 90s. a CD mail club sends a list of albums to pick from.
    So i pick the CDs for Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath, Soundgarden-Badmotorfinger, Stone Temple Pilots-Core, RATM-RATM, Alice In Chains‎–Dirt and a few others.
    and things have never been the same afterwards…

  10. We all love ya, Chris. Rest in peace, buddy. : ( Thank you to the fans, as well, of course for keeping his spirit and music so alive too. ^^

  11. I saw these guys during the 1996 Olympics in Underground Atlanta! God I can’t describe how insane that was. Beautiful.

  12. Ammazza come spakkavano i SOUNDGARDEN!!! oggi questi miti sono solo nei ricordi felici di chi ha potuto ascoltarli o meglio vederli live …quando ancora il cuore, la rabbia, la potenza il sentimento, il GROOVE erano elementi fondanti della musica rock …oggi solo deserto!!!CLONIAMOLI!!!

  13. Never have I wanted to hug my pillow after urinating on a NUN then after listening to this song back in 1991. It has FULL spectrum of my feelings and emotions. It's the day i knew I would die a massive Soundgarden fan! RIP Chris.

  14. Thayil looks a lot like Jesus to me in this video. Uncanny. I am a Christian by the way, strong in the faith. I don't video this least bit troubling. I know exactly what message the authors are trying to send. What do you suppose the offering of the sand is representative of?

  15. some pain going on in this video. jesus didnt strugle as much as you think. the worst thing is having no one. the seperation on earth if no one likes us. if we feel no one likes us. how can we make a video blaming jesus, if we are hurting as a human? didnt we have freedom on earth? WHo messes us up? parents and their prescription drugs? neglect? when we get older we can escape. we cant stay in it when we are free now as adults

  16. What the fuck happened to music? In less then 2 decades we went from killer bands like: Sound Garden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, STP, Pearl Jam and so many more to absolute garbage. I'd rather listen to someone have explosive diarrhea than the music of today.

    This is one of the greatest songs, just fucking awesome!!!

    Thumbs up if you have the "Singles" soundtrack.

  17. First time I dropped acid at 15 I listened to this on repeat for about 4 hours. Literally staring at the ceiling letting this song completely consume me. The friend I was with was not amused however🤷

  18. don't be sad. chris did exactly what he wanted to do and fucking killed it along the way. oh. except for that audio slave shit. but any way… chris cornell forever!!! iisten to louder than love!

  19. Chris, unb Eli evable pop muzic. Talk about mistaken identity. Mocking My Guy is like saying your music is shit. When really " IT'S " "The Shit"…….so when you Come Home, keep that "Off My Wave"…Love Always….. never mind the pun.Cheers.

  20. For God so loved the World that he gave them squirrels that whoever should believe in them would give thanks for their comedy, trees and air to breath. But the people, in their ignorance rejected the squirrels and killed them, so they were condemned. i love Christ, Yeshua… if you reject the squirrels, and hate them, odds are, you know nothing about Christ and in fact are a demon yourself. Pardon me, i abhor the religion that is based on breaking every commandment of Yah.. including taking the Lords name in vain by pretending like we are him.. aint nobody here Christ, oh but they need the slaves, peaceful, quiet, never to be true or reasonable in the post truth world….. ahhhhhhh, what a voice

  21. El video es una copia a Sepultura. Falta de originalidad por parte de Soundgarden, aunque la canción es muy buena. Pero nunca hicieron buenos videoclips los soundgardens

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