Spinderella And Q Take The First Step Towards Healing | Love Goals | Oprah Winfrey Network

Spinderella And Q Take The First Step Towards Healing | Love Goals | Oprah Winfrey Network

My issues and
conflict is not here. My conflict is within myself,
and self-esteem, and rejection, because I was in a
group for a long time. You know, I just
don’t want to bring that heaviness to
something so light, and I don’t want to
bring that to him. Our goal is to be in love
and grow old with each other. [PIANO MUSIC] So I’m here to try to
figure that part out, make sure that we’re
still, you know, on the right– right path. I treasure him. I don’t want to hurt him. Even if he hurt me, I
don’t want to hurt him. That’s deep. Oh, that’s so sweet. Oh, that is so sweet. If you are not healthy
yourself, it is impossible– impossible– for you to be
in a healthy relationship. Because half of that
relationship is you. And we’re all constantly
works in progress. And the minute that
you think that you’re done, the minute your
relationship is going to have problems, because you
won’t be able to grow beyond where you are.

19 thoughts on “Spinderella And Q Take The First Step Towards Healing | Love Goals | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. How do you treasure him but not yourself Spinderella? Love You First… God Will Show You how to Love You

  2. He didn't reach out to hug her at all , even when she said she doesn't want to hurt him. She reached out for him but he didn't respond.

  3. Hmmmm! Is this a new OWN TV show that started in March 2020 or before? I hope the Sistah that is counseling is at least 35yrs. old with some real life experience and real experience when it comes to marriage/relationship between a man and woman. Already, I ain't liking that stank attitude look I see on the face of that light-skinned female wearing black and the braid hairdo.

  4. Omg spin you are that girls girl…get better probably miss her friends also..u can out grow people an move on..like the supremes commodores ect ect

  5. I already don't like this man. Not once did he show any type of emotion for DJ Spindarella. He didn't hug or kiss her. The least he could have did was hold her hand. He's trash!
    Throw him away 🚮.

  6. We only see the edited {cut/chopped} version of these shows.🤦🏿‍♀️ However, I appreciate/respect Spin for allowing herself to be open/vulnerable and honest in that moment…That was so sweet!💜👍🏿💯

  7. I hope everything works out 4 Spinderella and Q. 💕💘 And the fact that they R willing 2 talk 2 someone b 4 they get married shows how much they're commited 2 making it work.

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