100 thoughts on “Spirit Of Praise 3 feat. Solly Mahlangu – Siyabonga Jesu”

  1. Accept my Condolence, SPIRIT OF PRAISES of your Beloved and talented Singer MR. Sfiso Ncwane for his dead.
    i shal not forget his Inspirational Song… WHEN JESUS SAY YES, NOBODY CAN SAY NO..

  2. God bless you pastor and the choir crew, I don't understand the language but I felt the glory of God in the house. Great voices singing with passion and I must say I'm lifted through this song. I pray you'll make heaven cos the Angels need those voices. With love from Toronto Canada.

  3. O what a beautiful song so deeply rich. Am a Ghanaian and I can't stop falling in love with this great South Africans! I love it!! so sweet even though I don't understand it.

  4. Beautiful!! I enjoyed this so much. I am sitting far away in China but feel so close to home when I listen to this.

  5. Really want to go over there and worship with these wonderful people of an extraordinary land. Fall of 2018, I'm claiming it in Jesus Name, right now.

  6. Dios te bendiga mucho mi hermano tu cantas mejor y bien .Desde Guinea Ecuatorial África mis saludos.

  7. If we’ve lived long enough, we know this to be true…sometimes, life is hard. It doesn’t always go our way. Things don’t always work out in our timing. And often, it seems we get hit from all sides. Problems can leave us spinning, wondering why we didn’t see it coming.Days, months, even years can go by. We look back and wonder how it all went so fast, yet seemed so slow when we trudged through the difficulties. And though we might try our best to live our lives in a way that honors God, it doesn’t erase the fact that we live in a fallen world. We’re constantly face to face with so many battles – hardship, struggles, broken relationships, illness, and our own weaknesses too.
    In the midst of all that, we may sometimes feel like we’ve lost time, missed opportunities, or blown chances along the way. We may struggle with feeling as if we’ve walked through too many broken years of pain. Like God could never work through that stuff, it’s just too messy, or too difficult.
    But the good news is this: there’s still hope. For He alone is our Hope-giver.Restorer.Redeemer.Healer.Friend. https://goo.gl/0TnebN God is Able, to restore all that’s been stolen.He knows our way, He is close, and He’s working far beyond what we can fully see.
    There’s a new season up ahead, don’t give up. If we woke up this morning, then God’s not finished with us yet, there’s still good in store.
    He is Able.He is faithful.He is greater than anything we face in this life, and much bigger than our own brokenness or weakness.Keep moving forward in His grace and power. https://goo.gl/eo0iLM
    Intersecting Faith & Life: If you need God to redeem your time and restore the years the “locusts have eaten,” through the difficulties or hard circumstances you’ve faced, bring it before Him today. All of it. Ask Him for His power to work mightily through all you have faced, bringing good and renewed strength for this next season still in store. God alone brings hope, choose to focus on all the blessing that He can bring from the struggle. He is able to turn it around to work in your favor, and for His greater glory. https://goo.gl/0iLVNj

  8. I got lyrics, transcript of this song, very loving joyful noise to God. I love to see them in Indian languages… I love this and African worship…

  9. what a an awesome worship spirit….eventhough i couldn't manage the meaning of the song..the spirit of the song has touched me alot!….love you ma brothers and sisters in christ!

  10. salut à tous s'il vous plaît qui peux traduire ce chant pour moi, j'aime vraiment ce chant mais je ne comprends pas

  11. Who said the Kingdom is not sweet? Praises be unto our God. Jesus is King !!!! This song got me crying and felt the Spirit deeply. I don't understand the words but I understood the Spirit within.

  12. Very beautiful! Worshiping God is very good, and seeing in the voice of the African people is a shiver

  13. todos nos somos adorares nao importa a distancia toda e toda gloria seja dada a DEUS O GLORIA!!!!

  14. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I LOVE MY AFRICAN PEOPLE (even though I don't understand anything but I'm singing and I pronounce as I'm hearing and it's so joyful!) Big cheer and love from my homeland #HT🇭🇹

  15. I love Solly's gospel rhythm. God bless you for such great piece of work. May He continue blessing you with plenty vision into the future.

  16. Who never know JESUS can't understand what's going on here… Ohh Lord your Name shall be praise in all languages on 🌏 because You are beyond our resonances

  17. These people from south Africa are amazing, they are giving their best to the might God and those blessings from heaven flow to them and all over the world. I love you people

  18. I used to watch and dance to this song with my Rwandan friend at UCT back in 2011. Such a good song. It still gives me goosebumps even to this day! 2019 June 28

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