START YOUR DAY WITH JESUS | Listen To This Every Day – Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

Every day when you and I wake up we should be asking the Lord to give us direction for our life that day You don’t know who you’re gonna meet You don’t know whether you’re gonna get to your job or not. In other words. Are you living your life in Relationship to God are you seeking his will his purpose his plan for your life? Are you just living it out? And you call upon him when you feel like you really need him When something has reached beyond your capacity to handle God has the best will for every single one of us He has the best plan for us. He doesn’t keep it a secret You don’t have to do this that in order to find out what God wants you to do you need to ask him And be willing to do what he says First thing we always do in every situation is go to God I’ll say it over and over apart from him we can do nothing God always wants us to come to him in prayer and he’s always ready to help us and he’s always ready to do what we Cannot do he’s a miracle working God What cannot be overcome in prayer? What cannot be done by the hand of the Almighty He can take down the Iron Curtain in a day he can convert a nation in an hour Call upon him Believe him The bigger your problem the more time you need to spend with God I like to get my day started with time with God some people tell me that’s hard for them They’re not early-morning people to be honest Even if even if you start with two minutes at least before you do anything else say something to God because he is the most important person for you to talk to and I prefer that you do it before you ever get out of bed because no matter how much of a holy plan I have for myself Lord, help me But if you never ask God for direction in your life What you are saying by your conduct your attitude is I can do without him I don’t need his direction. I don’t need his help. I can make it without it when you live day after day without consulting with God asking Lord what’s your will What pleases you what honors you If I live day after day without asking that what I’m saying is I don’t need him Do you act like you don’t need him or do you act like you need him. The less time you think you have to spend with God the more time you need to spend With God and spending time with God may be something that you hear about all the time But for some reason it’s something that people have a very difficult time actually plugging into their schedule and really being committed to doing it on a Regular basis day after day after day after day how many of you would say that Satan really fights you hard About your time with God, he can find all kinds of other things for you to do So time with God is just what it is It’s just time with God and I don’t think it matters so much what you do with that time as it does that you honor Him by setting aside the time because in doing that you’re saying God I cannot do life right without you So I’m here to let you know that I need you and I need your help today and every single thing That I do When is the last time you said God What do you want me to do about this God what about my relationship to her or to him? God, what about my job? Lord What about where you want me to live? Lord what what about changing jobs? When is the last time you opened yourself up to Holy God, who knows everything and has your best interest at heart When is the last time you opened your heart to him and said Lord show me your will What would you have me to do there are many people who don’t think they need the will of God. They’re living their lives according to the way they want to live it, but they’re miserable and many people are miserable and will not turn to God Because they think they’re smart enough to figure it out It’s amazing to me Lord that every problem that we deal with the answer is in your word Every single one of them the word of God will work in your life if you will Do what it tells you to do. Study the word Don’t do it as an obligation Do it because you’re wise So would you say you live By the will of God in your life or have you decided that you can handle it on your own God has a plan and a will for your life He has the best plan and has a will that fits you perfectly your talents your abilities your skills Everything about you fits what God wants to do in your life you say well, but I’m not as skilled as other people Well I understand that and but but you are equipped for something that is God Did not leave you out you may feel like well sometimes What does my life count your life counts. Because remember this when Jesus died he had you in mined He had every single one of us in mined Let me ask you a question What’s the point of even getting out of bed if you’ve got to get out of bed and be upset all day I mean the answer is not to hide from life. It’s not to avoid our issues It’s to learn how to deal with things the way Jesus dealt with things Talk to him daily. Listen to him ask him for guidance because God in heaven is listening He wants to hear from us. There’s not a single aspect of your life, which you should just erase from your relationship to God We need him about everything you need him in your marriage with your children with your job All of us need him and to go day after day and not read his word Day after day and not ask him for direction and guidance in your life Is to say I don’t need him Holy God wants the best for you There’s nowhere in the scriptures that you can find that God doesn’t want the best for you He has a plan for your life It’s not the same plans as other people’s lives It’s different God doesn’t judge us by comparing us to other people You won’t be like someone else you ought to be like what God intended for you God loves you. He has a will and a plan for your life. You say well, I’m 50 years old. I just got saved What’s God’s will he takes you where you are and listen He knows how to overcome your past erase all the mistakes No But what he’ll do is enabled you to overcome the mistakes Enable you to get a different view on life to enable you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ that will amaze you Everybody makes mistakes, everybody’s sinned. Everybody has fallen at times about some things God wants the best for us listen through the last day of our life And God wants to be in the center of your life. He wants to be at the hub of your life He’s willing to give you guidance he’s willing to show you the truth, but you’ve got to surrender your life to him Do you think that God Would have a plan for your life that would just be horrible. No, he wouldn’t Doesn’t mean your plan His plan is always easy no there many people who go through very difficult things in life It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care. It doesn’t mean they’re out of God’s will You say well I’ve made mistakes So there’s no hope for me. Yes, there’s hope for you. You can’t get in a mess God can’t get you out of It may be painful, but he gets you through it God loves you, he knows why we make mistakes. No one can guild you like God can he knows everything about you. He knows the handicaps in your life. He knows the things that you’ve missed He knows the desires of your heart He knows that you don’t have what some other people have but he knows why he created you and he wants you to have a sense of fulfillment in life. He does not what you miserable He wants you to have a sense of fulfillment in life. You reflect him if you trust in him as your Savior God wants the best for you. God is not going to turn a death ear to you It doesn’t make any difference what you’ve done and the mess you’ve made of it Will he listen if you will cry out to him he will He hasn’t overlooked you He loves you doesn’t make a difference where you been what you’ve done what’s happened the mess he loves you just the same Listen, you cannot alter the love of God for yourself God will forgive you period He’s willing to take the mess you’ve made and turn it into something awesome if you are willing And sometimes you say well, I don’t deserve it Who of us deserves anything if you wonder what he’ll do for you first of all, look at the cross That’s how much he loves you that’s what he’s done for you first of all he died in order that You may have life and have it more abundantly He died in order to be able to forgive you for the messes you’ve made in your life He died in order to make it possible to give you a new beginning and a new hope You have an opportunity for God to change your life starting today

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