Story Rich Detail – Asian Deities: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

Story Rich Detail – Asian Deities: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

Alright guys. You have six hours
to tattoo an Asian deity. Your time starts now. – All right.
– Let’s go. – Let’s do this.
– Get it. – In this challenge, everybody
has to tattoo an Asian deity. – This is gonna
be so bad-ass, man. Look at it. It’s so dope. – When you’re tattooing subject
matter like this, there’s a lot of details that go with each deity
that tell their story. Those details have to be
right, or the tattoo will not
be recognizable. – I’d say it’s great. – It’s getting down
to the wire. We only have five shops left. At this point,
it’s anybody’s game. – Okay, man.
You ready? – Let’s go. ♪ ♪ – I’m trying to figure out,
coloring-wise, are we gonna go more
traditional? – Yeah, for sure.
I’m cool with it. Going into this tattoo,
I feel confident. I’m super familiar with
a lot of Asian deities. Agyo is awesome, but there is no reference
outside of a few statues of him
in Japan. When I looked up pictures,
he had kind of brownish-red. We’re having to draw
from scratch, just hoping that we’re
hitting all these points. I feel really nervous. There is very
few competitors left. – What’s happening? – Looks like a mask on this one.
– Yeah. – Whose idea was it to switch
from a god to a mask? When we looked it up, they said he was just
represented as a samurai. – It’s tricky to do a mask
on a day when you need the whole god. – I mean, I agree. It needs more. Once again,
we’re playing it way too safe, and we need to be able
to show them who this is. Look up those banners again. – Three hours left.
Switch it up. ♪ ♪ – I think we should try
to include that somehow. This deity’s name literally
translates to “eight banners,” and this tattoo needs
to look like the deity. So it has to have these banners. – I still think
it’s an afterthought, but–
– We have the time. – I don’t know, man.
I still think it’s super risky. We go home if
that’s not finished. – Well, we might go home
if it’s not in there at all. – Whatever you want to do,
’cause I don’t– we end up doing that anyway. I mean,
that clock never stops ticking. And now, Noelin wants to
double the size of the tattoo. If this doesn’t work,
it’s on him. – I think this is great.
– Yeah. – The layout, beautiful,
it’s simple. – I used the same goofy anatomy
as far as drawing those. – That’s his beauty. He’s supposed to be pleasant
and jolly. I love that.
– I know. The pressure of the
competition is so high. And it’s definitely
getting to some people. I mean, Basilica’s
doing the samurai warrior. I just learned what
a deity is, and 100% the definition is
not just a samurai warrior. Traditional Japanese?
– Yeah. – Black Cobra needs
to worry about going home. For a sun goddess? This back moon in
the background definitely isn’t
hitting the challenge. – If backwards hands
don’t get you sent home, I don’t know
what will send you home. – How’s it going?
– Going good. There’s a pretty hilarious
thing in one of the tattoos. Let’s see if you spot it. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. You tell me what you think. I’m gonna do a pose
really quick. This.
You’ll see it. ♪ ♪ – What’s going on over here? – This is a scary one.
– Scary? – We discovered the challenges of this piece as we
were looking for reference. There’s only statues. – That’s the reference. – [sighs] – What’s going on?
– Uh-oh. The judges are here to judge. – Oh.
– Oh, boy. Holy crap. – That’s crazy. – Aw, that poor canvas. – Too late now. [laughs] – Make sure it lines
down on his ankle, too. – Yeah.
What you guys doing? – He’s the God of Eight Banners,
so we’re adding these banners. – Oh. – Yeah, that’s cool. I came into this competition to be able to show
the world what I can do. Growing up, I was
kind of always the outcast. Drawing was kind of my escape. – These might not be too bad, because they are super simple. – We’ll definitely
win the competition. It’s just a matter of how we’re
gonna win this competition. – Whew. If we pull it off,
we’ll be all right. – Okay, you’re doing great,
buddy. – Sometimes it’s, like,
involuntary, you know? When you, like– – No, I know.
I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. As long as you know,
as long as you’re like, “No matter what, I’ll [bleep]
get through it,” yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s tough.
There’s a lot on the line. And we’ve been here
a long-ass time, dude. And it’s coming to an end. We are exhausted
from this competition. We’ve been through
ups and downs, but I’m actually
kind of used to it. I’ve had so many problems
in life that I’ve overcome. I started smoking cigarettes
when I was nine years old. That just progressed
into pills, to heroin, to crack cocaine. Got thrown in jail. Jail was the best thing
that ever happened to me. Sobered me up. I changed
my life for the better, and it’s been uphill climb
ever since. – [growls] – Five, four, three, two, one. Time is up.
Machines down. No more ink. – [exhales sharply] – Killed it.
– That’s awesome. That’s so awesome. Yeah, he’s super cool. – I feel strongly like
this is a winner. Cool. – Dare I say bulletproof? – I think bulletproof
is appropriate. – I think it’s bad-ass. – Hey, guys. – How do y’all
feel like y’all did? – Awesome.
– Good, yeah. – What are y’all gonna
do about those backwards thumbs? – That’s how he holds his hands. Every single depiction,
his palms in. – Yeah, but see how
yours are in the front? – They’re goofy-ass hands. – Intentionally goofy? – Yeah, it’s a goofy-ass
fat dude. – With thumbs on the
wrong sides of his hands? That was intentional? – It’s an illustration
of a fictional character. – Cleen, I know that you’re very
charming, and I hope you can charm the judges into believing
why your hand is backwards. All right, bye, y’all.
Bye, bye. – Bye.
Look at this asshole. – Look, you’re–it’s right.
You did it right. – You totally–we should’ve
just used you as a reference. – See y’all later.

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  9. Lots of these comments are calling Katie unprofessional but isn’t it unprofessional on Cleen’s behalf for not seeing such an obvious mistake? All these hate comments have an unpleasant undertone of misogyny. Cleen fucked up, Cleen needs to pay more attention to his references instead of just tracing them straight on the subject without making sure all the details are there. It was a small mistake but it’s a pretty fucking permanent and blatant one too.

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