Street Noise (a corona-poem) spoken word poetry

Street Noise (a corona-poem) spoken word poetry

There’s a busy street behind my house I can’t see it the HOA built a wall just high enough so that we can pretend it’s not there but I can hear it I’ve heard it every single day that I’ve lived here as constant as the sunrise the rumble of trucks hauling their precious cargo the cry of sirens grieving over emergencies the roar of motorcycles boasting about their horsepower and the familiar din of engines just… propelling people to work radiating the steam of sweat belting out songs in the key of stress congregating errands into a concerto of… vrooms an auto-motopoeia a perpetual auto-promenade between the lanes painted on the pavement that plays out a lot like… star-crossed lovers moving to and fro in the rhythm of the stop lights when we were considering buying this place we put “street noise” at the top of the “cons” column like babe, I’m not sure if I can bear to hear that every day but the property had a lot of “pros” too so we chose to just learn to deal with it The noise is a lot less these days those poor vrooms disassociated by social distancing they sound a lot more like lonesome solos than a symphony I wake up every morning hoping I can still hear something because if I don’t if the engines run dry if the mufflers become exhausted if the batteries die and the tires retire from the tango if the whooshes can no longer as much as whisper if that street succumbs to silence I’m not sure I can bear to hear what’s next

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  1. I love it! You always evoke such vivid visuals with your words. Poetry can show us a truth hidden in and between the lines.

    I've been inspired to write more poetry lately and will share my latest with you here.

    Trust in the statistics
    Put out by the CDC.
    It's not like they would profit
    From injecting you and me.

    The government would never lie.
    Their love will guide our fates.
    They're really here to help us all
    Just like our friend Bill Gates.

    They had that event 201
    To make sure we're prepared.
    It wasn't about censorship
    Or making people scared.

    They will keep you safe,
    Protect you like a child.
    Of course, you'll lose your freedom
    They can't have you running wild.

    And please ignore that article
    By shady practice nurses
    Who said the numbers are made up
    To pad Big Pharma's purses.

    So if you fear corona
    Well, just ask for the vaccine.
    Beg for martial law
    And impose a self-quarantine

    Or maybe Problems they create,
    Are made so we React
    And ask for their Solution
    Which is really an attack.

    Plannedemic propaganda
    Purpose-built for just one thing:
    Perpetuating fear inside
    Of every human being.

    It's time to take charge of your health
    And boost your own immune.
    The system's going down,
    And it's not one lick too soon.

    Get some sun and eat good food
    And laugh with those you love
    Take some time to sit and breathe
    And thank the stars above

    Cuz' grattitude's the attitude
    That keeps you feeling fine.
    Ignore the fear. Turn off the news.
    Remember, you're divine.

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