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The Iron Lord stepped forward, dragged a Solar
sword from the air, and thrust it at Shaxx. The Warlord turned his stance sideways as
the burning blade sang past his helm, ducked the horizontal cut that followed, and stepped
back as Felwinter drove the blade into the stone floor. The chamber erupted with ethereal fire and
Solar Light— Shaxx’s backfist took Felwinter’s head
from his shoulders in a shower of sparks. The Iron Lord’s Light died with his crumpling
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this latest destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
Bungie released these lore snippets on and basically one of the lore pieces is about
Shaxx during the Dark Age as a warlord… and it has literally become one of my favorite
stories, immediately! So, the entry is called Remembrance and begins
with Efrideet, Saladin and Felwinter trying to convince Shaxx to relinquish his title
of Warlord, join the Iron Lords, and give up the territory he holds; which at the center
point lies his castle. If you are not familiar with the Dark Age,
apparently there were many castles, and Warlords, like kings, would occupy them and the surrounding
territory. So, Efrideet, Saladin and Felwinter want Shaxx
to join them and give up his Warlord territory, Shaxx refuses, and so Felwinter challenges
him to a one-v-one. The idea being, if Felwinter wins, then Shaxx
will join them. The lore entry reads, “Warlord Shaxx accepts my challenge,”
Felwinter said, summarizing its contents. “He advises us to enter from the south wall,
which has been destroyed. The front door…” He picked up the paper and scrutinized it
again. “Is undergoing weatherproof.” “This is your plan?” Efrideet said, with some skepticism. “How did he get this to you?” “His Ghost brought it.” “Your plan is Ill-advised,” Saladin said. “And a waste of time.” “No one’s beat Shaxx in a fight. Iron Lords or Warlords,” Efrideet continued. “Much less take territory from him.” Now, it seems like Shaxx is the bad guy in
this situation, he is a Warlord right, but what this entry shows is how grey the situation
is. The Iron Lords believe they need to take Shaxx’s
castle by force, in order to ensure there are no more warlords and the surrounding people
are freed. The Iron lords also argue that neighboring
Warlords will fight over the territory and so non-guardians are at risk of warlord conflict. Basically, the Iron lords want all guardians
to sit under one banner, with no warlords and no territories to fight over. Oppositely, Shaxx argues that he protects
and cares for his people, he does not control them, or rule them, he is their protector,
he also claims that the Iron lords also cause collateral damage, and therefore is happy
to stay right were he is. Felwinter believes if he can challenge Shaxx
to a duel, they can avoid civilian casualties because Radegast has planned a frontal assault
on Shaxx’s castle if he refuses to join the Iron lords. Have a listen,
Efrideet tapped the table with her fingers, and Saladin stared into the polished surface. “Unless either of you has a better idea? We’re running out of time.” Saladin shook his head. “It’s true. Radegast wants to launch a frontal assault. Entire Lord fireteams.” Efrideet’s eyes narrowed under her helm. “He wouldn’t. There’s almost a hundred people in that
castle.” “Shaxx is holding those people hostage.” “They stay with him willingly,” Felwinter
replied. “The Warlords might pull the trigger. But Radegast wouldn’t,” Efrideet repeated. “Have you seen Radegast lately? He’s tired of the wars. No one’s been at it longer.” “That’s no excuse. We came under him to end the infighting.” Felwinter stood. “Then let me do my part for the cause.” So, Felwinter, Efideet and Saladin approach
Shaxx’s castle in preparation for the duel. Felwinter attempts one more time to convince
Shaxx to join the Iron Lords. Like I said previously, Shaxx claims that
the people are under his protection, and in fact, while they are having this conversation,
Shaxx is actually preparing the castle for the winter so the Ghostless do not die from
the cold. He furthers his point that the Iron Lords
cannot be trusted, or specifically, Felwinter cannot be trusted because he broke the Iron
Decree. The Iron Decree disallows the Iron Lords from
final-deaths, i.e. killing a guardian and then targeting their ghost. Of course, we know that Felwinter killed Citan,
another warlord. Now this was actually a secret, because Efrideet
is surprised by the news, so Efrideet wasn’t aware that Felwinter had broken the Iron Decree
by killing Citan. Eventually, Shaxx becomes frustrated with
the conversation and requests that they start the duel as agreed upon. Have a listen to this! “Perhaps I’m not being clear. I’m not going anywhere, and you lot aren’t
coming in. As long as I hold this territory, there will
be no collateral damage from turf wars inside our borders. Iron Lords and Warlords be damned.” “Your south wall says otherwise.” “And you’re starting to piss me off. Are you here to duel or whine?” Felwinter guessed that Shaxx now stood a little
more than three feet from him. The Iron Lord stepped forward, dragged a Solar
sword from the air, and thrust it at Shaxx. The Warlord turned his stance sideways as
the burning blade sang past his helm, ducked the horizontal cut that followed, and stepped
back as Felwinter drove the blade into the stone floor. The chamber erupted with ethereal fire and
Solar Light— Shaxx’s backfist took Felwinter’s head
from his shoulders in a shower of sparks. The Iron Lord’s Light died with his crumpling
form. Shaxx just literally knocked Felwinter’s
head clean off his shoulders… and he did it with a back hand! Lol. So, Efrideet and Saladin leave the castle
but Felwinter is convinced he can beat Shaxx and claim the territory. He wants to go round 2. The iron lords are convinced that neighboring
Warlords will attack Shaxx and therefore there will be civilian casualties, which is why
Radegast, leader of the Iron lords wants to launch a full frontal assault on Shaxx’s
castle and dethrone him, believing that less people would suffer at the hands of an Iron
lord assault, rather than a warlord assault. As you can see… this is a pretty big commentary
on War and the reasons we go to war in our own society. Saladin and Efrideet are reluctant to give
Felwinter and second chance, as they have been told there is a Fallen uprising, which
is likely the beginning stages of the Battle of Six fronts. Regardless, they agree to Felwinter have a
second shot at Shaxx, have a listen. Saladin looked up at a trio of circling carrion
birds as they walked. “There is no plan. We’ll quell this Devil uprising, then strategize
a frontal assault with the full force of the Iron Lords behind it. Hopefully Felwinter keeps Shaxx busy until
then.” Efrideet shook her head. “People will die.” “If the Warlords attack him first, it’ll
be catastrophic. Shaxx forced our hand.” So, Felwinter returns to Shaxx for round 2,
however, Shaxx declines the duel saying that they must prepare for the approaching storm
and that he needs to use his light to keep the people within the castle warm. It is actually really cool to see the light
used in this way, have a listen, “No amount of Golden Age polymer can repair
this wall before that storm rolls in.” “No,” Shaxx agreed. “My Light will be the wall.” “A Ward of Dawn? Your people will freeze. A Well of Radiance is what you need. My Light will be the wall.” “You think my Hammer of Sol wouldn’t burn
bright enough to last the storm?” “Of course it would. And you’d set this castle ablaze. Leave it to me.” “I leave my people to no one. But if you’re seeking shelter, you’re
free to stay.” So, Felwinter and Shaxx postpone their duel
in order keep the people within the castle safe from the elements of the storm. Once the storm has passed, Shaxx grants Felwinter
his second duel. Have a listen, So Felwinter challenged again. Shaxx accepted. Iron Lord met Warlord at the backfield beyond
the shattered south wall. Felwinter aimed a palmstrike at Shaxx’s
center of mass. The Warlord slipped sideways, narrowly avoiding
the burst of Void Light that blossomed forth, and cracked a backfist into Felwinter’s
skull, sending him sprawling backwards. Felwinter struggled to a knee, then to his
feet, his long coat flowing around him. A fissure of sparks sprayed from his skull. “How many Warlords have challenged you?” he asked. “I lost count a century ago,” Shaxx replied. He stayed in his sideways stance, waiting
for the Exo to make a move. “I will never stop. Never rest,” Felwinter said. “And the Warlords are just like me. They refuse to end each other, not because
of a code, or an Iron Decree. Because they’re afraid to die. And they will plague this world forever.” Felwinter raised his arms in a striking position. “How many of us will you fight?” “As many as I need to.” Shaxx closed the distance, slipping past the
Exo’s guard and snapped the back of his fist into Felwinter’s temple, which promptly
shattered. Yeah…. Felwinter got his temple cracked this time. BUT it seems like Felwinter doesn’t learn,
he challenges Shaxx for a third time, remember that, even though Felwinter wants to win,
he is also buying time for the Iron lords to finish up with the fallen, so they can
then assault Shaxx’s castle if Felwinter fails. So… have a listen to round 3. The skies were clear, so Felwinter challenged
again the day after. Shaxx accepted. They met on the backfield. “How long will your people last out here?” Felwinter asked. “Longer than you,” Shaxx replied. It was true. A flying knee separated the Iron Lord from
his head within seconds of a short melee. After getting absolutely whooped by Shaxx
for the third time, Felwinter is revived and instantly starts to try and convince Shaxx
with his words rather than fists. The entry reads, “How long do you expect your people to stay? They will not survive the winter.” “I’ll find a way.” “You have a way. If you won’t join the Iron Lords, let us
help you.” “Your wars have left my people homeless. And worse. They would never trust you.” “If you asked them to, perhaps they would. You’re the king.” “I’m no king.” “Prove it.” “I have nothing to prove to you.” “Prove it to them.” Following this, the Iron lords finish their
campaign against the Fallen and begin to journey to Shaxx’s castle. Time is up. On the approach to Shaxx’s castle, the Iron
lords encounter and band of warlords that also appear to want to take Shaxx’s castle. Now, it is not super clear what happens next…
but it seems like either through intimidation or through a short skirmish, the warlords
actually retreat and do not try and take Shaxx’s castle. This, I believe, seems to be the tipping point
for Shaxx. It doesn’t specifically say, but it seems
that Shaxx was thankful for the Iron Lords showing up and scaring the neighbouring Warlords
away therefore avoiding any conflict. The next scene implies that Shaxx allows the
Iron lords to assist him in evacuating the people of his territory. They are evacuated to Vostok Observatory. However, what happens next is really interesting,
we get the moment where Shaxx denies the title Iron Lord and we assume just becomes Lord
shaxx, symbolising his past as a warlord but also his grievances with the Iron Lords. I think this is confirmation that Shaxx didn’t
official join the Iron Lords, but he did accept their help. Have a listen,
Saladin and Shaxx stood in silence as the other Lords began their march up the path. “Hello,” said Saladin. “Hello,” Shaxx said. They shook hands. “Iron Lord Shaxx?” “No.” Shaxx does not accept the title of Iron Lord. Now, the final crazy thing about this story
and people who left this video early are going to miss out! After evacuating Shaxx’s people, the Iron
lords discover a Seraph bunker underneath Shaxx’s castle! Now, a side note, there is some more lore
after this, but I need another video and more time to research it… but basically, I do
not trust Felwinter! Ok, have a listen to this bunker underneath
Shaxx’s castle. A holographic blueprint of Shaxx’s castle
hung in the air. “It will take some time to breach the security
codes,” the Exo said, indicating an underground extension a mile under the fortification. “But this is it. One of several across the Earth. Perhaps across other worlds. Some are tied to more important systems than
others. All Golden Age. Some hide weapons. Armor. Nanites.” “What is it?” Saladin asked. “A Seraph Bunker. Rasputin tech.” Dammm… seriously, that was an amazing piece
of lore. I hoped you enjoyed it, and with that, that
concludes this latest Destiny 2 lore episode, if you would like to support the channel and
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