The Blue Wizards Lore – Lord of the Rings Explored

The Blue Wizards Lore – Lord of the Rings Explored

The mysteries and unfinished Tales in the
Lord of the Rings Mythos, are among the most fascinating parts of the Lore. The Blue Wizards, their quest and their fate
are one such intriguing mystery. Hello friends, It’s Karl here and in today’s
video we’ll explore their history and speculate on what became of them! The 5 wizards were Maiar spirits that were
sent to Middle-Earth by the Valar, who were powerful angelic-like beings. Orome, the Valar of the Hunt, chose Alatar,
to go the Middle-Earth, and Alatar asked friend , Pallando to join him on this mission. Together these two became known as the blue
wizards. Now when they were sent to Middle-Earth is
debatable In the Unfinished Tales we’re told that the five wizards arrived together
in the year 1000 of the third age, however in Tolkien’s later writings, those found
in the Peoples of Middle-Earth, Tolkien says that “The ‘other two’ came much earlier,
at the same time probably as Glorfindel, when matters became very dangerous in the Second
Age.”. This would mean that they arrived around the
year 1600 of the second age, almost 2400 years before the other Wizards. The 5 wizards were sent to guide the people
of Middle-Earth and rally them against Sauron. Gandalf, Saruman and Radagast seemed to mainly
focus on the Western regions of Middle-Earth, while the blue wizards were sent to the Eastern
Lands, Lands in which Sauron had a strong hold and influence. Tolkien wrote that “Their task was to circumvent
Sauron: to bring help to the few tribes of Men that rebelled from Melkor-worship, to
stir up rebellion… and after his first fall to search out his hiding (in which they failed)
and to cause dissention and disarray among the dark East” Their task seems to have
been more aggressive than the other wizards, which is interesting considering their link
to Orome, who was the huntsman of the Valar. In the letters of Tolkien, letter 211, Tolkien
wrote “I think they went as emissaries to distant regions, East and South, far out of
Númenórean range: missionaries to ‘enemy-occupied’ lands as it were. “ I wondered whether this implied that the
two wizards went on their own separate way, one focusing on the eastern lands, while the
other focusing on the southern ones, however I feel it’s more likely that they simple
journeyed together throughout both of these regions, firstly because the two seemed to
be paired from the start when Alatar asked for a friend to join him, and secondly when
Tolkien discusses their potential fate later on, they’re grouped together, which would
seem like an odd co incidence if they were working in separate lands and did not have
close contact with one another. Now regarding whether they were successful
in their mission or not is uncertain, though Tolkien seems to imply that they failed in
several of his writings. In the unfinished tales he wrote that “indeed
of all the Istari, one only remained faithful” and in a letter of his he wrote that “Gandalf
alone fully passes the tests, on a moral plane anyway… The ‘wizards’, as such, had failed;”
He also spoke specifically about the blue wizards’ failure in letter 211, where he
said “What success they had I do not know; but I fear that they failed, as Saruman did,
though doubtless in different ways; and I suspect they were founders or beginners of
secret cults and ‘magic’ traditions that outlasted the fall of Sauron.” Despite all of this, in the final volume of
the History of Middle-Earth, Tolkien wrote a note towards the end of his life that seems
to suggest that the blue wizards’ work in the east was crucial in the victory of the
Forces of the West against Sauron, both during the Last Alliance and during the War of the
Ring. He states “They must have had very great
influence on the history of the Second Age and Third Age in weakening and disarraying
the forces of East … who would both in the Second Age and Third Age otherwise have … outnumbered
the West.” In this same writing he mentions that they
were given other names, Morinehtar which means Darkness-slayer and Romestamo which meant
East-helper. Now these two accounts might seem like they
contradict or are in conflict with one another, yet I think they actually work quite well
together. This is just my own speculation just to be
clear, but I like to believe that the wizards were at first successful and managed to turn
some of these Men away from worshipping Morgoth and their loyalty to Sauron, and yet with
time these Men of the East started to worship the blue wizards instead, and the wizards
drifted away from the west, forgetting or ignoring that they were sent to assist the
people of Middle-Earth through wisdom and encouragement and instead resorting to impressing
them with magic and starting these cults around them. I wonder if they survived till the fourth
age, or if they perished earlier. It seems that the blue wizards were somewhat
of a secret, as in the Peoples of Middle-Earth Tolkien says “ The other two wizards i.e.,
the Blue Wizards are only known to have existed by Saruman, Gandalf and Radagast, and Saruman
in his wrath mentioning five was letting out a piece of private information”
Now the blue wizards were not named after some colour tier or standing in the Istari
order, but simply because they were clad in sea-blue robes. Tolkien actually had an extra volume planned
were he would have explored more details about the blue wizards, along with other factions
such as the wainriders and Haradrim, however he had passed away before he managed to work
on it. Anyway friends this wraps up the video, and
I’d like to hear your thoughts on the fate of the blue wizards, whether they truly succeeded
in their mission, or if they fell and were responsible for the magic cults that Tolkien
mentioned. As always if you enjoyed this video drop a
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together we’ll once again explore the magical world and lore of Middle-Earth!

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  1. Hope you enjoy the video guys, at 20K I'll be making some announcements and talking about new features that I plan to implement on this channel soon! I'll also be doing a Q and A video in the near future, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask you can either leave them as a reply here, or in the official video once it's out! If you can leave any feedback (particularly on the use of the video clips in this video) I'd appreciate it, as I'm considering doing something similar in my future videos! Hope you're having some awesome holidays, and I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

  2. My guess as to why there are supposedly contradictory accounts from Tolkien is that he probably hadn't figured everything out as he wanted. When you're creating a legendarium as large and vast as Tolkien did, you're going to have missteps in terms of where some of your characters go and the timelines.

  3. One Blue wizard settled in Rhun and led the people there as best as he could away from Sauron. The other settled in upper Khand and was likewise trying to lead the horsemen there away from Sauron's influence. Pallando in Rhun soon felt that his lessons were falling on deaf ears, and that there was a new power in the south that had joined with Sauron. Alatar, who was originally sent to contend the will of Sauron ultimately fell to it, and renamed himself Alatar the Red, and under tutelage of Sauron himself learned dark magics that before were unknown to him. Pallando was at one time Alatar's friend, but upon hearing rumors in the south of this Red Wizard he began to wonder as to who he actually was. This was made clear to him as Alatar eventually came to Rhun to speak with his former friend, in hopes of having him submit under him and Sauron or to destroy Pallando if nothing else. Pallando now realizing his plight sent word to his closest allies in Dorwinion, in order to aid his escape. Alatar pinned Pallando against the shores of the sea of Rhun and there attempted to subdue him. Unbeknownst to him though Pallando's message had reached Dorwinion and a water craft was fast approaching. Pallado using his innate talents conjured a thick mist to envelope them and the surrounding area, before walking into it and upon it out over the water and onto the awaiting boat. It was that day Pallando escaped to Dorwinion, but still planned to return to Rhun to gather a resistance. Upon returning however he found that the Red Wizard had already left too deep a mark in Pallando's home away from home, amd without some sort of plan or asistance everything he had worked for concerning these people would be lost. Alatar though percieving Pallando's return stationed a sect of sorcerers in Rhun that were loyal to him in Khand. They have been taught dark magics and with the knowledge given to them previously by Pallando in good faith they rallied against the only remaining Blue Wizard and drove him east into the wilds of Hildorien over the Orocarni. It was here that Pallando, against all odds, made contact with the long lost Hildorien Elves, long estranged from their kin and the western world. Still as uncorrupted elves they were good of heart and evetually agreed with Pallando that it was their time to fight for middle earth before taking their leave of it (the Hildorien elves were beginning to feel weary of the world with little explanation among them as to why) When Pallando came and shed light on the events in the west they now knew their remaining purpose here in middle earth before they must diminish. It was this army of elves led by Pallando into Khand that attacked the Red Wizard's strongholds and armies, drawing them back from the west at the time of the battle of pelenor fields. By occupying Khand and staying the Red Wizard's hand Pallando played a great part in preventing him moving against Gondor and destroying Minas Tirith. Pallando had also heard word of the Rhunic peoples moving against Erebor, amd sent word first to those in Dorwinion to assist in possibly delaying the approach of the Easterlings upon the Lonely Mountain. After their defeat at Erebor however, there was a massive void now to fill in Rhun for it had lost nearly all of its military strength and leaders. Pallando then moved back into Rhun and now confronted the remaining sect of sorcerers. Seeing as how Alatar was now subdued in the south, the sorcerers realized their plight and bargained with Pallando to be spared. The Blue Wizard granted their wish but in turn cast them out into the northern wilds, that vast cold and harsh plane, for Eru to judge. None of the sorcerers were heard from again. Alatar was later killed by a Khandish serving woman, through the means of poisoned food. Alatar's last words famously were, "Alas I have wronged Illuvatar, and now he cuts my heart off from Himself". Alatar's last breath left his body, and it turned to dust immediately and was blown away by a strong wind. His spirit was never seen leaving his flesh. Pallando continued to advise in Rhun, but never to lead, and eventually settled in Dorwinion among his loyal hobbit friends and their beautiful vineyards (The "men of Dorwinion" was just a rumor Pallando had started to further protect his innocent hobbit friends… plus they made great wine that he often enjoyed). He remained in Dorwinion until one day the hobbits there claimed "he just kind of faded away" until nothing was left of him except pleasant memories of his goodness…This is the history of the Blue Wizards (a light version) according to my Adventures in Middle Earth DnD campaign im running, so yes although not canon, it is now canon in my mind since I made it lol 🙂

  4. We heard about the strange WERE-WORMS and other strange creatures from the east that never showed up in LOTR, so maybe they did succeed and accomplish some grand unknown task. We can only hope.

  5. I just found your site yesterday and have enjoyed the several videos I've seen so far. I didn't see one on the Valar, though. Are you considering one on them? I haven't read the Silmarillion in probably 40 years, and ironically never finished the Unfinished Tales, so I'm very rusty on the lore.

  6. One of my LotRO characters is called Oerick. His backstory is that he was Alatar, that he and Pallando travelled into the East where they slipped into darkness. However, Alatar realized what was happening to him, and tried to turn their course back, but Pallando turned on him and falling completely into darkness, struck Alatar down. But, Alatar did not die, but instead wandered into the mountains with no memory and no power. Found by northmen, he was renamed, and helped back to health until he could return to the world. Passing south through Dale, and eventually to Breeland, he started the campaign of the game. My intent was to play him through a character arc where he rediscovers his true nature (no doubt Gandalf recognized him when they met in Bree).

  7. My opinion has always been that they remained true to what was right like Radagast. However as Radagast failed to keep true to his mission, they probably did as well, maybe focusing too mush on the task they chose rather than the final goal. Same as Radagast focusing on saving Animals and ignoring the fight with Sauron, or Saruman focusing on giving aid in wisdom and setting up shop in Isengard.
    With that perspective as they went from place to place cults would start up because when you turn people from worshiping Sharon, and do nothing else the people will need a new philosophy and will start one of their own.
    I don’t think the two turned to evil or encouraged others to do so, I think they just spent too much time subverting Sauron’s hold, and hiding from retaliation to ever finish the job.

  8. I would like to think of them similar to gandalf in the way he felt about hobbits. perhaps found populations enslaved by easterling tribes like the haradrim, and perhaps lead slave uprisings and rebellions after their hearts were broken by the suffering of those in the east who did not worship melkor. instead of fulfilling their mission by rallying their new freed peoples as an army to travel to middle earth. they chose to instead to watch over and protect these people they had grown to love. thus they failed their divine mission, and were denied paradise, instead choosing the east as their paradise…either that or perhaps a black numenorian like the mouth of sauron or even sauron himself caused one to turn. evil like saruman, and a division amongst them was caused, resulting in a separating of the two, and eventually they "earned their new names" as individuals but eventually ally their two hosts to significantly reduce the number of haradrim and pirates heading to minas tirith. just spit balling here anyone here got any theory's?

  9. I wonder if one of the blue wizards had indeed remained faithful while the other fell to darkness.. I guess we'll never know

  10. I'll never forget exactly where I was & what I was doing while reading the LOTR books ,I was turned on to the book from the kennel master at Lackland AFB In 1967 after my 1st combat tour in Vietnam ,he gifted me LOTR to take with me as I redeployed for my 2nd and 3rd combat tour ,I was half way finished reading at firebase Camp Phu Bai when the Tet offensive kicked off .

  11. I'm thinking that either one of them has devoted himself towards fulfilling their mission and helping the communities, protecting them (possibly from the other Blue Wizard) then the other fed his obsession with Magic and made a cult that conflicts with the Eastern people. That is what plays on my mind. And maybe one would aid Gandalf towards keeping people safe and, the other (possibly the Cult Leader) sided with Sauron.

    There might have been a civil unrest that happened, possibly The Blue Wizard's Cult with the support of Sauron and his army have won and destroyed the communities led by the other Blue Wizard. Then the Cult leader with his obsession with magic have gone so greedy he wanted to have the whole army for himself and challenged Sauron and then ended up defeated. Those are my theories for what happened to these Blue Wizards due to Tolkien said in a letter that they have failed.

  12. I'd like to believe that they weren't complete failures, or completely corrupted, but that's like Radagast the Brown, they lost their way a little bit and had a limited but important impact.

  13. Would it be also equally possible that they fell to the dark temptation too just as saruman did? Since there is no assurance that they stayed "good"

  14. Think if they spent centuries breeding water creatures (the way Morgoth and Sauron did the dragons, trolls, orcs, and Fell Beasts) with the intention of scouring the Anduin to look for the One Ring. Huge numbers of enthralled human followers participating, enormous sacrifices, enormous suffering on the part of the creatures, increasingly brutal methods as they become more determined, then impatient, then ruthless. Then after all that, they're ready, and just as they're about to come West and have their new ring-hunters swim around from the south and then up the river, they get the word (or even feel) that the Ring is destroyed.

  15. They succeeded, but stayed because they were actually lovers. They were two blue gay wizards – signed, J.K. Rowling

  16. Tolkien’s letters regarding his works really are interesting. Tolkien speaks about Arda like he was there the whole time, or that he is just speculating based on things he knows alone.

  17. LOTRO was beautiful when it was launched and loads of people are still playing it but hundreds of people is not enough for a success story.
    LOTRO licensing needs to now pass onto another great developer team! I would suggest those people who created Diablo II and those who originally wrote for and originally work on Guild Wars 2. Both of these groups could come together to create the best LOTRO game of all time!

  18. I have to say that I was surprised that the first half of the video included a score cue from The Twilight Saga. ?

  19. I just heard Amazon are spending a BILLION dollars on the lord of the rings TV series. It will concentrate on the second age. I hope it has the blueses

  20. If I found a Genie in the bottle I'd wish amazing people with long life, such as the rings effect. So we could have these amazing authors longer. Such a shame his work couldn't continue to answer all the adventures and mysteries

  21. I think that they started the dark tree the cult that was a part of the new shadow J.R.R. Tolkien’s official sequel to the Lord of the rings

  22. I wonder if the blue wizards might have instead of how the wizards of the west fought Sauron in more secret, and hiding, that they fought him more of in the open. In one part it was talked about winning the moral war, which if they resorted to something more like how Sauron did to unseat his power in the east like thru opposing him in the open that might lead to them abusing their power as he did. Though also who knows where they might have won favor, maybe the lands in the east they found allies in were the ones furthest away making it that they would be unable to send aid quickly, and the titles they had might have been gained thru Sauron deceiving them like retreating from these furthest lands to isolate them from the other wizards.

  23. Not sure if you will see this but I wonder if Tolkien had plans to incorporate the blue wizards into the sequel for the lord of the rings since it was going to revolve around cults rising up and which would go in line with how he talked about the blue wizards in some of his letters

  24. Maybe they just figured out that getting the eastern folks to follow them instead of worshipping Melkor worked better. And then couldn't get out of it. Blood in blood out. ?

  25. I have a feeling that they failed for a similar reason as saruman; whereas gandalf somewhat routinely visited the hobbits and had some sort of love for them and understood their importance in the war to come, the others had their own prerogatives. Tolkien had a special place in his heart for the shire

  26. Thanks for the information. Much in the same way that Radagast became lost in his love of animals and Gandalf’s memory grew hazy as if he were an old man, I imagine the Blues lost their way not out of malice but out of fascination with Arda. Perhaps magic cults did spring up around them, and maybe one did seek power for his own as Saruman did, but I like to think one or both of them are still out there, enraptured by the World and what they can do in it.

  27. It's possible that the Blues were initially successful in turning away many from Melkor worship as you said, but were unable to convince those same people to worship the Valar – the lies of Melkor would have still been strong in their minds – and so they turned to creating equally false religions and dark magics to teach those peoples, thinking that as long as the people didn't serve Melkor or Sauron all would be well. Their story could be an example of "the ends do not justify the means".

  28. I think they became like Sauron, and that their lands rivaled Mordor's. This is why they failed, but did ultimately help the men in the West.

  29. It would be really cool if some old Tolkien manuscripts were found with more information on the blues. Maybe a movie or a video game could be made.

  30. I wrote a fanfic about how the blue wizards on their journey, met men and had got them to stop worshipping Morgoth or Sauron, but they started to be worshipped by those same men, and then they sought Saruman’s help on what to do, and being very intrigued by this fact Saruman brings them both to Isengard and asks many questions figuring out how and why these men were worshipping wizards whose strength was less combined than his alone. He gets a good idea, kills Pallando and tells Alatar to go back to the east and use his power to cause disruption and turmoil in the east, or he will be killed as well and Alatar bows to him and from the shadows in the east is helping Saruman, feeding him information about the east, and after swearing his oath to help Saruman til the end of alatar’s life, or til Saruman loses his powers then after he is released he tries going to gandalf and radagast to beg for forgiveness and admit everything, but they banish him from middle earth and he may only exist as the manifestation of sorrow, never helping, nor hurting, anyone but himself for all of time

  31. I would like to suggest that, perhaps their work Tolkien mentions, would be to keeping the people away from Sauron's grasp, even though they had failed in freeing the people of the East and South, that since those areas were the darkest and Sauron's and Melkor's power would be the strongest there, their efforts would be swaying the people towards worshiping the blue wizards rather than falling into the darkness again. Furthermore, as it prevails in Tolkiens lore, men are weak and are easily subdued to such forces that they themselves do not know. So indeed they failed at freeing them, but kept them from their grasp, thus, preventing a bigger war in the 3rd and 4th age. If this is the case then they would've perished after the events of the beginning of the third age, where no power was held then.

  32. I guess that the two Blue Wizards ?‍♂️ are known by many names throughout these parts

  33. Here’s what I got the Blue Wizards helped the east but in a different way instead of having all the east rebel they split the east into two a side that worshipped Morgoth and one that worshipped them they couldn’t finish the job because their followers relied on them

  34. If they ever wanted to do a sequel they could totally do it with these 2 like make them extremely evil and powerful

  35. I heard that towards the end the Blue Wizards or B. Whizzy's (as they like to be called) were eating so many berry's that the towns folk thought there may not be enough berry's left for the big berry bake off and it got to the point that the t. folk (as the town folk like to be called) took a vote and decided something must be done. an they sent a fella called Old Pa Watson to give the B. Whizzy's a good talk'n to. but what became of him and them nobody knows for certain, some say he joined up with the B. Whizzy's and went off on a merry dang adventure, some say OP Watty ( as old Pa Watson liked to be called) went out searching for the B. Whizzy's and in the process ate so many berrys that he him self had to be run out of town!!!!

  36. Given what tolkien said i believe that they like hunters starded to lead the people of the east to fight against evil, but through might and not wisdom and became enamored with the respect they recieved so they forgot about finding sauron. So in a practical sense they were sucssesful but morally they failed.

  37. Sometimes it's good when things are left as a mystery. Tolkien never says much about the Blue Wizards – so you can imagine whatever you want. Same with the eastern parts of Middle-Earth. No-one knows what's east of the Sea of Rhûn, so it's left for your imagination to fill those places in.

  38. What Happen to the Blue Wizards
    from the Clues that we goth!

    I. They went to the East, also probably south

    II. Started cults of worship , defying Eru and the Valar by doing so,
    those cults where agressive to melkor worship

    III. after the hobbit incident there was a period of relative piece
    and we know that sauron went into the east

    IV. Sauron Starts is new Campain in the east and south

    V. You know that Saruman went looking after Sauron,
    there for he travelled East, speculating where he might had contact
    with the blue wizards

    What might have hAPPEN AFTERWARDS

    I. Saruman joins at least one of the Blue Wizards in the Hunt for Sauron

    II. After 300 years of open war,
    The Blue Wizard's Faction Capitulates
    Most likelly Result consists in that Sauron Kills both blue wizard's,
    one in the east and another in the South,
    and captures and corrupts Saruman in the process

    III. Saruman Returns
    to Isengard in search for the ring

    IV. Sauron returns to Mordor

    The rest we all know what happen

    Case Closed!

  39. I believe Melkor or Sauron, may have turned the duo to the shadow. Seems the Easterlings may have been negatively influenced by the foul crafts of at least one of the Blue Wizards.

    One Wizard venturing east, while the other ventured south, may explain where the Oliphants came from. The Oliphaunts seemed to be more massive than mammoths, which would mean they may have been corrupted by either Sauron or Melkor, but introduced to the Easterlings by the Southern Blue Wizard.

  40. What happened: They went east together and created a large magical cult. They managed to kill/drive out the evil forces there, making it a safer place. Things didn't go so smooth when they went south. One of the blue wizards died (can't remembered which one) and the other one left and wasn't seen again. They were joined at the hip, like brothers. He probably went to a peaceful place after his best friends death.

  41. I bet those 2 would be the wisest beings in middle earth. I'd love a whole book about them and their journey and ultimate destination

  42. I liked how the Blue Wizards got a mention in the Hobbit movies. Though because PJ didn’t have the rights to anything but the Hobbit and LOTR they couldn’t name them.

  43. My idea of what the blue wizards did is a little different but might fit with known canon. The blue wizards went East to stir rebellion. They were successful but only partially. In the end, they were killed in an epic series of events (which would make up an entire book or series) that would ultimately stop the men of the East from bringing an unstoppable weapon/power against the good guys. So, although the wizards would ultimately fail, they’re would be a measure of success to make for an nice story.

  44. It really is a shame that Tolkien never got to flesh out these two in his work. But on the other hand, I feel like this gives his body of work a bit of a "Cthulhu Mythos" quality and opens up for many peoples imagination. Quite befitting for the tale of two mysterious, powerful entities that roamed the land long before we are introduced to the world; as that is something to gather around the campfire for, so that the elders may speak of old tales and wonders from a world long forgotten by mortals.

  45. The Haradrim and Easterlings combined forces against the Men of the West, therefore, it would seem that one or both Blue Wizards failed their tasks. They may have even been corrupted by Sauron.

  46. ok they need to make a movie about this maybe have it start with frodo finding a book in bilbos house when he sits down and begins to read the first page it cuts and takes us right to these characters and begins the origin story sounds nice pleaseeeeeeee make it

  47. I am writing a story about one of the blue wizards (Pallando) and how he took a human boy under his wing, after he had lost his town to Marauders passing through his village on their way to assist Sauron. To Pallando's surprise, however, the boy shows magical abilities that even Elves wish they had.

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