The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Star Trek)

The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Star Trek)

(upbeat techno music) – From Booster Packs to Booster Gold, nerds like a lot of things, but there’s something
they love above all else, and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat game show music) And joining us today we
have returning, Shane Crown. – Happy to be here. – [Host] We have, brand new, Luke Field. – Very happy to be here. – [Host] And also
returning, Danielle Radford. – I feel okay. – Well, good, two goods and an okay. Two out of three ain’t bad. – Hey, if you’re a baseball guy… – I’m not, but sure, please continue.
– Yeah, that would be a good average, two out of three, yeah. – You know, being a baseball guy. – [Luke] Yeah, one of those baseball guys. – I feel like no one watching
this has any knowledge of what you just said about baseball. (laughing) – I think baseball is the nerdiest sport. – Yeah, there’s a lot of fractions in– – It’s like, do you like math and people in button downs, baseball.
(laughing) – It’s very stat-heavy. – Yeah.
– Well, now that I’ve pissed off some of our audience, probably only a small amount though,
(laughing) Danielle, you’ve played before. Shane, you’ve played before. Luke, you’re brand new. And maybe you’re watching
for the first time. The game is very simple. These are incorrect
statements of the things that you know and love. It’s up to you to find what’s
wrong, buzz in and correct me. All your corrections must be preceded by the phrase, um, actually. If you don’t, I won’t give you the point. I’ll feel very bad about it but
it’s basically the only rule so I have to abide by it.
– I’ll also feel very bad about it.
– It’s heartbreaking when someone loses something
– Yeah. – when they, even that it’s
something that they know and just like didn’t remember that. And you can interrupt
me whenever you want. So as soon as you spot what’s wrong, you can go ahead and buzz in. We’re gonna go ahead and we’re
gonna jump right in here. We’re gonna read this first question. The world is flat, we may
live on a globe, but Narnia, Middle-earth, Discworld, and the world of The Neverending Story are among
the many settings portrayed as flat, or close to it. (game buzzer beeps) Luke? – Um, actually, I’ll
guess Narnia ain’t flat. – Narnia’s flat, yeah. – Damn.
– Yeah, they go to the ends of the Earth, yeah.
– That’s true. (game buzzer beeps) – [Host] Yes, Danielle. – Um, actually, the world of the Neverending Story is not flat. – Incorrect .
– Oh! – [Host] That’s what I was
saying. (game buzzer beeps) Yes, Shane. – Um, actually, I believe Discworld, which I absolutely know
what it is, is not flat. – Shane, you would be
wrong in that capacity. Discworld is, the name is Discworld.
– Yeah! (laughs) – [Host] Even the name itself
implies that it is on a disc. – It’s on a disc carried by,
like, a bunch of turtles. – Yeah, it’s a turtle
flying through space with a couple of elephants
with a disc on top of it and they, yeah, yeah.
– The disc spins. (game buzzer beeps) – Um, actually, it’s that
other one that you said. – Yeah, can you, do you
remember what it is? – Uh, um.
(laughing) – You’re correct that the other
one I said is the wrong one. – [Luke] (sighs) It’s hard to remember sometimes.
– I’ll give it to you unless someone can remember what
(game buzzer beeps) I said and say the other thing that– – Um, actually…
– Oh, Shane has beat you to it.
– Um, actually, Middle Earth is not flat. – That is correct.
(laughing) – So it’s got elves, but it’s not flat? – Yeah, those two things can co-exist. – Whomp. – Whomp, yeah, Middle Earth is round. At one point, it was flat,
but then it was made round. It was reshaped into a
sphere to prevent humans from sailing into the Undying Lands. Well, that is a point,
(dings) kinda, for Shane.
– Good job, Shane. – I’ll take it, it’s the best point there is.
– You know, it’s not the most honorable point,
but a point’s a point at the end of the day so there you go. This next question is
a wrestling question. Five-time World Champion Booker T is the most decorated
wrestler in WCW history, and the first African-American
WCW World Champion. He’s known for repeating
the phrase, five-time, in reference to his five
world-championship titles, going so far as to say
five-time five times on more than one occasion for emphasis. (game buzzer beeps) Shane.
(laughing) Luke and Danielle are both
parsing every single word of that and slowly coming in,
(laughing) and Shane is just like, I’m coming in.
– I’ll guess. – I’ll guess. I have no stake in this. (laughter) – I don’t know anything about wrestling but I can maybe back into this. – [Host] All right. – Um, actually, not all
five titles were WCW. – Incorrect. (game buzzer beeps) Danielle.
– Um, actually, he does not say five-times five times, he says, five-time, five-time, five time, five-time world champion. – No, I mean, maybe he said
it four before, but no, no, I think it’s more of the
five-time, five time, yeah. (game buzzer beeps) Luke.
(sighs) – Um, actually, his wins span
WCW and WWE from like the, when they combined,
– That is true. – so it’s actually more than five. – That is correct, or
at least partially so. He has more than five world championships.
– Okay. – He’s actually the
six-time world champion, even though
– Oh, cool. – he still says five-time. Well, point for Luke
there, point for Luke. When author James S.A. Corey
began working on The Expanse, he had imagined it as a MMORPG,
or tabletop game setting, instead, it became a series of novels, nine in total are currently
being planned, and a TV series. Oh, and of course, an Expanse
tabletop RPG is slated to come out later this year. Took ’em long enough. (game buzzer beeps) Shane. – Um, actually, it really didn’t
take him that long at all. All this happened in about six months.
(laughing) – Time is relative, and who
can say what a long time is. No, no, that’s not what we’re going for.
– Time is also flat. – Yeah.
(laughing) (game buzzer beeps) – Um, actually, they’re not
gonna do a tabletop one, cause there’s just too
many of those already, and they’re not gonna
beat Dungeons and Dragons. – They are doing a tabletop.
– Ugh, what a waste of money. – [Host] Yeah. (game buzzer beeps) – Um, actually, it is not
nine books that are planned, it is ten books that are planned. – They’ve said that it’s nine that are planned, but…
– Oh, man. – I’mma say no one got that. The um, actually here
is that James S.A. Corey is not one person, it’s
actually a writing duo, writing under a single pseudonym. So it’s wrong to say that
he was doing anything because it is in fact two people. It’s Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. – I wonder why they did that. Like, why did they think two is worse. – Well, it’s the same
way as like, you know, oh, god, I can’t believe
I’m gonna use this example, E.L. James decided that she couldn’t do “Fifty Shades of Grey” under her own name because she wouldn’t be taken seriously. I’m sorry. – People obsess about
“Fifty Shades of Grey”. That’s totally,
– Yeah. – you know what, as far as I’m concerned, we should have a “Fifty
Shades of Grey” question in here at some point. Well, we’ll move on to our next question which is a fan-submitted question. So this is from one of
– Ooh. – our fans here and this is
about Magic: The Gathering. This question comes to us from Dimp!, It’s Dimp! with an exclamation point. There are many Elder Dragons
in Magic: The Gathering like Nicol Bolas, Chromium
Rhuell and Arcades Sabboth. Among them is also 15,000
plus year-old Niv-Mizzet, an arrogant but brilliant
inventor who even has his own metal named for him, Mizzium. (game buzzer beeps) Yes, Luke.
– Um, actually, Niv-Mizzet is not one
of the elder dragons. He is a very old dragon, but
the original elder dragons was a five-card cycle from antiquities or something like that,
but he was not part of it. He came in later in a different set. – That’s correct.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I was trying
– Oh! – to actually tell where you got… – Yeah, he’s from Ravnica. – Yeah, that is correct that he is an extremely old dragon,
(dings) but he is not an elder dragon. – [Luke] Yeah. – He does not officially have that title. – And actually, um, actually, when he can, he does lie on his ID about how old he is. – Yeah.
(laughter) Come on, guys.
– Oh, I’m only 8000 but thank you for the compliment. – Oh, what’s that, oh,
yeah, well you don’t look a day over 7000.
– Yeah. (laughter) – He is part of the Is It Guild, I think, or at least he has the
colors of the Is It Guild, who are very like tinkerers
and experimenters, so I imagine he does a lot of experiments to be like, age defying dragon
make up and things like that. – It’s so funny to me too
that of lore where dragons are also tinkerers and inventors. Like, you’re already
– Yeah, how did– – a dragon, it’s like yes but I’ve got machines to make.
– How do their little hands work? How do they… – [Host] How are they like– – They can cast fireballs
and do all sorts of magic but they can’t figure out
how to tighten things. – Yeah.
– They only have three fingers! – Yeah, it’s tough.
(laughing) – I’m just gonna answer
this now with three fingers. – Yeah.
– Let’s see. – Let’s do this for the rest of the sets. – Yeah, just a dragon claw.
– Sure. – To know what the dragon’s
life is like, yeah. – Nicol Bolas is constantly
calling Niv-Mizzet to be like hey, I can’t
figure out my email. – (laughing) Yeah. – [Host] You’re one of
those younger dragons. Can you help me out here?
– Yeah. I’m sorry, I’m 15,000 years old. You can’t expect me to
know all this stuff. – What’s a PDF? – Yeah.
– Yeah. (glittery upbeat music) – Here’s our first shiny question. This is a game called Mounting Suspicion. We have a series of friendly
animal transports here. Please match the name tag with them. That is the name where
they should be returned to if they are lost. Who would ride these mounts? Let’s flip it over,
let’s take a look here. It might be clear when you’re looking at it.
– Oh, yes. – [Danielle] Oh. – [Shane] Oh, bizarre. (laughing)
– Oh. – [Host] Yeah, these are all
things someone might ride. – Okay.
– But who is the person riding them? – [Luke] Okay. – I don’t think you
can ride some of these. – Oh geez, all right.
(laughing) – Shane, tell us what you got here. – Great, this little hamster fellow is clearly Bomberman’s mount.
– Okay. – [Shane] The goat there belongs to Randi. – [Host] Okay. – [Shane] That dancing fox is Gogo. – [Host] Okay – [Shane] The Final
Fantasy chicken is Fio. The Hair Dragon belongs to Kirby. – [Host] Okay – [Shane] And the camel, just
a camel, is The Inquisitor. – All right, Luke, let’s see what you got here.
– All right, here we go. So I think this is the only one I’m sure of ’cause they wear the same shoes, this is Kirby.
– Okay. – [Luke] And this is The Inquisitor. Randi, the chicken
– Yeah. – is Fio, I hope.
– Okay. – Gogo, and this is Bomberman.
– Okay. Great. – Pure and entire guesses,
all the lot of them. – [Host] Cool and
Danielle, what do you have? – Wow, we guessed a lot of the same things for things that we don’t know. – [Host] Okay. – [Danielle] This Hamtaro-looking
dude, I put for Kirby. Fio, I also have Randi.
– Okay. – [Danielle] For the Final Fantasy mount, I said The Inquisitor. Gogo, and I also said that this camel dude belongs to Bomberman. – [Host] Very good. Well, looking at this,
Shane, you got zero correct. – (laughing) Yes.
– I’m sorry. – [Host] Danielle, you got one correct. – I did it. – [Host] And Luke, I
believe you got two correct. – Yeah!
– But let’s show the actual answers. You spotted the shoes, that
is in fact Kirby’s mount. That is Rick.
– No, it’s not! – That’s Rick!
– No, it’s not! Come on.
– Yeah, it’s Rick. – That can’t be Rick.
– What? – That’s Rick!
– Look, I was on board with this Puff Pass marshmallow
that can suck things up, but a gerbil named Rick, I’m out. (laughing) – [Host] Then we have
the Greater Nuggalope, that is the mount of The Inquisitor. – I’m sorry, what? – The Greater Nuggalope. – Mm-hmm. – That is from Dragon Age Inquisition. Then this is Louies, who
is Bomberman’s mount. This is a Chocobo, AKA,
a Final Fantasy chicken as it was referred to. That is Gogo, we chose a slightly lesser, perhaps lesser-known, Final
Fantasy character to try to trip people up there, and maybe we did. This is Flammie from Secret of Mana, And then finally, the SV-Camel
from Metal Slug who is– – Metal Slug.
– That is what that looks. – Yeah, of course.
– Oh my. (glittery transition music) – And that’s it for this
episode of Um, Actually. Um, actually, it’s not. There’s way more of this
episode over on Dropout. Go to and start
your free trial today. I’ll be right here. Well, I’ll be over there. I mean, I’ll be in both places at once because this is just… There’s more… (sighs) Technology… This is called Needs More Pixels. So we’re gonna put an image up here that is extremely pixelated, perhaps even unrecognizably pixelated. But we have different stages that will get gradually more clearer. The first person to buzz
in and tell us what image this is will get the point.

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  5. Um Actually, while the stated corrections are true that Booker T's WCW/World Heavyweight Championship reigns do span WCW and WWE, and he is a 6 time champion (who emphasizes the first 5 that took place in WCW, there's one more correction in that he was not the first black WCW champion, he was the first black WWE World champion. Farooq/Ron Simmons was the first black WCW champion.

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    Booker T won a total of 33 Championships between WCW (21) and WWE (12). Only 6 of which were World Championships.

    The most decorated WCW Wrestler (arguably the most decorated wrestler in America) would be Ric Flair. Who won 42 Championships between WCW (36) and WWE (6) Of those Championship reigns, 19 of them were World Titles. 8 title reigns were WCW World Heavyweight Championships, 2 of them were International World Heavyweight Championships (which unified with the former in 1994), 9 were NWA World Heavyweight Championships, which were contested for in WCW, and 2 of them were WWF World Heavyweight Championships.

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