The Glory of Creation (Bible Interpreted)

The Glory of Creation (Bible Interpreted)

We first encounter with God in history
is Him as the Creator. Through His Son and with the power of the
Holy Spirit, He calls into existence all that is. He does not stop at the sole action of creation,
but He also admires the work of His hands. Light, heavens, dry land, earth, animals, plants, sun, moon and starts – all of this, and much more, according to God, was very good. There are many theories about God’s relationship
with His creation. The emphasis of every false theory and heresy
is based on a different aspect of God’s relationship towards His creation. Some theories focus on God, saying that there
is no God in the first place. The Scripture counteracts this with clear
naming of God as the Creator. The universe cannot be a product of caprice
of natural forces, for even those natural forces have to be produced and created by
something or someone. Physics pushed too far always turns into metaphysics,
for we will either come to the conclusion that matter always existed or that it came
from nothing, both of which are nonsense in a godless universe. Some theories focus on the relationship, saying
that there is none, that God has simply left us standing on this sphere as it glides through
space. Would God work miracles for someone He abandoned? Would God send His only begotten Son into
the world for which He does not care? How many of us have directly experienced God’s
providential care! This deism is a simple failed attempt to resolve
the existance of matter without burdening oneself with faith. This chimera of limited reason and dead, inactive
faith simply dies under its own weight. Finally, some heresies focus on the creation,
saying that it is an illusion, a prison, or plain out evil creation by a lesser, evil
god. Again does the Scripture dispel such notions:
for creation was good. Creation is, at the same time, good and unlike
what it’s meant to be. It was created good, but *was* good thanks to
our sin. Whenever we stand in awe of nature, we see
a glimpse of what it was and what it’s meant to be; but when we see it at most its brutal,
most dangerous, we see it for what it is now – diseased with death and decay by the first
sin of our ancestral parents, and in whose footsteps we follow with billions of our own daily sins. When God says that matter was good, it does
not mean that it is trash now. It does not mean it is a mere stage for salvation
of humans. What God says when he prounounces matter good,
as a creation of His hands and victim of our sins, is that it is worth saving. Upon a small piece of creation, that is, two
pieces of wood and four sharp nails, was our salvation achieved. Amen.

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  1. Боки, супер видеоооо! Може видео о црквеним чиновима, на пример…. Ја сам 2. година Богословије у Карловцима. Велики поздрав и жеља за што већи напредак на твом каналу. ☦️☦️☦️

  2. Nice video!
    Hey Bojan what's your opinion on music?
    Is there evil music (obviously there is) and are certain genres demonic/satanic?
    I would love to hear your opinion on it!

  3. This reminds me of my favorite Pilipino Mass song
    Walang sinuman Ang nabubuhay ng para sa sarili lamang walang sinuman Ang Manamatay ng para sa sarili lamang tayong lahat ay may pananagutan sa isat Isa tayong lahat ay tinipon ng Diyos ng kapiling Niya!
    English translation:
    Nobody lives for themselves
    Nobody dies for themselves
    All of us have an accountability to each other all of us are saved by God of his same feeling

  4. Matter matters!
    "Upon a small piece of Creation: that is- two pieces of wood and
    Four sharp nails was our salvation achieved"

  5. I remember reading somewhere that God the Son is the creator. It was Jesus that actually spoke and thus, created things. The depiction of God the Father as the creator was something that arose during the Renaissance. Is this video depicting the Father as the creator?

  6. Death and decay in nature aren’t bad or evil, patogens, parasites and saprophytes are the reason behind earthly life being as diverse and dynamic as it is.
    That aside, nice video and beautiful drawings I must say

  7. Great video!!

    It is amazing that God does not seem to rejoice that much with the galaxies, stars, planets, wonderful landscapes, oceans, streams, breathtaking forests, and the unbelievable variety of living beings, He created, but with the beauty of the Human soul.

    In the narration of Job , God gives to Satan who sees nothing beautiful on Earth, as an example of ultimate beauty, the heart of Job, who is called by Him as a Real Man.

  8. Hey Bojan, can I ask what song did you use in the video, if I may? It's incredibly soothing and it almost calls the mind to contemplate and wonder and the glory of Creation

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